One...and Done by Allyson Young

Heat Level 3
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When I met Drew at that damn wedding our chemistry was off the charts. All he could offer was the weekend, but uncharacteristically, I jumped at it. When he slipped away like a thief in the night I was blindsided by loss, even knowing people don’t fall in love at first sight. He left me a lifelong reminder though, one to make its appearance in about seven months. Too bad he’d never know… 

She was always on my mind, and I couldn’t afford the distraction in this forsaken country where one false move could mean my death. My sniper training dissolved when I thought about Katie and our time together. I was a one and done kind of guy, but this time it was different. I’d be stateside in a few months and offer the apology she deserved. Maybe she’d forgive me, if there wasn’t another man in her life…



I woke on Sunday, feeling rode hard and put away wet. I hurt—pleasantly—in mysterious places, and ached pretty much all over, but especially between my legs. The room smelled satisfyingly of our mutual lust and I drank it in, flopping my hand to the side in search of Drew. The linens were cool to the touch and I frowned, then smiled. Probably making breakfast again. He made a hearty breakfast, a good thing, considering we’d spent most of yesterday fucking.
Padding into the bathroom, I took care of business, then turned the shower on. Drew had bathed me twice during our sexathon, but I needed another. As the water heated I brushed my teeth, studying myself in the mirror. I looked much the same, tall and slender, blonde hair tousled from bed and adventurous sex, pale skin now marked with scruff burns and purple stars from teeth and suction, tiny bruises from strong fingers. I traced over one on my hip and smiled with satisfaction, then hustled into the shower. Drew was insatiable and likely had carnal plans for after breakfast.
The apartment was dead quiet. No television, no sounds of activity in the kitchen, nothing. The heavenly smell of coffee embraced me as I neared, the carafe full and a mug beside it. No sign of Drew and I spun in a circle, seeking him out even as I accepted the truth. He was gone. Wow. He’d left without a word, left me used up and yet wanting more in the bed we’d romped in for hours. As well as on the couch, the floor, the innocuous wing chair in the corner and the shower. Rather than focus on the bereft feeling blossoming in my belly, I thought about the fact we hadn’t christened the countertop… Maybe he’d gone out to get a paper or something. An ingredient for breakfast.
I crossed to the front door, expectant as a pup awaiting its master, before catching myself. What in hell was I doing? If he came back, we’d pick up where we left off. There was no need for worshipful anticipation. And if he didn’t… I was seized with a terrible anxiety that I might wait forever, not knowing…
I poured the coffee—one mug—and gingerly lowered myself to a stool. The cushioned chairs at the table were more comfortable, but a part of me needed the penance. My lady parts were really sore, something I’d denied in the shower, and would serve as a reminder of sex I’d never forget, and a warning of never indulging my libido again. Because I had a really bad feeling. There were consequences to every not-well-thought-out action.

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 18th Apr 2016

Drew and Katie are the people you love to hate. Both are comfortable in their own skins, successful at their jobs and aesthetically pleasing to boot. They meet, acknowledge the chemistry between them, and agree up front to a one-night stand. What could go wrong? Well, apparently fate had different plans for these two beautiful people in the form of a happily ever after, whether they wanted it or not. How rude! This was a really quick read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Alpha male meets strong woman and then the real fire works start when they fall for one another and don’t quite know how to process it. And Katie was left with a permanent reminder to boot, one that is welcome after the initial shock wears off. The book starts off in bed and ends with a bang. I really liked the way the author resolved the uncertainty between Katie and Drew, as well as painting the picture of Drew as a good potential father figure by incorporating his parents and siblings into the story. For a short read, I didn’t feel cheated in the relationships both Drew and Katie had with friends and family in addition to each other. The conclusion was romantic and the epilogue well done to illustrate that.