Cormican's Lady by Raven McAllan

Heat Level 2
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What do you do when you overhear someone saying they are going to blackmail your estranged husband so he divorces you and marries them?

Laney Cormican knew—warn him.

Movie star, Alex Cormican sees a great opportunity. He’s never stopped loving Laney, even though he was as much at fault as she was over their separation. He begs her to help him thwart the blackmailer-to-be … and see if they can make a go of their marriage again.

With his co-star insisting she's the one for Alex and the blackmailer insisting she has information to ruin him, Laney has her work cut out for her—thwart the women and admit to her emotions.

Will she, or will she let the chance pass her by and be alone once more?



Cormican back-kicked the door shut, and we headed up the stairs as fast as possible. He had his t-shirt off before we arrived at the half-landing, and I’d kicked my shoes off at the bottom.

By the time we reached his bedroom, my blouse was undone, his zipper down, and his shoes God knows where.

We tumbled onto the bed and began a feverish scramble to take the rest of each other’s clothes off. They were flung in any direction until we were both stark naked.

Then I trembled. What if my body wasn’t a turn-on for him anymore? Was I flabby? Not enough curves? Too many? Shit, my muff needed a good tidy up, I hadn’t shaved my pits, and as for my legs…

Something nudged my tummy.

Okay, that was one worry over. His cock was rock hard and primed to do whatever was needed. I forgot about hair being where it shouldn’t be, wobbly bits, and whether I could remember what went where.

I knew what was needed. Him as close to me as possible with the aforementioned appendage buried inside me…to the hilt.

“Now, please now,” I panted. “I want, oh God, I need you in me now. Please,” I begged.

“Oh, it will be my pleasure,” Cormican said huskily. He shifted until he was over me and lifted my legs until my ankles rested on his shoulders. Slowly, oh so slowly, he bent his head to lave each tight, tingling nipple.

Then he lifted his head, kissed me on the lips, and moved until his cock teased the entrance to my pussy.

And thrust.

Bloody heaven. As he began to move inside me, filling me, I picked up his rhythm, tightened my pelvic muscles, and urged him on.

I was so sodding horny, turned on, ready, whatever you wanted to call it, I had to come, had to.

“I… shit … I…” I’m not sure I was coherent, but thankfully he understood.

“Need to come for us, now,” he roared as his cock swelled and scraped the sides of my channel.

That was enough. He shuddered, and I shuddered and saw stars.

I have no idea who came first, but I bet it was a close-run thing.

His roar mixed with my scream.

I have no idea how long it was before I came down from the ceiling. When I finally got the strength to open my eyes, Cormican was slumped next to me, on his stomach. His head turned in my direction as he looked at me.


I grinned. “Yes thank you. Very.”

He pinched my nipple. “Minx.”

I stretched languidly. “Thanks.”


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enjoyable second chance romance
Written by Leslie O'Brien on 10th Jun 2020

What’s a woman to do when someone she knows could potentially be blackmailed? Why, grudgingly agree to help him out, of course. In typical Raven McAllan fashion, we are treated to a second chance romance with some laugh out loud funny, a few outward groans, and loads of ooohs and aaaahs in “Cormican’s Lady”. Buy the story, you’ll love it.