Assassin by Nicola Cameron

Heat Level 4
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Planet Alpha TM

When raiders steal a desperately needed power cell from a refugee camp, Duncan Shea and other members of the New Black Watch set out on their trail. After a deadly ambush kills his fellow watchmen, Duncan vows to find the raiders and bring them to justice. His search leads him to a grounded shuttle carrying an Alphan warrior named Taric and a mysterious Xyran named Zhan. The handsome aliens agree to help Duncan, but he quickly learns they also have a plan of their own—to claim him as their mate.

Forced to hide their bond from their respective governments, Taric and Zhan never expected to find their third bondmate on Earth, and definitely not in the middle of an unauthorized mission to stop a vicious Xyran slave-master. Neither of them can resist the urge to claim Duncan, but will their new mate help them catch their old foe, or turn them over to Earth—and Alphan—justice?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMM), m/m sex, rimming


Duncan stepped back as the airlock hatch rose, revealing a huge golden Alphan warrior in a black uniform. A brief memory flickered across his mind, an afternoon with a tall, broadly built watchman who had tumbled him laughing into a bed of leaves before fucking him senseless. The sex had left him with a distinct appreciation for men built on the alien’s scale.

“Greetings, human,” the Alphan said, golden eyes staring at him curiously. “Are you in need of aid?”

The low, rumbling voice knocked him out of the memory. “Uh, yeah. I mean, yessir,” Duncan said, wondering if he should salute or what. “Name’s Duncan Shea. I’m a junior watchman with the New Black Watch.” He showed his right arm, where a band of green and blue tartan had been clumsily sewn. At the alien’s puzzled look he added, “It’s a guard unit. We were tracking some thieves when we got ambushed about five klicks from here.”

The alien glanced at the woods behind him. “You are alone?”

Duncan grimaced. “My men are dead. Bastards planted some kind of mine in the woods.” Like an alien’s gonna know what a mine is. “You step on it, it blows up,” he clarified. “You heard anything about that, sir?”

The Alphan’s eyebrows rose. “About … mines?”

“Or thieves, sir. Local ones.”

The alien shook his head. “I know nothing about local criminals, Junior Watchman Shea. Nor do I know anything about human explosive devices.”

Duncan sagged. Even if the Alphan was lying, there was no way he could prove it. And forcing his way on board an alien ship, even if it wasn’t hiding outlaws on board, was suicide. “All right, thank you.” With a weary tip of Simcoe’s hat, he turned to go.

“Wait,” the alien ordered. “You were injured in this explosion.”

It was a statement, not a question. Duncan shrugged, then winced as his cold, tight muscles cramped with the motion. “Got banged up a little, yeah.”

The Alphan glanced out at the surrounding woods, then up at the sky. “This weather is not safe or healthy for an injured human. Board my ship and I shall assist you.”

It was Duncan’s turn to raise his eyebrows. “‘Scuse me?”

“Did I use your language incorrectly?” The Alphan switched to a loud, slow tone. “Board … my … ship … and—”

Duncan shook his head. “I got that. I meant, why are you gonna help me?”

The alien smiled. It made his craggy, handsome face more human, somehow. “My race signed a treaty with yours to offer assistance when and where we could. As such, it is my duty as an Alphan warrior to assist an injured human warrior.”

“Oh.” That did line up with what he’d heard about the gold aliens and their sense of honor. “Well, sir, in the case, I’d be pleased to get out of the rain for a spell.”

The Alphan stepped back, and Duncan climbed into the airlock, pulling off his hat and swallowing a moan as the warm air hit his cold, wet skin. “Oh, that feels good.”

“I imagine it does, Junior Watchman Shea.” The Alphan towered over him by a good six inches, and a pair of pointed black horns on his forehead added another inch of height. Duncan couldn’t help checking out the thickly muscled body straining the seams of its uniform. While he was in good shape, he suspected that the Alphan could crush him like a bug.

Or throw you down and fuck you silly, part of his mind suggested.

He shivered pleasantly at the thought. “Um, do you—”

“What a sodden creature,” another voice said sourly. “Do we let it drip dry, or do we wring it out?”

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Wonderful read!
Written by SBAMATT on 5th Jan 2018

Wonderful read!

Enjoyable book
Written by Inger on 5th Jan 2018

This was an unusual book for the series, with a same sex love story between different races. I still found it interesting though and the ending was most satisfactory.

It had a great plot as well as great smutty scenes
Written by Satyr69 on 5th Jan 2018

This was an enjoyable book. It had a great plot as well as great smutty scenes! I would highly recommended this for any fans of the "science friction" genre.

Hot, sexy, and alpha
Written by Gracie-Lou Freebush on 5th Jan 2018

Alpha planet is one of the hottest series ever made by Evernight. The talent of their authors still amazes me, and nicola cameron is in my top best writers from their group. Loved this book and everything thay went on in it!

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena Yates on 7th Jul 2015

In a slight variation on the ‘Planet Alpha’ series format, in this book there are three warriors trying to figure out how to relate to each other. The Alphan and Xyran have already managed, but they are hiding their bond since it isn’t exactly common to see archenemies together. When they encounter the third mate, a human, the complications only get worse. But not just from a cross-cultural perspective – the two aliens are on a somewhat secret mission to hunt down a Xyran slave master and cannot afford to be stopped, nor will they tolerate anyone stepping between them and justice. Duncan is a human, and member of the Black Guard. His task is to keep the planet as safe as possible, and that is not an easy job with everyone out to steal humans to make them slaves or to try to convince them to become bondmates. Duncan is determined not t let the bad guys win, and as rough as his life is, he is also happy to protect those weaker than him. When he is in real trouble, being found by an Alphan is not so bad, after all, humans and Alphans have a treaty. But when a Xyran turns out to be part of the picture, Duncan almost loses it. Taric is a proud Alphan warrior with a mission to keep Earth as safe as possible. He is also a bit of a troublemaker who doesn’t mind going against the rules. When he figures out his bondmate is a Xyran, he stands by him. Then a human is added to their bond, but does Taric blink? Not a bit. He decides two men are better than one, and sets out to create a safe home for all of them. Zhan was a minor lord on Xyran, but his life has been much more interesting since he left. He sort of knows he won’t be able to return with an Alphan as his mate, but when it turns out he also has a human mate, he knows he’ll have to stay away. Not that it bothers him too much – many of his compatriots are evil slavers, and loyalty to the men he loves is far more important to Zhan than where they live. If you like hot three-way relationships including aliens and humans, if you want to find out more about three warriors meeting and figuring out whether or not their enemies are the same people, and if you’re looking for a read that is as full of action as it is hot, then you will probably like this novella.

Written by Lisa on 5th Apr 2015

This story has such a sci-fi tone to it that captured my attention. I mean you have three different species that are bond mated to each other and two of them were at war with the other. It shows how love can overcome even the harshness of their way of life. I loved the way it seemed that they were also pirates. I suppose they were not, but it just goes that way. Duncan is one of the New Black Watch guards and is in search of thieves. When his men are killed, he searches on to find a ship that was not expected. He knew the Alphan’s had an agreement with them but he had not expected that this Alphan had a Xyran with him. These two races were known to hate each other. So he was surprised to find out that they were bond mates and even more surprised to find out that he was their bond mate also. They are going against human slave traders but wanted a bit of time together before they separated again. So when they found a male human, they were enticed. He was their bond mate and now they would have to show him how they can love him. Then when the slave traders showed up with some children, it was Duncan who gave himself to the traders to save the girls. Taric and Zhan would do everything in their powers to get him back. This was a blast to read. I am not even sure I could give you a proper review. It just called to me more than most stories do. Here are three different types of men bonded together. It shows that they were further along than the humans were. I got a big kick out of reading it and look forward to reading more by this amazing author.

Action/adventure with Hot Aliens and Warm Romance
Written by M. Varhalmi "Talesong" on 22nd Jan 2015

I'd seen this book offered on Mid Week Tease and I loved the snippets Ms. Cameron shared. As soon as it came out I bought it. I don't regret it at all. This is a science fiction tale of three men from wildly different species finding a deep connection despite their differences. And the action/adventure portion appealed to me, as well. What I really appreciate was Ms. Cameron's handling of the human vs alien issues. She never treated Duncan as weaker or less skilled than Taric or Zhan. Humans are often cast as the underdogs and in this tale, Duncan had his own skills and accomplishments. The sex was well written and hot, so no disappointment there. Well done. I'll be reading more from this author. :)

reviewed by redz world reviews
Written by Redz on 22nd Jan 2015

Nocola Cameron really grabbed my attention with Assassin. This is my first Planet Alpha series book, I like how some back story is there so I did not feel lost at all. I also like the pirate feel to the ships, like Pirates of the Caribbean type of feel to this book. I really liked that. The New Black Watch are the law around the land. They keep the peace and people know not to mess with them. Ducan is a part of this group. He is a loyal man with a sense of justice. He gets the job done. Ducan meets Taric an Alphan and Zhan a Xyran when an IUD almost kills him. He doesn’t have much choice but to accept their help. He doesn’t trust them at first. Taric and Zhan are already mates. Zhan is the one who holds his emotions in, where Taric is open and honest about his. Ducan doesn’t know what to make of the pair. But together they sure do find a way to figure it all out. I liked the humor, heat, and love in this story. All the men in this story are alpha in their own ways which I liked. Together they are so much more than what they are apart. I really like how Ms.Cameron put this story together and hope to read much more from her in the future. Five Shooting Stars!!

Reviewed by Cocktails and Books
Written by Cocktails and Books "Shannon" on 26th Nov 2014

"Assassin" is another great book from Nicola Cameron. Not only is it a menage, but it's a MANLOVE menage. It's also sci fi, and I really enjoy that. Aliens really do something for me. There's action, danger, and some very heroic men. Best of all, there is humor. I love when a book makes me laugh, and books like "Assissin" always make it into my "To Read Again" file on my Kindle. This story starts out with a bang. A group of men from the New Black Watch are out on a patrol in search of a band of thieves who stole a very important power cell from a refugee camp. BOOM! There's an ambush, and one of our heroes, Duncan, is wounded. He happens upon a shuttle ship out in the woods and is rescued by two handsome aliens, a Xyran and an Alphan. Normally, those species are enemies, but Zahn and Taric, well...they're secret lovers. Together they are hot, but when Duncan is thrown into the mix? WHEW!! They're amazing together. They completely sizzle. It's not a very long book, so things happen quickly. The men meet and become intimate once they realize that they are bondmates. After that, everything takes off. There is a slavemaster that needs to be stopped, and Duncan, Zahn, and Taric are just the men to do it. It was all very smooth. It didn't feel rushed or choppy. Sometimes, sci fi stories are convoluted and hard to follow, but not "Assassin". I knew exactly what was going on at all times. All in all, I was very satisfied with this book. I like the way Nicola Cameron writes, and I like her characters. I'm so pleased to have discovered her stories. I highly recommend this one. It's short, sweet, and to the point. I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did. Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books