Rekindling Their Fire by Megan Slayer

Heat Level 3
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Men Wanted, 3

What if what might have been is what should’ve been all along?

Shane Sutton can’t stop thinking about the best friend he had in high school. He’s never found anyone who understands him in the same way. He writes to Men Wanted because he’s ready to move forward with his life and find love. But what if Nik is the man he’s destined to love?

Nik Carson wrote to Men Wanted to find his perfect match. He’s tired of the dating scene and dead ends. When his match comes back as Shane, he’s forced to confront the fact he never stopped loving his first crush. Time and distance have come between them, but what if none of that matters?

Can this second chance at romance be the love they both need? Or will the time apart be too much to handle?

Be Warned: m/m sex



He strode into the café and up to the hostess stand. “Hi, I’m here to meet my date. There should be a table reserved.”

“Yes.” The hostess smiled. “This way. We’ve prepped the table and I think you’ll enjoy it.” She navigated through the café to the tables by the row of windows. “Here you go.”

He nodded to her and slipped a couple of dollars into her hand. “Thank you.”

“Welcome. I’ll bring your guest when he or she arrives.” She dipped her head, then left the table.

He settled on one of the chairs and willed himself to settle down. He didn’t know who he’d been matched with or how to put the damn flower in his lapel. The whole situation could be good or a disaster.

He opened his napkin and stretched it across his lap, then worked on tucking the flower stem into his buttonhole. He didn’t have any pins and the flower flopped forward. Shit.

The waitress arrived at the table. “Hi. May I get your drink order?”

“Yes.” He left the flower to flop forward in his buttonhole. “I’d like a tea.”

“Hot or iced?”

Did people put sugar in hot tea? “Iced, please?” He spied the sugar packets. “Thank you.”

“Sure thing.” She left him again and he sighed.

He’d arrived and ordered. Now he just needed his date to show up. He drank in the view from his table. He’d never really looked at the interior of the café. So much richly carved wood and elegant tablescapes. Everything matched. Candles stood in the middle of each table and turn-of-the-century paintings decorated the maroon walls. It wasn’t how he’d decorate a room, but if it suited the time period the café wanted to encapsulate, then fine.

“Sir, your table is right this way.” The hostess arrived and demanded his attention.

Shane’s heart fluttered as he met the gaze of his date. “Nik?” His dream man, the guy he’d lusted for since high school stood beside the table with the hostess. Shane couldn’t move, but he grinned. “Nik?”

Nik smiled. “Hi.”

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5.0 out of 5 stars Short story - lots of good stuff though!
Written by Retro Cool on 6th May 2022

This was a quick read and a fun shorter story. At points it seemed almost too rushed but in the frame work of the length of the story it works. Really enjoyed the second chance for these friends who didn't fully realize their attraction when they were younger and think the dating agency was a really interesting tie into this story. Couple of serious issues pop into the story for each character and think they were handled well without overwhelming the story. The author doesn't try to fix these things entirely but it's how the characters support each other during these things that was well done. Things like Shane's relationship with his brothers (and meh sister in law) aren't tied in a perfect bow in a short amount of pages. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Shane & Nik
Written by Sara on 6th May 2022

Shane and Nik were best friends in school then lost touch and loved the other but just couldn’t connect even though they were in the same town. Men Wanted matched them up as a forever couple. Had a few bumps in the road but came out stronger. Good book!. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.