Fat Mate by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Alpha Shifter Collection, 8

All Zadie Cox has ever wanted was to find a mate, fall in love, and have lots of kids. The problem is … no one wants her. The pack doesn’t care for a woman with curves, and no man wants “a fat mate”, which is what they’ve called her. 

Dante Locker hates pack politics. When he’s invited on a month long visit to a neighboring pack, he knows there’s a catch. The alpha has a daughter—but there’s no way Dante’s mating with her. Then the moment he enters the town square, the redhead with the killer curves grabs his attention. He wants her, and Dante’s a rich alpha, a businessman, and he always gets what he wants. 

No man has ever wanted Zadie, but there’s something about this new alpha. The way he walks, talks … and his devotion calls not only to her wolf, but to her. Can Zadie leave the pack that she has called home? Will she fall in love with Dante? Or is this just a month-long fling?



“You can’t run away from me for the rest of the month.”

“I have no intention of running, Dante. This was a big mistake.”

“No, it wasn’t. You and I both know it wasn’t. Don’t be a coward, and stop trying to pretend you don’t feel this, too.”

She finally looked him in the eye. “What do you want me to say? My body just reacted, and it scared me.”

“No. I want you to admit that you’re turned on by me. That the thought of me touching you, licking you, arouses you.” He paused, giving his words a chance to sink in. “Because I know that I do. From the first moment, I saw you a couple of days ago, I knew I wanted you.” He gripped her hip tightly. “And if you feel anything for me, or want to feel then you will ditch this party, and you will meet me at my cottage in thirty minutes.” He pulled away from her, leaving her on the dancefloor, as he said his goodbyes to Bethany, and told his sister to find another place to stay that night.

When he was sure no one was watching, he slipped away, and made his way back toward his cottage. No one was around, and he and Zadie would have privacy. Entering his home, he poured himself a glass of water, and waited.

Time passed. The clock on the wall seeming to mock him as it ticked on by, letting him know that time was running out. When twenty minutes passed, the door to the cottage opened, and there she was, in the kitchen.

“I don’t know what is happening here. I don’t get it. I don’t understand it, and it frightens me, more than anything.” She fisted her hands at her side. “All of my life I’ve been made aware that I’m undesir—”

“My dick is rock hard right now,” he said, cutting her off. “Some men think your curves are less attractive. I think they’re fucking fools. Your tits, I can’t wait to have them bouncing above me as I fuck you hard. Your ass, I want it nestled against my cock as I pound you. Your thighs, I want them wrapped around my waist, claiming me as I want to do to you.” He left the kitchen, and advanced toward her. He stopped only when he was right in front of her, and there was no way to escape, or at least no escape from him. He moved her backward until she was against the wall, and he placed his hands on either side of her, trapping her. “I’m getting tired of you thinking that you’re not attractive, when every single time I look at you, I think of only the dirty things I want to do to you. It should be illegal.”

Her chest was rising and falling with her breathing. The dress she wore molded to her tits and waist, and flared out over her hips.

Putting his fingers at her knee, he slowly began to lift them up, going underneath her skirt. The lemon scent was coming off her in waves, and making his mouth water for a single taste of her. 


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Long and Short LASR
Written by Fern on 15th Dec 2017

Zadie was the fat girl, the fat wolf, and while she was lonely her life didn’t suck. Dante knew he was an unusual pack Alpha. A businessman at heart he had no time for spoiled, cruel women who only wanted the prestige of his title and money. When Dante meets Zadie, he can see exactly the sort of mate he wants – kind and gentle, wonderful with children she had plenty of love and loyalty to offer her man. But Zadie’s pack Alpha wants Dante for his own daughter. Will this destroy the only hope Zadie’s ever found for a family of her own? I enjoyed the slow pace of this sizzling romance. While the attraction between Dante and Zadie was pretty instant, they didn’t simply jump straight into bed. I enjoyed how Zadie and Dante got to know each other a bit first – particularly since Zadie really struck me as a gentle, sweet character. Had they simply torn their clothes off and gone right into it that wouldn’t have worked properly with the other characteristics I saw in Zadie. But I could totally enjoy that Dante was all Alpha – and while patient and kind with Zadie, he wasn’t the stort of guy to roll over and let something he wanted so badly slip out of his grasp. There were a wealth of secondary characters that I greatly enjoyed – a part of me kind of hopes Zadie’s brother Luke and Dante’s sister Bethany might get their own story some time in the future. I felt the secondary characters really helped round out this story and make it seem deeper than had it just been Dante and Zadie simply coming together. I also enjoyed a lot of the world-building. There was lots of information about the pack and how the world worked and – much like the strong cast of characters – helped the story feel well-rounded and more plot-centric than many other paranormal romances I’ve read recently. With interesting and vibrant characters, a good amount of plot and some exceptional world building, I really enjoyed this story on numerous levels. I found the sex romantic but still smoking hot and overall can heartily recommend this story. I’d happily pick up more books in this series.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Pauline Michael on 11th Nov 2017

Sam Crescent has absolutely blown my mind with this fantastic paranormal romance. I don't know why I'm ever surprised by this author as she has become my go-to for a fabulous read yet she has surpassed my expectations with this book. Her ability to blend together passion and sweetness, sorrow and hope, reality and fantasy actually takes my breath away. Zadie Cox nearly breaks my heart. She is such a beautiful soul and yet the way her pack treats her is downright cruel. Dante Locker one me over from the moment I witnessed his conversation with his sister. His outrage and astonishment at how the pack treats her just sealed the deal for me. He admires everything about her from her loyalty, her heart to her beauty and her physical strength and I loved how he patiently sets out to woo her when patience is not something he is used to. I enjoyed how developed these characters all were and how much I loved watching Zadie and Dante's sister become friends and I cannot wait to see her get her very own happily ever after. I cannot recommend this book enough to fans of curvy paranormal love stories because this one is a story that I know is going to stay in my heart. The Story: All Zadie has ever wanted in life is to find her mate, fall in love and have children of her own but no one in her pack wants to be mated to the fat girl. When Dante visits on pack politics he instantly wants Zadie for his own, can he break down the walls she's built around her heart?

Knotty Girl Reviews
Written by undefined on 18th Sep 2017

KG Logo I am a big fan of Sam Crescent’s, her fantabulous writing is only one part of it. Through most of my childhood and particularly high school, I was bullied horribly for being fat. I was called names, shunned, beat-up, and lots of other things. Adulthood got better, but being overweight left it’s stigma. The dedication in this book called to me as I imagine it does to many, and Sam writes books for the fat girls who deserve love just as much as the size 4 girls do too! Fat Mate is about a wolf named Zadie. She’s the fat girl amongst a skinny wolf pack, and a loner.When another wolf pack comes to visit, Zadie is in the nursery with the babies. Dante wants a mate and after seeing Zadie, he wants her. But he ends up having to recruit his sister to befriend her as her pack, her brother, and even Zadie herself see her as the “Fat Mate” and he has to work hard to gain Zadie’s love and boost her self esteem. Even if this is a shifter story, it still warms the heart and teaches us all that no matter what size, we all have someone out there for us and we all deserve love! Bravo Sam!

Great job!!!
Written by Black Feather Blogger on 26th Jul 2017

This story grabs you at the throats and sinks the claws in. In fact this story unlocks a lot of things that is at the heart of the matter. Body size shouldn't matter, the cruel things that can be said slices at a person, overcoming what we call body shaming is difficult and takes a strength of will to own it. Finding that special someone who loves you for you, well that is a dream come true. This story is special in many ways, great job.

Great read!!
Written by stormy on 26th Jul 2017

I know there has been some comments made about the title of this book ,but I have to say the title fits. Zadie is a big girl even though she is okay with who she is others aren't. Even though they all speak highly of her as a person they don't find her attractive. She feels the loneliness and it gets to her. She doesn't self loath like I expected she more says what she has heard over her life with her pack as if it's truth. Even in today's society skinny is beautiful "fat" not. So many bigger women settle for bad men (not bad as in horrible or at least not all just bad as in not the right fit) because of the medias view on beauty. True beauty lie within us not what people tell us. I love the message in this book. Even the pack bitch was nice to zadie that speaks volumes about zadie a character. This is a great book for all women. I love books like this it give confidence to women who need it most even though it's fiction, or at least it boosts mine a little. I'm already confident about myself but every once in awhile doubt rears its ugly head. Take a chance you won't be sorry you have taken a couple hours to read this story.

You think you know what this book is about? You have no idea. Buy it!!!
Written by hellzz on 26th Jul 2017

Thank you for writing this book and having the courage to keep the title as it is. It's one of the reasons I bought the book without reading the synopsis. The other reason, the cover pic. Come on, how does a half naked beautiful woman and her Alpha not encourage you to click that purchase button? LoL Zadie. She speaks to any one us who struggle with real life issues like our weight and mental abuse. Yes we can be strong and overcome, but we all deserve a unconditional everything. Her Alpha found her when she needed him and she found the love she deserved Dante. I've read a lot of Alphas, but Dante Locker is one of a kind. He knew he wanted Zadie and no one else would do for him. He showed patience and understanding. He knew exactly what to do in order for his mate to realize she was so worth it. Fat Mate is definitely on my faves list and I know I'll be re-reading it over and over, again and again.

I freakin' loved this book and at the same time I hated ...
Written by LIsa C on 13th Jul 2017

I freakin' loved this book and at the same time I hated it. Being a fat chick myself (this cover model could be me, with the exception of the facial features!) I related to everything Zadie was going through. While her pack loved her as a person, they didn't recognize her as a "woman" just a fat female, a fat lover who would be a fat mate. I loved that when she finally found love, Dante (her mate) was attracted to her physical appearance first, then fell in love with her heart, soul, and mind - knowing she was his true mate. Kudos to Sam Crescent for writing it and naming it with courage. Don't be offended by the title, it's just an adjective. We are fat, but we are also fabulous, fun, flirty and freakin' FINE!

Great story
Written by anonymous on 12th Jul 2017

A great story that really makes you think. It moved a little too fast for me once Dante and Zadie met but all in all very enjoyable.

I don't usually leave reviews.
Written by Kindle Customer on 12th Jul 2017

But your book has my heart. As a heavy lady a realize too late other people opinions don't matter. . You describe exactly how a young woman feels bring put down about her weight. Love the happy ending. Most people don't get it. Thank you

Good read
Written by Mary S on 12th Jul 2017

This was a good read love the story. Knowing that the curving ones can find love to and the cover is just awesome I love it

Great job!!!
Written by Black Feather Blogger on 12th Jul 2017

This story grabs you at the throats and sinks the claws in. In fact this story unlocks a lot of things that is at the heart of the matter. Body size shouldn't matter, the cruel things that can be said slices at a person, overcoming what we call body shaming is difficult and takes a strength of will to own it. Finding that special someone who loves you for you, well that is a dream come true. This story is special in many ways, great job.

Written by Neringa on 11th Jul 2017

This was another great story in Alpha Shifter Collection series. It's mustread for anyone, but especially for insta lovers. Because Dante, our hero, claims h from first glance. Loved how he felt about Zadie. He was really protective of her, so was really pissed when found out about how males treated her. But those bitter lonely years weren't important to Zadie anymore, since Dante stepped into her life and she got everything she ever dreamed about.

Good read
Written by Mary S on 11th Jul 2017

This was a good read love the story. Knowing that the curving ones can find love to and the cover is just awesome I love it

Good read!
Written by Nikki H on 11th Jul 2017

I love Sam Crescent stories and especially her stories of full figure women! The title didn't bother me and I think it took a lot of courage to give it that title. Well done!!

Loved it!
Written by Lillmil on 11th Jul 2017

Great storyline! Loved that it focused on the relationship between couple and the pack. I love shifter stories and this one was great. Zadie gains not only a mate but also an appreciation for being true to who she is. Dante is an awesome Alpha and a good person who understands how to give Zadie the love she needs. Definitely recommend reading anything Sam writes!

Written by Rhonda on 11th Jul 2017

First of all, I want to address the title of this wonderful book. I know there was an uproar over it with people being upset over the word "Fat". Why? It's a title, that's all. If you are hurt or offended by the TITLE, how are you going to feel when you see the word in the story? What is the difference? The title of this books fits the story PERFECTLY. Don't give a low rating just because you hate the title. Get the book and read it first! Now, on to the book. I freaking loved it! I could tell that the story was from the heart because when a book makes me really emotional, I know the author has a real connection with her characters. I felt heartbroken for Zadie when she realized that no one would probably ever chase her and then I cheered when Dante came into the picture and KNEW this was his mate!! He never gave up even though she had given up on finding her mate. Sometimes there is a lot of drama with the character who is considered the "bad person" but I was pleasantly surprised. I don't want to give away the whole story but this has become one of my favorite Sam Crescent books! It's written with real emotion and that comes through in her writing. Ignore all the drama with the title and get this book because you will love it!!

Very emotional
Written by evam on 11th Jul 2017

I have to say that this book sort of destroyed me a little. Being a bigger girl most of my life a lot of this hit home for me in a way. Thinking of poor Zadie running through the forest over and over again and no one chasing her was so upsetting to me and when she described it I was literally in tears and had to stop reading for a bit. I loved that Dante knew instantly that Zadie was his true mate and it turned into a nice love story. Kudos to Sam Crescent for taking a risk in telling this story and the title was perfect!