Claiming Their Mate by Stacey Espino

Heat Level 4
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Pack Seduction, 1

Carna and her sisters carry the last of the royal blood.  Every male shifter in the world craves to mate with one of the elusive princesses to secure their place in history.  Only royal blood will ensure the continuation of all shifter species.

Although she may be the heir to future generations, Carna wants no part in a forced seduction.  She's independent and wants to make her own choices, and mate for love, not out of necessity.  Carna and her sisters split up and go into hiding, but not for long... 

When a rogue group of shifters captures Carna and insists she choose one of them as her mate, she puts up the fight of her life, escaping into the forest.  Once on the run again, she quickly learns that running and hiding are taking their toll on her.  She needs to settle down and why not with one or more of the sexy men begging for her affections?  But can she find love amongst all the chaos?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMMMM), anal sex



"Shift. You aren't going anywhere," said the human voice behind her. It was the Texan who had forced her to submit in the cabin. Why did the sound of his voice make her stomach flutter? She complied. With the panther eying her every move, she'd never get away. Once human and naked, the chill of the night nipped at her exposed flesh.

"What do you want from me?"

She received no reply which only made her more leery. The panther circled her and the blond man beside her.

"Let's head back." The wolf shifter reached for her hand. The momentary contact, before she jerked away, felt hot and pleasant. She craved to nestle herself against his male heat for warmth and comfort. More than that. The sight of his perfect male form, muscled and shadowed by moonlight, made her veins burn hot with erotic need. Why was she cursed to have these desires every full moon? Could they sense her lust? Did they feel the same way?

"Are you going to be difficult?"

"Tell me. How do you plan to take me back if I don't follow like a good little puppy?"

He snorted. "I'll throw you over my shoulder. Either way, I'm good."

"You're forcing me into confinement. I'm not gonna go all nice-like." She folded her arms and his eyes darted to her generous cleavage. Why hadn't she sensed it before? She blamed her heightened nerves for not noticing the sexual signature snapping like electricity in the air. He wanted her and so did his friend, now watching her with inhumanly blue eyes.

"There's food and a fire back at the cabin. You look like you're freezing." She was freezing. Her bare human skin provided little protection from the elements. The offer was tempting, but she wouldn't make it easy for them. Once they got her back in the cabin, there would be no way out. The tiger may have had a soft spot for her, but the others wouldn't make the same mistake again. She couldn't do confinement. Not after what she had gone through in the past at the hands of heartless hunters.

Carna stood still, in a state of indecision. The dark forest surrounding them appeared daunting, an unfamiliar maze that could take her forever to navigate. She had little choice.

"If I go back, what will you do with me? What do you want from me?"

A new set of hands rested on her shoulders from behind. She whirled around, ready to strike. How had she not heard the panther shift and move up next to her? He had abnormal stealth for a shifter.

"We won't hurt you. But you're important, you have to know that." His blue eyes blazed even in human form, highlighting the sharp planes of his face.

"Maybe. That doesn’t mean I'm up for grabs, either. You can't just keep me a prisoner forever." Or could they? She cringed at the thought of being caged long term. Caged at all. Her only solace was imagining her sisters free. If she had to forfeit her own life, she'd gladly do it in their place.

The panther shifter brushed her thick black hair off her shoulder, examining her neck. "Have you chosen your own mate? You're not marked."

Carna pulled away, her back slamming into the Texan's hard body. She felt cornered, but in a twisted way, it felt good. Too good. Their male heat, the dominant vibe they each gave off, and their sexual desire—it all pulled her into a web that she soon became tangled in. Her breathing picked up just as the clouds parted to reveal the full moon. Standing near the rocky outcropping, no forest canopy stood in the way to diminish the beauty of the massive white sphere. It called to her, filled her with untamed desires that she could barely contain. As male shifters, they had to feel the same thing.

As if on cue, they all looked to the sky, and then traded glances with each other.

"Carna, answer me. Have you chosen a mate?" The sound of her name in the panther's deep, gravely voice made her pussy swell and pulse. She wanted to ask him to repeat it, over and over again.

"No. If I choose a mate, it won't be one that drugs and kidnaps me."

"Little one, we never thought that far in advance. I suppose we thought we could convince you of our intentions once we had your full attention."

"And what intentions would those be? Mate with five shifters I know Jack-squat about?"

"Of course not," snapped the Texan.

"So who gets the prize?" She lowered her brow in suspicion, knowing they had no answer. Stupid males. They thought with their dicks half the time. No wonder royal blood was only passed down to females.

"Finder's keepers," said the panther.

They pressed tighter against her as they challenged each other. "You think so, Blue? Good luck with that thought. If anything, I'm the best choice. I'm wolf. I'm what she needs."

Blue growled and wrapped an arm around her waist possessively.

"Are you gonna rip me apart and share the pieces?" Both of them gripped her hard, too hard, not hard enough.

"You're hurting her, Austin. Back off!"

Carna could feel the determination of each man, their desire and possessiveness like a living force all around her. She reveled in it, basked in the attention that she usually tried to escape from. Something about these males, or the presence of the full moon, inspired wicked thoughts to swirl in her head.

Facing Blue, she dared to trace her finger over his firm pecs. The temptation to feel him was just too strong and she reacted on impulse. Such a beautiful body needed to be touched. His breath caught and the four hands holding her loosened. Knowing how much she affected them spurred her on, and increased the tightness in her womb. Once she trailed her fingertips away, she reached up high and placed a hand on each of his shoulders. They were broad with a thick cord of muscle.

She wasn't daunted by the prospect of taking two men. Her own mother had three mates, which was the norm. Each generation of royal women took three males as mates, usually from different species of shifters. It kept the bloodlines strong and diverse. Although she craved one night of hard fucking with the two virile males, they weren't mating material. She wasn't sure what she wanted in a life partner, but it wouldn't be a man who tried to force her to love them. You couldn't inspire love in a person—at least not from her.

"That's it. Take what you want, baby." Blue nuzzled her face with his cheek, rough with stubble. She wanted to lose herself in the moment, in the dizzy heat surrounding her. "I'm all yours." Carna liked the sound of that. Her wolf wanted to own him, to mark him as hers alone. What was she thinking?



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Written by Carol on 5th Jan 2018

I have to confess this is the first shifter novella I've read that I actually liked. It's clear there will be a story for each sister, and I like that because their story is intriguing. And I'm especially impressed by the way Ms Espino was able to infuse the sex scenes with so much emotion. They're plenty hot, but the way the men care about Carna also comes through. Can't wait to read the others in the series!

Wonderful storyline
Written by Angela on 5th Jan 2018

Will keep your attention threw till the end. Great storyline,wonderful characters, doesn't leave you hanging. Goes indept on characters. You won't be disappointed .

Coffee Time Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 25th Apr 2012

Freya is a wolf shifter as well as a royal princess, and she knows she must stay one step ahead of those who would like to claim her as their mate. When she enters a night club in search of food, she does not expect to come face to face with her destiny. Gideon’s lion wants nothing more than to devour Freya with his passion. But before he can taste the succulent little she-wolf, someone intercedes. Darius knows that Freya is special, but as a human he has no idea exactly how special she is. When he comes to her rescue and gets her out from under Gideon’s thumb, he finds he wants to explore her every waking need. Vincent should know better than to go after a female that his boss has staked a claim on, but Freya calls to his cougar like nobody has before. Freya cannot believe her wolf wants not one, not two, but three men as her own. Not only that, but one of them just happens to be human. How can she choose between a lion, a cougar, and a man who is willing to defend her even though he has no idea how much danger he could be in? Even as her confusion turns to passion, Freya catches a new scent, and it is one that she has been searching for. Has she finally found the one person she thought was lost to her? Some of the things I liked most about Freya’s Mates is the diverse characters, the realistic problems they are trying to overcome, and the passion they feel for each other. Sure, here is a tale by Ms. Espino that includes sensational sex but it also includes prejudicial matters, royalty issues, and overcoming some extreme odds. You really get an indepth look into the world of shifters as the different species interact with each other as well as the human race. I found this tale to be delightfully intriguing and full of passionate encounters that left me wanting more.

LASR Erotic Romance Review
Written by undefined on 13th Apr 2012

"Try and mate with me if you dare. I'll bite your dick off before you bat an eye." From page one you will find yourself spiraling out of reality with this one of a kind plot: a world of blue blood shifter princesses and a group of male shifters who will stop at nothing to find and mate with one, so that their race will continue. Five men may have worked well together to find the female, but the headaches had just begun after drugging and kidnapping one of the Demori sisters. The three sisters are the keystone to the survival of all the shifter races, be it wolf, tiger, panther, bear, fox, and God knows what else. However, Carna like her sisters, wants to be loved for who she is, and not what she is. “When she decides to mate, if she decides to mate, it will be with males of her choosing”, not five kidnappers. The plot is as far from reality as one can get, but it held a certain paranormal charm with a fresh and unique theory of the were-shifter's creation and mating practices. I had to really pay close attention to the story at the beginning so I could learn what each of the heroes changed into, but even from the start I could not help but to become attached to all of the characters and laugh at their antics through the entire tale. The sex scenes were animalistic in nature, as to where and how rough they played out, which fit right into the whole shifter theme. For a short story I was amazed at just how complete and detailed the story line was. It was witty, entertaining, and worth reading at least once.

You Gotta Read Reviews
Written by Donna on 9th Dec 2011

Claiming Their Mate is a short novel about a wolf princess on the run from overbearing males who want only the prestige of claiming her. She wants to find love, or at least the shifter equivalent of it, but she is kidnapped by a motley crew of shifters who insist that she was made for them. Carna is instantly in lust with Blue and Austin, and later with Jacob and Marcus. How could she ever pick, and since she is infuriated that they dared to kidnap her in the first place, why should she choose one of these shifters? Ms. Espino has written a very fast paced story with scorching sex, vivid details and electrifying chemistry between her characters. This book was enough to get your blood pumping and your breathing up, so enjoy the ride as Carna is claimed by her mates.

Hot and sexy!
Written by Carolyn Rosewood on 25th Jun 2011

I have to confess this is the first shifter novella I've read that I actually liked. It's clear there will be a story for each sister, and I like that because their story is intriguing. And I'm especially impressed by the way Ms Espino was able to infuse the sex scenes with so much emotion. They're plenty hot, but the way the men care about Carna also comes through. Can't wait to read the others in the series!

Night Owl Reviews
Written by STrimble on 15th Jun 2011

"Claiming Their Mate" is a fast paced, erotic book about a group of shifters who seek a woman of pure blood. She rebels against their control, while secretly desiring that they would dominate her. Stacey Espino does a great job of filling the pages with believable dialogue, action, sexual tension and internal monologue. The characters were unique and easy to picture. They each had redeeming qualities and knee weakening speeches as to why Carna should choose them as her mates. This book is sure to get your blood pumping. You may even break out in a slight sweat as you read through the very detailed sex scenes. Though full of sex with multiple partners and graphic descriptions, this book is also a great romance. The reader is sure to relate to Carna's situation and began rooting for Austin, Blue, Marcus, and Jacob as they try and win over the she-wolf shifter's heart, and loyalty. And they'll no doubt be waiting on pins and needles for the second book of the "Pack Seduction" series.

Two Lips Reviews
Written by Clare on 18th May 2011

Carna is one of three sisters who carry the last of pure shifter blood and every male shifter around wants to mark her for his mate in order to carry on the royal blood line and the species. However, Carna doesn’t want to be forced into mating with someone she doesn’t love, so her and her sisters go into hiding. Then a group of shifters kidnap Carna, to try and convince her that one of them can be her true mate. Carna is tired of being on the run, but isn’t sure she wants to give up her independence. But the more she gets to know the men, the more she comes to realize that she could be happy with the right mate. How can she choose between these four sexy men? And does she really have to or can she find a way to have them all? Stacey Espino packs a wallop into the short story, Claiming Their Mate. The tale comes to life through sharp dialog, vivid descriptions, and the tender interactions between characters. I wondered how Carna would come to choose and care for four mates, and ones that kidnapped her at that, but they are each brought together in their own touching way. The sex scenes were surprisingly mild considering there’s a ménage-a-cinq; they felt almost rushed through. Nevertheless, I’d recommend this quick read for fans of shifter romance—it has sexy alpha men, kinky sex, and plenty of action.

Nocture Romance Reads Reviews
Written by Nat on 9th May 2011

Carna is a lucky woman with four hot alpha males wanting her for themselves. I really wish this story will continue as a trilogy, cause it left me wanting more. She's a strong woman (physically too) and wants to mate not to be someone's prize, but to settle down with someone she loves. I can't wait to hear about Carna's sisters! This novella was a great, steamy read, proving that four men sharing a princess has all the right elements to work out. To know if that happens or not, you'll have to read it! Stacey Espino delivers a fast paced adventure and a very well balanced story!

Miss Espino has another winner!
Written by dragonmomma on 19th Apr 2011

Miss Espino has another winner! I for one can not wait to see if there is more, making this a series. I will certainly be doing another prebuy if there is!