Callahan's Fate by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Heat Level 3
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SKU 978-1-77233-247-6

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He’s a cop, one of New York City’s finest. She’s a transplanted teacher, new to the Big Apple. 

Callahan is streetwise and world weary. Raine is lost in the urban setting. When they meet, the attraction and the emotional connection are powerful. When a former student stalks Raine, he’s also part of Callahan’s unfinished business. The closer they become, the more their lives intersect, and the greater the danger. 

Callahan must put his past and burden of guilt aside. Raine needs to adapt to big city life. Both seek a happily ever after together but with old scores to settle, they have to survive first.


In the morning, he rose rested, donned his uniform, strapped on his weapon, and made his way across the city to his precinct.  En route, he caught himself whistling an upbeat tune he recognized as Roy Orbinson’s classic, “Pretty Woman.”

So I’m thinking about Raine, he mused, nothing wrong with that.

At the precinct, his partner, a veteran officer with almost thirty years in the department, glanced up from his desk, coffee mug in one hand, and stared.  “Jeez, what’s up with you, kid?” Joe Lowry asked.

“What?” Callahan said. “It’s just another Monday morning, another week.”

“Did you win the lottery or get laid?”

“Neither one,” Cal answered.  His cock expressed interest at the latter.

“So tell me.  Did you fall down on your knees and get saved at a church revival? ‘Cause something sure as hell has changed.  You’re walking light, whistling a tune, and wearing a sappy-ass grin.”

Callahan held out for another minute, then caved. “Okay, so I met a woman, that’s all.   Don’t get any nasty ideas, either, Lowry.  She’s a nice gal, a teacher and all.”

The older man shook his head. “Good.  I’m glad for you, kid.  You need something more than the job in your life.  Good luck.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.  Let’s get through the shift already.  I’m meeting her for dinner.”

“All right, Romeo, you bet.  What’s her name?”


Speaking it evoked the woman—her blue eyes, her ready smile, and her knack for offering comfort when needed.  Callahan reflected she made him laugh when he needed some humor, she provided insight when he became thoughtful, and she made him stronger. 

“Pretty name,” his partner commented.

“She’s a pretty woman,” he replied.

Lowry snorted. “I been married twenty years and more so I know the signs, Callahan.  This one sounds like a keeper.”

Cal thought so, too, but he wasn’t ready to admit it.  If he did, it might jinx everything, and he wasn’t willing to take the risk.