Unwanted Mate by Jade Marshall

Heat Level 3
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Katu Wolves, 4

Every shifter longs to find their fated mate. It's one of the greatest blessings the Goddess can ever give to a shifter. But sometimes even the Goddess can get it wrong. When your mate is your childhood bully, there must be a mistake.

I started to believe I would never find my fated mate and had already accepted it as fact. Then I found her. But the woman I want to claim is a grown-up version of a girl I tortured when we were children. I wish I could go back and change things but the past is set in stone. Is there any way for me to make this right?


Max and I are sitting on his porch, enjoying some beers when his phone rings. I knew this was coming, hell, everyone knew. But I am surprised the females lasted this long.

“Yeah,” Max answers the phone.

He listens intently before jumping up from his seat. I don’t ask any questions, already knowing we are headed into town to retrieve his woman and her friends. After jumping into his beat-up pickup truck, I hold on for dear life as Max guns the engine.

“I’m going to tan that woman’s ass,” he says to himself.

“What did they do this time?” I chuckle.

“They’re down at the Thirsty Jug,” Max replies, keeping all his focus on the road.

“Shit,” I mumble under my breath. The last time the women went to the bar, an out-of-towner got his arm broken courtesy of Keela’s mate, Bryan.

We drive in silence, and Max is more manic than usual. The thought of any other man near his mate, not to mention touching her, is enough to drive him around the bend. As we pull into the parking lot, Caine and Calum pull up beside us.

“Guys,” I say, loudly barring the entrance. “Let’s just take a deep breath.”

All of them growl in unison as Bryan pulls his truck to a stop and jumps out to join us.

“I’m serious. Let’s just get your women without all the drama this time,” I say sternly.

“Sure,” Max says before pushing me out of the way.

I wait for all of them to pass me before taking up the rear. As Bryan passes, he hands me a set of car keys. I will be driving myself home tonight, just as I did last time. At least they took Keela’s Jeep this time and not one of those tiny girl cars some of them drive.

At the bar, I order myself a beer while I wait for the guys to get their females in order. Taking a big swig, I turn to watch the fireworks. I’m sure the women do this on purpose. They enjoy riling their mates up because of the consequences.

I chuckle to myself as I watch Calum trying to explain something to his mate, Talon. She smiles at him sweetly, and all of the fight leaves him immediately. She drags him off to the dance floor and pulls him close. My gaze strays away from them in their intimate moment and lands on a petite, voluptuous blonde.

My heart rate spikes, and my hands go clammy as I realize my mother was right.

My mate is here tonight.


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Very Good!
Written by Dawn F on 5th Mar 2023

Unwanted Mate is the fourth book in the Katu Wolves series by Jade Marshall. This also the first book by this author that I have read, and I enjoyed it very much. I loved reading and following Marc and Sapphire's story. They knew each other when they were younger, and he was her tormentor. When he discovers that they are mates, he has his work cut out for him making up all the harm he did before. I found the book to be a perfect read when you are looking for a quick book to enjoy, and I look forward to reading the other books in the series.

5 Stars
Written by Regina K on 5th Mar 2023

When Sapphire and her family are forced to run from their pack, years later her brother insists they return. But Sapphire can’t, because it means returning to the boy that bullied her in her young years. Marc, will he ever find his mate? I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Fated Mates
Written by Mary K on 30th Nov 2022

When Sapphire goes back to her pack, she is hoping to have some quiet time and just get a long nicely with everyone. She, like other wolves hope to find their fated mate but when she runs into her old bully, Marc and realizes that he is her mate...she has a choice to make. She can either forgive him for how he treated her when they were kids or she can refuse him as a mate. If she refuses him as a mate, there's no telling whether or not she will find another fated mate. It's happened before but the odds aren't good. At first she is just mad and is still hurt because of the way he treated her when they were kids. But after giving him a chance to explain himself and realizing that they both felt something for each other even as kids, she agrees to get to know him better before giving him her choice. I can understand not being able to believe that the bully who was so terrible to you years before is now your fated mate and having to come to terms with that. I think I might have said no right away in that predicament. But fated mates are a blessing from the Goddess so she has to consider that as well. I liked watching these two try to get to know each other better and explain away how they treated each other as kids and why. I'm glad she at least gave him a chance to explain things. This was a fun, quick read. Disclosure: I was given an e-ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Unwanted Mate
Written by Joy H on 7th Nov 2022

When their father dies, Ezra and Saphire go back to the Katu pack. Their mother then breaks down due to a broken heart. Five years ago, their father and the Katu Alpha had a falling out, and in the middle of the night, he leaves the pack. He and his family have been moving around ever since. Now, there is a new Alpha in the pack, and Ezra decides it's time to welcome them back. Saphire is not happy about this. Saphire was Marc's bully growing up. She has never forgotten what he and his friends did to her, and she is constantly screaming and kicking as they go back. During this time, Marc is out with the other males of the pack, as their mates are having a girls night out. The Alpha is then called upon once the girls get into the bar, where they are dancing and making a scene. The men in the pack rush to the bar to get their women, making it clear that they are not available. Marc senses Saphire before he sees her, and he knows that his fated mate is there. A drunk man aggressively approaches Saphire while she is dancing, and when she approaches him, Marc comes from behind and wraps his arms around her waist. He then tells the man to leave her alone. Saphire can't wait to see her fated mate, as she feels the electricity running through her body, and upon walking around, she is stunned and confused. She kicks him between the legs, causing him to fall to the floor. Marc knows that he has a lot to prove, and he refuses to make it easy for himself. Saphire doesn't trust him, she doesn't want him to be her mate, and she hated him as a child. The story was very quick, and it felt like it was a prequel. I think that Saphire should have made Marc more aware of what he was doing to her. As an adult, he was constantly getting annoyed by all the shifter women and human women that he could find. Some of the women approached him multiple times during his make-up dates with Saphire, and he had no shame in telling her what he had done to them. Although he felt bad, he didn't exactly stand up to them. Most of the time, he just felt sorry for himself. Saphire then put on her big girl pants, and he decided to move on instead of looking back. The ending wasn't great, as it revolved around what happens to Keela.

Loved it!
Written by Jodie on 30th Oct 2022

This was my first time reading this author and I enjoyed it. It is Book 4 of the Katu Wolves series. I am now hooked and cannot wait to read the rest of the series and more from this author. Great read!

Unwanted Mate
Written by Amber Johnson on 30th Oct 2022

Sapphire's dad packs the family up after he has a disagreement with their Alpha. Now years later Sapphire and her brother are returning, and she really doesn't want to be there. The place holds bad memories for her. However, the welcome they get has her rethinking things. Marc's mother warns him that his mate is coming and describes her to him. He doesn't really believe it until he goes with the guys to collect the woman from ladies' night. When he sees her, Marc goes to her and is shocked to find a grown-up version of the little girl he bullied. Will they be able to move on from their past? Can they get their happy ending? This is a great story that once I started it I couldn't put it down. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Marc and Sapphire
Written by casvec on 30th Oct 2022

He was nice to her all those years ago - bullied, called her names, made her feel bad. When she left, Marc behavior did not get any better, as he chased and bedded most of the women in the area. When Sapphire and her brother returned to the pack, they last person she wanted to see was the one who tormented her, and the last thing she wanted was for him to be her mate. This is a good fast read that goes through a number of emotions - regret, shame, remorse, anger, hate, forgiveness and love, that will take you heart on a wild ride.

Another great read in this series!
Written by Sarah-Jade on 30th Oct 2022

Loved the storyline between Sapphire and Marc and the "old bully" storyline. Loved reading about the other characters that are from previous books.

Unwanted Mate
Written by Michelle C on 30th Oct 2022

This was a quick and fun PNR Fated Mates read. What do you do when you find out your fated mate is your childhood bully? You give him a swift kick in the junk... He definitely had to work hard for his HEA. I enjoyed the friendships in this story and hope the other characters get their stories told. This was my first read from this author and I'll definitely be looking for more in this series.

Unwanted Mate by Jade Marshall
Written by Spender of Money on 30th Oct 2022

Jade and her family left the Katu pack, but her brother brings her back after their parents pass. Her history with the pack isn’t great, especially with Marc and his friends, to put it nicely. While enjoying a night out, they realize they’re each others mates. Jade is definitely not okay with this new development putting Marc in a position, well he actually put himself in this position, where the road to their future happiness isn’t smooth going. Jade was definitely a strong and forging character and I enjoyed reading their story. This was a quick read, and after that ending, I can’t wait for more. I received a copy of this book and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Entertaining read
Written by LBing on 15th Oct 2022

This was the first book in the series that I've read and while I'm very curious about the other books, I had no trouble following this story. Sapphire and her brother return to their home pack, much to her disgust, to start anew after their parents pass away. Sapphire's youth was spent being bullied by Marc...and now that she's grown, he finds out she is his mate. Well. Nothing like having to eat a huge humble pie to try and make amends for his poor past behaviour... Thankfully, Sapphire gives him a chance to see why fate matched them together, but the road was definitely bumpy. I enjoyed this story but I'm on pins and needles to find out what happened to Bryan in the bonus chapter.

A fantastic read
Written by dachief72 on 15th Oct 2022

Another fantastic instalment in the Katu Wolves series. Delightfully hot and steamy. Great characters, and a well written storyline. Would recommend.

Great addition
Written by Diana Rumsley on 15th Oct 2022

I liked this story. I felt that the author showed the different emotions and how the bond helped them work thru their relationship issues. I also felt the male character did a lot of groveling for what he did as a teen. It is definitely a reread for me.

Loved this book
Written by Brooke Torrey on 15th Oct 2022

This was such a great read. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I felt like this had me turning the pages and sad when it ended. The characters were well written, had depth and the story Jade Marshall brought was original. I love the shifter/ bully trope. I enjoyed the angst, push, pull and both the characters determination to get what they wanted. Sapphire was strong, stubborn and not a doormat. I really liked that shit her. Marc was just as determined, stubborn, and really felt for his remorse of how he treated Sapphire. I read this and really craved more from both these characters. I can't wait to see what Jade Marshall brings us next.

Marc and Sapphire
Written by kdavis on 15th Oct 2022

Sapphire and her brother are headed back to the Katu Pack. Sapphire is not happy about that as Marc was the biggest bully to her and continued to be the biggest manwhore around. When Marc smells his mate he is thrilled and goes to save her from a man that won't take no for an answer. Sapphire smells her mate and he smells wonderful until she turns around and finds Marc her bully. The story is about Sapphire and Marc's journey to a happy ending. I loved the story but hated the ending of Keela and Bryan. That made me sad.

Unwanted Mate.
Written by Caroline Doig on 15th Oct 2022

This is my 1st read and review for this author I haven’t read the first three books in this series but I really enjoyed this story with Sapphire and Marc. Sapphire and her family left the Katu pack years later she is back, Marc is bullied Sapphire when they were younger now that she is back he realises that she is his mate and Sapphire isn’t happy so Marc has to prove to her that he will be the best mate for her. Fantastic story I loved the characters and I highly recommend this book.

Good Story.
Written by Jocelyn Whaley on 15th Oct 2022

Unwanted Mate is book four of the Katu Wolves series. This was a second chance insta-love romance. It was short, sweet and full of redemption and forgiveness.

Unwanted mate
Written by P W on 15th Oct 2022

They hated each other for a very long time and fate decides they are mates. They cannot change the past but can they change the future. Fantastic storyline and great characters. I recieved a free copy via Booksprout and I’m giving my review freely and honestly

Great read about fated mates!
Written by Ash J on 15th Oct 2022

I really enjoyed this read about fated mates where one used to be bullied by the other. The story was easy to follow and I really liked the characters, even the side ones. I've never read the previous stories in this series but now I will have to check them out!

Great shifter romance
Written by ANG27 on 15th Oct 2022

A great shifter romance. I was hooked from beginning to end. Sometimes the past can come back and create issues in the present. Great writing.

Love this book
Written by Barbie-ann clark on 15th Oct 2022

This book has twists and turns you don’t know what’s happening. will they all get there happily ever after or will it all go wrong. To find out what happens go buy the book. You won’t be disappointed I wasn’t.

Marc and Sapphire
Written by Maggi on 15th Oct 2022

Sapphire and Ezra, her brother return to the Katy pack after being away for 5 yrs. She has no desire to return to their home pack because of Marc, the boy who bullied and tormented her since they were teens. When Marc sees a blonde woman dancing in the bar, he knows instantly she is his mate. He rescues her from a ,an making unwanted advances and when she turns to face him, he is shocked that it is Sapphire. Great storyline and awesome characters. Looking forward to the next story.

It is Sapphire’s worst nightmare
Written by Anne Harris on 15th Oct 2022

It is Sapphire’s worst nightmare As a young girl Sapphire was bullied by a guy called Marc. They were part of the pack when there was a disagreement her dad packed up her, her mother and brother Ezra and they left. Sapphire was over the moon that she wasn’t gonna be bullied again. Years later both her parents died and her older brother decided that they had to return to the pack and she just knew she would come face-to-face with Marc at some point her brother asked her to try so she gave him one month. If she hated it after one month she would leave with or without Ezra. The pack except them back with open arms and they even got housed in their old family home. The next day the alphas Omega, the lunar of the pack came to invite her to come out with the ladies. Just to get to know each other to have a few drinks and have a dance Sapphire agreed. And they were having a brilliant night until the alphas descended on them to take home their women. One of the locals grabbed Sapphire and that’s when she heard his voice telling the local to get his hands off her. She knew the man behind her was her mate but when she turned around and saw Marc she just saw red. Marcs mother had told him that day that he would meet his mate but she didn’t always get it right so he didn’t think anything of it and he went to have a drink at the bar. He felt off, like there was something in the wind. When a woman came up to get his attention he growled at her and told her to go he wasn’t interested which wasn’t Marc at all because he had basically slept with everyone in the town human or pack. He goes to have a drink with Max when he finds out it’s ladies night and he will be needed so there’s no fighting in town. The call comes in that the ladies are at the bar a bar they’re not meant to be in. And the alphas get in their car to go and get the ladies. As he enters the bar he sits down grab the drink and wait for the fun to begin but that’s when he sees her and he knows he’s found his mate but what is shocking is it is the girl he bullied so badly at school he really did make her life hell how on earth was she going to accept him to be her mate but when he sees someone grab her he’s on his feet straight away he needs to defend his woman. And that is all you are getting because there is so much going on in this book that you need to read it for yourself. It takes a lot for Sapphire to even look at Marc how can she forgive him for the hell that he has put her through ?? Is it just best to refuse the Mating bond? Or is this something that can be done?? I really enjoyed this read. And the cliffhanger really that was so unfair.

Can we forgive the past?
Written by Nicole Potter on 15th Oct 2022

This was a great short story. The storyline for Marc & Sapphire is an emotional one that grabs your attention from the 1st line to the last line. Marc & Sapphire are fated mates but Sapphire is really struggling to accept this as Marc used to bully her constantly. Can they both let go of the past & move forward for a chance at a HEA?

Sapphire and Marc were great
Written by Kwallywoman on 15th Oct 2022

Being bullied is no fun. Then to find out the person that bullied you is your fated mate, is even worse. How does one move past the hurt. How does one move past the pain they caused. This was a great story and it was well written.

Entertaining, quick read
Written by CatLady on 15th Oct 2022

I enjoyed this book. It was a pretty quick read and fairly light book. I haven't read others in this series but overall, I enjoyed this story.

Unwanted Mate
Written by MarcyJ on 11th Oct 2022

The story was very quick. Moved very fast. I didn't realise it was book 4 in a series so I missed some cross over characters I think. I would recommend starting at the beginning

Written by De'Anna on 11th Oct 2022

This is part of the Katu Wolves series each book can be read as a standalone connect via same pack and the women that is fated to be their mate. Sapphire and Marc have known each other most of their life but he was her tormentor from elementary to high school he was cruel to her everyday making her feel ugly, unwanted, and very self-conscious but her father got into some trouble moving them away in the middle of the night. Marc sexy as all get out shifter who tormented the girl, he liked just to ensure no other boys were interested in her but not realizing how miserable he was making her life and when her family picked up leaving he then made the decision to be come the town playboy sleeping with everything that had a skirt. Five years later with a dream from his mother telling him his mate is coming of course him not believing her but the moment he scents her he knows but the moment he rescues her from a guy who can’t take no for an answer except things don’t go as planned when he turns her around and they see each other yep she kicks him in a place where the sun doesn’t shine causing him to buckle at the knees in pain …so much pain physically and emotionally considering how he bullied her and then his heart hurts with the fact the he has slept with everyone single women in their small town which is another layer of pain she has to deal with or accept about him but he isn’t ready to give up trying to win her over but can she find it in her heart to forgive him, will she accept him as her mate or reject him dooming them both, will he redeem himself in her eyes, and can they find their very own happiness?

A second chance mate
Written by A Schofield on 11th Oct 2022

Sapphire returns to her home town and finds that the boy that used to bully her in school is her mate. Sapphire and Marc need to work passed their passed. Sapphire need to get over her hate and Marc his guilt before they can move on. This is a good quick story and happen ending for the lead characters.

Marc and Sapphire
Written by weaveswife on 11th Oct 2022

Marc and Sapphire have a long painful history. He relentlessly bullied her when they were younger. Her family ended up running away from the pack. Now her and her brother are back. Her and Marc discover they are mates. Marc is full of regret for how he treated her. He is scared to death that she will reject him. I enjoyed this one a lot.

Karma's in full swing
Written by RahiaLeight on 11th Oct 2022

Short read. This is a story that I think could be expanded upon. I'd almost like to see more of a fight between the two leads, and I especially think that Marc would deserve that fight...the rest of us would probably enjoy his trek to earn his place with Sapphire. Overall, it was a great read, just a little too short for me. Definitely are great lunch break read!

Enemies to red hot lovers
Written by ReaderforLife on 7th Oct 2022

Marc tormented Sapphire when they were kids. All grown up now, they find that they are mates. His mom warned him his actions had consequences and now it's time to pay the piper. How can she get over the hurt he caused? How can he make her see that he has become a better person? This is a really good kinda second chance PNR novella. The unconventional way Marc and Sapphire became acquainted with their adult selves was really sweet. He didn't demand that she accept him as his fated mate. Rather, he humbled himself, acknowledged he was a jerk, and offered her the chance to allow him to woo her. How could she resist?

Nice quick story
Written by vickymeowmeow on 27th Sep 2022

Short story, low angst, low tension. Characters were very likable. One scene moderately described sex. Overall the story was sweet short and simple. Very good lunch time read.

Highly recommend
Written by Blessing Bookshelf on 27th Sep 2022

This was an enjoyable quick read. I absolutely love paranormal romances and this hit most of my criteria for a great book. I liked the heroine whose father fell out with the previous alpha and took the family away from the pack and lived isolated from other packs. The father dies and the brother brings them back to the pack which kick s of the book. The tension between the hero and heroine was good and he has a redemption arc which we always like to see in a rejected mate book. This was an awesome quick read that was light and easy to read. Highly recommend and am always a fan of Jade Marshall.

Unwanted Mate
Written by Karen F on 27th Sep 2022

This is a fast hot read. We all have someone from our childhood who bullied us. Sapphire's comes back into her life in an unexpected way. The ending is a bit of a shock. All in all a good book.

What an amazing read
Written by Firecracker on 27th Sep 2022

I loved the book but the ending felt quick. It felt rushed. I would have liked more the mates when he marks, how they deal with other women etc. It felt rushed and left me wondering why it ended so quickly.

A great short story
Written by Angelica Larsson on 23rd Sep 2022

A well-written and entertaining short story that I enjoyed reading. I enjoyed the plot and the characters.

Enemies to lovers
Written by rainereads on 23rd Sep 2022

This story follows Sapphire and Marc. Marc bullied Sapphire horribly as kids and when she returns to her old pack with her brother after her parents die she finds out Marc is her fated mate. They have some ups and downs to fight through but eventually make it out together. This would’ve been a 5/5 for me but the epilogue tore my heart out.

Short but great!
Written by Mary S on 20th Sep 2022

This was short but it was a great read. I like a book that even as short as some are they are a great read that carries the feelings and so much more that are good in a book. Love reading Marc and Sapphire and I’m sure going to check more of this author’s stories.

Quick read
Written by MrsBrightside15 on 20th Sep 2022

Sapphire is sweet and had a rough time in school with her bully Marc. Marc was not a great person. He turned it around once he found his mate. Sapphire gave in much too quickly, but with the book being a short read, she had to. It was nice to have it long and drawn out though. I feel like Marc will be a better person now and Sapphire will make sure of it!

Written by Debs48 on 20th Sep 2022

Short and sweet story about how they hated each other when we’re younger but now turns out there mated mates can they get past their past

Revenge is best served cold!
Written by Laura S. on 20th Sep 2022

Marc has bullied Sapphire since she was young, and to find out that he is her mate is probably the cruelest thing that fate could do to her. Marc has his work cut out for him to win her over: why did he bully her? Will she accept his apology or reject the mate the fates chose for her? Is revenge better served up hot or cold? Will Marc and Sapphire be able to work out their issues for a HEA? This story is entertaining and well worth reading to find out!

Written by Barbaraaa on 20th Sep 2022

This was a really good short shifter novel. It is well written with a nice writing style. I'll be sure to see what other books this author has. I definitely recommend the novel.

Unwanted Mate Book 4 of Katu Wolves by Jade Marshall
Written by mickala robinson on 20th Sep 2022

book four in the katu wolves series and have read all the others and this was a great addition i could not put down great story and characters loved it

Unwanted Mate Book 4 of Katu Wolves by Jade Marshall
Written by mickala robinson on 20th Sep 2022

book four in the katu wolves series and have read all the others and this was a great addition i could not put down great story and characters loved it

Marc, playboy bully wolf and Sapphire, bullied mate ... actions have consequences
Written by Kindle Distracted on 20th Sep 2022

Sapphire reluctantly moves back to her old pack, with her brother, after her parents died. Marc is the local playboy but is off his game and he doesn't know why until he finds his mate, who hates him. Too late for regrets for his past Marc tries to woo his reluctant mate. Their first date is difficult as Sapphire meets more than one of his women, which she handles like a champ, before leaving him. Sapphire and the pack females are great. Marc didn't really have to apologise much, just sincerely, which I guess is a mate bond / novella thing. Epilogue throws a wrench in the works for the pack. Includes a bonus chapter of a different series.

Very quick read
Written by Michele77 on 20th Sep 2022

This is a quick read and a lovely storyline. I would have liked to have had a little longer story so that the conflict between the two leads could have been flushed out more. The epilogue ends on a cliffhanger.

Marc and Sapphire
Written by S. Hansen on 20th Sep 2022

Unwanted Mate Book 4 of Katu Wolves was a sweet and sad story. Marc spend his childhood bullying Sapphire. A twist of fate has made them mates and now Sapphire doesn’t know if she can accept Marc. The more she finds out about Marc’s past it makes Sapphire rethink her plan to forgive him. Marc feels it’s best for him to walk away before he causes Sapphire anymore pain. Will it be the right choice and will Sapphire let him? A great storyline and likable characters. I really enjoyed this story and I would definitely recommend this book.

Good story
Written by Toni S on 20th Sep 2022

Short but good story great look into our fave series see the other characters which is great , book goes friends as children to teen bully because he don't know how to deal with his feels to mates shirt sweet straight to the point I like it