Black Cat Security by Katerina Ross

Heat Level 4
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Dragomir, a magician with PTSD and a very inconvenient curse upon him, struggles to make a living, taking part in illegal boxing matches. Fighting is the only thing he’s good at now. But how long can he keep it up? The illegal fights are dangerous, and he’s untrained.

But a pretty witch he meets one night says she might change his life for the better. Is she really willing to help, or does she have her own wicked plans about him? And can she succeed where all the magicians of the Scholomance have failed?

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, sex toys, pegging



When he came to, the first thing he understood: he couldn’t see. A moment of panic—and then another realization: there was a blindfold of some kind over his eyes. He was standing with his arms up above him … and wait, were his hands bound? What the hell? He tried to reach up, rotating his wrists, and clutched at the chains he was hanging from. Yes, fucking chains. And leather handcuffs, buckled very tight. And he couldn’t feel any clothes upon himself, just something around his neck in addition to his dog tag.

Then he remembered. Ida. Her apartment. Talking about his curse. She said they had to negotiate…

And after that—nothing.

He jerked at the chains, hard. And again, and a few times more. They didn’t give. There was some slack, so at least his arms weren’t pulled up too tautly, but he couldn’t break free.

“You must be wondering what happened to you,” Ida said somewhere to his left. “You agreed to an experiment, remember? And here you are. A fine specimen for a very interesting test.”

Her hand touched his chest lightly, out of nowhere, and he jolted at the contact as if she had prodded him with a stun baton.

She chuckled quietly. “So skittish. But it’s understandable. Everyone would be jumpy in your place.” Her hand wandered across his pecs, brushed his nipple, and disappeared. “I’ll let you adjust. Try tugging at the chains again if you want to check whether they will break or not. I allow you. But here’s a spoiler: they won’t. They’re not some rusty old shackles. They are good and new, very sturdy, and secured to an eyehook in the ceiling. There was a large chandelier hanging from it once, so it’s quite reliable. I redecorated the room long ago, but I always thought the hook would come in handy one day. It’s a mild nuisance the handcuffs have to be hanging so high—I’m not that tall. But a bit of hypnosis, and you helped me to restrain you most eagerly.”

What the hell was going on?

As if through a fog, Dragomir remembered saying yes to some kind of experiment and even filling and signing a yes/no negotiation form, but it was a vague memory, distant and dream-like. Everything else—a boxing match, a fight before that—seemed even more surreal.

Ida’s hand slipped along his flank, ticklishly, up to his neck, and tugged at what he realized was a collar.

“And this is to ensure you wouldn’t break free using magic. Quite a special thing. Leather, silver, and a security spell. Meant especially for wayward mages, something of the kind they use in prisons when incarcerating a person with enhanced abilities.” She slipped a finger under the band around his throat, making it too tight, almost choking him. “So you will behave, no matter whether you want it or not. A bad boy will be a good boy for a change.”

“What are you doing?” he rasped out.

“Just making you harmless. Wasn’t it what you wanted, to cause no harm to me?”

Was she mocking him?

He stood there, wearing nothing but a collar, a dog tag, and a blindfold. It was ridiculous. Laughable. Humiliating.

And scary.

Rationally, he knew he probably had nothing to worry about. Or did he? But anyway, all rational thoughts gave way to a primitive bodily reaction—discomfort at being tied up, helpless. It felt like he was itching all over under his skin with uneasiness bordering on unwanted panic, too exposed, deprived of sight. He tried to wriggle his wrists out of the handcuffs instead of jerking at the chains, but to no avail.

“Nope, the handcuffs will hold, too,” Ida warned him. “I checked, and not just once. As I might have said, I do a bit of coaching now and then, but of an unusual kind. I call it expanding boundaries. Experiencing new sensations. It doesn’t normally include sex, but for you, I might make an exception.”

A peck of a kiss between his shoulder blades. Hands running up and down his sides, in a comforting manner, but at the same time, it was unnerving. He tried to twist away from her touch, stubbornly, but she squeezed his hips, adding a hint of nails.

“Sshh, don’t twitch, hold still,” she said, “or I’ll pull up the chains. They say it’s extremely painful to hang from your wrists. Excruciating.”

“Oh yeah?” he managed. “Someone else complained?”

“And very loudly. Good thing this room is soundproof. As I said, it had been redecorated.”

Her arms went ‘round him. She was still clothed, but he could feel her little perky breasts pressing against his back. His cock, already half-hard, immediately went into a very interested mode. It didn’t seem to mind the strangeness of the situation.

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A hot and intriguing magical world
Written by Katia on 16th Nov 2018

It speaks volumes about how “alive” Katerina Ross’ characters are that I began this book with a scowl on my face. I held a grudge against Dragomir since the House of Fear, and I was not altogether displeased to see him roughed up right and left. In this sense (and every other sense) it was a very satisfactory read. On a more serious note, I adore Ms Ross writing. She brings the setting of a story alive and although every story in this series is very short, a reader is left with the impression of a wonderfully complex, detailed world. It could be a new Harry Potter world, with sex in it. What’s not to like? Ida makes a very nice female addition to Ross’ cast of male characters, being both competently and confidently dominant but also very caring and sort of domestic, practical. She is a realistic and unique character. As always the D/s element of the story is explored deftly and intelligently and manages to be both hot and conducive to interesting character building. Another highly recommended read. Can’t wait for the next story in the series!

The Romance Reviews
Written by Gabrielle Sally on 24th Aug 2018

I have to admit that when I picked this story, I had no idea what I would be reading, as I got hooked on the title and didn't go past it before clicking "request". This was a compelling story that I found intriguing and read it over two sittings. Likes: The story premise. There are different fairytale aspects that caught my attention and I rather liked the snippets of Beauty and the Beast but you'll be left constantly wondering which is which. Katerina Ross did a great job seeming to drop us into the middle of the story (Dragomir's life) and we get an instant inkling as to who (or what) he is (or was) and I think you'll be intrigued by Ida (who doesn't pull any punches). Their relationship. I wasn't entirely sure what to think of it in the beginning, since we're in Dragomir's head and only get one side, but the way Ms. Ross doled out what she wanted us to know worked really well. There's a certain dryness to the story that, since this is my first Katerina Ross story, I'm unsure if it's her writing style or if it was intentional, but it works. Dragomir is a tragic/tormented character and through the careful ministration of Ida, he comes to learn much about himself and what his capabilities are at the same time we do. It goes without saying that there are some intense BDSM elements in this story including some dubious consent, intense power exchange, and an almost complete release of control. It isn't for the faint of heart but it is quite good. And now, my brain is eager to see this become a series.

The Romance Reviews
Written by Book Addict on 26th May 2018

Sneakily sexy, BLACK CAT SECURITY catches a reader off guard in a most pleasant manner. After whipping through this book, all a reader can ask is, where is the rest of this series? Full disclosure, I didn't read the blurb for the book. The cover of the book also flew past me. The title of the book caught my attention and I thought, why not? I figured this book would be some magic thrown into a possible romantic suspense. Boy, was I ever wrong. This tale grabs me by the short hairs from the first page and takes me along for an erotic ride. The richness of the story as the characters' past unfolds is impressive for such a short book. Dragomir is an angry magician who ended up on a mission he should not have been on and is collateral damage. Learning about how he's been treated by those who trained him enraged me. I can see why Dragomir is bitter and looking at just surviving, not living. His ideals have been ripped from him and stomped into the ground. So when he meets Ida, a "lowly" witch compared to his idea of how magic revolves around mages, he is not at his best. I loved Ida. Her dominance through sweet pain to bring Dragomir willingly to his knees is awe-inspiring. I want to be like Ida. She's smart, resourceful and innovative. Her perspective of life and how to come at a problem is unique and how she treats Dragomir's curse is certainly unconventional. Without becoming a BDSM book, Ms. Ross easily slides into femdom in a positive light with an alpha male grudgingly yielding. This short story is intensely amusing with its character dialogue and erotic scenes. The story does move in a fast pace and still packs a punch through its concise editing. This paranormal erotic is a gem I hope more readers can pick up and read. This erotic romance is highly recommended to kinky readers who enjoy alpha males and subtly stronger females.

A Hot Night With A Little Magic
Written by Liz Castillo on 4th Mar 2018

Dragomir Vucović is a upset, beaten down man ever since a curse was placed on him he's been keeping to himself other than participating in illegal fights to survive. When he meets the beguiling Ida, he wants to stay away but something about her draws him in. But after a night experiencing things he never thought possible, will he want to continue this journey? Or will he walk away and resume his solitary life? Black Cat Security is a intriguing, seductive read that takes the reader on a rather bewitching journey. Dragomir is a rough and tough alpha male that been through some difficult times. I admire how he knows his powers could hurt others and himself, so he does what he can to keep it in check. He's a lot stronger than he gives himself credit for. I enjoyed watching Ida help Dragomir reach his potential. She has a witty mind with a titillating attitude. I admire how she's a take charge kind of woman that speaks her mind and goes after what she wants. When the passion between Dragomir and Ida ignites, it grows into a burning inferno. Hot damn! So if you are looking for a read with a spellbinding storyline, a powerful yet endearing hero, a delectable and powerful heroine, and a provocative romance, then I highly recommend you pick up Black Cat Security. It's a quick read with a erotic twist that will hypnotize you from start to finish.

Black Cats, witches and wizards
Written by AnnA on 23rd Feb 2018

Katerina has an original story here which she has embraced with her unique style. The plot kept me enthralled right to the end. Our hero Dragomir is struggling with PTSD after being cursed and nobody is able to lift it apart from the person who cursed him in the first place. The action is fierce and the ending is startling.