Ever So Madly by J.R. Gray

Heat Level 3
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Love is for peasants; nobles marry for power. These are the rules Jocelynn has lived by. She is expected to be the poised and perfect vision of relentless power. Set to inherit the House of Akillie, she was bred to rule, and no man has ever turned her head—until now. 

Madden achieved the impossible, the first in over a century to escape the life of hard labor and earn a place among the elite. With the chance for a fresh start, he has to stay focused, not damn himself by falling for the one girl forbidden to him. 

Madden was Jocelynn’s experiment in freedom, and she didn’t mean to fall. But now she can't live without him. He’s worth running from everything she’s ever known. 

With no other options, Jocelynn turns to a formidable group of rebels to escape her fate. But with a war to be won, the rebels have their own agenda. Drowning in a game of power and politics, Madden and Jocelynn can’t trust anyone if they want to make it out alive. 



“Why me?”

“What do you mean?” she asked, her voice laced with sleep.

“I’m not so ignorant I don’t know you could have invited any guy to your bed, and they would have come.”

She glanced up at me. “Because you don’t treat me like they do.”

“Because I didn’t know who you were.” I laughed it off.

“No, even after. You’re intelligent but not superior. Kind but not soft and witty but not mean. The attitude of those born here is entitlement. You’re refreshing.” She paused. “Plus you don’t pander to me to stay on my good side. You say what you’re thinking.”

I winced a little. “You mean when I yelled at you?”

She chuckled.

“Why do you seem to love all the parts of me I hate?” I brushed my lips over her temple.

“Because you see them as weaknesses, and I see them as strengths.” She rolled half on top of me to set her chin on my chest.

I grew semihard, trying not to squirm too much under her when we were having a serious discussion. “Because I want to be seen as strong, not weak. I want to be respected. The qualities you like about me don’t bring that about.”

She shook her head. “You’re wrong. You can be kind and well respected.”

“It’s seen as feminine. I don’t want to project that.”

“You don’t have to be macho to be manly. I hate when men are like that.” Her stare was harsh.

“Well you must be the only one.” I slid my hand down her spine, painfully aware of how close we were and what we could be doing up here so far from both our realities.

“Do you care what anyone else thinks?” She raised both brows.

I wasn’t sure how to answer her. “I do care how people see me. But I don’t care if anyone else feels the way you do.”

“Good, but you should stop caring what everyone else thinks.” She pushed her knees between mine and slipped between them.

I parted my thighs, welcoming her there. My arousal grew hard against her stomach.

“You’re so easy.” She rocked over me softly.

“I’m not easy, you’re good.” I lifted my head to chase her mouth, demanding a kiss. She gave in, slipping her tongue into my mouth.

When she broke the kiss she looked down at me with heavily lidded eyes. “Let’s go back.”

My heart sank. “I’ll take you back, if you want.” She always pulled back when we got heated. I was starting to think she had no interest in more.

“You ask me to trust you. Have a little faith in return.”

I nodded and waited.

She blew out a breath. “I trust you, and I need to get back. Come to my chambers with me.” She looked right into my eyes as she said it, and it may have been the most alluring thing I’d ever heard. 

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good read
Written by undefined on 30th Oct 2016

a good read.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 19th Oct 2016

Stop for a minute to appreciate that gorgeous cover and that beautiful title. So pretty! Okay. Now, this book takes place on another planet. Jocelynn who is rich and set to inherit The House of Akillies. It’s also about Madden who escaped hard labor to join the elites but he falls for the one woman he can’t have, Jocelynn. I really enjoyed this story! It’s almost like a sci fi version of Romeo and Juliet. There are these two wonderful characters who are in love but things get in their way and make it extremely unsafe to be together. The world building is beautiful but a bit slow moving for the pace of things. The action is very entertaining. This is a gripping story about two lovers in a harsh society trying to find their happy ending. A thoroughly fabulous read. ​ Ever so Madly is a highly recommended read for lovers of romance!

good read
Written by undefined on 3rd Sep 2016

really good read

We need more empowering characters like her. Madden is just ahhhhh
Written by Beneath The Covers Blog on 31st Aug 2016

WOW!! This story blew me away. The entire set up, the storyline, the characters, everything was unique and fresh. The heroine, Jocelynn, is no damsel in distress. She knows how to handle difficult situations and is capable of taking charge. I admire her passion and strength. We need more empowering characters like her. Madden is just ahhhhh. He is broken, he is adorable and he is so hot. His character was so amazingly written. He knows his weakness but he finds the strength to fight and overcome them. I am officially a J.R. Gray fan and will look forward to more books to come. ~Sonal

The plot line throughout this novel is unique!
Written by My Slanted Bookish Ramblings on 31st Aug 2016

Ever So Madly by JR Gray was an entertaining read! Madden and Jocelynn in a way were a forbidden romance. It is this element of the story, that made me fall for this book!! The plot line throughout this novel is unique and does not compare to anything I have read before! I definitely recommend this novel to everyone! 4/5 Stars!

... gripping story about the divisions of society and how love knows no bounds and I really enjoyed this one
Written by Reviews from the Heart on 31st Aug 2016

This is a gripping story about the divisions of society and how love knows no bounds and I really enjoyed this one! Madden is a labor worker mining ore on an unforgiving planet and each and every day is a waking nightmare for him. He is lucky enough to escape his rank when he scores high enough during testing and is sent to study in a special program with members from higher classes. Jocelynn is not only a member of an elite class, but is the direct descendant of one of the most powerful families in existence and is expected to marry well when the time comes. From the moment they meet, Madden and Jocelynn share an instant and off the charts intense connection and nothing can keep them apart from each other, even though it seems as if anything and everything is going to try. There were several times while reading this that I began to feel as if the entire situation was hopeless for these two and that they would never get the chance that they so deserve to be happy together. There are some pretty intricate things going on in the background in this one and an entire rebel force that is moving towards initiating their grand scheme in an effort to remove the power from those who are currently in control. There’s a surprise twist right at the very end that I did not expect and now I can’t wait for the next book so I can see what’s going to happen next! This is a great story that I highly recommend reading and I look forward to much more from this author in the future.

A Love Like No Other
Written by Lauren Lascola-Lesczynski on 31st Aug 2016

Eeekkkkkkk this book!!!!! I don't even know if I can put into words how this book was......I mean siggghhhhhh.....the feels with this story are outta control. It was like a modern day Romeo and Juliet that was set in an alternate planet if that makes any sense. Well if it does't that is because you NEED to read it yourself!!!! I was really blown away by the writing and imagination that J.R. had with this story line....it was AMAZING! Science fiction is one of my favorite things to watch and read about and then J.R. threw this love story in the middle of all this craziness and turmoil and it just worked. Madden and Jocelynn are like two star crosses lovers who are fighting a hundred battles just to be together. If you only read one book this year.....this has got to be it!!!! I mean I can not even explain how great this book is, I am having trouble putting it in to words because I don't want to give any spoilers away. Every time I go to type something I have to delete it because it will ruin the story....LOL I FLOVE this book so hard. All I can say is that this was a great read, awesome story line and I want more.....like a whole other book so I can find out the rest of Mad and J's story :)

A different kind of story from J.R. Gray - a mf SF romance
Written by Cheri on 31st Aug 2016

Wow. If you are a Gray fan, this is very different from his usual book. I went into it knowing nothing except having seen the cover, so I already knew it was different from most of the books I'd already read by him. This book is a mf romance in a SF setting. I love the main characters, particularly Jocelynn. She's smart, funny, powerful, dedicated, strong. Madden is smart and driven. The secondary characters are also very well developed. (I hope that Jacob gets his own book in this universe.) The universe for this SF romance was very well developed, but yet not always explained. While at first I found this distracting, because I didn't always know what was happening, in the end I liked that about the story. With things not always explained, the reader needs to figure them out on their own, which I think added to my connection with the story. In general, I felt the technology that was there expanded the story and moved it forward, while leaving anything that wasn't important to the story was brushed over so as not to drag things down or be distracting. The story starts very quickly, with Madden finding out he has passed the test that will get him off the mining planet he is living on, and then meeting Jocelynn, who just so happens to be the daughter and heir to the Baron, head of one of the major families in the universe. This is one of those rich girl falls in love with a poor boy stories, but done really well. I like the way it developed and moved, and the way the characters grew and changed as events pushed at them. I hope there are more books in this universe.

JR at his best!!
Written by Nicola Spears on 31st Aug 2016

I have been sitting here, fingers poised at the ready while trying to figure out how to start writing this review, not because I don't know what to say, but because I have so many thoughts running through my head I can't string a coherent sentence together. JR delivers us a book which completely different to his previous releases but still just as addicting. A story about the divisions of class in society and how love knows no bounds. Madden and Jocelynn will capture your heart from the very start to finish and even then you find yourself thinking about them time and time again after. The had a "once in a lifetime kind of love" that you just wish they could be together and have the ending in which they want and deserve...but in 'game of power, politics' and secrets it seems as though that's impossible. I loved it. Absolutely loved it!!! From the characters, the plot just everything. The way JR have described everything gave perfect visualisations to the reader from the dust on Harden to the suns on Trenton. I could see everything in my mind. I could feel it. I could taste it. I could smell it. The Epilogue, I think was a perfect addition. While it still leaves you wanting more and wanting to know what's next, it rounds off the book nicely and gives you a better understand of things and why things happened. My mind and my heart has been left with Mad, Jocelynn, Jacob and everyone else. I want to be back on Harden with these characters and never leave. When a book leaves me like that and leaves me constantly thinking about it, that's when I know I've got a wonderful book on my hands. And it is a wonderful book. It's unique, it's gripping and it's unforgettable. It's a must read for everyone!! Well done JR! Bloody well done!!!!

very smart, and has the bad boy vibe
Written by mom at home on 30th Aug 2016

Oh, you want more than Wow. Well, how about huh! Still more... How about the newest book (hopefully series) by J.R. Gray has me wishing on a star for my own Madden and a comm. The Madden is self explanatory- really...Ok, I'll spell it out. H-O-T guy, little edgy, very smart, and has the bad boy vibe... The comm would be for lengthy discussions about the sequel I want to force J.R. to write. It is a love story. Star crossed lovers at that. It's a story of people demanding change wanting an end to the tyranny. It's trouble. Secret meetings, questionable acquaintances, and acting the part of a mistress all add a little spice to Jocelynn's life. But her frivolity is coming to an end as responsibility looms, where does that leave her? I had a lot of fun reading this book. I love the banter, the attitude, but most of all I love how consistently badass Jocelynn is. I love strong females. I like being able to respect the heroine. Jocelynn does not disappoint. She is tough, smart, and trying to deal with significant changes. The addition of the distracting Mad is something she never bargained for. If she values their relationship, she's going to need to be more... I laughed. I smirked. I fell for Madden. My heart broke. My tears fell freely. I lost hope while clinging to wishes. But worst of all, I want more!!!!!!! Reviewed on behalf of New Chicks on the Blog