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Thrown to the Wolves by Naomi Clark


Product Description

Romance on the Go ®

Paige went to Romania looking for inspiration for a book. She found herself caught in a horror story. Attacked and left for dead by a vampire, Paige finds herself at the mercy of Kata, a beautiful, enigmatic werewolf. Their attraction is instant, but Paige's fate hangs in the balance. She may yet be turned into a vampire herself. Soon it's clear to Paige that the only way to save herself may be to return to the woman who attacked her...even if it means placing both herself and Kata in the greatest danger.

Be Warned: f/f sex


She dreamed vividly, a confusing mash of horror and lust. First Gavrila reared over her, her angelic face stained with blood, fangs bared. Paige screamed and tried to fend her off, but the vampire sank her teeth deep into Paige's breast, ripping her flesh to bloody shreds.

Then the dream changed and it was Kata leaning over her, naked and captivating, her black hair tumbling free around her face and shoulders. She kissed the blood away, somehow leaving Paige's breast whole and sending electricity crackling through her.

She woke suddenly, gasping and dripping with sweat. She rolled over, throwing off the cover, then shrieked when she realized she wasn't alone in the room.

Kata stood in the doorway, emerald eyes luminous in the heavy darkness. "You cried out in your sleep," she said, coming closer to the bed. "Are you well?"

"I'm fine," Paige said, voice husky. She wasn't fine. She was on fire with lust. It made no sense, but nothing had in the past twenty-four hours, so she wasn't going to question it. That dream had been intense and the star of it was hovering just out of her reach. It was maddening. Maybe it didn't have to be.

She reached for Kata.

She was never sure who closed the distance first, but suddenly Kata was astride her on the bed, her mouth and hands greedily roving over Paige's lips and breasts. Her skin was hot to the touch and Paige strained to touch as much as she could, fumbling in the dark to stroke Kata's silky hair and kiss her throat.

Kata recoiled immediately, holding Paige to the bed with one hand on her chest. "Nu," she said. "No. Paige, no."

Disappointment and bewilderment crashed over her, freezing the lust. "What did I do?"

Kata said nothing, just slid off the bed, the sound of her labored breathing almost painful, speaking of thwarted desire.

"I wasn't going to bite you!" Paige sat up, reaching for Kata again. "Kata, I swear I wasn't."

Kata turned back to her, eyes glowing. "Even so, Paige, nu. It is not right. You are vulnerable. We don't know yet…" She trailed off, maybe struggling to find the right words. "I cannot risk it," she said finally.

The words were a body blow. Paige crumpled back onto the bed, feeling both humiliated and condemned. "You think I'm going to turn, don't you?"

"I don't know. Until I do, until we both do, we should think with our heads, not any other body part." Kata's voice took on a rueful note.

Paige put her head in her hands, struggling to control her reactions. She wanted to argue, she wanted to fuck, and she wanted to cry. Maybe in that order. None of which would convince Kata she was handling the situation well.

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Product Reviews

  1. Love Bytes 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Feb 2017

    I’m a longtime fan of Naomi Clark’s writing so I snapped up a copy of this story as fast as I could get my hands on it. Other than it being a little too short, I have no complaints.

    The story is told in third person and completely from Paige’s point-of-view. Given I adored her, the style of narration worked well for me. Her innocent venture into the woods turns out to be far from it. When human, vampire, and shifters collide, all kinds of scenarios can, and do, ensue.

    Kata and Paige have an immediate connection, but wolf shifter twins, Alina and Lidia, are somewhat suspicious of Paige. When they are all forced to face a dreaded vampire, the outcome of that encounter is anyone’s guess.

    Given the length, or should I say shortness of this story, I can’t go any further into the plot without giving away spoilers, something I’m loathe to do. If you enjoy short stories with a side of spice, give this one a go. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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