The Craftsman by Georgia Fox

Heat Level 4
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The Conquerors, 3

Raedwulf, son of a Saxon noble, is finally released from William the Conqueror’s prison. Unfortunately, this amnesty is conditional on an arranged marriage, but he just wants to be left in peace with his carpentry. The last thing he needs is a woman forced to bed him out of duty.

Emma is newly widowed. Believed barren, she never expected to marry again and planned to enter a convent. Instead, a fateful mistake sends her to this quiet, brooding man, who spends long hours alone with his woodwork. She’s stunned to learn that “Wulf” is a virgin, especially when she sees the magnificent craftsman’s tool in his breeches.

Before they are parted by the truth, can she teach Wulf to use that splendid, God-given implement with the same skill as he wields those in his workshop?

Or will Emma learn some lessons of her own at the hands of The Craftsman?

Be Warned: m/f/m, m/m/f, multiple partners, anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition, m/m sex.



To say that Emma had seen a great many cocks in her day might suggest she’d been less than a lady, but in fact her brothers, when growing up together in the Languedoc region of France, were never shy about nudity. They all stripped off naked to swim in the river that ran through their father’s fiefdom and Emma was accustomed to the sight. Her first husband’s manhood, therefore, had been no shock to her on her wedding night.

But what she saw, as she peered through the window of Raedwulf’s workshop, was something else entirely. Her eyes stretched so wide they began to ache. A similar sensation took possession of her private parts, while she considered the size of the Saxon’s equipment and measured the potential. An astonished curse slipped out between her lips before she was even aware of its formation on her tongue.

His buttocks were taut, hips narrow, thighs thick and tense. The muscles in his broad shoulders flexed and stretched as if he might pop out of his skin at any moment. Her new husband’s flanks were rippled like the hard ridges left in sand when the tide went out. Slowly her gaze dripped downward, almost afraid to look at that again. Yet unable to look away.

She inhaled between her teeth and moisture gathered quickly between her legs where she held them clenched tight.

His fist moved speedily up and down, almost in a frenzied motion, but between each rise and fall, she saw his appendage—thick, hard, wine-red and long. So long, in fact, that at first she’d thought he was holding one of his carpentry tools. That Thing—as she chose to call it for want of any better word—stretched almost to his navel and the head was the size of a ripened plum. It could not be his cock he held. It could not…

It was his cock.

Sacre Bleu!

Oh there were his ripe balls below it. No mistaking them.

Whenever her nightshift swayed against her nipples they hardened further. It was a teasing, tantalizing caress and not much compensation for the sucking those eager peaks needed. Her breasts felt heavy, hot. She wanted to rub them over his chest, hold them to his lips. She wanted to slide that Thing between them and watch his seed spill, taste the creamy essence of desire on her tongue as it spewed out of him.

It had been so long for her. Almost three years since her first husband fell ill—since the last time he laid hands on her. All that time between she’d been forced to stifle her needs. Now a low scream built in her throat and as she choked it back, tears sprang up over her lashes.

Abruptly Raedwulf looked over at the window and saw her. His face darkened. He stopped working his shaft, but remained hunched over, one hand still clasped around the thick root. She saw his broad chest heaving for a breath. And then her hungry gaze spied the drop of liquid oozing from the crest of his manhood.

Emma reached for the latch and opened the door. As if in a dream, she stepped inside, her mind spinning, chasing excuses for spying through his window. What could she say to explain herself? She could pretend she hadn’t seen. She should probably contrive a story of being sleepless, taking a walk to cool off, noticing the lantern light…

Instead she licked her lips, looked at the beautiful prick he choked cruelly with his rough fist and said, “Give that to me. You’re wasting it.”


* * * *


She had auburn hair. He’d not expected that color under her wimple, although perhaps the changing season of color in her eyes and those copper-tipped lashes should have been a clue.

While he stared at her, the head of his cock arched against his flat stomach, his sac still throbbing, she slipped off her mantle and stood before him in her nightshift. With the lantern light behind her, he could see the curve of her waist and the side of her hip; the slight smudge of shadow at the apex of her thighs was also visible, as were her breasts—more than he could ever get in his mouth at once, which he remembered his brothers saying was a waste.

He tried to breathe, and when he spoke it came out in a rush of spittle. “You shouldn’t be in here.”

She stepped closer, her eyes on his manhood. “It’s magnificent,” she whispered, apparently not hearing him.

Now he could smell her hair—lavender, sage, and something sharper, tangier.

He swallowed. “Don’t come any nearer.”

She raised her eyelashes and her gaze, lushly green at that moment, mysterious as a primeval forest, raked upward, over his chest, to his lips, then his eyes. Taking his other hand, she placed it over her breast, so that he felt the nipple against his palm. Instinctively he closed his hand over it, fingers spread wide.  She blinked, her breath quickening.

“What are you? I didn’t think…” Wulf couldn’t finish. A celibate marriage, it seemed, was not on his bride’s mind after all.

“You are beautiful,” she murmured, her gaze traversing up and down his naked body, admiring it in the same way as he would a finely crafted piece of furniture.

He didn’t think women were this lusty unless they were paid, but now she fondled his sac with both her hands, cupping and stroking where no touch other than his own had ever been.

He swayed slightly. “I haven’t ever…”
The woman dropped to her knees, pulled his hand away and lowered her mouth onto his cock. 


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A quick read
Written by Jill G on 27th Oct 2023

Rating 3.5 First off, I am surprised that this book was offered as an ARC since it was written over 12 years ago. The story is a quick read but it ended much too soon. There were some loose ends that could have been answered which would have added to the book. To be a virgin, I was amazed at how fast Wulf figured out his wedding night but I was amazed at what happened. Emma is a total surprise in her actions, even before they are married. It’s a good read but I would be hard pressed to pay the current price. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Emma and Wulf
Written by POmoto on 27th Oct 2023

Wolf was finally released from prison after 15 years. The king has demanded he marry a wife of his choosing, Emma to solidify his fealty to the king. Emma a recent widow must make the best of her situation and do her duty. With Emma more experienced, she shows Wulf the ropes and they start to explore possibilities of their marriage. It was a quick read and was entertaining.

Unencumbered galleries
Written by teresali60 on 23rd Sep 2016

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Written by Angie on 17th Oct 2013

This was a really good story. I enjoyed the twist at the end and Emma was such a good person. Raedwulf was not as innocent as he first seemed. Really hot sex scenes!

The Romance Studio
Written by undefined on 2nd Dec 2012

Emma, widowed after her husband's lingering illness, was headed for a convent when the message came from the king that she would, instead, be wedded to the son of Saxon noble. As a Norman knowing her duty, Emma did as she was told. Raedwulf, newly released from William the Conqueror's prison, was content to watch his little sister, Deorwynn, in her new marriage and hide away in his woodworking shop. He hadn't wanted a wife. It wasn't until the mistake was discovered, that she wasn't meant for him after all, did he have to decide if he wanted a wife who claimed she was only doing her duty or let her walk away. .. As the third in The Conquerors series, the story of Emma and Raedwulf is wild and passionate. While Emma had accepted the nun's life as her future, she gets a second chance. This book is just as sexy as the first two books, but it goes into feelings and motivations more than the others. I really enjoyed the interplay between the two characters. Imprisoned at age 14, Raedwulf was a virgin but with the help of his experienced wife, he learned fast and became very inventive. A woman could do a lot worse than a craftsman who knew all about using his most precious tools.

Night Owl Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 25th Aug 2012

The Craftsman was a hit and miss for me. On the hit side, it's incredibly erotic, Wulf is very endearing and Emma's a strong, likable heroine. The premise of Wulf never having touched a woman before is very well played out. He's sexy but unsure and Emma as the aggressor in the beginning is wonderful. The sex scenes are creative and very, very hot. The ménage part was some of the best writing I've encountered. On the miss side, I didn't feel much emotional attachment and I missed it. There's also a scene that borders more on voyeurism rather than menage and that's just a personal dislike for me. Even so, I enjoyed the story and will continue the series. Wulf didn't want a wife but it was a condition of his release from captivity. He's a virgin and wants to be left with his woodworking. Emma lost a husband whom she loved and was headed to a convent when the orders from the king came. She was to take a new husband and a Saxon one to boot. Wary of each other, Wulf and Emma share an undeniable passion. Their searing chemistry threatens to break all the barriers they each had built.

She just keeps getting better...
Written by Amazonaholic on 2nd Feb 2012

Okay, I have read all of Ms. Fox's stories in this series and can I just say she just keeps getting better and the sex keeps getting hotter. This one about blew my top off. I had to stop to fan myself and take a cold shower. Hot Damn, Ms. Fox tell me how ya do your research. I'm staring out the window now praying for a good thunderstorm. LOL. I recommend not just this book, but this series. Is Thierry going to get a story... with out the woman he's chained too? Pleeaaasssse...

Written by Rustye on 2nd Feb 2012

Awesome story - each book in this series just keep getting better and better! the only thing better would have been a longer story about Wulf and Emma's adventures! Hot, steamy romance with terrific characters and a great medeval story. "Patiently" waiting for the next installment, please! Thierry needs his story now!

Book Binge
Written by Judith on 10th Jan 2012

Raedwulf, son of a Saxon noble, is finally released from William the Conqueror’s prison. Unfortunately, this amnesty is conditional on an arranged marriage, but he just wants to be left in peace with his carpentry. The last thing he needs is a woman forced to bed him out of duty. Emma is newly widowed. Believed barren, she never expected to marry again and planned to enter a convent. Instead, a fateful mistake sends her to this quiet, brooding man, who spends long hours alone with his woodwork. She’s stunned to learn that “Wulf” is a virgin, especially when she sees the magnificent craftsman’s tool in his breeches. Before they are parted by the truth, can she teach Wulf to use that splendid, God-given implement with the same skill as he wields those in his workshop? Or will Emma learn some lessons of her own at the hands of The Craftsman? The animosity between Normans and Saxons is well documented and it went on for several generations. The people who felt the pain of political change the most were those aristocratic families who were either wiped out completely or who suffered the loss of part of their family while the rest were taken into captivity by the forces of William the Conqueror and held in prison for decades until it seemed that they were "safe" to once again be freed to continue on with their lives. Rebellion and war were a part of life in those times and protecting one's turf was the name of the game. William (also called "The Bastard") was smart and politically savvy, thus keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. The political realities dictated that the remaining son of a Saxon earl was a danger and would be kept imprisoned. It was only through the efforts of his sister, now married to a Norman aristocrat, that Wulf was freed, but only after being thrust into an arranged marriage with a Norman woman. This story demonstrates the true nature of arranged marriage and the ways that such liasons were used to either cement power or to keep one's enemies neutralized. Wulf the Carpenter (as he was now known) was not interested in anything political. He knew that his father and brothers would have fought to retrieve their land and standing, but all he wanted was to be left in peace to pursue his art--his woodworking. A wife? OK, whatever it takes. But when Wulf first saw Emma, he began to experience responses within his body that had only been troubling occasionally during his captivity. She was a widow who had been loved by her first husband. At Wulf's insistence, Emma's experience in the bedroom served as instruction for this man who had never been with a woman. While the political environment forms the backdrop of this novel, the "politics" of the bedroom are the setting for the development of this relationship between Emma and Wulf. The husband was the "owner" of the wife--not only her dowry or her material goods but her body was the property of her husband and as such, he was free to configure their sexual relationship in any way he chose. Thus there are others Wulf brought into their relationship, but only after beginning to recognize Emma's "darker" urges and only after Wulf began to nurture feelings for Emma that went far beyond the "arranged marriage" obligations. This is a very erotic novel that is filled with the color and life style of the times. It is also a continuation of the story of Wulf's relationship with his sister, the fact that he is now residing in her home, the bits and pieces of other back stories that surfaced in previous novels in this series, as well as some twists and turns in Wulf and Emma's story that are surprising. It is a story that speaks a great deal about the social truths that widows must acknowledge, their lack of standing in society, their imprisonment--in a sense--to their dead husband's family, their usual destination being a convent. Emma's expectations are rooted in these realities and her sense of doom--what can a barren woman really hope to ever have--were actually very "right on" in knowing that the basic use of a wife is to give her husband sons. I had not read any of Georgia Fox's work prior to reading her previous novel in this series, but after finishing The Virgin Proxy I was determined to read the next book in the series. I'm really glad I did. I love this period in English history--its raw and unregulated society, its dangerous politics, and the people who struggled against social norms that were very dehumanizing to a large percentage of the population. The "human interest" quotient is very high and this story seems to fit in that it is about two people who have had their lives upended by factors beyond their control but who are determined to find a way to not only survive but to live beyond the inevitable. It is also a story about two people who made some critical discoveries about themselves, the kind of discoveries which are really "ah ha" moments and which set the individual on a different path in may ways. I think this novel is well worth reading, especially by those who really like this historical period. It is a love story that is more on a grand scale than is first obvious, and one that will certainly capture the interest of those who love erotic romance.

TBR Pile Reviews
Written by Luta Wolf on 23rd Nov 2011

Widowed Emma is readying herself for the convent when she receives a letter from the king, he has found her a husband. Wulf must marry if he is to remain free from prison. She never planned to marry again and he never wanted anything but to wood work. Can these two people forced together find common ground. What really engaged me in this book were the characters and how well the author set up the character chemistery. Emma is a woman of her time, very compliant. Meeting Wulf changes this for her and we get to watch her grow into a woman of passion. At first Wulf comes off as the stereo typical 'I Am Man' character but he really is much more complex than that. He is very dominate yet he has a bit of innocents about him due to being imprisoned at such a young age. Getting to see the world through their curiosity was fun and fascinating. Though the plot at times took a back burner to the eroticism it was well written and steady enough that it never felt off point. I truly enjoyed everything about this story. If I could have asked for anything more it would have been for it to be longer. While it ended quit well, I was left with a few questions but It's done in such a way that the reader knows we haven't heard the last from these characters. I look forward to the next installment in this series.