Giving It to the Bad Guy by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Saints and Sinners MC, 3

Sarah has had enough of her ex, Ralf. Not only did he leave her, but now he has kidnapped her, dragging her all the way back to Sinners’ Corner, expecting them to carry on with the relationship he ended a year earlier. 

However, when Ralf decided to walk out on her a year ago, Sarah met Knife. He’s a member of the Hell’s Wolves MC, and he makes her heart race and her panties wet. Now that she’s back in town, Knife is not going to let Ralf win without a fight. From the first moment he met Sarah, Knife wanted her, but he waited, respecting her wishes and giving her space. 

The time for waiting is over. May the best man win! 

Be Warned: anal sex



Elena and Pipe left pretty much after they finished dinner. Sarah wasn’t surprised as she saw the couple struggle to keep their hands off each other. Once they were gone, Knife had taken her onto the dance-floor and wrapped his arms around her.

“So much for a double date, huh.”

“They’re good together, and she’s good for him.”

“It’s good to find someone who completes you like that.”

He moved his hand down to cup her ass.

“What are you going to do, Sarah?”


“No, what do you want? I want you, and I’ll wait if this is too fast. What are you waiting for?”

“I’m not waiting for anything.”

“Then tell me what you want.”

She sighed. “I’ve never done this, okay? Ralf, he’s been the only guy I’ve been with. I don’t know how this works. I’m not used to being this kind of woman.”

“Ralf got you as a virgin.”

Resting her head against his shoulder, she groaned. “Could we not say that out loud?”

“Why not? There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. This has got to be your decision. Do you want me to drop you off back home, take you to the clubhouse, or shall I go and find us a nice hotel room?”

Licking her dry lips, she stared up into his startling blue eyes, and her breath hitched.

“A hotel,” she said, whispering the words.

“Are you on anything?”

“I’m not sick.”

Knife chuckled. “No, are you on anything to keep you protected from pregnancy?”

“Oh, oh, now I do feel a little, erm, yeah, I’m not on anything. I thought you were asking if I was sick or something. Oh my God, I’m so stupid.”

He tilted her head back with a finger beneath her chin. “You’re not stupid, babe. You’re just not used to this. Do you want to leave with me? I can stop at a late night pharmacy for some rubbers.”

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

This is really going to happen.

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The Romance Studio
Written by Shannon on 9th Jun 2016

Knife just knew after meeting Sarah that she was the one but she wasn’t in any state of mind to see him as anything more than a friend. When she returns to Sinners’ Corner, all bets are off. Knife isn’t about to let Sarah walk away without a fight. He has waited, giving her time and space. But the waiting is over and he is ready to claim his woman. Meeting Knife at one of the lowest times has helped Sarah move from when her ex Ralf walked out on her and the life they had together. Knife is a member of the Hells Wolves MC and a sexy man who makes her heart pound and her pulse race. When her ex kidnaps her from the city, bringing her back home to Sinners’ Corner, Sarah realizes that it’s not just her past here but also her future in a sexy biker who is determined to claim her heart. It’s really no secret to readers that follow The Romance Studio reviews I am one of the many legion of readers that can’t wait story after story to get their Sam Crescent fix. It is also thanks to this author that I decided to venture out of my normal reading genre and take a ride on the wild side which has become an somewhat of an obsession with me. In Giving it to the Bad Guy the well-developed and resilient hero and heroine are incredibly alive as they take center stage in this delightful, fast-paced and romantic read that easily captures the imagination and heart of the reader. You can’t help but love watching Knife and Sarah find their chance for a HEA ending. Knife is a temptation that Sarah can’t resist and truth be told she sure doesn’t want too. The tenderness and sexual pull between Knife and Sarah about snatches your breath away especially when Knife unleashes his feelings and desires for Sarah. The gift of friendship that Knife shows Sarah giving her the time and space while waiting in the wings for her to heal and move on putting her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend behind her, really shows how much he cares for her and the lengths he is willing to go to capture his woman. The flirtation between the lovers is sexy and the sizzling passion is filled with heart pounding desire the reader can almost feel through the pages. Ms. Crescent briefly touches on a little of the violence of the MC lifestyle and the code the men live and yet she also portrays the clubs as a family, maybe not of blood but of the heart making this story as well as her other MC series stand out as one of the best choices for your reading pleasure.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 11th May 2016

I really like MC Romance stories. They usually have just the right amount of dirty. Sarah is kidnapped by her ex and saved by her current crush but both men are willing to fight to have her. The premise of this story is fabulous! The plot is fabulous! So why the four stars? Sarah. Yeah, she lost me quickly when she starts joking about being kidnapped. Really? Then she goes and has lunch like it’s no big deal. All throughout the story she does odd things that don’t make sense. Although I did enjoy this biker romp, Sarah made the story less enjoyable. Knife is sex on a two legs, pure delicious yum. *Swoon* The sex scenes are very good. Again it comes down to the all-consuming, sexy biker Knife. ​ I look forward to more books in this series.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Debra Taylor on 18th Apr 2016

This book is my most favorites from Sam Crescent. As usual, the story was sexy and romantic and had some tense moments that had me anticipating what would happen next. I'd call it another winner from this amazing author. This story had a fast hook because I had gotten invested in Knife and Sarah from the previous book and then they went from friends to lovers in this one. I liked how they were in love and so honest about everything. Knife had been the friend that Sarah needed but he was tired of waiting now that she was back in town. It didn't take him long to make his real feelings known and claim her as his Old Lady. Sarah just may be my all-time favorite heroine from this author. She stood up for herself in this book. No more mooning around after Ralf. She was finished with the drama and moving on with her life. That's not to say that the story was without suspense. There was some tension with Sarah's persistent ex and a couple of intricate secondary stories. A new threat was unveiled and a relationship is rocked. Most important highlight to me was that there finally seems to a story taking shape for Saint. The author finally revealed something from his past that made me feel really bad for him. His story promises to be the most intense one yet so I can't wait for Sam Crescent to Saint's book. So “Giving It to The Bad Guy” was another great addition to the Saints and Sinners MC. I enjoyed it greatly.

Written by patty schaffer on 11th Apr 2016

Very good read ill be waiting for saint and Natasha to come out. Hopefully it will be out soon!!! Thanks

Oh My Gosh!
Written by Becky on 11th Apr 2016

This book was great. Knife and Sarah was so great together. I loved that their relationship built up over time. This was a real romance book for me. Sarah was so sweet. Knife was bossy but sweet. The sex was hot. It was kinda sad in places which was handled very well. Can't wait for Saints book. I have a feeling it's going to be good. I would recommend this series. Ms.Crescent did it again.

Loved it
Written by Jessica M on 8th Apr 2016

I was very eager for Sarah's story and really enjoyed this! One thing I really love about Sam Crescent's Saints and Sinners series is how head over heels the heroes are towards the heroines. There is no cheating and they are very much in love. The guys are still badass bikers but treat the women with respect. This was a great continuation to the series and we got to see more of Pipe and Elena, who I loved! Can't wait for the next one!

Written by Rhonda on 8th Apr 2016

OMG!! I wasn't expecting several things in this book. It grabbed me from page one and left my jaw hanging on the last page. WOW!! I" glad Knife and Sarah are together and I loved their story, but I am soooo wanting Saint's book like yesterday!!!!! LOVED IT!!!

OMG! This Was Totally Hot Hot Hot
Written by Sylvia Haenga on 8th Apr 2016

I live this series and having been waiting for Sarah's book to come out and see who she ended up with and im it glad it was Knife. Don't get me wrong i felt sorry for Ralf and how he ended up but Im so glad Sarah finally got her HEA with her soul mate Knife! He was perfect for her, treated her with respect and loved her with all that he was. Such a beautiful story and soo can't wait for Saint and Natasha's book next. His book is what i have been waiting on.

Written by Neringa on 8th Apr 2016

Oh my freakn God! The end was... I need the next book like f****** now! Holy s*** and Saint! Okay, about the main couple. They were amazing. You are thinking with which biker did Sarah ended? Mmm... So, if you wanna to keep it a mystery until you read it yourself, stop reading this review now. If you are continuing to read, that's mean you don't mind finding out which guy won the girl and some spoilers. I have to say I was hoping for Knife all this time, while I was waiting for this books. He is a good bad biker. If that makes sense. He was really amazing with Sarah. Patient, sweet, supportive and hardcore biker when she needs it. She finally found the right man to spend the rest of her life. And Ralf, well, he was the one who opened the door for another man to step in. He hasn't anyone to blame but himself. I perosnaly don't fell anything for Ralf. Not pitty, nor I'm angry at him for his actions much. Whom I feel sad towards is Saint. He feels like he is a bad man for thinks he needs to do as the Prez of the club. But I don't agree with him. Bad men don't feel anything while killing. Only the good guys are affected and changes with each kill. Each kill stays with them for the rest of theirs life. Darkening theirs souls. Especially so, when they ends up killing one of their own. Only what can safe them is a pure women, who can accept all sides of them and spark a light into theirs dark souls. I hope that kind of woman will come back into Saints life and stays.