Finding Their Passion by Megan Slayer

Heat Level 3
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Men Wanted, 4

With a little magic, can two hearts find their way home?

Cooper Benton never thought he and Keir would have an encore. His fiancé left him at the altar and the hurt hasn’t subsided. Although Keir’s leaving crushed him, he never fell out of love with him, but is there room for Keir in his heart a second time?

Keir Saunder is the biggest actor in the world. He’s even been voted Best Film Boyfriend. What he wants more than anything is a second chance with the one he let get away, his former fiancé, Cooper Benton. Cold feet and a healthy dose of fear got in the way of his happy ending the first time around. Now, he’s enlisting the help of Men Wanted to make his dreams come true.

Be Warned: m/m sex



            As he passed the actors’ trailers, his heart squeezed. He knew where Keir slept, too. His ex used the same fifth-wheel trailer whenever he went on location. He paid to have the thing towed to the shoots and never incurred the expense of having a different trailer brought in each time. Budget-wise, his choices made sense. 

            Cooper knew the camper well. He’s stayed there with Keir on three different shoots. The faux fireplace in the main room gave a hint of luxury and warmth. The small space at the end afforded Keir a place to do social media posts, and the bedroom was roomy enough for two men. 

            He spied shadows moving behind the window shades of Keir’s trailer and wondered if Keir had someone over. Cooper liked to hide behind his camera. No one cared to see him—just his work. 

            Keir had appreciated him when few others did. He didn’t like just his work, but him as a person. He said Cooper had an eye for beauty, too. Cooper might, but he didn’t see the beauty in himself the way Keir did and sometimes wondered if Keir was blowing smoke up his ass. 

            Keir could be flattering in one breath and a jerk in the next. Then again, Keir was the pretty one of the pair. Cooper was plain. Keir worked out and had muscle. He also had the kind of hair that always looked good. Cooper tended to look like he’d been caught in a light socket unless he wore a hat. Keir made friends easily and smiled a lot. Cooper never knew what to say. 

            Part of him wanted to go to Keir’s trailer. If he tried to talk to him, they might be able to fix the friendship they’d once shared. Or Keir would slam the door in his face. Keir could be so stubborn at times. If he went to the door, though, Keir would have to acknowledge him. 

            Or not answer at all. 

            He forced himself away from the trailer. Living his life on what-ifs and what-might-have-beens wouldn’t do him any good. The past needed to stay there. 

            His future resided with the person chosen by Men Wanted. 


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Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings)
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This one checked all the boxes
Written by Jeffrey B on 5th Mar 2023

Second-chance romance is my thing. This one checked all the boxes. The dialogues were good and brought some jovial tone to the narrative. The idea of greek gods was well-developed. This is the 4th book in the series. It made sense to me even though I have not read the 3 first books. I am looking forward to seeing more from this series.

Great addition to the series!
Written by Carrie Krogh on 11th Oct 2022

I liked Finding Their Passion by Megan Slayer. It's the fourth book in the Men Wanted series. I liked Cooper and Keir's story. I enjoyed their chemistry and their scenes together. I'm glad they got their second chance at love.

Unusual and fun
Written by Tappy on 7th Jul 2022

We all need help in in the romance department, from time to time, but how often can we say magic brought us together. This book is magical and filled with enough drama to fill you up indefinitely. Interesting storyline keeps you reading. Unique and engaging characters tell the story and a HeA brings everything to a close while those smiling down on the romance quietly accept their success. An unusual romance and quite fun. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Fun short read!
Written by Retro Cool on 7th Jul 2022

Another great addition in this series! These are fun short reads with a different concept of Mt. Olympus gods running a dating agency! Like the previous story I've read in this series, this one focuses on a second chance romance and going back and fixing mistakes to get that HEA. Enjoyed Keir and Cooper’s characters. At times things feel a little rushed due to the length of the story and I got frustrated with some of the meddlesome secondary characters. But if you are looking for a quick read with a HEA, this is a good series for that!. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review

Second chance at love
Written by SMK9 on 7th Jul 2022

This is a pretty good story of two people still in love after a jilted groom scenario. While it helps to have Gods and a Goddess on your side, I still think Cooper let Keir off the hook a bit fast. But overall this is a good opposite attracts, star/cameraman pairing and with a bit of danger involved. Of course Eros had to push a little of his magic on both of them because he is Eros and he just can't help himself. Cheeky love god. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

4 stars
Written by Megan on 1st Jul 2022

I found myself getting confused with all the good and bad comments/rumors on the main characters relationship. But apart from that I thought this was a good story. I really liked the depth of the MCs feelings towards each other and the chemistry was HOT. Please note - this book isn't on Goodreads so I couldn't post my review on there.