Foolin' by Allyson Young

Heat Level 3
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When Kathleen and Carter meet, it’s intrigue at first sight, and they awaken from emotional exile. A turn of events finds her spontaneously joining him on his working ranch. Despite being really hard work, she’s blissfully happy—and the fringe benefits aren’t too shabby either. 

Carter can’t believe his luck. He desperately needed a housekeeper, not that he welcomed this amazing woman into his home for that reason. He can cope with her bond with her daughter, no matter how it forces him to remember his lost young son. And he can’t give her his heart, but what he can give is surely enough. 

In love with this amazing man, Kate ignores that Carter withholds, believing he’ll change, and she’s willing to wait. When she inadvertently discovers he was angling for a housekeeper all along, it knocks her blinders off. 

She’s done waiting. She deserves more—and so does he.



“I think I’m good. I should probably get to bed,” she said. “What time do you get up?”

“Early. And I head out straight away. You stay in bed until you’re ready to face the day. I’ll leave you my cell number, and you text me. I’ll head back.”

“I’m an early riser too.”

“Five o’clock for me tomorrow, Kathleen.”

“Oh, maybe not. I’ll text you.”

He pulled out his cell. “What’s your number?”

With the exchange complete, he lurked in the doorway. “The bathroom is across the hall. Towels in the cabinet.”

“Great, thanks. I’ve got everything I need.”

Did she? So near and yet so far, she hovered there like a wood sprite. When she stooped to slip the strap off her shoe, then the other and stepped out of the heels, he found he’d closed the gap.


She looked up, having lost a slight difference in height, and her eyes flared green, the pupils dilating. A good night kiss, then. A peck. He reached out and with only tacit permission lowered his mouth over hers.

On a startled gasp, her lips parted, and he took advantage, yet maintained control, alert to any distress. It separated him into distinct parts that soon melded when she pressed into him, her arms wreathing around his neck.

He learned her, her taste and texture, reveling in her response, swallowing her tiny moans. When he pulled away to breathe, resting his forehead against hers, she sagged in his arms and he kept her steady.

His heart pounded in tandem with hers, and he was so hard he hurt. She shivered, and he said, “Do I need to apologize? Because it’ll be difficult.”

In a whisper, she said, “No need. I’m just sorry I’m so out of practice.”

“If you’re out of practice, I hope to kiss you when you’re at your best.”

Tipping her head back, she met his eyes before glancing away. “I don’t do this on a first date. I don’t date. Lord.”

He eased his body away from hers, regretting that he’d encroached on her personal space. She tugged him back. “But I want to. I want you. If that makes me a—”

He stopped her with a hard kiss. “Don’t. Don’t make this a bad thing.”

Her lips twitched in a tremulous smile. “I don’t want to overthink it.”

“I’ll take care of you,” he promised.

He lost his Stetson and shrugged out of his jacket, bemoaning any inability to keep a hand on her as she tugged a zipper hidden in a side seam of her dress and let it slither down the length of her body to pool at her feet.

His fingers froze on the snaps of his shirt as he took in the sight of her in scraps of pink lace and honest-to-God thigh-high stockings. With a dry mouth, he wrenched the placket apart and threw the shirt to one side, gathering her to him, nuzzling the hollow at the base of her neck and then down to the tops of her breasts.

“You’re stunning.”

She arched into him, and he fumbled with the clasp and freed those gorgeous mounds that tumbled into his waiting hands. Soft skin tipped with beaded nipples he desperately wanted to get his mouth on. And her sultry scent…

His belt buckle pressed into her belly, and he made one hand abandon its prize and yank open the offending metal, dealing with the button and zipper while he was at it. His cock breathed a sigh of relief—he swore it—as his mouth found its target.

“God, Carter.” She rocked into him, and he sucked harder, gently using his teeth against the tip.

Her hands found his hips and pushed his jeans down, dragging his boxer briefs with them. The sensation of her fingers on his ass made him groan, his pelvis thrusting, his cock against her center. At this rate, he’d disgrace himself.

When she sought him out, he turned with her, hobbled by his own jeans, the ignominy nearly making him smile as he held her against the wall. “Touch me, darlin’, and I’ll lose it all over your sweet hand.”

“Out of practice, too,” she teased, her hair awry and her mouth swollen. “I’m so ready, Carter.”

He worked his hand beneath her panties, staring into her eyes, soaking in the pleasure sparking there when he found her apex, full and wet. “You are.”

Still, he played at her entrance, then feathered over the knot above, making her rise on her toes and whimper. “Please.”

It took some awkward gymnastics to get a hand into his jeans’ pocket and lift his wallet, all while touching her, but he managed it. Somehow got the condom out and open and smoothed on.

Pushing aside the fabric guarding her pussy, he bent his knees a fraction and set his cock at her opening. With a single thrust, he filled her, freezing in place as they both adjusted. She was wet but so fucking tight. She’d said she didn’t do this, didn’t date. Christ. How long had it been?

“You okay?” he rasped, willing her to open her eyes.

As if on cue, her lashes fluttered open, and he drowned in the depths behind them. Urgent need enticed him, and he responded, easing out and pushing back in. Heated, wet satin sucked at him as he powered toward orgasm, knowing it wouldn’t be long.

But he wasn’t getting there alone. Watching her for any signs, doing his best to ignore the pull at the base of his spine, he found her sweet spot and swiveled his hips to take her there. She responded by working herself against him, her breath increasing in shallow pants as she crested.

With a short cry, she tensed and clamped on him, shuddering, her head grinding against the wall. There was no resisting her, and he followed her over, emptying himself. He set his teeth on the top of her shoulder and muffled his groan, then kissed the spot reverently.



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Long & Short Reviews
Written by Fern on 30th Jul 2019

Carter worked himself to the bone to keep his ranch afloat and surviving. He had a load of problems – but his biggest one was his inability to find a good housekeeper to cook, clean and keep his employees comfortable. Kathleen is in her forties and a sturdy, mature woman. When she and a colleague come to Carter’s town to oversee a charity auction and audit the bids Kathleen and Carter are both surprised by how well and easily they click together. What stars as a weekend of fooling around quickly turns into something far more deep and serious. I really enjoyed this story. I found both Carter and Kathleen to be relatable and empathetic characters. Both are mature (in their forties) and long past that first blush of romantic love, and each have lived a rich and full life so far. With history and baggage, they’ve both made peace with who and where they are in their respective lives, and while Carter in particular knows it’s time he move on and open his heart again, they’re both not in a rush to make silly mistakes. I have to admit I loved how sensible both Carter and Kathleen are. I could really relate to them both and completely understood their feelings and actions. I was immediately drawn into the story because I wanted to read and enjoy every word – at no stage did I need to skip ahead a few sentences when one or the other of them said something silly or that made me want to roll my eyes. With a bunch of interesting (and personally I often found them humorous) secondary characters even though this story really does mainly focus on Carter and Kathleen, it’s clear they’re not isolated or living too far in seclusion. There’s a feeling of community around them and the ranch-hands in particular make for a richer and more complex setting than just a man and a woman falling in love with each other on a working ranch. While the romance between Carter and Kathleen is explicit I was please, personally, that the sex didn’t over-power the story. It’s there, and certainly steamy enough to raise a few eyebrows I’m sure, but it was the day-to-day aspects between the couple that helped me see and believe in their love. This wasn’t some sexy fling of a weekend that somehow grew into more, I loved how the author showed this was two compatible people who met by chance and allowed themselves the opportunity to get to know each other – in all ways – and discovered a lovely, sweet and blossoming relationship. In many ways this was my favourite style of story – with two interesting and completely relatable characters, progressed in their lives but still able to make changes and be excited about the future. The pace of the romance is slow enough for me to keep up with it and believe in the strength of it, but fast enough – and steamy enough – that I didn’t feel bored or like things were dragging. Best of all this is a story about love and romance and two people making each other happy, and I really loved it. I’d highly recommend this story and can’t wait to go back and read it all over again.

welcome to the ranch
Written by Patricia S on 23rd Jun 2019

Wonder what happens when a handsome cowboy meets a sweet bookkeeper . Well lets say the sparks fly and when that bookkeeper decides to come back to his ranch well it gets even hotter . When Carter sees Kathleen across the room sparks that he thought were dead a long time ago are ignited . When they decide to spend the weekend together they both find what they have been missing in their lives . Will they realize it before its too late , or will a misunderstanding split them up . I love these characters so much . They are well written and both of them have a complexity to them . I love Kathleen for one main reason, she is my age and has gone through love once and is her own woman . She is stronger then she lets on and wants more out of life then the dead end job she is working . I love that she is hard working and wants to take care of the men on the farm . She is sweet and sassy and wears her heart on her sleeve sometimes . Now Carter well he is kind and actually he is a little grumpy when you first meet him .He seems like he just wants to be left alone . He tries to be tough but you can see right through the tough act and see that he is a sweet lonely guy who is scared to let go of the past . There is plenty of heat between the two of them and you will love them so much . There are moments when you want to wrap each of them up in a blanket and tell them everything will be ok . I was so excited to find out this author has written a book about a cowboy and ranch life . So I grabbed it and sat down and started reading , I was hooked instantly and couldn't put the book down. The characters are well written and like I said before they are my age . The female character is not a young 20 something whiny girl chasing an older man. Which for me is a breath of fresh air . I love reading stories where the couple is about the same age . Ok enough of me babbling about that . The story is relatable and if you have any ranch knowledge you know how hard it is . This is a fun, fast read that is hot and sweet at the same time . OH and did I say there is a puppy and horses. So if you want a great summer read for the beach . This should be on your summer reading list .

A second chance at happiness.
Written by Amazon Customer on 18th Jun 2019

Whether writing shifters, BDSM, post-apocalyptic, or cowboys, Allyson Young doesn't disappoint. I especially enjoyed the fact this couple is more mature, and while seeking a housekeeper he finds so much more. After losing his young son and divorcing his wife, he thinks he is done with romance and compartmentalizes his life accordingly. My mom always said you'll find real love when you aren't looking for it, and this book is proof of that. What starts off as something casual and temporary, quickly transforms into much more. I look forward to more cowboys from this author.