Be My Bad Boy by Marie Medina

Heat Level 3
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Peter wants a second chance with the woman who rejected him for being too tame in their initial courtship. Katie can’t believe he’s the exciting lover she fantasizes about finding. She only sees him as her sweet friend from work. She has no idea he was controlling his true desires in an attempt to win her heart before claiming her body.

They’re both going to a costume party, and he intends on seducing her there. If she wants a bad boy, he’ll give her a masked stranger who can’t keep his skilled hands off her, a mystery man who somehow knows exactly how to please her.

But once he’s lured her into his wicked embrace and fulfilled her fantasy, how will she react to the truth? Will she accept his love and delight in his erotic game, or will she despise him for tricking her and send him away forever?

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage.


Katie turned as another man came up and began talking to her. He was handsome, very tall, and dressed in Elizabethan clothes. She didn’t like tights much on men, but she hoped the period garb was a sign of intelligence, as she hadn’t encountered much of that this evening. She gave him her full attention, turning the frown into a smile. If the man in the mask wanted to talk, he’d have to come to her. She would not follow him around all night, no matter how hot he was or how much she wanted to run her hands over that fabulous ass.

“Katie, right?”


“Philip.” He extended his hand, and she shook it. “You trained me for a couple of days. I work in the academic advisor’s office.”

She stared at him for a moment, and then she recognized him. “Oh yes. You didn’t have the beard then.”

“My girlfriend wanted me to grow it. I’ve adjusted to it.”

“Well, it looks nice. You’re liking the job?”

“Oh yes. Everyone’s wonderful.”

“They’re very friendly over there. I like doing the training program. It’s a great way to get to know people from all over campus.”

“It looks great in here. I came to see a play once, and it’s like a different building.”

She took a long look around. She didn’t remember what it had looked like before, as she hadn’t been in it since it was remodeled. “It does look nice. I like the masks tucked into the floral arrangements. They’re so gorgeous and fun.”

“Aren’t they great? Someone said the theater students made all of them. They were going to give them out so everyone would have a mask, but there was a leak in the storage room, or something like that, and most of them were damaged so they just threw the remaining ones up as decoration.”

“Hmmm. It might have been fun if everyone were masked.” At that moment, her phone vibrated. She ignored it at first and turned to say something else when a very animated woman came and dragged her Shakespearean companion away after offering only a brief apology. She pulled it out of the tiny pouch she’d chosen to use as a purse, dropping her keys in the process. She knelt to pick them up, and as she rose she saw him above her on the second-floor balcony again. His gaze went straight down her cleavage. She raised an eyebrow saucily and then turned away from him. Had he done a circle around the balcony and come back? Had he been eyeing her the whole time? She didn’t want a man who would stare at her like a sad stalker. She wanted some action tonight. She looked down at her phone, and this time both her eyebrows went up.

I want to ravish the beauty in pink.

She did not recognize the number, but it was a local area code. Had she told anyone she was coming tonight? She never wore pink, so this message had to be from someone in the room, unless it was a highly coincidental wrong number. She hadn’t set her bag down anywhere, and she had kept it with her in the stall when she went to the bathroom. So, someone at the party knew her well enough to have her phone number.

Frowning, she fingered the reply button, unsure what to say back. Was this a joke? Were her friends trying to get a rise out of her? None of them had shown any interest in the party, and she hadn’t said a word about wanting to go. No one was paying any attention to her. Who could it be? The man in black had disappeared. However, it had to be someone else because she doubted she knew him. His body would be hard for any woman to ignore.

Her phone vibrated again. Glad I have your attention, but I want more than that.

She looked around a second time, turning to take in the whole room, but still no one seemed to be watching her. She sent a text back.

What do you want?

She waited three whole minutes for the reply, circling the dance floor again as she searched the balcony. She could get into a game like this, but she wished she knew the rules. She’d been on the verge of stuffing her phone in her bag and storming off to find more obliging, and tangible, company when her phone vibrated again.

To pull you into a darkened room, lift up your skirt, and find out how you taste.

Her face grew hot, but in a good way. She’d expected something more teasing or subtle. Katie felt the dampness in her panties as she shifted her stance. She scanned the balcony again. She moved to the stairs and went up. She looked over the entire room carefully. But she didn’t see the masked man. Couldn’t it be him? The text had come right after he disappeared. He didn’t look familiar, but then again she could only see his mouth.

Her pussy throbbed as she thought about that mouth and what her mysterious texting man said he wanted to do to her. She hadn’t had good sex in quite a while, and though she hadn’t come here looking for it, she wouldn’t turn him down if he would only get his butt in gear and make a move. Teasing intrigued her, but she was ready for some action. The desire expressed in the text fit perfectly with the way he had been gazing at her. How had he gotten her number?

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Book Wenches Review
Written by undefined on 17th May 2012

Dating someone new can be both exciting and stressful at the same time, because you want to make a good impression and show off your best assets, but you also want to be honest without scaring off the other person. Sometimes that results in holding back too much information and pushing the other person away; this is Peter's conundrum. When first reading this story, Peter comes off as a bit of a stalker, but as you get to know him more, you realize that he does have the best intentions. Katie didn't really leave him any choice but to approach her in this way. It seems as though he is fully prepared to back off if he ended up scaring her instead of igniting her curiosity, and this is what saved him from being a creepy stslker. I loved that he approaches her with so much confidence without being cocky and overly aggressive. He also does an excellent job of seducing her and showing her how much he really does care, all while fulfilling her fantasies and making her want to know him more. At first, Katie struck me as a bit dense and shallow. She gives herself up pretty easily to a guy who piques her interest while claiming to know her. I kept thinking that this wasn't a safe move for any woman. But then again this is a fantasy, and the added bit of danger is part of the appeal. Also, I found it hard to believe that she wouldn't recognize Peter's voice at the very least or catch on after his many hints, which left me wondering if she ever really cared about him. This story takes the reader through a large range of feelings. The first part of the book is set at a costume party at a hotel and it sets a tone of fantasy, romance and adventure all at once. Locking eyes with a mysterious masked man across the room and feeling your body spark to life is both sexy and erotic. Heading up to a hotel room for a secretive encounter with a stranger is hot and exciting. The second part of the book happens at Pete's home for the big reveal, and this is where things get very personal and romantic. Be My Bad Boy is a steamy, romantic story that is sure to pique your curiosity and leave you feeling satisfied.