Intrigue Me by Lacee Hightower

Heat Level 4
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Tangled Pleasures, 1

What’s a person to do when they discover everything they’ve believed is nothing but lies?

I grew up wealthy, a spoiled rich kid some would say, blessed with a natural athletic physique and erotic good looks that could get me into the panties of just about any girl I set my mind to.

I wanted … what I wanted.

And that meant one thing: the beautiful brunette from study hall—but she left me high and dry.
Today, I have a heart made of stone. I’m angry, a professed lifelong bachelor and a sexual sadist.

My soul is a cold river.

Eight years later, she’s back in my life and holding secrets that are ruthless, unforgiveable.

I want to punish her, make her cry, make her suffer. I want to hate her for what she’s done.

But I want my hands on her.

Mine. All mine.

I simply want … Ava Montgomery.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, spanking


I ached for him with such a depth that it was a visceral kind of pain. I wanted his hands on me, touching me everywhere, taking me to that place I’d fantasized about for years.

“It’s your decision, doll.”

“Are you going to tear up my butt? Leave bloody marks on my back? Ruin my nipples? Are you…” My voice faded into silence as I stared at his focused expression that was so sure, so certain, his eyes that sent shimmers down my spine, his body that made me cave with pleasure every time it came near me. Heat flowed through my veins. “Yes. God, yes. I want to know everything. I want you to…”

Before I finished the words that were caught in my throat, his lips were on mine, crushing his mouth against me with a scorching kiss that felt like he was ravenous. His hands twisted fiercely through my hair, my body arching into him as he licked into me, purging deep, kissing me for long minutes like he wanted me more than any one thing in his existence.

I wanted this so badly that it hurt.

His lips fell to the sweet spot just underneath my ear. “You wouldn’t happen to still have that blindfold by any chance?”

Another whimper rose up my throat as I collapsed into his chest, turning to soft liquid and ceding in submission.

Of course, I still had the blindfold. I’d stared at it a dozen times. Fantasized about what it would feel like being bound, in the dark, his hands on me, oblivious to his next move, and if all my daydreams were a reality … or a fool’s paradise.

“Yes,” I breathed, captivated.

“Grab it, kitten. And follow me.”

Blistering heat flooded my core as he trailed kisses across my neck.

“And, Ava,” he added in a hard tone, “before the night ends, my marks will be all over you.”


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Written by Arlon on 15th Apr 2023

I have read other books by @LaceeHightower, mostly MM or MMF. I was not sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised, very captivated by the relationship that developed between Tage & Ava. This one I can definitely read again & again! So many twists, but I won’t spoil the ending. You must read for yourself.

Long & Short
Written by Sorrel on 25th Apr 2020

Intrigue Me is a romantic BDSM, sadism story with heart. I never thought that was possible. This book is an eye opener for sure and not for the fainthearted. Unlike some romantic BDSM books, this novel goes a lot deeper. The main characters are Tage and Ava and they have quite the history. It’s a long and painful one. One that included a child, Melli, with Down Syndrome. This was a difficult read and even more difficult to write a review for. The author did a wonderful job of portraying sadism and showing the emotional side of the characters as well. Each character is so well written and different. You get the good guys, not so good guys and the ones that makes you smile with their humor. The plot twists were brutal and painful. Intrigue Me has the sweet ‘aww’ moments, the ‘I can’t get enough of you’ moments, the ‘screw you’ moments and so on. It’s sweet, sad, with endless passion and chemistry as well as hurt; there is every emotion in that spectrum here. The author tried–and succeeded, I believe–in writing an erotic romance story which touches and captures the heart of it all, while making sure the chemistry and passion of both still burned as high as ever. Intrigue Me is an erotic BDSM with sadism in it so readers be warned. However, it is soft as well. This book is perfect for readers who love their story plots with a lot of intense passion and heart.

Must read!
Written by simple on 17th Jun 2019

How do I describe a book that is not only smoking hot, but also had me in tears? Without giving anything away, the story-line is really touching and I finished it in just over a day. Tage is a sexual sadist who thinks he's been lied to about a subject he's entirely against. He struggles with his feelings and how to deal with them and the life changing surprise he's hit with. The story is really full of bittersweet emotion. It's a great read!