Beast's Demands by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Crude Hill High, 3

I’m a no one, the daughter of a mistress. My life was spared to keep my best friend Emily safe. Now she’s back with her men, and I’ve been taken by Earl Valentine—the Beast.

The Monsters’ Crew sold me to him, and all he wants is my virginity. I’d die for Emily, so giving my body to this man is easy. But Earl’s not in any kind of rush. He wants to make me beg, to shatter all my defenses so all I can think about is him. No matter how hard I fight, I’m not trained to hate. With each touch, he makes me crave. With every kiss, I fall a little deeper. Under his spell, I have no power.

He wants me enough to fight for me. I may have fallen for the Beast, but he’s also mine. I just don’t realize how much.

Can I truly tame the Beast? Or is he acting the part to get me where he wants?

Be Warned: anal sex




I was about to turn toward him when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.

“Is that … my notebook?” In fact, as I looked closely at the room, I noticed several of my things. On the vanity table were my makeup box and the clips I used to pull my hair back. Without waiting for permission, I went straight to my notebook, and there it was. My food notes. I didn’t keep a journal. Talking about my feelings on the pages never appealed, but here, I had everything I’d ever cooked. Well, just a volume of part of what I’d been doing with my life. “How did you get this?”

“The same way I got you. Easily. I emptied yours and Emily’s apartment.”

“All of my stuff is here?”

“Some of your stuff is here. The rest I’ve had sent to one of my residences.”

I looked at him, rubbing the back of my neck. “Your home?”

“I have several all around the world. My mood depends on where I go as to what I do.”

I licked my lips. “You’re not just going to be done with me in a couple of days?”

Earl moved across the bedroom and picked up a picture frame. It was one of Emily and me, taken a few months ago. In a rare circumstance where I got Emily to smile. It had been hard to do, but she’d tried for me. “You two are really close?”

“Of course.”

“One day, you’ll get to talk to her.”

“I will?”

“I’m not a complete beast.”

“You never refer to yourself as a monster,” I said.

“That title is claimed, and I’m nothing like the Crude Hill lot.”

“You make them sound like children.”

“They are.”

“It’s rather insulting, don’t you think?”

“I’m not here to win any games with them. I’m not looking for a competition. Do you like your new room?”

“This is your room?”

“Yes.” He leaned back on his hands.

My gaze fell to his crotch, to the obvious outline of his erection. He was hard and looking right at me.

“It’s nice.” I opened my book, seeing a cross through fennel. I was making some soup, and I clearly didn’t like the addition of the vegetable. Beside it, I’d put seed, and again, this was crossed out.

“Put the book down and come here.”

I looked up at him and found that he was still watching me. Slowly, I put the book down, but I didn’t want to do that. I knew I didn’t. With each step I took, I got closer to him until I stood right in front of him.

He took my hand and locked our fingers together. “You did really good today.”

“Thank you.”

“Always so polite.”

He lifted my hand and pressed a kiss to my knuckles. I watched him close his eyes and then let go of me. The tips of his fingers brushed across my thigh, teasing along the edge of my dress.

His touch should have repulsed me.

It didn’t.

I didn’t understand why not.

Staring at him, I waited for the chills, the sick revulsion, but nothing came.

“Sit. Put your knees on either side of me.”


He sat back on the bed and tugged me close. I had no choice but to put my knee on either side of his waist, moving onto the bed. The angle put my pussy directly over his dick. I didn’t sit down, but his hands went to the curve of my ass as he moved me into place.

The hard length of his cock touched me. He was still wearing pants, and I wore my underwear, but I felt him. Pure steel. I gripped his shoulders, trying to hold on. I was far from sickened. I liked it.

Staring into his green eyes, I waited for him to strike, to make me do something I really didn’t want to do.

His hands went back to my ass, and he held me in place.

“You know, all day, there was something I’ve been wanting to do to you. Do you know what that is?”

“Fuck me?” The words spilled from my lips before I could stop them.

He chuckled. “I want to do that. It’s a given, but no.” He pressed his face against my neck and I gasped. He hadn’t even kissed me yet. Just the tip of his nose brushing across my flesh. This shouldn’t feel so good.

I was a horrible friend. The worst kind of person.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you from the moment I saw you this morning.”

I jerked back, but I didn’t get far as his hands were on my ass. “You do?”

“Yeah, I do.”

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Coffee Time Romance
Written by Delane on 14th Oct 2021

Earl has watched Ashley for years, biding his time until he can get pawns in place to make her his. He is not a nice man, but he is a determined one and she will be his. Ashley is a pawn for monsters to use, but she plays the game to keep her best friend safe. Now she has been sold to a beast and she is just waiting to see what pain will be inflicted next. She has never been truly wanted or loved, so she never expects to get it from a beast. Earl manipulated circumstances and ensured his enemy would turn her over to him. Women have always been a pawn in his world, and he thought she would be the same. When his world decides she is still going to be a pawn, he takes her out of the game, even if it meant kicking her out of his life. Will Ashley survive one more betrayal, or will Earl lose her permanently? Earl and Ashley’s story is written in a world where women are just a commodity. I found the story interesting, if a bit disturbing. Ms. Crescent is a talented writer who can pull the reader into a world never imagined and throw them in the deep end to lead them to a new understanding of love. I felt every emotion imaginable, but in the end the story was worth the read. I had to keep reading to see how the author could wrap it up. If you do not mind an emotional roller coaster, then Beast’s Demands is the book for you.

Best Book
Written by Woman of God on 5th Sep 2021

I really love this book couldn’t get enough earl was crazy but love broke him lol good book.. read the book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great writing
Written by Jlg29 on 26th Aug 2021

Very enjoyable and exciting read. Earl and Ashley’s story had many twists and turns and was very entertaining. Would recommend.

It's okay but not a favorite
Written by Rhonda on 26th Aug 2021

I was on the fence with this story. Some of it was good and some parts I couldn't connect with. Earl (Beast) was okay as I understood how he got the way he was. But I had trouble connecting with Ashley. She seemed immature and just not sure of herself. I can't really put my finger on it and while I'll recommend this book, it's honestly not a favorite. Sam Crescent will always be one of my favorite authors and I'll read whatever she puts out, but I kind of wish she would go back to some much lighter stories instead of the darkness. That's just me though! LOL

Great Story!
Written by Chris S on 26th Aug 2021

I was waiting for this book and I don't feel it disappointed. I understand the premise of Ashley being sold was horrible and this book may have triggers for some but the story was great. Ashley was a nice girl caught in a terrible situation. Sold by men to get their woman back, she is now Earl's property. Earl is much older and not a nice man. As with all the men in this series, they were raised by, for lack of a better word, evil men. They were raised with no real love and taught to be unfeeling ruthless and hard. Earl used women with no thought about them, until Ashley. He wants her virginity but isn't in any kind of rush. He wants to make her beg, shatter all her defenses so all she can think about is him. Unfortunately, she's not trained to hate but tries to find the good in people. With each touch and every kiss, Ashley fall a little deeper. When his past comes calling, Earl fights for her. She may have fallen for a Beast, but doesn’t realize how much he's fallen for her. Can she truly tame the Beast? You have to read this to find out!

Good Alpha
Written by Diamond on 26th Aug 2021

Brought the ending to quick needed more depth emotionally for me. I still like the fact that the girl can cook, my favorite reads