Blackmailed by Her Bully by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Twelve years ago, something happened to Ava Marshall, and rather than hide it, she reported it. All this time, she’s believed the man responsible paid for his crime, but she is about to learn nothing is as it seems.

Logan Stanford had his whole life torn from him for an act he didn’t commit. Sent to the gutter, he has built his way back up, and now he’s more than a bully from Ava’s past. He’s the nightmare that is going to make her pay. He’s set to hurt and humiliate her in every possible way. There’s no escape for her.

But the truth will set her free, and when it does, Logan has to face the fact he has hurt the wrong person. Torn between his need to keep her and his guilt, Logan doesn’t know what to do. He’s a selfish bastard who is used to taking what he wants, but he has to let her go.

Only, Ava doesn’t want to be let go. She has spent too long living in the past, and it is time to move on and finally live her life.

Will Logan give her the chance, or will he push her away?

Be Warned: anal sex, forced seduction, spanking, public nudity



“Aren’t you going to beg me?” he asked.

“This is what you wanted, right? Me at your mercy. You’ve got it. I can’t even leave town. No one will help me unless I walk right on out of here, and I can’t do that.”

“I did warn you.”

“I know.” She didn’t say anything more.

He stared at her. Her eyes were puffy, bloodshot, and her face looked a mess as well. Devoid of makeup but she looked deep in despair.

“You didn’t have to come to me for help, you do know that.”

“I know what I do and don’t have to do, Logan. I’m not stupid.”

“Now you have some fire in your gut. You think you can call the shots here, is that it?”

“I don’t think anything. I’m just trying to get through all of this. What is it you want?” she asked.

He leaned back in his chair, staring at her.

Women had been coming to his home for the past couple of days, begging for his attention, offering up their bodies, and he’d denied them all. There was only one woman he was interested in. Hunter had told him how within an hour of the videos being released, she’d become public enemy number one.

He got to his feet and rounded the desk, standing in front of her.

She had the prettiest hazel eyes he’d ever seen.

“I’m heading out to the city tomorrow. I want you to come with me.”

“You do?” She frowned.

“Nothing is keeping you here, and I have no desire to be in such a fickle town. If you’re willing to hand over your body and your life to me, I will protect you.” He shoved his hands into his pockets. He’d never intended to make this kind of deal.

When he started this path of revenge, he’d planned to crush her, to destroy her, but after Hunter had told him what people did to her … he wasn’t happy. This didn’t give him any kind of pleasure to know her struggle.

She burst out laughing. “You expect me to believe you’re going to protect me? You. You released those videos. You had possession of them.” She ran fingers through her hair, turned her back to him and walked a few steps, before turning, and walking back to him. She blew out a breath. “This is so crazy.”

“So is being dragged down to a station on charges that are bogus,” he said.

“I’ve told you already—” She stopped holding her hand up. “You know what, I will make you eat your words. I will win this.”

“Oh, I look forward to the fire. It’s about time you start fighting back. Whatever you think it is you need to do. I’m all ears. Until then, you’ve got to make a choice. Belong to me or be at the mercy of a town that has turned you to shit.”

“Wow, not a whole lot of choices.”

He shrugged. “You should have stayed. You called my bluff, and I don’t like to have that happen. I would have kept those videos private, but you pushed the issue.”

“What exactly will I have to do?”

He smiled. “It’s nothing illegal. You will belong to me, and in doing so, I’ll protect you.”

“Belonging to you? What exactly does that mean?”

“You’ll do exactly as I tell you. No questions asked. Your body will be mine. When I tell you to ride my dick, you will worship it. You’ll do everything I say.”

“I don’t want to be shared.”

“If I share you, I’ll be the one to make the decision.”

“I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Then be sure to let the door knock you on the ass on the way out. You’re mine. You don’t get a fucking say in doing anything. Your call, Ava, but you’re wasting my time.”

“If—” She stopped, and he waited.

Time passed, and he grew even more curious as to what she was thinking or feeling. Ava wasn’t easy to read.

“If there’s something I can’t handle, will you call a stop to it? I mean if I’m afraid and I can’t stand what is going to happen. Will you force me to keep on going or will you show some compassion?”

He leaned back in his chair. “Yes.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m not a monster, Ava. I’m not going to make this easy on you though. I will have to be sure you can’t handle anything. You’re at my mercy, and if I think you can take something, I will make you get past your fear.”

She nodded. “I don’t have a choice, do I?”

He shrugged. “The options are in front of you. I will be leaving in ten minutes. Make the decision and join me out in the car.”

“I haven’t packed or anything.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll buy you anything you need.”

He got to his feet and headed out of the office.

Hunter leaned against the car, staring straight ahead.

“What is she doing?” he asked.

“Making a decision. This town is leaving a bad taste in my mouth, and I want to go.”

Hunter nodded, opening the door.

“If she’s not out in ten minutes, we leave, no looking back.”

Pulling out his cell phone, he made a note of the time.

It took Ava three minutes to make a decision.

She rushed out of the house and didn’t wait for Hunter to open the door. She climbed in beside him, buckling her seatbelt.

The deal was set.

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A Dark Romance
Written by Karen DiGaetano on 21st May 2020

A really dark romance that might have triggers for those who are survivors of rape. That being said, I wasn't sure if I could really continue reading this book when I realized what Logan was doing to Ava. I really felt bad for her and angry at what she was going through. However, I couldn't put the book down. I had tears in my eyes more than once. I finished reading it in only a few hours. I didn't even realize how much time had passed until my son asked me when I was making dinner. The fact that the book made me feel all this emotions and lose time and still give me a happy ending makes this book worth reading. If you can get past the who blackmailing that went on and truly understand that Logan was always it for her, it will be worth the read. I hope Hunter and Grant get books at some time.

Well written
Written by Durga Krishnan on 2nd Jan 2020

Dynamic between characters well written.

5 Stars
Written by L.Meyers on 2nd Jan 2020

This book knock my socks off and the ending was perfect i will enjoy reading more from this author the story was so will written and you never know what's comeing next

Written by Amazon Customer on 2nd Jan 2020

This book was riveting from the get go. I started reading it this afternoon and had to just keep on until I finished it this evening. These characters Logan and Ava were both damaged from their years in high school, when a major event rocked both their lives in very different ways. We pick up the story 12 years later, where the H is out for revenge. Omg, I just love Sam Crescent’s writing, it just gets better and better with each book. This book had such a rich, well developed plot. There were some surprising turns along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I hope we see a story about Hunter and Grant in the future. Well done Sam Crescent!

Omg talk a out blackmail. What ana went their and Logan as well . All because of lie.
Written by Kindle customer on 2nd Jan 2020

Omg talking blackmail. What Ana went their and Logan as well. All because of lie . Something happen really bad 12 years ago that change Ana and Logan love . Will they find the true and and will they be together. Must read to find out

Written by Denise H on 2nd Jan 2020

That was a gut wrenching, sad, exciting off the charts sexual chemistry all rolled into one! Man I could not put it down. Everytime I thought Logan would see the truth he would not believe her. He was such a jerk. She could put up a good fight, but a person can only take so much before they break. I was so glad they got rid of the cruel people who hurt her. But it took Logan so long to finally realize that she loved him for the way he is good or bad! It was so sweet! They finally declared they loved each other! Great Book!

Well written
Written by Durga Krishnan on 24th Dec 2019

Dynamic between characters well written.

Written by L. Meyers on 24th Dec 2019

This book knock my socks off and the ending was perfect i will enjoy reading more from this author the story was so will written and you never know what's comeing next

Really good!!
Written by Rhonda on 21st Dec 2019

Ava and Logan have a history but when something happens to her and she tries to tell people what happened, no one believes her and Logan is blamed for the it. Years later, she comes back and Logan is waiting for her. Still believing she tried to frame him, he basically bullies her. But when the truth comes to light, he's devastated by what he has done to her and made her do! When he decides to push her away, she has to fight back. Will he come to his senses or will Ava lose him forever? This was a really good story and even though it's a standalone, there are a couple of characters I would love to see get their stories. Maybe that will happen in the future!