Freya's Mates by Stacey Espino

Heat Level 4
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Pack Seduction, 2

Freya's on her own, lost in a new city.  Being of royal blood, every male shifter would kill to have her as a mate.  Staying in hiding is her number one priority.

When hunger leads her to the rear of a night club in search of food, she comes across a human who arouses a new desire within her.

Once inside the club, she's caught skipping out on her bill and forced to deal with the club owner and bartender, both sexier-than-sin shifters. Will she be able to submit to the three men? Can there be a future with a human mate?

Be Warned: menage a quatre romance, menage sex, anal sex





"You look cold," said Gideon. All three men moved in on her once the door closed. "How about we warm you up, pretty little wolf?"

Heat already bloomed in her core, lighting up her extremities. Her lion and cougar looked absolutely savage, sexual hunger burning in their eyes. She wasn't immune to their desire. It pulled her in, making all her insecurities, worries, and doubts fizzle away. All that remained was need.

They hadn't asked Darius to leave even though he wasn't yet her mate. And Darius hadn't shown signs of revulsion to the idea of sharing her…yet. Vincent stripped off his shirt, offering his perfectly chiseled body for her pleasure. She loved every inch of him, from his lean muscled frame, to his armband tats, to his unkempt dirty-blonde hair. When he approached, she eagerly wrapped her arms around his neck and sought his mouth. Her bare flesh pressed against his sizzled, making her pussy pulse, strong and demanding.

"She smells ripe, Vincent," said Gideon.

"That she does." He nipped his way down her neck and across her shoulder. Pleasure bordering on pain, and the promise of the intense, feral sex she craved.

"Do we let the human play?"

"The human is standing right here." Darius plucked off his own shirt. He was gloriously bronzed and wickedly tempting for a non-shifter. The faint scent of cigarillos and alcohol clung to him, increasing her arousal. She'd do anything to ensure he joined in with them tonight, even if she had to drop down to her knees and suck his cock in front of her mates.

"He gets to play," said Carna. She reached for Darius' hand and placed it on her breast. Gideon's golden eyes traced the movement. She half expected him to snap the human's wrist in two for daring to touch her, but his guarded stance softened and he began unbuckling his pants instead.

Once shirtless with his zipper down, Gideon ordered her to her knees. She knew his alpha lion would demand to dominate with a new male in the room, and she reveled in every minute of it. The floor was cool on her knees, but only an afterthought. She pulled the flaps of his pants wider and freed his cock from his boxers. Up close, he was massive—long, thick, and virile. She imagined that heavy cock being rammed into her achy pussy, but her needs would have to wait a little while longer.

"Go on, Freya. I want to feel you sucking me. Suck me while your human watches."

She opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked on the bulbous tip. Her womb continually spasmed, coiling tight with her increasing desperation to be fucked. She could hear Darius in the background, insisting the human wasn't the only other man in the room. Gideon's cock was hot and pulsed each time she suckled it. She lost herself in the act, grabbing the base in a loose fist, pumping and sucking, licking and teasing. Before long, he pushed her shoulders back, releasing her suction. "No more. You'll have me coming in no time with a mouth like that."

He hoisted her to her feet as if she weighed mere pounds. His mouth on hers was demanding and probed deep. As they backed up, she hit a wall of hard male flesh, an aroused dick prodding her back to match the one to her front. Her desires grew sinfully high and she couldn't help it when her fangs lengthened. She didn't want to startle Darius too much. He'd already been taking all the revelations so well.

"Bite me, Freya," Gideon growled. She didn't hesitate, but lashed forward in a vicious, yet erotic attack. Her teeth sinking into his thick muscles was heavenly, transporting her to a new realm. She didn't care what they did to her at this point, she needed so much more.


Claiming Their Mate (Pack Seduction, 1)


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Happily Ever After Reviews
Written by undefined on 22nd Apr 2012

In a crazy twist of fate, Freya finds herself in a most precarious position in the same city her sister found her own mates. Club Frenzy holds more for her than she could have bargained for, but this lone wolf isn’t about to give in too easily to what could possibly be only crazy amounts of lust for a bartender, the bar owner, and a human? Freya longs for something more and would rather die than be forced into a mating not of her own choosing. When Freya realizes her fate may already be sealed she won’t be content with just one, but doubts have crept in from long-held beliefs that are hard to let go. In this seduction, it’s a battle of wills to see how long they can withstand the heat before the flames of desire swallow them whole. For once running away doesn’t look so appealing. In this second installment to the Pack Seduction series, the focus is on Freya and her fight to stay independent. When it becomes evident that there is something more than mere lust with Darius, Gideon, and Vincent, the fight shifts to wanting what her sister Carna has with her own mates. What is most appealing about this group of shifter’s is that they each have their hang-up’s, doubts, or handicap’s. No one is perfect and they each have to work at a relationship none knew they would want. Ms. Espino definitely brings the heat with this story. Each of the Alpha men gets some one-on-one action with Freya, which allows each of them to have a stronger voice and presence in the story. Even Carna and her mates make an appearance. Now I’m even more excited to meet the last remaining sister and see how Ms. Espino wraps-up this sexy shifter series.

You Gotta Read Reviews
Written by Donna on 28th Dec 2011

In Ms. Espino's Pack Seduction series, the strictly forbidden becomes the norm, the wildly wicked becomes the basis for survival of the species. Not only are ménage relationships needed for Royals, they are expected and practically required. Freya has been running for too long. She's ravenously hungry, bone weary and just plain tired of being alone. Her goal in life is to simply be wanted and loved for who she is and not what she can bring to her mate. When she finds herself unequivocally attracted to a human, she becomes conflicted. The human wants her, desires her, and he doesn’t even know that shifters exist. After letting her guard down just a bit, Freya allows two shifters to mate her, but she is still in love with her human, and he is in love with her. What’s a wolf shifter girl to do? Freya's Mate was hard to put down and pleasantly exhilarating. With bone melting sex scenes, tons of alpha testosterone and a happily ever after, this is an awesome paranormal erotic book!

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Heather on 13th Sep 2011

Stacey Espino’s latest release, Freya’s Mates is a beautifully penned shifter ménage romance that I loved and I know others will too. Ms. Espino has wonderfully blended fantastic characters with a fascinating plot into a fabulous story. Her characters are intelligent, believable and intriguing. The plot is fast-paced, enthralling and fantastically well thought-out. The sexual tension between the three main characters is so sizzling that reader should watch out for sparks. This is a book that I am definitely adding to my keeper collection and one that I am delighted to recommend to others.

Whipped Cream Reviews
Written by Xeranthemum on 22nd Jul 2011

I was hoping to find a book that combined some of my favorite paranormal elements with some hot and sexy shifter action and I was thrilled with what I found within the pages of this short story. Sometimes, I just want fun. Not a lot of heavy bad buys chasing good guys and escaping diabolical deeds. I look for entertainment mixed with a romance hot enough to give competition to the A/C. Freya’s Mates met my need. Freya is a woman on the run. She’s looking for something that’s missing in her life and she’s getting to the point of feeling it’ll never happen. She’s down in the dumps, sad, afraid and very lonely. The author did a nice job of getting me to care for the young princess. I thought it a cute touch with the French fry frenzy and the results that came after. I got to understand her confusion and her yearning and how difficult it must have been to let go and to finally trust in another person. The treasures that come from her giving her trust are sweet but don’t come without a few scratches and claw marks to make it interesting. I liked her independent spirit and spunky nature. What worked well for this tale was the fact that she didn’t fight herself. Once she accepted that the guys were truly interested in her, herself, she jumped in with tail wagging. Gideon, Vincent and Darius are three guys who, as a whole, fill the dark and empty places within Freya’s heart. But individually, these hunky heroes have enough depth of character to take their places by the heroine’s side. Their stories are very interesting and the guys are worth getting to know. Vincent looks perfect to the outside world but has a disability. So I had that warm and fuzzy feeling when he was accepted. Gideon had me snickering. He wasn’t a comedic foil by any means but he’s the first one in the know and yet Freya put him last. I have to hand it to the heroine – she knew who needed putting in his place. After all, she was royalty. Darius also found a place in my heart because he too doesn’t want to fit into a mold. His running away was different but I think Freya and Darius have the most in common – kindred spirits if you will. However, he sure knows his way around a woman’s body, much to my delight. I am also thrilled that this story is very much a standalone read. I hadn’t read the first book in the series, but I didn’t need to. Ms. Espino has told a tale that is about Freya, Darius, Gideon and Vincent, and no one else. The other secondary characters bring extra zing and interest to the story and enhanced my reading experience. The editing is well done, the dialogue brisk and personable and the descriptions of them all of together, absolutely delicious in its heat and passion. Freya’s Mates: Pack Seduction, 2 hit my happy buttons and completely entertained me. It’s a romantic and fun story that made the clock disappear. I liked reading about Freya and, because of this book, I am going to be checking out her sister’s story that had come first. If that tale is as good as this one, I’m in for another treat.