Dirty Mechanic by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Hard and Ready, 1

Tyler Hard has wanted Eliza for a long time. But taking over his father’s business, building his home, and most of all not knowing what she wanted, meant he never acted on his feelings for her. When she accidentally leaves her diary after dropping her car off to be repaired, he has no intention of reading it—but the temptation is too much, and now at last he has the key to her desires.

Eliza has always had a crush on the town mechanic. He’d been the star guy in high school, and featured in all of her fantasies. She was the frumpy librarian. There was no way any guy would ever fall for her…

The moment Tyler touches her, Eliza can’t deny the attraction that sizzles between them. After years of yearning for him, he’s in her bed, and showing her all kinds of dirty things that she has only imagined. Each day she falls in love with him a little more. 

But what will happen when she discovers the diary that he’s been reading? Can she trust him again? Was their romance ever real?


He handed her the clipboard with all the work on that he’d done. Tyler hadn’t wanted anyone else to work on her car. This had been a job he’d done all himself. Tapping his fingers against his stomach, he leaned back and waited.

“Wow, it needed all this work?” she asked, lifting another of the papers attached to the bill.

She really was beautiful. The jeans she wore clung to every single curve, and he couldn’t wait to peel them off.

From just watching her, he knew she had a thing about sexy lingerie as she visited the shop across from the diner in town quite frequently. He’d also seen her eyeing certain pieces whenever she passed the shop, and of course, it always made him hard as fucking rock just imagining her in those delicate silks.

She’d dropped her keys a few weeks ago on the floor, and the shirt she wore had hung down, and he’d caught a glimpse of red lace.

He’d worked his cock in the shower for the next week after that vision.

I want someone to want me.

That had been the line, hadn’t it?

Not only did he want her, he was fucking obsessed with her. There was no one else for him, no one ever.

“This is a lot of work. There’s no way you’ve got the bill right.” She nibbled her lip, and he just couldn’t take it anymore.

He stood up and stepped close to her. Placing a finger beneath her chin, he tilted her head back. “Don’t worry about the money.”

“Tyler, you pretty much rebuilt the engine. How can I not wor—”

He silenced her with his lips against hers. Slamming his down, he held onto her shoulders as he pressed her against the nearest wall.

For a few seconds she did nothing as he kissed. With each passing second, she changed, dropping the clipboard onto the floor as she reached up. Her hands landed on his shoulders, and he slid his tongue across her lip, wanting more of her touch. More of everything.

Moving his hands down to her hips, he reached around, gripping her juicy ass, and rocked his cock against her round stomach.

She was so fucking soft.

Soft and curvy.

He moaned.

There was no way Tyler could help it. Feeling her in his arms, finally getting to taste her, she was fucking heaven to him. 

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Dirty Mechanic
Written by CJR on 17th Jan 2018

Recommend. Enjoyable read . Eliza & Tyler just complimented each other. He showed her what the true meaning of love was by helping her embrace all her desires.

Written by Neringa on 15th Jan 2018

I liked the story. It was easy read, with no dramas. Tyler and Eliza knew about each other, and though they had a thing for each other, they didn't do anything about it for years. Until one day Tyler got a push he needed to claim a girl, he planned his future around, without releazing it. Honslty, I wasn't sure how Eliza will feel finding out that Tyler read her diary. On one hand, it's private, it probably feels like someone reads your mind, but on the other, it made Tyler to stop wasting time and finally to go after Eliza. After reading it, he realized that he can give what she needed, that they both had the same dreams.

Thank You
Written by Fabiola on 14th Jan 2018

Miss Crescent, thanks for another love bound, passion book. It was very sweet and hot of course, I Loved It, can't wait for the next one.

Written by Amy Jones on 14th Jan 2018

Loved it.... It had me from the first page to the last page. Another HOT, STEAMY book from my favorite author Sam Crescent.

Hot filthy yet romantic
Written by Cariad Books on 13th Jan 2018

This book was super hot filthy raw and romantic I loved it and the characters are fierce. I just love how the author makes her characters so real and emotional yet fierce.

Great short novella
Written by SouthernSub04 on 12th Jan 2018

This was a sweet romantic short novella. Our hero has wanted the heroine but thinks she doesn't even know he exists until he comes across her diary. It's a cliche type of book but it works and it's awesome. The smut is extremely hot and plenty of chuckles in this story.

So Sweet
Written by Victoria on 12th Jan 2018

Dirty Mechanic is a sexy sweet love story that I couldn't put down. A love that could've been thriving years ago had Tyler had her diary then

Hero of her heart
Written by KindleG520 on 12th Jan 2018

When all things in life and love are considered, women mostly want a take charge man. Sam Crescent brings her a hero, a love and a future. A love story that started years ago. Would you take a chance if you had it. A librarian and a mechanic. Not so different in wants. A great love story. Sam Crescent has a hit. #BBW #HEA

Dirty Mechanic - LOVED IT
Written by LRCH on 12th Jan 2018

Sam Crescent knocked it out of the park again with Dirty Mechanic. Love the way she brought Tyler & Eliza together; and loved the epilogue.

5 tasty stars
Written by MagicWaits on 11th Jan 2018

Hot and sweet. He's been obsessed with her for a long time and she is just as crazy about him but her shyness has kept her pretty isolated and he wasn't sure how to approach her until he finds her diary. Yum.

Tyler Hard has silently been in love with Eliza since high school
Written by Fay on 11th Jan 2018

Tyler Hard has silently been in love with Eliza since high school. Now he has taken over his father's business and his life is on track and he is ready to claim his women. Eliza is a shy introvert book nerd, who would rather spend her time reading a book than going out on a date as she is so shy and can never hold a conversation. But she also has her secret fantasies about a certain mechanic. And now her diary has gone missing, a dairy that holds all her secret fantasies. Why now all of a sudden is Tyler interested in her when according to her he has never paid any attention to her. This is a short, sweet book about two people who secretly want to be with each other but just never found the right moment. I enjoyed this book and literally finished it in like an hour.

Sweet and Sexy
Written by Rose M on 11th Jan 2018

As always, another great story from Sam Crescent. Sweet and sexy.