Bound to the Bad Boy by Molly Ann Wishlade

Heat Level 4
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A high school reunion. A Dom. A sub. Old secrets.

Megan Agnelli returns to her hometown of Cherub, Minnesota, hoping to prove to herself that her feelings for her first love, Matt King, are firmly in the past. Once her lover and her Dom, Matt has haunted her thoughts and her dreams for the last four years. She knows that she might bump into the handsome, tattooed biker at the high school reunion. But she still decides to go.

Matt went down for a crime he didn’t commit. Megan abandoned him when he needed her most. Hurt and confused, he tried to soldier on. For his motorcycle club. For Megan. Because he believed that she should be able to choose a life without him…if that was what she really wanted.

One night brings everything rushing back. The pain of loss. The overwhelming desire. The intense passion between a Dom and his sub. But can they heal the hurts of the past and move forward to create a future, or will it just be one hot reunion?

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition, multiple partners


The Night Warriors strode into the gym as confidently as they had done a lifetime ago. Danger and desire in leathers. They moved with a heavy elegance, large powerful men sure of themselves and their buddies. Their jackets creaked as they walked and their heavy boots pounded relentlessly upon the aging wooden boards. Like a drumroll at an execution, Megan heard them beat out her fate.

She bit her lip. She waited. And waited. Consumed with impatience that drowned out her fears. Where is he?

But there was no sign.

Where was Matt? Wasn’t he coming? What if she had come all this way for nothing?

So you’re admitting it now, huh? You came back for him.

She gave an involuntary little nod. It was true. It would be such a waste of time, of hope, of excitement…if Matt did not turn up. Her heart sank to her stiletto heels and she downed the full cup of punch, wincing as its sweetness filled her mouth and clung to her throat. Then she stared into the empty cup, convinced that her heart was just as void and hollow.

So what now? Just as well, head back to the hotel. All alone, and frustrated as hell.

She was consumed in a black cloud of disappointment and suddenly all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry. To pour her grief out onto her starched hotel pillow until her throat ached and her eyes were swollen.

A few whoops and hollers made her look up.

There he was…striding into the gym, about to be surrounded by old school mates. Or those who would claim to have been his friends. They gathered around him, drawn to his rugged alpha masculinity and self-confidence, as if they believed it would rub off on them.

Clad in black from head to toe. Matt. Black leather jacket, black t-shirt stretched over his bulging chest, black Levi jeans and bulky black boots. He was older but still gorgeous.

So gorgeous. 

Her heart picked up its pace and her body flooded with heat. Goosebumps rose on her arms and she shivered with remembered delight. Although the gymnasium stretched out between them, she could feel the boom of his laughter as it shook his broad shoulders and tightened the sinews of his throat. She was transported back to all the times when she had rested her head upon him just to feel the sheer joy of sharing his mirth. She trembled as her love for him threatened to rock her world into chaos once more.

Matt’s hair, combed back from his forehead, exposed his flawless brow. It reached his collar and curled softly around the base of his earlobes. It was shorter than it had been the last time she had seen him, but it suited him. Megan used to love to run her fingers through his ebony curls, to wrap them around her fingers like promise rings. As she watched him, his face lit up with a grin. It was the face of a man now, from his wide throat with its prominent Adam’s apple, to his chiseled jaw and thick, black eyebrows. And his eyes were as dark and dangerous as she remembered, windows to his intense and passionate soul.

He moved his gaze over the crowd and panic broke the spell that had held Megan frozen. She turned away quickly and placed her cup on the table. Her whole body trembled and a hot flush spread from her ruby red toenails to the roots of her auburn hair. How could he have such an effect on her after all this time? She felt like a teenager again. Confused. Aroused. Exhilarated. Terrified.

She had to get out. Make a quick escape. She couldn’t go on pretending she could see him and not be affected by him anymore.

She had been consumed by her love for Matt King once.

She couldn’t let it happen all over again.

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Sizzling Hot Books
Written by undefined on 13th Dec 2014

Sexy, tattooed Dom, Matt is second in command of the motorcycle club Night Warriors. Megan Agnelli has returned to her hometown to attend the high school reunion and part of her hopes to see her first love, Matt again even though it had been her decision to end things with him 4 years ago. Megan allows herself one more night to indulge in the explosive chemistry between her and Matt, hoping she will be able to walk away from the all-consuming passion he invokes and go back to her safe life. Matt is your archetypal bad boy hero who is convicted of a crime her did not commit. Tough, loyal and committed to his motorcycle club, he is a natural Dom. Like all great heroes, he also has a vulnerable side, and we see that in his pain over losing Megan in the past. Despite her betrayal and his strong desire to win her back, he allows her time to adjust to being with him again and he is prepared to let her go once more if she cannot accept life with him. Megan’s character irritated me, slightly. She loved Matt so completely that she breaks up with him over the phone, for fear that their relationship become all-consuming. She convinces herself she wants a “normal respectable life” but then she comes back to try to convince herself she made the right decision. He re-introduces Megan into their previous Dom/sub lifestyle, shows her around the house he built for her( very ‘The Notebook’) and rescues her from a convicted rapist and yet she still runs from him! The sex scenes between them are scorching, even if Matt’s selfless control seems a little unrealistic! This book is well written and suspenseful. If you like a little BDSM with your romance, this book is perfect for you.

Romancing the Book
Written by Melissa on 2nd Dec 2014

Bound to the Bad Boy by Molly Ann Wishlade is not part of a series that I could find. I do hope we get to see these characters again in the future. I choice this book because the summer look interesting. Megan Agnelli attends her high school reunion in an effort to face her past and put her demons to rest. Megan want to be able to leave the past that hunts her in the past and this is her way of facing it. Her biggest regret is leaving her first love and first Dom Matt. He is who she measures all others against. Matt King is an attractive and sexy Dom who is also a biker that is part of a motorcycle club. Matt took the fall for a crime he did not commit for which Megan left him as a result. Matt has had a rough life since high school. The connection between Matt and Megan is intense. The more time they spend together the more it’s apparent that the old feelings are still there. The sex scenes are scorching. Matt and Megan faced the issues in their past in an effort to stay together and maybe have a chance together. I found this book well written with a thrilling plot. The main characters and secondary characters were interesting. The ending was a bit predictable but watching two people that loved each other in the past fall back in love was fascinating. Overall, this was a spectacular story.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 3rd Jun 2014

The main and secondary characters in Bound to the Bad Boy are appealing and exciting. I enjoyed see an old love face issues in their past. Overall, this was a great story that is well written. I hope we get to see more of these characters in the future. Megan Agnelli is back in her hometown of Cherub, Minnesota to attend her high school reunion. The main reason for her attendance is to prove to herself she can put the past in the past and move on. The biggest is her feelings for her first love of Matt King, her first Dom. He is the one that still haunts her dreams. Matt King is a Dom and a hot and sexy man. He is a handsome tattooed biker that is part of a motorcycle club. Matt’s life since high school has not been easy. He went down for a crime he did not do and Megan left him as a result. The chemistry between Matt and Megan is blistering. Their time together brings all the old feelings back for both of them. The sex scenes are hot and spicy. I enjoyed seeing Matt and Megan face their past and work through there issues to move forward.