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Damages Incurred by J.R. Gray


Product Description

Bound, 4

Their world is crumbling on the King’s shoulders. 

Elliot is gone. 

George has failed, and his demons are threatening to swallow him whole. Jesse’s life is slipping through his fingers. He feels like he’s losing George, whom he has just gotten back. The search for Elliot is taking its toll on the pair of them, and the strain shows the cracks in their trust. 

Zac is doing everything he can, but he's been plagued with flashbacks of a life he can't remember. Even his iron constitution must break sometime, and the search for Elliot can’t wait. Each minute could be the difference between life and death. 

Can they get it together to save themselves or Elliot?

Be Warned: m/m sex, BDSM, whipping, rimming




It was dark when he stepped out into the back entrance of the penthouse. His footsteps echoed through the halls as he walked. George should be in bed as he was generally an early riser, but Jesse half expected him to be consoling his pain with a slave.


He paused in front of the play room, swallowing hard. What if his actions had been the final straw in George moving on? What if...


It was too painful to finish the thought. He set his hand on the handle, telling himself he could face what he found inside. He turned it silently and pushed the heavy door forward. It was dark inside, only the lights of the city illuminating the toys spread over the massive wall. The door was soundproof, but now that it was open, all he heard was the light snore of a slave. He closed the door quickly and then pressed a hand into his aching chest. He stalked forward, seeing the flicker of a fire on the wall as he approached the living room.


He stepped around the corner to find George looking pensive staring into the fire, drink in hand. He paused, waiting for an invitation. One never came. George acted as though he didn't see him. Jesse opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say. There wasn't an apology that could even cover the pain he'd put George through.


He fell to his knees. "Forgive me," he whispered.


George didn't respond. Jesse fell forward pressing his forehead into the cool hardwood floor. Warm hands closed around his arms, dragging him to his feet, and he was enveloped in George’s arms. His eyes started to mist, and he couldn’t catch a full breath. It was all too much to bear. He’d left his heart when he left George, and there were no words for what it felt like to be back here. He buried his face in George’s neck and wrapped his arms around him. George kissed every spot he could reach on Jesse in their position.


It was so much more than dominant and submissive like this. Jesse’s heart ached. The pain radiated through his bones. He’d been holding off losing it for so long he hadn’t even realized how bad the pain had gotten, how numb he’d been. 


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  1. Joyfully Jay 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd May 2016

    Damages Incurred is the fourth book in J.R. Gray’s Bound series. The books are designed to be read in order as they continue on and connect to each other. This review may then contain spoilers for earlier books in the series.

    Jesse has realized the web of deceit his wife has spun as George comes to collect what is his. However, it’s not as easy to slip back into a life with George in that moment as Jesse still struggles with wanting to be with George completely and adjusting to George calling all the shots in their relationship. Their relationship is further tested immediately as Elliot has completely disappeared. George is consumed with guilt that he has failed Elliot and the search for him further unsettles George and Jesse’s life.

    Zac is determined to find Elliot and has made it his new mission. But, he’s still recovering from his last mission with injuries that he doesn’t fully remember getting. Zac is also having flashbacks and memories of a time that he can’t remember and while he is strong, even he can only take so much.

    On top of all of this, Rafael’s past shows up. There is certainly trouble brewing there and Rafael struggles with telling George the truth and adding to his worries. The priority is Elliott and all of them have to keep it together no matter the circumstances as time could be running out for Elliot.

    This book, and then by nature this series, went heavily into nighttime drama mode in the best of ways. In just a few chapters we reconnect with all of the characters from Daniel and Rafael, to George and Jesse, to Kennedy, Zac, and Elliot. The series started out with Daniel and Rafael as the focal point, but has evolved to carrying many storylines and Gray keeps all of the plots spinning.

    The storylines all connect to each other in both subtle and not so subtle ways. This book also starts going a bit deeper into the characters’ pasts. There is internal conflict combined with on page action that balances each other out well. Many of the characters have darker personality traits and Gray is just beginning to peel back the many layers for some of them.

    George and Jesse remain a focal point here and their dynamics remain intriguing. Jesse remains in conflict with himself between wanting to be everything George needs and also wanting to be seen as an equal. Their exchanges are well written as all of this plays out with George trying not to be amused with Jesse’s brattiness. Jesse is also trying to get George to open up and finally manages to just merely crack the surface of George’s tough exterior.

    Zac took off as a character for me in this book as well. He’s completely fascinating and his commitment to finding Elliot opened up a side of him we hadn’t been allowed to see in the past. While we are given more clues regarding his job and his past, many on page characters appear to know much more about different facets of him than we are privy to. The ending sets up Zac possibly getting pushed to the breaking point and the fallout promises to be spectacular.

    Another area that remains true to this series is the BDSM aspect that runs through it. From exhibitionism, to a consensual and heart pounding stalking game, to being invited behind closed doors, the scenes continue to fit the characters, advance the story, and remain riveting.

    There were a few areas that did stop the flow of the story for me at certain points and one was a travel scene where I couldn’t get the timeline to work out. We are given access to many characters’ points of view, which is nothing sort of amazing, but a few times the viewpoint slid off and I had to reorient to whose head we were in mid scene. Also, Jesse constantly referring to any emotion he has as feeling like a “girl,” continually caused the story to pause for me. Also, I can also appreciate not wanting to give the full back story of characters upfront and drawing it out is an art form all in itself that Gray primarily handles well. But after three prior books, I could have used a bit more to advance some of the characters as there are still so many secrets in so many areas.

    The Bound books have completely evolved over the course of the series and the characters, writing style, and intrigue have evolved right along with it. With sharp, witty dialogue, intense and intriguing characters, well paced action, and an ending that’s far from finished, it’s certainly exciting to know there is much more to come.

  2. Prism Book Alliance 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2015

    I’m going to start this review at the end of the book and say that the author has left me climbing the walls! So many unanswered questions, loose ends and dilemmas …. Anyone know when book 5 is due?

    Damages Incurred doesn’t hang back it rather throws you straight in at the deep end and picks up where Illicit Activity left off. Who can forget that line from the very possessive and irrational George,

    “I am here to get my submissive.”

    It seems like finally Cill is going to get her comeuppance but where does that leave George and Jesse?

    Daniel and Rafe hit a rocky patch as a mysterious woman from the past shows up. Elliot is missing, possibly even dead, and George is feeling responsible. He has spent so many years building walls around himself that its heart breaking to see him almost lost. Jesse is worried that it’s all becoming too much and he may end up losing him.

    Zac plays a major part in this story and we get to see so much more of Jesse’s bratty brother. What are his memories? What is he missing? He is like a one man wrecking ball in his bid to find Elliot but by the end of the book he is still an enigma.
    Jared plays a major part in tracking Elliot down but what will he be able to offer him if he is ever found?

    The ending….OMG the ending…. What has Jesse agreed to? This is a superb addition to the Bound Series and one hell of a ride. I feel like I have written a review that is full of questions but that is exactly how I felt when I finished the book. So much possibility and so many options but now we must wait and see how JR Gray will allow it to play out.

    If you are new to this series you need to start at the beginning. This story is not just about one couple but a whole host of people whose lives slowly but surely become entwined. There are some real characters in this series, some that initially you won’t like very much, but they grow on you and when you finish a book it feels like you are leaving friends behind.

  3. Amazing ride! Six Flags should name a roller coaster after Gray and the Bound series. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2015

    I have been a fan of J.R. Gray's writing for some time now. So when I read the first installment of the Bound series (Legally Bound) I was not surprised. It just made me a bigger fan. As we progressed into Book 2 Breach of Contract, J.R. brought me so deeply into the lives of these characters that I was truly invested in their lives, relationships and what the future held for them - fictional characters or not, they mattered. On to Illicit Activity (#3) and you're brought in even more. But none of them prepared me for #4 - Damages Incurred. I was cursing out J.R. through my Kindle knowing in my heart that J.R. could and would hear me. I yelled at my Kindle when the stories of Jesse and George or that of Zac's turned in ways that I did not want them to. J.R. Gray is truly one of my favorite authors and has ruined me for all other books and authors. All will be compared to the genius that is J.R. Gray. Never one to include spoilers or ruin the reading experience for the next reader, I will not reveal anything. Only this, get the Bound Series now! You will not be disappointed. Then buckle yourself in and prepare for the roller coaster ride of your life.

  4. Gray's at it again! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2015

    Here we are Getting back to some favorites! Jesse is back where he belongs away from the wicked bitch of the East. Danile shows Jesse some tough love.
    Will Jesse and George be able to make it or is it all too much?
    What's the Haps with Zac? Could he live Elliot? Can they find Elliot...alive? How far will it all go.

    Gray keeps us on our toes and wanting more as always. I didn't want to put the book down but I didn't want to finish it too fast either. If you've love the other books by Gray this will be no different. If you are like me you will be waiting for the next book and grumbling that it can't get here fast enough.

  5. It was really good to see that some things hadn't changed 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2015

    This books takes up right from where Book 2 (Breach of Contract) leaves off, so it would pay to read that before you come to this one. Then all the angst you will walk right into from page one will make sense. It was really good to see that some things hadn't changed...Jesse thought on occasion the devil might be more warm and fuzzy than George. So we have Daniel and Rafael together, we have George and Jessie...oh that is too adorable.

    And we have Zac, who is not in a good space. And he let Elliot down - such a bastard, even if it wasn't intentional. As you can see this book had my emotions rolling and that was only after the first three chapters. There is a lot going on with all of these guys, and even some of the women, but damn it would be so nice if they could lead straight forward lives for one minute.

    Rafael's got problems again, this time from his past. At least this time he did talk to Daniel, which has to show some positive growth. But when Jessie got attacked, and Elliot took off - this book takes you from one complex situation to the next, not allowing any time for a breather.

    Jared was interesting. He'd met Elliot in book three and really felt for him. He was so totally different to Zac, but it was hard to get a grip on him as a character because he was just so tightly buttoned up.

    I read M/M books for the romance, the connection between two men. Books one and two in this series were just like that and I really enjoyed them. Book 3 brought other elements into play and if you have read my review of that book you will see I was unhappy that it was barely an HFN let alone an HEA.

    This book was different again. The relationships were there - George and Jessie, Rafael and Daniel, Zac and Elliot (sort of) and Jared and Elliot, again sort of. But this book is a lot grittier - there is a lot more going on and the whole thing is more of a who-dunnit combined with drug lords and politics. Despite Elliot being found, there was no resolution in this book - sure some of the relationships were strengthened, but this book is just one part of a really big picture. I got to the end of the book feeling on edge, as though I had gone on this huge adventure and then was told to go home before I had reached my destination.

    Don't get me wrong - the book was a decent size and value for money. But I couldn't help getting the impression that the author had gotten so wrapped up in the plot points, that the characters themselves stopped being important. The story line was excellent, but I felt as though I had been cheated by the end of the book. Too many threads were left unresolved, new issues were raised in the epilogue and with all of the characters having so many problems, I was left feeling strangely dissatisfied. Excellent writing though.

  6. Best book yet! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2015

    WOW! Im not even quite sure where to begin my review on this one. This book was the BEST book by far as the Fourth Installment in the Bound Series.

    You get every single character in this book. I love these boys in this book. And Kennedy? God what could you not love about her? JR Gray truly plays with your feels on this one boys and girls.

    I absolutely want more of this series! The ending...BY GOD /SIR/, you CANNOT cliffhang me like that!! Evil, evil sadistic man you are. [Secretly I know you are grinning over this.]

    Elliott.…Oh my...our poor Elliott. It truly was a roller coaster ride with Elliott. I truly let my feelings take hold with Elliott in this one. Shedding tears towards the end and screaming NOOOOOOO!!! And Vice President Higgins? That man...he's a dirty, dirty man. We all knew he was an evil, sinister bastard but my Lord I never thought he would do what he did.

    Jesse and George...always have and always will love these two. No matter what these two go through their love for one another always brings them together. They will go through hell and back for each other. And truly...they are tested in this one! George's demons really come out to play and we see a whole new light to him. Jesse tries to hold on tight and keep the fire burning bright between them even thought he knows nothing of George's past and he wants to know it all. The ending of this one really shows Jesse's loyalty to his Master and Partner.

    Zac and Jared...their adventure keeps you riveted on your seat as they venture into Canada. Zac who is action packed and will take any lengths to get the job done vs Jared who is blown away with Zac's method of getting the job done. But nonetheless, Zac finds the man no one else can. Go Zac!!! Zac truly showed how much he cared for Elliott in this one. Its remarkable.

    Daniel and Rafael... I love how Daniel is with Jesse. And as always, I love the dynamic these two have with each other. When Rafaels past threatens their relationship, they come together to work it out. Rafael is still unnerved to take it to George, but doesnt want history repeating itself and approaches him anyway amidst the chaos of a missing Elliott.

    Our girl Kennedy...shes so hurt over Jesse. You truly see a whole nother side to her...a softer, weaker side to her. It makes you love her more. But in the end, she truly starts to shine as she ventures towards a fresh start.

    You couldnt have asked for a more riveting installment. You truly couldnt. JR Gray truly outdid himself with this one. And cliffhanging us all was just cruel. But he totally loves it! I cannot wait until No. 5 comes!!! Hurry up Sir!!

  7. I feel like I'm running out of ways to say how awesome ... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2015

    I feel like I'm running out of ways to say how awesome J.R. Gray is. Damages is the latest installment in the Bound Series, and truly, each new release outshines the one before it. I liken this book to a roller coaster. The first half is a steady climb and you're filled with nervous energy, because you just know the drop is coming. Then, halfway through, the s*** hits the fan in every way possible, and then you're racing through twists and turns that don't even stop at the end of the book. Damages is a thrill ride that leaves you with plenty of exciting and unresolved plot lines to launch you into the next book. (Which is already being written, so not to worry.)

  8. Another Stellar Addition to a Great Series 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2015

    At the end of "Breach of Contract" I was left reeling for George and Jesse. Eeeeep I thought ohh these two are going to have a happily ever after. Dan and Raf were going to be ok they will work through their stuff. No biggie. After the Christmas teaser that was, "Illicit Activity", we were introduced to the idea of new couple Zac and Elliot. Awesome can't wait to see how their relationship develops. Well!! I should of known J.R. Gray doesn't do happy go lucky, hunky dory! My God, be prepared to have your heart shattered!!! You won't be the same again after reading this book.

    "Damages Incurred" picks up somewhere between books 2 and 3. George and Jesse are starting to build a life together, while a threat is seeking to tear Dan and Raf apart. But their world is blown apart after they find out Elliot, one of George's submissives, is missing. It's a race against time to not only find him in one piece, but to keep their relationships intact.

    I truly did not know how this story was going to go. I knew in the back of my mind this was not going to be a hearts and flowers type book especially from the synopsis but damn, give a girl a warning. I had sharp pains in the old ticker when I was reading this story. As much as I love Dan and Raf, the couple that started the series, I was all about George and Jesse. I will say, Jesse deserved a gold star for how much he has evolved in his relationship with George. He's opening himself up and being honest with the man he has very strong feelings for. On the other hand, as much as I love George and he's my everything, I was disappointed with how he decided to go in this book. Still secretive and elusive. It was like damn, Jesse is giving you the moon and back, you can't throw him a freaking bone? And I get it he's the Dom. That's just the way he is, but how do you expect Jesse to be open and honest when you really aren't that way with him? *sigh* I still love this couple and at the end they are facing a huge huge situation. So I can only hope this brings them closer in the next book.

    What I love from Gray is that this series is plot driven and loves to give you different subplots throughout the book. I feel you never become overwhelmed with what's going on. You are able to handle the crazy with no problem. This book was a perfect setup for the next one. Soooo many ways it could go. It's unreal. I was left a mess at the end of this one. Don't think for a second you can handle starting this series with this book. Where have you been! Take yourself to the first book and see where it all began. You will not be disappointed!

    Out of 5 stars, I'm giving this a 4.5. Very well done! I can't wait to see what's next!

    Mama's Dirty Little Reads received a complimentary copy of Damages Incurred by the author in exchange for a honest review.

  9. Where the Hell is Elliott? 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2015

    This is one hell of a series. It has love, compassion, intrigue, suspense and hot sex! Each character is unique in their own way. Author J.R. Gray knows his characters well, he takes you along on their trials and tribulations and sometimes its a merry go round spinning out of control! I enjoyed Damages Incurred as much if not more than Legally Bound, Breach of Contract and Illicit Activity. The ending was a surprise, or shock and leaves much to your imagination to figure out! This is an enticing series you will want to read! Thank you J.R. Gray for sharing!

  10. BEST BOOK EVER! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2015

    I am a huge fan of J.R. Gray. The Bound Series is one of my favorite series. The fourth installment, Damages Incurred, surpassed all of my expectations. J.R. Gray wrote the perfect balance of humor, pain, hot steamy sex and a cliffhanger that is killing me! I didn't think Gray could top Breach of Contract for best ending, but I was wrong.

    Jesse and George are my favorite couple EVER. I love their banter. Jesse has a wicked sense of humor that always keeps George on his toes. His brother Zac follows close behind in the sense of humor department. George's patience with Jesse is humorous in itself.

    Damages Incurred has spoiled me for all future books. I can only hope the Gray doesn't stop writing and that each new book surpasses the last as has happened so far. Read this series. You will not be disappointed.

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