Charmed by Jacey Holbrand

Heat Level 4
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The Glorious Guild of Lady Windsurfer, 2

Charm knows how to get what she wants, but when faced with opposition, she tends to make bad choices. After a plan to subdue a Rullix goes wrong, Charm forces her way into two Auraths’ lives. They have a ship after all and can help her escape Earth and the Rullix.

Step-brothers, Thorne and Wade, are discussing Earth and mates when Charm dives into their presence. Each man believes her to be the partner he’s been waiting for. The men allow her passage in their spaceship, but are shot down by the Rullix and crash in a canyon.

Charm finds them sanctuary, yet even in the middle of nowhere, she still gets into trouble. Thorne and Wade have to figure out how to travel to Aurath before Charm’s bad choices lead to their demise.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex



She shifted and so did the oversized shirt she wore. The fabric flapped open, revealing the gentle slope of her breast peaked with a dusty rose circle and nipple. The woman had curves in all the right places. Definitely a body made for him.


Wade wanted to growl in frustration. He’d never taken a woman against her will and didn’t want to start now. But, damn, his cock ached for some relief.


Maybe I should growl. Wake her up and have her wrap her pussy around my cock.


She rolled from her side to her back. Her eyelids fluttered open. Charm gazed at him with the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. His penis twitched and seemed to grow a couple more centimeters.


“Wade, you’re awake. That’s wonderful.”


The purr of her voice and sound of his name from her lips sent his heart racing. Warmth radiated through his body, and he quivered with the effort of controlling the joyous emotions threatening to spill out of him.


Charm placed a hand on his chest. “I was worried there for a while.” She stroked her fingers down his torso and cupped his hard length. “But it seems you’re doing quite fine.”


He sucked in a quick breath, wishing his pants weren’t between his cock and her hand. “Careful, woman. If you are not prepared to follow through, you will want to remove your hand.”


She offered a seductive smile and rubbed her hand against the bulge. “What happens if I don’t move it?”


Not knowing if she teased or not, Wade let out a low rolling snarl.


“Well?” Charm snuggled against him. “Something’s come over me. Healed from our injuries or not, I don’t care. I find myself wanting you. It’s almost unbearable. Tell me, Wade, can we fuck?”


Charm’s blunt question surprised him. Pressing his lips together, he stared at her for several long seconds, trying to reconcile her against other Earth females he’d met. Problem was, she didn’t fit any of the typical examples. He grinned. “I like your style. It is very forward and a refreshing change. Much different than other females I have encountered.”


“Have you met many women?” She rocked her palm against his length.


He raised a brow. Could she be jealous of those who might have come before her? That boded well for him and Thorne if so. Meant she probably wanted them as much as they wanted her. “My share of women, whether zero or one hundred, is none of your affair. Just as your past is none of ours.”


She chuckled. “All right.”


“Does it really matter in the end? As far as Thorne is concerned, you are our mate. You are the only one for us now.”


Her eyebrows drew together. “As far as he’s concerned? What about you? You have a say in all this, don’t you, especially if you have to share me?”


“Yes, I do.” Gripping her hair, he angled her head back and claimed her mouth with his own. He set the pace, traveling his lips over hers, licking and nipping. She was brazen in her reciprocation, and he drank in her passion, wanting to consume her. She stimulated him and his desires as no woman, Aurath or Earthbound, ever had. Truffron or no, he had to admit he’d longed to be with her since the moment she’d ducked under the table. He ached to touch her, feel her curves, and bury his cock deep in her heat.


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Bethany-Kris writes...
Written by Bethany-Kris on 1st Mar 2015

Charm has a way of getting what she wants, but she's also got a way of getting herself into trouble. When she tries to trick a Rullix and fails, and sets herself up with two male Auraths for safety. Thorne and Wade are wandering the wasteland that is earth discussing the topic of mates and waiting for their ship to be repaired so they can return home. Instantly, both men know Charm is their mate, but things aren't so simple. The Rullix hasn't given up in getting his revenge on Charm for her little tricks, and when the ship crashes, the threesome is left in the middle of nowhere until help can come. Trouble is something that seems to find Charm, regardless of where she is and it's right around the corner. Can the three stay alive long enough to get back to the Auraths' planet to start their happily ever after together? I really enjoyed Ms. Holbrand's The Encounter, so I eagerly picked Charmed one up for a chance to review as well. She's got a way with the sci-fi nature of a story, giving a reader just enough details of the characters and their surroundings to make it interesting while at the same time, making us use our imaginations. I like that aspect quite a bit.Charmed in the second novella in a series, yet I didn't feel left out or wondering on what happened in the first book. I'm curious enough to go pick it up and see, but Charmed focused in on only the relationship between the three and not what happened before. You have to love Thorne and Wade here. Each have their own distinctive personalities. One comes off a little tough and dominant with a colder exterior, and the other is dominant while still retaining a sweeter nature. They were a ying and yang,I think. It really complimented the heroes. Charm, on the other hand ... girl had spunk. A lot of it. She's a bit of a ball breaker. I think readers who have trouble with connecting or liking a heroine would find no problems loving Charm. She's sweet without being meek, sassy but not too much, and independent like every woman should be. Charmed was a hot, short read, but it felt right for the situation. The sexual scenes between the three were well-written and left me wanting more. I especially liked the bonding scene. Loved how the author portrayed that--sort of like marriage vows. At the end of it all, I was left wavering between a five or four stars. My wobble came from the way it ended, really. I felt it so abrupt that one page they were here, the next it was over and I was left wondering how introductions went with the family, or how Charm was accepted into the folds, that sort of thing. I did enjoy the last bit of it. I thought that was really sweet they were able to have something so rare (no spoilers, read to find out what I'm talking about), but I wished we could have had a little more insight to the three settling in and really beginning life together. So, I end it off with a four. It's an enjoyable, fast paced, short and hot read. If you like a bit of sci-fi with your menage, pick this up.

Love Bites and Silk Ties
Written by Maya on 19th Feb 2015

I got to say when I picked up this book I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm used to reading this author's MM Romance so an MFM menage were the men weren't sexually involved was a surprise. But a good one. This story is action-packed with a heroine who has a knack of getting into trouble and two hunky heroines who are on a search for individual mates only to end up having to share one when she turns up and they have to hide her under their table to protect her from an alien. The setting for the story has a dystopian feel in a futuristic Las Vegas where poor people have to live in sort of refugee camp and beg for food from the rich. The scene with the beggar boy kind of reminded me of Dickensian London. Of course, there are are aliens, good ones and bad ones. Thorne and Wade are Auraths who are on earth looking for their mate. When they find Charm she is running from another aliens, a Rullix who are enemies of Auraths. The action pretty much takes off from there are the two step-brothers help her escape in their spaceship but end up crashing. This is an enjoyable romp of a story with sci-fi action adventure, a street-smart heroine and two sexy alien heroes making for a steamy read. Go grab your copy

Another incredible adventure!,
Written by MIss Heidi on 16th Feb 2015

This is book 2 in the Glorious Guild of Lady Windsurfer. This book may just be better than the first! Time has settled and all of the folks have found their way to Lady Windsurfer's house for a little R & R. This book focuses on how Wade, Thorne, and Charm got together and how they came to be mated to each other. It is an incredible story of their journey and trials they faced some twenty years earlier. The first book is set in the early years of the 22nd century, while this story mainly takes place in the last decade of the 21st. The world Jacey has created is a bit dystopian, and a bit wild west. It is a fascinating tale full of fighting and surviving, yet the love these three people find together is the driving force. No matter what, love always wins out. Thorne Tyril is an Aurath who has traveled to earth. He has come here with his step brother Wade. They are the best of friends since their parents got together. Thorne has felt the presence of their mates in a couple of earth cities, and it has lead them to Las Vegas. With their ship out of commission, they have no choice but to wait. Vegas is a split city. The very wealthy can find the comforts and casinos, but most people live in the tent city surrounding it. Life is very hard for those people. Charm has been surviving by finding work for a merchant in the tent city, but he has made a deal with a Rullix for Charm to "entertain" him for a few days while he looks for females to abduct to his planet. Charm has always been a scrapper, never needing more than her smarts to get her out of tough spots. She decides to drug the Rullix, steal some jewels from him and escape on a ship out of the world she knows. When her plans backfire, she enlists the help of the two men to hide her from the Rullix. Both of them realize that Charm is the mate they have been sensing, and they try to leave earth in their ship. But the Rullix has awakened, and he is hunting Charm. When their ship is shot down not long after trying to leave Las Vegas, the men will find out that Charm isn't some damsel in distress that they can save. Without her help, they may not have survived the crash landing. From the moment they awaken in the cave that Charm's grandfather lives in, their adventure begins and is not an easy trek. Can they convince Charm that they are mates? How will they survive the desert and hiding from the hunter? Can Charm let down her guard and find a life with the two step brothers? Their journey to get back to Aurath is full of twists and turns and all three of them learn a lot about what it means to find the one. This futuristic tale is such a unique world and the characters in the Guild are nothing short of incredible. If you love a great story about the struggle to find love, this book is for you. I loved this book and cannot wait to see what comes next!