Dangerous Lines by Moira Callahan

Heat Level 3
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C&M Security, 3

Rhonda Delacour hadn’t always been the biggest fan of Vincent’s, but he grew on her. So when she has an undercover assignment for the SFPD, and is in need of backup, there’s only one person she wants at her back. And when everything goes sideways fast, Ro truly comes to appreciate the man behind the badge. 

For a while Vincent Bradley considered Rhonda nothing more than a pest he had to tolerate. How quickly things change when they spend time together. Only realizing the depth of his feelings for her when her life is on the line, Vincent will do anything, kill anyone to keep Ro safe. 

Hidden away to keep her safe, Vincent knows it’s the perfect opportunity to show Rhonda how much he cares for her. Unfortunately they can’t remain hidden forever. To have the future they both want they’ll need to cross some dangerous lines.



Three days ago... 

Knocking on the door, Rhonda flicked a stray piece of hair over her shoulder. Tapping her toes lightly, she tried not to fidget, but damn she hated waiting out in the open. The sound of the deadbolt being thrown open a moment later helped.

Rhonda shot a look up at him as she swept into the apartment, not relaxing until Vincent closed and bolted the door behind her. Letting out a breath, she yanked the newsboy cap off her head, tugged the clip out holding her hair up, and scraped her nails along her scalp.

“What’s up?” Vincent asked coming toward her.

“Just the usual, paranoia running rampant,” she told him as she tossed her hat and the clip onto the coffee table. Following him to the kitchen, she hopped up onto one of the stools at the little cafe-style table in the corner.

Vincent shot her a look as he poured two cups of coffee. He passed her one before settling across from her. “So, I thought we weren’t meeting until tomorrow?”

That had been the plan. Until word had come down from her “boss” about her needing to be on hand for some security for him the next day. “Yeah, well, Donny said all hands were needed on deck tomorrow.” Rhonda shrugged.

Donald “Donny” Hoffman was head of security for the scumbag she and the police department were trying to take down. One Gabriel Moreau, head scumbag in San Francisco for a cartel rumored to be out of Brazil. Unfortunately, they weren’t exactly the talkative sorts so Rhonda didn’t know what was truth and what was bullshit. All she knew for sure was they appeared to be buying up legit businesses. She was certain it was to launder money from their illegal activities. Unfortunately there was no proof yet what their illegal activities were.

She couldn’t even get them on extortion at the moment because they were paying fair market values on the businesses and properties. Hell, in most cases, they were paying above and beyond fair market value. The owners of the businesses being bought had nothing bad to say either. They all said that Mr. Moreau asked to purchase their business, offered a very fair or above fair value, and that was it. No arm twisting, no extortion, no blackmail. Fucking Moreau was a fucking angel in their eyes. Which wasn’t helping her case any.

“Any idea why?” Vincent asked as she sipped the strong-brewed coffee in her cup. Damn, the man knew how to make good coffee.

“Nope,” she said shaking her head. “All I know for sure is that we’re to be dressed business appropriate,” she told him as she eyed him up. He was a damn fine specimen. Six-feet-six-inches of solid muscle and sex appeal. Shaggy, sandy brown hair that constantly fell into his blue eyes and begged a woman to brush it away. He was also the type of man that could get away without shaving every day and look all the better for it. That and the little cleft in his chin made for one killer package that sent the ladies wild.

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 25th Oct 2014

Book 3 in the C&M Security Series starts out differently than the first two. Rhonda and Vincent are both familiar from the previous books as peripheral characters, but now it's their turn. I have to say if they had chemistry in the previous books I completely missed it. Now they are thrown together through necessity since Rhonda needs Vincent's help with her latest undercover case. Seems when I wasn't looking they became friends, and now Rhonda is trusting Vincent with her life. There was a lot more violence in this story that the previous books, which isn't surprising since it involved organized crime. Vincent was a wonderful alpha in protective mode, and Rhonda was a strong woman smart enough to accept help when it was called for. I enjoyed the interaction of the employees of C&M as well as the efficient planning and action that took place to catch the bad guy. The two don't get physically intimate until the very end of the book, and perhaps that's the point. They were together non-stop for over a month and their friendship grew from there. I was very satisfied with the ending and the epilogue.