A New Mate by Jade Marshall

Heat Level 3
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Katu Wolves, 5

As humans and shifters, we surround ourselves with our pack. The people we love, those we care for, and those we would do anything to protect. Losing a loved one, especially a mate, changes someone. It’s easy to let sadness cloud your judgment and even easier just to lock everyone out. If you never let anyone close, you don’t stand the chance of getting hurt.

I’ve been on the run for so long that I’ve grown accustomed to being alone. I'm doing just fine on my own. But fate has other plans for me and soon everything I thought I knew about my life and myself is put to the test. Can I be the type of man and wolf that puts others before myself or will I take the easy way out and keep on running?



“Knock-knock,” I hear Peyton call from the front door.

I have taken to not locking the door. There are two guards posted at all times so no one will get in to cause more harm, and I am tired of having to walk up and down to unlock it the whole time. There is a steady flow of people arriving to check on Keela and Joy. And to make sure I get the chance to shower and eat.

“Nursery,” I call back.

Moments later the pack Luna along with her mate stand in the doorway watching me as I finish changing Joy’s diaper before sitting down and giving her a bottle.

“How domesticated is this rogue?” Peyton pokes at me with a wry smile.

“Bite me,” I joke in return.

That’s another thing that has changed these past three days. The pack has circled the wagons around the three of us. With all my focus on Keela and Joy, I haven’t had time to keep my distance from them and I am glad for it. It’s the only silver lining to this shitty situation. They are good people with more love for their pack than I could have ever imagined possible.

“I only bite him,” Peyton replies as Caine pulls her against his body.

She has become one of my favorite people. I never would have thought that any male, much less an Alpha, would allow the type of friendship we have quickly formed. Her sarcasm keeps me on my toes and her sense of humor has been a light in the darkness.

Peyton is also the only reason Joy is currently in my arms. It took six long hours to stabilize Keela to the point that we no longer thought she was going to die. Max did a transfusion of blood to replace the units she had lost. Her scent was off for the next day, and it drove my wolf completely nuts but we both knew it was necessary.

I brought her back to her home the moment she was stable, but Sapphire and Talon wouldn’t allow me to take Joy. I begged and pleaded. She needed to be near her mother and Keela needed the motivation, but they wouldn’t hear any of it. They finally brought her around when she wouldn’t stop crying for six hours straight, hoping that being near Keela would help. When she saw me, she reached out and after some coercion, Talon finally handed her over. The crying stopped immediately and within five minutes she was fast asleep. And that was the end of that.

“Any change?” Caine asks.

“None. She did speak in her sleep, though,” I reply as I walk out of the nursery toward Keela’s room.

“What did she say?” Peyton prods.

“Something about it being greener than green. Whatever that means.”

Caine chuckles behind me as I make my way to Keela’s side. “Look, Princess,” I say to Joy tuning out the others waiting in the hallway. “Here is your momma. She’s still sleeping but soon she is going to wake up and then she will be so happy to see you.”

Joy frowns at her mother before pressing her face into my neck. I try not to overwhelm her too much but as much as she needs to see that her mother is here, Keela needs to hear and feel Joy nearby so she knows to come back.

I push Keela’s hair away from her face before whispering, “It’s time to wake up my queen. We need you here.”


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Exciting paranormal romance!
Written by Ash J on 4th Jul 2023

I've read a couple of the stories in this series and I was excited to read Keela's book after what happened to her in 'Unwanted Mate'. I love how God Rick easily took to Keela's daughter, Joy, and he held off on claiming her when he found out what had previously happened to her. Can't wait to read more in this series.

A second chance for love.
Written by Flavia K on 4th Jul 2023

A second chance for love. Keela goes through a loss that could destroy her life. Godrick is in the run because his sense of family is stronger than traditions. A very good story, with amazing characters. Keela is not a weak woman, despite her pain. And Godrick... I love that all the time he's in control of his wolf, the man dominates his instincts. And ultimately he is so good in every way. I loved this story!

Keela and Godrick
Written by Kwallywoman on 4th Jul 2023

Keela didn't think that she would ever have another mate again after her husband dies. Then Godrick comes along and destroys that notion. Godrick just would like to live his life like normal. Not have to worry about being an Alpha in his old back. He never wanted it. Great read

A new Mate
Written by Bee Sue on 4th Jul 2023

This book is a short, sweet page turner. With a happily ever after and second chance. This is book 5 in the series.

Action packed romance with a sweet HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 9th Jun 2023

This book was so good. Right from the beginning there were ups and downs, and then came several twists and turns. The emotions in this book went from cold to hot several times. The last 3 chapters were my favorite as the couple achieved their HEA that was much deserved!!!

Loved It
Written by Danee on 9th Jun 2023

I found this an entertaining story. The characters and storyline were well described and presented. They have a chemistry and attraction and this is a must read, is worth it.

A New Mate
Written by BrightJacks on 9th Jun 2023

The ending for the last book in this series was so heart breaking I wasn't sure if I could read this one. I am so glad I did! Both characters were getting a second chance at life and love.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 9th Jun 2023

This is the third book I've read written by Jade Marshall; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the fifth book in the Katu Wolves Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Keela & Godrick. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

A fantastic read
Written by dachief72 on 9th Jun 2023

Another fantastic instalment in the Katu Wolves series from Jade Marshall. Delightfully hot and steamy. Great characters, and a well written storyline. Would recommend.

A good read
Written by Jenstar15301 on 9th Jun 2023

I have not read any other book in this series but enjoyed this one. A New Mate isn’t a long or complex book, but not every romance needs to be. It’s a satisfying shifter romance with just enough twists on the subgenre to be an interesting, engaging read.

Second chance
Written by ObsessiveReader on 9th Jun 2023

Keela’s mate as killed in the previous book. While grieving for him, in walks her fated mate on the run from his pack. It is bittersweet for Keela as she has to decide if she can let go of her grief and accept a new mate. Godrick is a good man who is understanding of the fact that his new mate might not accepting him due to her loss. A good, short story with a lot going on.

Gripping romance
Written by LBing on 9th Jun 2023

This was another gripping wolf shifter romance and I love that both of these wounded souls find love together. Keela is a single mom because her mate was killed. Godrick has been on the run for a long time because he didn't want to fight his brother for alpha...and a goon squad was hunting him down to kill him for not following their archaic ways. I fretted that these two wouldn't escape the relentless pursuit, but the coming together of Keela's pack made all the difference. I love how well Godrick took care of her daughter, showing he really was her fated mate and loved EVERYTHING about her. Made my heart melt ;P

Good Read
Written by Jocelyn W on 9th Jun 2023

A New Mate is the fifth book in the Katsu Wolves Series. This is Keela's and Godrick's story. It was a short, sweet read. It was wonderful to see Keela get a second chance at love and Godrick a love and a place to be.

very soulful
Written by Slvrdlphn on 9th Jun 2023

I wasn't sure at first if I would like this or not but I like the idea of second chances, whether it is a second chance at life or at love. I'm glad that Godrick and Keela had a chance at both. I was surprised, though, that I went through this book quickly. That just proves to me that the story was so well-written that I did not even notice the chapters progressing. I'm certainly revisiting the other books in the series now. Great work, author!

Another Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 9th Jun 2023

This was another great addition to the series. The character work and story line were well written. I can't wait to see what Jade Marshall has in store for us next.

Amazing characters and storyline
Written by Book_Lover_97 on 9th Jun 2023

Keela and Godrick both have struggles in their life. This is a second chance fated mate romance. Godrick is incredibly sweet, understanding and swoonworthy. This novella and storyline is a fantastic read.

Good continuance of this series
Written by Laura S. on 9th Jun 2023

I wasn't sure when I first started this story if I would like it or not. Keela is mourning the loss of her fist mate, and absolutely doesn't want anything to do with even thinking about taking on a new mate! Godrick happens into her life, and although he knows she is his mate; she thinks that she already had a mate and doesn't want to entertain the idea that she could be given a 2nd chance. As they get to know each other and build trust, other characters from the previous stories; Caine, Payton, and others in this series help to build the "family" feeling of Caine's growing pack, making this story a pleasant read.

Finding Each Other
Written by De'Anna on 9th Jun 2023

Part of the Katu Wolves series each with a sexy shifter and the one who captures is his undivided attention. Two twins born of the same pack but in order to be the alpha of the pack they must fight to the death and sexy as all get out Godrick decides not to fight his brother let alone kill him becoming a lone wolf. Never thinking he would be a part of another pack but when he runs into the Katu pack he meets his mate another thing he thought wouldn’t happen. Keela has been through a lot she met her mate had a baby girl with him, but he died taking a part of her with him however, fate decided to give her a second fated mate and she is afraid to trust, to love again still reeling from the death of her first mate. There is such a difference between the two packs, and he is welcomed on the Katu pack and willing to be patient with Keela but will she come around, will she realize the second chance she has been given, can they actually stay away from each other being fated and is there a chance for happiness?

Written by Ann L on 9th Jun 2023

When Keela loses her mate she is obviously devastated and locks everyone out, wandering aimlessly until Godrick who has been on the run and now found a home with the Katsu Wolves and he is hoping Keela. Loved this story in the Katsu Wolves series.

Written by RahiaLeight on 9th Jun 2023

Grieving the loss of a mate is probably the worst time to meet your fated mate, especially with a baby bundle to care for, but these two get there with just a little bit of adventure. Fun, super fast read.

Written by Lucy m on 9th Jun 2023

I like this story, the plot, and the characters. I have just found this author, and I can't wait to read more by Jade Marshall.

A New Mate!
Written by Mary on 9th Jun 2023

This is the fifth story in the "Katu Wolves" series. It is not necessary to read them in order but you would get more out of it by doing so. This is an emotional read that pulls on your heartstrings. It is a fairly quick read that is fast paced and captivating. The story is about Keela, Godrick and little Joy. Keela has tragically lost her mate. She is struggling and fighting the heartbreak and devastation while trying to raise her little girl, Joy. Her alpha insists she takes a break and get her wolf out to run. Godrick has run from his pack because of the barbaric wishes of his father. He is on the run when he stumbles into the Katu wolves territory. This is such a good story that I could not put down until the very end. I was cheering on the characters and the pack from beginning to end. I love the shikari twins and their action. I hope they get their own stories.

A new mate
Written by P W on 9th Jun 2023

Her mate has died and she cannot escape those feelings until Godrick a rogue comes to the compound and sends her on another path and him too. Wonderful story on second chance on love and finally having a HEA I recieved a free copy via Booksprout and I’m giving the review freely and honestly

Good short story!
Written by Diana A on 9th Jun 2023

I like this short stories where you can fill your need of romance and fantasy. It was kind of sad at the beginning but getting better every page.

Keela and Godrick
Written by SeahawkGirl on 9th Jun 2023

This was the first book I have read from Jade Marshall. I am a huge fan of shifter books and wanted to give it a try. I was not disappointed. The Katu Wolf Pack is different from other packs and Godrick is running from his old pack so he didn't have to follow tradition and fight his brother to the death in order to become the next pack alpha. Keela is still grieving the loss of her first mate and trying to care for her baby. She has been drowning in her sorrow and not really living. She cannot believe she would be given a chance with a second mate and is hesitant to jump into a new mating. This was a good read. Very short and packed with action. I went back and read the first four books in the series and found them to be good reads. This book can be read as a stand-alone but may be enjoyed more after reading the rest of the series since so many of the characters from earlier books are mentioned in this one.

A second chance
Written by A Schofield on 9th Jun 2023

Keela is still trying to overcome the loss f her mate when a second chance turns up in Godrick. This is a second chance fated romance with two sweet main characters that want to be happy but are afraid for various reasons. I wish it were a bit longer but even so it is still a good read with a nice happily ever after.

This is an amazing shifter book--loved it! Great series and newest book doesn't disappoint!
Written by Andrea R on 9th Jun 2023

This book is great and I loved it. This newest addition to the series is just wonderful. It is also a quick read and if you like it when the author can get to the point and deliver a very good story but not drag it out --check out this series for sure--loved it so so much!!

Written by Lynn on 9th Jun 2023

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Godrick and Keela runs from his clan because they practice the archaic ways. They wanted him to fight his twin to be alpha. He leaves and comes upon another wolf clan. He never thought he would find his mate. But he has to convince her of that.

Written by Alexis H on 9th Jun 2023

Keela is struggling with the loss of her mate. Godrick has left his pack, not wanting to fight his twin brother to the death to be the alpha. During his escape, he finds the scent of his mate. This fast-paced story will keep you on your toes until the very end.

A great read
Written by Angelica L on 9th Jun 2023

A captivating book filled with intriguing characters that I enjoyed getting to know. Enjoyed the characters.

Good book!
Written by Jamee h on 9th Jun 2023

This was an overall pretty good book. Both characters had great chemistry, and it was a good storyline. I recommend reading this.

Series continues
Written by Michele77 on 9th Jun 2023

At the end of book 4, Keela is told her mate is dead. This story picks up on her story as she deals with his death, while trying to raise their daughter. Great characters, wonderful story.

A New Mate Book 5 of Katu Wolves by Jade Marshall
Written by mickala r on 9th Jun 2023

book five in this awesome series by jade marshall this was a really enjoyable read and could not put down great story and characters

Two souls who don’t anticipate finding love
Written by Emmellen on 9th Jun 2023

A New Mate offers an ingratiating story of two souls who truly don’t anticipate finding love. Keela, you see, is widowed with an infant child, and she’s sure she’ll never find anyone else. Godrick, meanwhile, has gone rogue after refusing to fight his twin to the death to claim the alpha leadership of his birth pack. But the call of fated mates is something impossible to resist…. Godrick and Keela were both genuinely likable characters, and what I really enjoyed about A New Mate is that they never ventured into TSTL territory. Yes, Keela doesn’t want another mate and harbors an illusion that she can remove the fated-mate bond, but once corrected on that she doesn’t pout and protest. Godrick doesn’t understand how the Katu Pack can be the way it is and survive, but once he realizes the possibility of a new life, he’s all in to defend it. And he needs that because there’s a danger to Godrick’s life from his past, as well as an ongoing threat to the Katu Pack and the choices it’s made. I liked how the action of A New Mate didn’t overwhelm the need to build logical ties between this couple, and Marshall found some clever ways to build their connection. A New Mate isn’t a long or complex book, but not every romance needs to be. It’s a satisfying shifter romance with just enough twists on the subgenre to be an interesting, engaging read.

Godrick, rogue wolf and Keela, grieving mother ... a second chance under threat
Written by Kindle Distracted on 9th Jun 2023

Godrick was meant to kill his beloved twin brother in a fight for Alpha. Instead he ran and it may cost him his life. Keegan lost her mate 6 months ago and is just managing. When a wolf is captured that smells of mate she refuses to take a chance. That chance may be taken for her before she has the chance to change her mind. Enjoyable book except for the confrontation between the packs. It was over so quickly I struggled to follow the action, especially considering information offered in the epilogue. Worth reading.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 9th Jun 2023

Keela had lost her mate, her heart broken she wanders aimlessly in life until Goderick. Running from his pack he finds a new place to call home in the Katu pack, and with Keela butbshe needs time to heal from her loss could she ever open up to another? Well written engaging emotional desires and more a great addition to the series