Call Me Sweetheart by Lacee Hightower

Heat Level 4
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Sugar & Sin, 2

When we relocated to a little town called Springhill, Texas, I was angry with a huge chip on my shoulder. I never realized that one move would change my life. I never contemplated returning nineteen years later, torn between what was most important—a daughter—and the man and woman who still ached for me just as deeply as they did one another.

Now someone is stalking the woman I love, the mother of my daughter. Her museum has been burned to the ground, her Jeep vandalized, and confidential suggestive photos sent to her family.

Secrets will be exposed. Truths will be unveiled. Lives will forever be changed.

Will these revelations bring us closer … or will one person from our past ruin everything and destroy our chances at forever?

Be Warned: menage (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex, BDSM, spanking, sex toys


Keith doesn’t speak another word for a few hellish seconds and neither do it. Maybe this is it. Maybe this is really the end. Fuck, maybe it’s best.

With the vein in his forehead popping and my insides a sea of nerves, he finally breaks the agonizing silence. “Just how badly do you need me? Enough to stand by and watch me suck the cum, your cum, from my wife’s pussy? Enough to watch her ride my cock until she screams my name? Or fuck her ass until I’ve fucked every last drop of you out of her? Let’s hear it. Just how bad do you really want me … boy?”

Consumed and mesmerized by the exquisiteness of his influence, when his heavy gaze slides down my body, I can’t help myself. I walk his way, driven and unfaltering, and take the empty glass from his hand. Then I pull his body from the sofa and against mine. I push my lips to his. I stroke deep, tasting mint, scotch, male, and a hint of the woman we both love, and relish in a kiss filled with endless years of undying love and dedication shared between two men that hasn’t subsided in close to twenty years.

My cock swells. My body is dying for his touch, aching for his control. I’m so fucking desperate and hungry that I’m borderline miserable. I press closer and sway into him with an insatiable raw urgency to take anything he offers. Any way he needs. Anywhere he wants.

His hands tear through my hair and a growl rises up his throat. This kiss isn’t filled with passion. Nor is it a kiss of affection. This is a building storm. It’s power and rage. It’s discipline.

It’s a man kissing away every last trace of his wife’s honeyed essence.

Before I think twice, I drop to the ground and kiss the toe of his boot, then look up at him helplessly. I stay completely still for a few seconds with my heart thundering through my chest. “Please, Keith,” I say without the slightest qualm. “Tonight is about you. Let me be your boy and you my master. Please.”

When I expect him to tug his zipper down, force my head forward where he can ram his erect cock down my throat with no compassion, no mercy or tenderness, and fuck into my mouth until I’m choking on his release, he does none of those things.

“Stand up, boy,” he commands with his eyes black as a starless night, his jaw tweaking, and his cock deliciously erect. “Tonight is going to be you naked, motionless, silent, as you watch me suck on my wife’s pussy until every remnant of you is gone. Then, you’re going to watch her ride my cock perhaps with a nice medium-sized plug in her ass, until she screams and pleads with me to let her come. You still want it, boy? If not, you know where the front door is.”

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Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 13 ratings)
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Written by Gwyn on 14th May 2021

Another fab book from Lacee. The three main characters are as intriguing as ever. And the sex... it's hot, I mean, hose me down !!

Sweetheart with an edge
Written by Cariad on 14th May 2021

A very good read the storyline was captivating and fun i loved the characters and i enjoyed the romance to no end. Overal a great read.

Beautifully Written
Written by Book_Lover_97 on 14th May 2021

This is a exciting continuation of Jen, Jason and Keith's story. It is beautifully written with great development in characters and storyline. I love that the conflict in their relationship is realistic. This is a fantastic read and ending to a duet that is best read in order.

Good Drama
Written by Dee on 14th May 2021

A suspenseful story that had many dangerous moments which added excitement and drama as well as intensity. I liked the relationships between the characters. The scenes were filled with emotions that were easily felt. Good story I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Call Me Sweetheart - a review by Rosemary Kenny
Written by Rosemary56 on 7th Jul 2020

A tantalising tale of a ménage a trois builds to an amazing climax in Call Me Sweetheart, in Lacee Hightower's Sugar and Sin series and those of a liberal romantic mind will be fully satisfied with the revelations inside the hearts and bedrooms of Keith, Jen and Jason. Eroticism explodes in every romantic sense of the word and it's definitely for over 18s only. You'll need a fire-extinguisher at the ready while you read this novel of red-hot lovers and their route to an HEA... guaranteed. Don't wait - get it right now!!

Everyone has choices..
Written by and1515 on 7th Jul 2020

Honestly this was a really fantastic story. Just because some thing is different or even unconventional don't necessarily mean its bad or even wrong. It was really great to see Jen not cower to those who were to narrow minded to even attempt to listen or try to understand their choices. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Still lovin’ but tough goin’...
Written by Jenn on 7th Jul 2020

Between dealing with everything from judgemental family members to an arsonist, in a wonder that this triad doesn’t just through in the towel. But they preserve, and the result is a beautiful story of family and love. This story has the happily ever after for this triad; it’s not without strife, and it’s still not absolutely perfect, but it is happy, and it’s a commitment for forever. Such as wonderful ending to a wonderful duet.

I like it
Written by TS on 7th Jul 2020

This is the second book in the duet and I do recommend reading them in order for best enjoyment. Jason, Keith and Jennifer’s story continues, Jason returns to Springhill, Texas and the sparks between all three of them are still their but what will happen when they have an enemy out to hurt them and destroy their relationship. Fast-paced read with loads of drama, suspense and steam. Emotional read with great characters. I really liked it.

A Very Relatable Story Without Fluff
Written by JustAnotherStory on 7th Jul 2020

The story of the trio Jason, Keith and Jennifer continues from Call Me Sugar. The author’s style of writing continues to flow seamlessly between the two books. The continued flashbacks of the past and how it impacts the current time is well used in moving the story along and informing the reader on how they got to this place in time. The angst and hang-ups they all experience revolving around their unusual relationship continues to take their toll on them all. The real depth of how it affects their lives makes it relatable in a way the other writers of ménage seem to want to set aside. In the last book the focus was on Jen’s return to Springhill after years spent in Dallas. This book focuses on Jason’s return from Maynard, MA. While his time away has only been a few short years, the distance was much further both physically and emotionally. Jason’s return to Springhill to live has brought even more trouble for them all when someone seems set on destroying the relationship that is already teetering on breaking in a way they all can not recover from.

Seductive and sexy
Written by Duray Smith on 7th Jul 2020

The book brings life to real issues in today’s world. Intriguing, seductive, emotional and visual She writes with a flair for the emotional side of sex and love. Highly recommend

Steamy Sex with a lot of love!
Written by Jeff Back on 27th Jun 2020

This was definitely a hot companion to book 1, Call Me Sugar! Vivid, fast paced and raunchy! Just the way it should be. I love getting to know what happened next and book 2 did not disappoint!

Heat and Mystery
Written by Shweet Sandi on 27th Jun 2020

This is the second book in the Sugar & Sin series and it is a wonderful way for us to say farewell to this trio. I can't explain how much I like triads and why but I do. This series is different in how our author has the characters lead their lives and let say if you have not read the first book in this series I would suggest it. It is really good and a great background to help you understand and the ins and outs on whys for this book to go like it does. Jason is a stronger man than most could ever be and Springhill, Texas might not know what to has hit them when he has relocated back in town. This book has all the feelings I need and more...heat, mystery and family.

Great Story
Written by Rachel on 27th Jun 2020

Amount of sex 3 / 5 How explicit are the sex scenes 4 / 5 Story 4 / 5 Overall: 4 / 5 Call Me Sweetheart is the second book in the Sugar & Sin series written by author Lacee Hightower. It’s the final book in the series and, in case you aren’t aware, has a continuous storyline. Therefore, you’ll need to read Call Me Sugar before beginning this one. The first book ended with a cliffhanger, and I was dying to find out what would happen to Jason, Jen, and Keith. So, as soon as I saw it on my Kindle, I jumped right in! Call Me Sweetheart is full of drama, angst, suspense, and steamy sex scenes. There were times that I was super frustrated, and I just wanted to knock some sense into them. I was so engrossed in the storyline that I read it in one sitting! Oh, and I just loved the ending! Call Me Sweetheart is a definite add to your TBR list!