Giving It to the Biker by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Saints and Sinners MC, 1 

Rage has wanted Penny for a long time, but he’s held back as she’s not club property. He still gets to see her, though, as she’s the sister of one of the brother’s wives. However, when Penny’s personal life stops her visiting the club, Rage won’t stand for it. He’s going to have her and claim her as his old lady, whether she likes it or not. 

Penny doesn’t want a biker as a husband. She can’t trust a club, and after watching her sister with a biker, Penny is convinced she’d never be happy with one. But Rage will not take no for an answer, and Penny can’t deny the attraction. 

Together they explore Penny’s fantasies, and Rage is determined to make sure there’s not a chance for another man to take what belongs to him. He doesn’t share, and he’s claiming this woman as his and his alone. 

When Rage’s feelings are put to the test when a rival gang takes Penny, he will stop at nothing to get her back. What will happen when he unleashes his namesake rage on the men who took her? Will Penny run, or will his show of protectiveness seal their future? 

Be Warned: spanking, anal sex, violence


“I don’t want to. We talked about this when I dropped you off the last time I saw you. I don’t want anything to do with the club.”

“Are you too good for us? Is that it? Are you a stuck-up little bitch?” Rage took a step forward, spitting vile words at her.

“No, of course not. I never said that.”

“Right, you want a man who doesn’t fucking exist. Get your fucking brain screwed on, princess. Men want to have sex. They want their women to be dirty as fuck in the bedroom, and keep their legs shut for everyone else. We cheat ‘cause we’re not getting what we fucking want.”

“How dare you? You’re a damn pig. Women bend over backwards for men, and what do we get? Spread ‘em for us, or else. It’s a double standard. You’re not the best thing that happened to women. I bet you don’t have a clue how to turn a woman on.”

“What’s the matter, Penny? No one pushed the right button for you, is that it?”

“It’s none of your business.” Her cheeks heated as he smirked.

“I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Shut up!” Spinning on her heel, she started toward her phone. She would call the sheriff, and get him to come down, and get Rage out of her apartment.

“Stop storming away from me. I’m not going to disappear just because you don’t like what I’ve got to say.” He grabbed her arm, pushing her against the wall.

“I hate you.”

“No, what you don’t like is that I’m right. You ever had a man fuck you until you can’t walk properly for days? Where your voice is hoarse from screaming from orgasm?”

“Get off me. That stuff doesn’t exist.”

She tried to push him off her, and they fought until Rage had her hands pressed against the wall.

“We’ll see about that.”

Before she got the chance to stop him, his lips descended on hers, slamming against them. She gasped at the impact, opening her lips, and Rage took full advantage, pressing his tongue inside. Penny stopped fighting him as heat spilled between her legs. Closing her eyes, she tried to press close to him.

Rage deepened the kiss, releasing her hands to sink one into her hair, and with the other he cupped her hip.

Penny didn’t push him away though. She grabbed his hair and held him tightly to her as she kissed him with same kind of passion that he was her. She’d never had a crush on Rage, never really liked him, but in that moment, she didn’t want to let him go. No other man had aroused her from one single kiss.

When Rage finally pulled away, they were both panting. His lips were red, and she imagined hers were as well. 

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 4th Feb 2016

Penny is an average woman with no expectations from life other than what she puts into it. Family and the men she’s dated have disappointed her. In fact, she’s on a dating hiatus since her past boyfriends have been less than stellar. As an erotic author, her imagination is all she needs since she is getting absolutely no practical experience. She has a job she loves, friends and an awesome apartment. What more could she want? Rage is a sweetheart when it comes to Penny. And only Penny. MC VP is not a position one reaches by being a pushover. He’s had his eye on Penny for years and has been biding his time. He’s protected her from afar, provided her with more than she knows and doesn’t want her to know since she wouldn’t accept what he’s giving. Until it’s time to claim what has been his since the first time he saw her. A little possessive, Rage is a take-no-prisoners sort. I like that in a guy, but he was a little pushy sometimes. The dialog was sexy but sometimes I wasn’t feeling the chemistry even though all the components were present. The side story of Penny's sister and brother-in-law kind of vexed me; didn’t see the need for it. The world building as far as the MC was a little sketchy but I got the picture; you don’t mess with these people. A little violent at times with some themes that might disturb some. All in all, I enjoyed the story of Rage and Penny and appreciated the ending.

Written by undefined on 11th Jan 2016

The chemistry between the main characters was very hot. I found myself having a hard time putting this book up. I stayed up way too late reading it. I didn't give it 5 stars because Rage is kind of a jerk at times.

Reviews @TRS
Written by Shannon on 4th Dec 2015

It’s time. Rage has known for a long time that Penny would be his old lady but he has held back since she isn’t club property. He does get to see her regularly since she is the sister of one of his MC brother’s wives. That all changes when Penny becomes fed up with her sister and brother-in-law’s relationship. Rage isn’t about to let Penny go. He’s going to claim her as his. Penny doesn’t want a biker for a husband. After watching her brother-in-law cheat with club women, she is convinced that she can’t trust a biker to be faithful. Rage isn’t going to be denied by his woman. He will storm her walls and break down her will by exploring her every fantasy and desire, making sure she understands that her happiness is his concern. Danger is stalking the Saints and Sinners MC. A rival gang has taken Penny. Rage and his brothers won’t stop until they get her back and every rival is dead. But will Penny still be his? Or will she run from the violence? No matter what genre author Sam Crescent is writing in I seriously know one thing: I have to have that book and I really can’t wait to start reading it. It would be quite fine with me if highly erotic and always entertaining author would have a book out once a week and I could get my weekly Sam Crescent fix. That being said, the first in her new series Saints and Sinners MC is a fierce tale of raging passion between a dark and dangerous hero and a heroine who is strong and sassy enough to go head to head with. This is an above the bar MC story that is sure to rev up the readers engines and have them holding on tight for dear life page after page. It is almost impossible to tear one’s attention away from this emotionally riveting tale. The romance and the drama keeps moving forward at a rapid pace, and with the most surprising twists, the reader will be left a little breathless and highly satisfied. The sexy banter between Rage and Penny is delicious and infectious and the sex is exhilarating and wild with lots of sexy heat that is sure to please. Watching Rage storm Penny’s walls and capture her heart will in turn capture the reader’s heart. It’s actually highly romantic the way Rage proves over and over again his love and commitment to Penny and their relationship. With her writing style Ms. Crescent has the ability to make me feel like I am part of this dramatic, dark, and twisted story that is so wonderful that I can’t help begging for more of the Saints and Sinners MC.

Long and Short Reviews
Written by completedreviews on 5th Nov 2015

Giving It To The Biker is the first book in a new and exciting biker series from Sam Crescent. It’s a really good romance and it sets up an intricate club dynamic and introduces a new crew of kick arse alpha bikers and their sassy babes. Rage was the VP of Saints and Sinners MC. He was a genuine bad arse, and he had his eye and his protection on Penny for a while. Of course, Penny was oblivious and didn’t want to hook up with anyone from the club because she didn’t believe a biker could be faithful. She had no interest in ending up broken hearted and cheated on like her sister Melissa. Now, readers know that things are never what they seem in a Sam Crescent book. Rage wasn’t like her brother in law and he was done waiting around for Penny to come to him. The writing was very good in this book. It was fast paced, intriguing and the series setup was excellent. As always, the sex was dirty, wild and Rage was an alpha male who took command in the bedroom, shower and everywhere in between. “This pussy, it belongs to me. It’s mine. The moment you let me inside, you lost the right to claim it as your own.” In my opinion the best part of this story was Rage. He was an alpha in charge but he wasn’t a jerk about it to Penny. He knew fidelity was a deal breaker so he waited on her so that set him apart from most heroes in this genre. Not only that but he didn’t play games and was actually sweet toward Penny. “Penny Gilmore, I am in love with you, and I have been for a long time.” I was very pleased with this book and going forward into the series I am excited for what seems to be happening in the next book. There was some tension with a rival club and I can’t wait for Pipe and Elena’s book. I look forward to it.

Written by Amazon Customer on 16th Oct 2015

Just gets better cannot wait for the next one loved it. Now I don't have anything to read since in done with this one lol

Thank you Sam !!
Written by avid reader on 16th Oct 2015

A hot alpha male biker taking what he wants. What's not to like?!! A plain Jane girl getting the sexy guy. Yep. That's for me. Sam Crescent does it again. Love her work .

Giving it to the biker rocks
Written by Stiletto Heels on 13th Oct 2015

What can I say. Beautiful MC love story. Hardcore biker determined to have helpless romantic girl. Too bad I can only give 5 stars. Spectacular writing, great storyline. I think I have a new book bf. Rage was so loving. Lord, I wanted to be Penny. Must read. Great work! Bravo.

This one was another quick read of a Hot Alpha Male Biker Rage who wanted Penny (a club member's wife's sister
Written by Fay on 13th Oct 2015

Sam Crescent is a definite plus for me, any book I will read of hers. This one was another quick read of a Hot Alpha Male Biker Rage who wanted Penny (a club member's wife's sister) What I loved about this book was that Rage knew that Penny didn't want to be with a member of the club who couldn't be faithful to her, so he waited to prove to her that he can be faithful, but when she didn't make a move he went and got her. My type of book. And typical biker he just moved on in until she couldn't deny her feelings for him. Melissa and Pea what a messed up relationship!! Awesome loved it. Thank you Sam Crescent for a ARC copy of this book. Can't wait for the next one.

Loved it!
Written by Rochelle on 12th Oct 2015

This was a awesome story. The storyline was very enjoyable, it drew me in from start to finish. I loved the characters. Rage is a strong, possessive, and dangerous guy. I mean who doesn't like a rugged alpha male who likes to take control, but at the same time he was very protective and caring towards Penny. Penny is very loving and sweet but she's also loyal and has a naughty side to her. They made a really sweet couple. There were a few things that didn't quiet add up during the story but nothing too serious. This is one of the best biker stories I've read and I'm really looking forward to Pipe and Elena's story. Great start to a new series. Overall a really enjoyable read!

Written by Lauren Stryker on 12th Oct 2015

I loved this book it was AMAZING!! Sam had done it again I loved Rage and Penny they were an amazing couple! Rage sigh... He was all alpha, head over heels in love with Penny, and willing to do anything and everything for his woman. I can't wait for the next book in this series! This is a must have read and I could not put it down, I read this book in one sitting it was that good! This was a very hot read

Loved It!
Written by Becky on 12th Oct 2015

I love her MC story's that there's more romance then violence. This book differently had the the romance.. Just a enough violence and a couple of oh my gosh no moments to make it exciting. Penny and Rage were great. The only question I have is how old are they? Can't wait for the next book. Oh and the sex was hot. Alpha male all the way! Loved it

Short but sweet
Written by Kelly Scott on 10th Oct 2015

Penny is a firebrand and more than enough woman to catch and hold onto Rage; even if she doesn't know that Rage is interested. Glad to see the author throw a wrench in the usual recipe of man likes woman/woman likes man/they get together. Penny has no idea Rage is interested and she has never looked at him in that way. And boy are these two hot together. Sound proofed walls--yes ma'am

Excellent Read!
Written by Amazon Customer on 10th Oct 2015

Sam Crescent is a superb writer who creates an edgy world with alpha men and the women willing to stand by their sides. Well worth the read and I cannot wait for Elena's story.

Must Read!!
Written by ChrisS on 10th Oct 2015

Awesome start to a new series. It started off great and kept on going. I too wish the drama would've lasted longer but it did not take away from the story. You will not regret reading this. Buy Now!!

Good Read
Written by Amanda on 9th Oct 2015

I really like this enough to write a review.I do wish the drama was a bit longer. It's good read I promise contrary to what I'm about to write.I kinda want to give a lower review bc I read a lot I mean a lot of Sam Crescent and I'm getting a bit annoyed and tired of hearing about the Heroine being a big girl aka a size 16 big thighs big a** big boobs ect ect. How the hero hates the club pu**y being skinny but they f**k them. Now I think all women are beautiful in there own way skinny women, muffin top mom's, tall, short just mix it up already other women need love too so Sam give it to us Please. But I love her stories and she puts them out so frequently so she's on my to buy list.

4 stars
Written by Marty C. on 9th Oct 2015

'Giving It to the Biker' is an awesome read. Rage (the VP) has been in lust with Penny for several years. When she's old enough, he decides to pursue her but having seen the relationship between her sister and Pea (a member of the MC) she has no interest in it. Rage does not give up and we slowly see him tear down her walls. Throughout the story we see a softer, sweeter side of Rage that Penny falls in love with. **SPOILER ALERT** I wasn't sure whether or not we would see any suspense or action in the story but at almost the very end the author comes through with some pretty good stuff :)

Written by Amazon Customer on 8th Oct 2015

This was a fantastic read 5 stars. Rage and Penny wow with their dirty talking you can image what they are going.This was a fantastic read! This book we’re talking an A+ read here! It starts out quick so that you’re right into the thick of it all and it just keeps you turning those pages to see what’s going to happen. Don’t start this book in the evening unless you’re a fast reader.Rage is so intense and not afraid to tell Penny that he loves her. He’s just one amazing alpha. I can't wait for more from the Saints and Sinners MC!

Five Stars
Written by Kindle Customer on 8th Oct 2015

Love it love it love it.....this was a really good book.

Adore Rage
Written by Neringa on 8th Oct 2015

That was incredible start into new series. The story just drawn me in from the first page. I devaured it really fast. I so loved Rage. Love is not enough word to describe it. He was so hardcore hot! All alpha man. Who saw the woman who was his 'the one' and went after her. He was sweet in his biker way, sexy and so devoted. I just can't find words enough to describe how wonderful he is. He really become my one of the best book boyfriends. I would live to read more about him. You just need to read it. And not just put it on your TBR list. But read immediately. You gonna adore it.