The Ever Knight by Georgia Fox

Heat Level 4
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The Conquerors Series, 1

A Saxon Thane’s daughter, born with mystical healing strength, must choose between two lusty Norman knights, half-brothers, each intent on claiming her for their own.  One man has claimed her dowry; the other has claimed her virginity.  One man is dying of a battle wound and the other has scars that can’t be seen by the naked eye.  Both brothers need her healing touch.  Both brothers need her.

And she needs them.

 Jisella always knew that one day her Ever Knight would arrive – the soul she’s loved since time began.  Yet he’s taken a long time to find her in this life and now she’s not sure which of these handsome Knights is the one for whom she’s waited. 

The brothers are all too happy to compete for their lady’s favors.  Perhaps there is only one fair decision.  Perhaps she can have both, if they might be persuaded to share.

Be Warned: menage a trois romance, menage sex, anal sex.





No sooner were they in the hayloft, than he was over her, spreading her thighs with his roughened hands while his lips closed over one nipple and tugged upon it like a half-starved babe. She felt the quickening in her core, even at the first suck. No man had ever touched her there, or even seen her breasts before. In the convent, when they bathed, they wore shifts, as the nuns did. No eyes, other than those of their husbands, were ever supposed to see their naked bodies. She and Deorwynn had examined one another out of curiosity, but even that, interesting and informative as it was, could not compare with what she would learn tonight.

She was glad the Norman liked the look and taste of her.

And then, in their eagerness, his teeth clamped down a little too hard.


He licked the swollen nipple, chuckling softly in apology. In French.   “It is for me without too long,” he admitted, charmingly sheepish in his broken English. She wriggled in the straw, discarding her robe. Suddenly he knelt up and wiped his cock on the tunic he’d already pulled off over his head. “Will you take me in your mouth?” he asked, offering it to her, the full head bobbing eagerly at her lips. She was nervous suddenly, the idea of taking that all in, fitting it within her…

He straddled her waist, one hand stroking his cock, the other holding the saddle packs that hung beneath it.

Jisella licked her tense lips. He groaned, directing the tip at her mouth.

She would do it, she decided. She wanted to explore him fully, her Knight. Later she would have a tale for Deorwynn and the others—and this time the experience to back it up.

He shuddered when she opened her mouth and let his crest slide between her lips, onto her tongue. Slowly she accepted more, her tongue running over the ridges of his engorged veins, exploring. He filled her mouth and her throat, salty and yet sweet, a combination she’d never expected and quickly found she liked. When she began to suck hungrily he growled, grabbing her shoulders to steady himself, then wrapping his knuckles through her long loose hair. She grew bolder, her sucking harder, rhythmic. It was mesmerizing, the taste of him rich and luxurious. She stroked his firm buttocks, tracing the hard, tense muscles with her fingertips. Whenever her touch ventured closer to the valley between his cheeks, she heard him draw a harsh breath, steeling himself. His prick swelled in her mouth. Interesting. Out of curiosity she let one finger venture between his cheeks.

Abruptly he tried to pull away. Groaning in her throat, bossy and defiant, she sucked again, her finger prying. He panted, his back arched, his hips thrusting. Only when he tugged her hair hard and swore did she finally release his cock. As it pulled out over her tongue she tasted a bead of liquid and knew he had almost spilled.

Hands to her shoulders, he shoved her down on her back in the hay. His eyes were long lashed and, despite their darkness, full of heat. The intensity scorched her skin as she lay before him and spread her legs. He lowered over her, licking her stomach, his tongue delving into her navel, making her squirm, ticklish. He worked his way down to her vulva, licking and nibbling. His breath was hot, ale-soaked, coming in short hard bursts. He hadn’t asked her name or anything about her, she thought dimly. This is probably how it always was with him and women.

A few moments later, his close shaven head was between her open thighs. Jisella felt his breath on her sex, wild and unsteady. He whispered something in his own tongue, and when she lifted up to look down at him, he was studying her labia, hungry as a wolf cub. His gaze met hers over the softly furred mound and she knew his hard Norman lips were an inch or less from claiming her tender womanhood. She swallowed, still tasting him in her throat.

“Remy,” she groaned. “Make haste.”

“You know my name?”

“Yes. I heard the other men…just hurry. Fuck me.”

He scowled at her above the small thatch of downy hair, his shoulders holding her knees apart. Evidently he took issue with her making commands. “Who are you?” he demanded. “You are no nun.”

Cursing under her breath, she hitched further up on her elbows. “Of course I’m no nun. Are all Normans this stupid? I’m a prisoner here.”

The ridges across his brow deepened.

“You’re a knight are you not?” she exclaimed. “Aren’t you supposed to save maidens in distress?”

“I am?”


“Of this I was not informed.”

“Continue!” She waved him on, laying back.

To her relief she heard a husky laugh before he dipped his head again. She lifted her hips to meet his mouth, exhaling in a blistering rush as his tongue lapped at her firmly, three masterful strokes. The Norman’s fingers parted her folds to let his tongue slip inside. She writhed, the straw pricking at her back. His tongue stiffened, pressing up into her, reaching for buried treasure. Afraid of crying out, she quickly stuffed the hood of her cloak in her mouth. Having found something in her, he fondled it with that same questing tongue, tugging and playful. Her heart beat was beyond her now, recklessly racing, taking her at speed across new, unfamiliar terrain.   She feared not.

She had found him, her Ever Knight.


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Love this book!! So wonderfully written--can't wait for next in the series!!
Written by Andrea R on 31st Oct 2023

I am not usually a fan of medieval books but this author delivers and wonderful story (especially a great start to a new series) and I really just got hooked on this storyline -- story just flows quite naturally and I couldn't put it down.

Remy and Renaurd were too much!
Written by Angie on 16th Oct 2013

This was a quick read. Jisella is promised to one man and seduces his half brother. They way these two handled it when they both found out what she had done was really good. I am looking forward to reading more of this series.

The romance Studio
Written by undefined on 2nd Dec 2012

Jisella had been hidden away in the so long she thought her family had forgotten her. Then a band of conqueror Normans arrived to take her to the husband chosen for her by her father and the king. A loyal Saxon, she intended to be defiant to the end. Just to spite her new husband, a man she had never met, she planned to choose her own first lover, the Ever Knight her mother had always told her waited for her. A man she would love every lifetime for eternity. Little did she know the real danger in the man she picked. This short novella is set in 1078, after the Norman conquest of Saxon England. Jisella was typical of well-bred females at the time. She and others are kept locked away in a convent to keep them pure until they go to the husband's beds. I thought Jisella was an interesting character and she definitely deserved the surprise waiting for her when she met her husband-to-be. "The Ever Knight" is the first of Georgia Fox's The Conquerors series. It's a bawdy tale and well worth reading with a moral that a girl should be very careful of what she wishes for, because she just might get more than she bargained for when she pitted one brother against the other.

Coffee Time Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 25th Apr 2012

Jisella knows that she has one true love out there…her Ever Knight. When she spots a man through the convent window, she thinks she has found him. Remy is in a lot of pain due to the wound in his leg. When he meets the sensual woman promising him passion, all thoughts of pain go away. Jisella has decided to claim Remy as hers as well as heal the wound that is killing him. Realizing, after he has claimed her virginity, that he is taking her back to her intended, Jisella is not quite sure what to think. But once she meets Renard, a new idea takes place. What if she does not have one…but two Ever Knights? This is a hot read to be sure. The Ever Knight gives us sex, passion, and magic all rolled into one. I like how Ms. Fox portrays Jisella as this female who may have been put under lock and key in the convent while she awaits her future, but she still finds some way to change her own destiny. I did feel as if there should have been more to the story as the ending leaves you with the feeling of hanging off cliff. I do want to see what will happen next in the Conquerors series as the ending did leave me intrigued in that aspect.

Happily Ever After Reviews
Written by undefined on 22nd Apr 2012

“It’s not how big it is, it’s what they do with it.” It all started with a dare on All Hallow’s Eve… Having been educated by imagination and supposition in the ways of sex, Jisella’s confidence on the subject was called into question. The challenge could simply not go unanswered, but Jisella knew from the moment she saw him that they needed each other. Then his brother came to claim her... This was so much more than just a dare – this was destiny. Remy was made for war. His bloodlust on the battlefield proving that a life of peace would be a form of death for him. Fighting give him purpose. Where illegitimacy brought Remy freedom, Renard was dealt the responsibility card of inheritance and a guarded expression. Yet no matter the title or circumstance of birth, a man is still a man and now Jisella has two of them. The quote above was my favorite from the story and yes it's implying exactly what you think it's implying. For once I found myself not immediately smitten with either of the two leading men. I admired Jisella's boldness with her untried sexual prowess, but the men just came off as arrogant and slightly annoying. Some of the scene flow was a bit choppy, but enjoyably heated nonetheless. The storyline is creative with a bit of unexpected plot suspense, which could have taken the story to the next level had it been longer. Historical romance fans may want to check out this debut author and give this short and erotically sweet story a try.

Hot and heavy - i like it!
Written by Danielle on 5th Dec 2011

This book is a really good read and one that i would read again. I am very much looking forward to more books in this series.

Reviewed at The TBR Pile
Written by on 20th Aug 2011

That first line instantly caught my attention and the story never let up. What a read! I’d love to be in that window staring down at gorgeous muscled men with our main character Jisella. Ms. Fox's descriptions were very well written, it paints a lovely and at times sexy picture. She has several quips in there that made me laugh and ones that made me smile at Ms. Fox’s creativity. I absolutely love that first scene. It had me smirking. I did that a lot reading this novella. So Jisella can also heal and she believes the well hung man, Remy, is her true love. Of course, as the twist goes she's promised to another man – Remy’s brother. Yes, the plot thickens like Remy’s cock. The sex scenes are super intense (As you can tell by the wording in this review) and perfectly written. Ms. Fox has the ideal balance of explicit action and thoughts. I am so impressed with Ms. Fox. This is a novella you’d expect from a pro author that had a constant spot on the New York Times Bestseller list. By the way, this is her first publication. I absolutely fell in love with these characters, the story and I can’t wait to read a full length novel from such a talented author! Now I need a cold shower, holy hell, maybe an ice bath! Those two brothers...damn!