Goldie Locks and the Three Brothers Bear by Pumpkin Spice

Heat Level 3
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The Amāre Tales, 2

In the merry village of Amāre, love isn’t just the town’s namesake it’s a way of life.

When Goldie Locks unexpectedly meets the three brothers Bear, she's in for the ride of her life. She soon discovers that oldest brother, Dylan, is charming, but too passive. Youngest brother, Camden, is attractive, but much too aggressive. But the middle brother, Hayden, with his brooding eyes and delicious body—well he’s just right.

Be Warned: bondage



Goldie sat with her legs crisscrossed just like the stack of firewood, and I sat opposite her. She handed me my wine glass, and I tilted it toward hers.

“To mistaken homes, mismanaged meals, and mishaps at midnight,” I said.

She threw her head back and laughed. Her beautiful, swollen lips curved into a smile. “To better endings.” Our glasses briefly chimed against one another.

When she drank, wine dripped down her chin. I leaned over and gently dabbed the streak from her face. “Should I take you to the ER?”

She shook her head. “Trauma.”

“The trauma unit?” My voice sounded as hysterical as I suddenly felt.

She grinned and sucked in her bottom lip. “Swollen lips are typically caused by trauma to the mouth.”

“I didn't mean to, you know, punch you. I was aiming for the door.”

“Well, if you can’t share a concussion with your loved one, what can you share?”

“I caused a concussion?” My tone had moved from hysterical to frenzied.

Goldie erupted into laughter. She held her side and started to sway again. Her honey-colored wine sloshed back and forth in her goblet like liquid gold.

“Are you all right?” I said and nervously laughed, which only made her laugh harder. “You don’t really have a concussion, do you?”

She held her glass toward me. I quickly placed my glass on the ledge of the fireplace and grabbed hers. As soon as she was free of her wineglass, she leaned over and broke out into, what could only be described as a fit of giggles.

“Yeah, okay, I get it.” I placed her glass on the fire place beside mine. “Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny. Make fun of the guy who punched you. Nice.”

At that comment, she only laughed harder. She stopped momentarily to point her finger at me and widen her beautiful green eyes. “You did! You punched me!”

I shook my head. “It was an accident.”

But more laughter ensued. She barely came up for air when she looked at me with her purple, bruised lips, and then I began laughing. “I’m sorry,” I said. “But those lips. Not so sexy.”

She leaned over and looked at her reflection in the glass fireplace screen and howled. “Oh, my gosh! I look awful!”

“I know! You do!”

She leaned into me, and I leaned against her until we were laughing so hard we collapsed back on the blanket. We could barely breathe. With our hands on our stomachs, trying to catch our breath the fire warmed my feet and Goldie’s laughter still seemed to echo in my ears.

“Well, this was probably the worst date night of my life,” I said staring at the high ceiling in her house that looked like pixie dust had been scattered across it. It sparkled and shone like stars in the evening sky. Everything in Goldie’s house was magical.

Goldie elbowed me. “Ah, get over it, Bear. This was a great night. How many times do you get to hit on your brother’s date?” She elbowed me again—only harder. “I mean, literally.”

“Ah, thanks, Locks.” I turned my head to her. “Didn’t think I could feel any worse about my night.” But she was grinning so wildly it was devastatingly cute. I shook my head and rolled my eyes for good measure.

She leaned over and kissed me quickly.

I playfully wiped my mouth with the sleeve of my shirt. “Ew, get those big lips off me.”

She attempted to swat my arm, but I grabbed her wrist before she made contact. I raised an eyebrow. “Gotta be faster than that, Goldie. Us Bears are quick when we smell honey.” I leaned toward her and started flirtatiously sniffing her neck. Her head turned toward my nose.

“Oh, that tickles.” She wiggled beside me.

“This?” I said coyly panting and snorting like a big bear. She twisted and giggled, but couldn’t get away because I still held her wrist. I continued to huff and puff like a hungry bear, but the smell of nectar on her neck, the warmth of her skin against mine, and the fire crackling and snapping before us was like a hot command for passion. All the elements were in place including my desire that drove my mouth to nibble her delicate earlobe.

She stopped squirming beside me and started turning into me. “Oh, Hayden.”

My tongue trailed her earlobe down her neck. I softly kissed the hollow of her collarbone and gently buried my nose in the warmth richness of her hair that awakened my senses and my appetite. Goldie’s hair smelled like raspberries and champagne.

“I don’t know what you bathe in,” I said with my mouth pressed against the tender nape of her neck and my hand still wrapped around her wrist, pinning her to the blanket. “But I want to immerse myself in you.”

I didn’t even think before I spoke, and suddenly I wished I hadn’t. I closed my eyes tightly. But then she stirred beside me.

“If you like how I smell, imagine how I taste.”

I think I stopped breathing. Game on.

I slowly made my way to the opening of her silky pajamas. She arched toward me, and her cleavage sprang my cock to life. My mouth didn’t wait to see if it could unbutton the top button. I held her wrist with one hand and tried to unbutton her top with the other, but the buttons were small and my coordination with one hand wasn’t that great. I started to let go of her wrist when she shook her head.

“No,” she said. “Rip it.”

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I loved the ugly stepsister description
Written by Mary Kubichek on 5th May 2016

This is the second Pumpkin Spice book that I have read and I can't wait for the third. I want to own the yellow dress that Goldie wore.I have lusted after the dress Cher wore in Moonstruck in the same way. I want to eat that fondue dish. I wish the author had included a recipe so that I could make it at home. I want to try that drink. I wish I could order it off Amazon. I loved the ugly stepsister description, ugly on the inside, ugly on the inside. The girls' night out was so fun. Pumkin Spice nails the Goldie's and Middle Bear's chemistry. And many of us have a bad bear in our family, so I get baby bear. And most of us with many sibliblings have had the socially challenged older bear. I have never had sex under the table in a public place, it was erotic. Keep writing Miss Pumpkin Spice.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Bookfreak on 4th Feb 2016

When Goldie walks into her room to find a man sleeping in her bed, she calls the cops, and makes the news. Queue in Hayden, a news reporter of the highest esteem (sort of!), he is off to be the first one to report on Ms. Goldie Locks’ home invasion. Only, this invasion turns out to be a family affair, as its Hayden’s brother that has slept in Goldie’s bed. As Goldie meets all three Bear brother’s she finds out that the youngest is attractive but too aggressive, the oldest is charming but too passive. But Hayden, perhaps he’s just the right amount of sexy Bear! Review: While this book is not advertised as a ménage, and the synopsis doesn’t say anything about a ménage, I went into this expecting a ménage book. Perhaps I’ve become used to the idea of erotic romance retelling's of Goldie Locks and the three Bears as being a ménage story, but every other retelling I’ve read, the three bears and Goldie get together perfectly. Needless to say, my expectations were stabbed and thrown out the window when I realized that Goldie only really wanted one brother bear, and that was Hayden. So, just so you know, no ménages. But there is bondage and kink which was a definite pus! Getting past the whole three bears thing, this book was really cute and insanely funny. The amount of fairytale puns contained in this short book was terribly awesome and cracked me up every time! I have not read the first book in the series (it’s on my to-do list) but you don’t really need to read them as a series. I had no problem following the story and it didn’t feel like I was missing any information. The three brothers were written so differently that it was a little too much. To differentiate the brother bears I think that the author could have toned down the fact that they were all so drastically different. Another thing that I wasn’t particularly fond of was the point of view switch. I have no problem with changing who is speaking at any given time, but a little warning would have been nice. My one major criticism of this book is that you have no idea who is speaking. In the beginning, you are left in the dark until it’s mentioned who it is. SO the reader is left wondering who this person is, what their name is, and what role do they play in the entire plot. Without something to let the reader know that the voice is changing, they are left in the dark as to who is speaking until there is some clue within the writing. After a while you catch on to the changes but in the beginning it’s very disorienting. Other than that though, I really loved the humor in this book and would definitely continue reading the series to see what happens to the smaller characters mentioned in this book!

Fairy tales are fun again!
Written by Dana Volney on 22nd Jan 2016

Fairy tales are fun again! Goldie Locks and the Three Brothers Bear is a great addition to Ms. Spice's stories set in the town of Amare. Who wouldn't want three hot men who own a winery to be into them only to find the one who is justttttt right? I really enjoyed this story: how Goldie handled herself throughout (she was very likeable from the start), the glimpse of other characters from past stories (and hopefully future!), and the sexiness of Hayden. It is a well written, fast read and I was entertained the entire way through. I can't wait for the next one!

Very creative and well written, Goldie Locks and the Three Brothers Bear is not too sexy and not too sweet …. it’s just right.
Written by Jami Wagner on 19th Jan 2016

Goldie Locks and the Three Brothers Bear is the much appreciated adult version of the how the story goes. This one is steamy, intriguing, and an all-around entertaining read. One of the things I loved most about this story was the way the author brought in more than one fairy tale for fun. The way the entire town of Amare was filled with these characters, I found the entire thing to be pretty darn clever. The small part of the little mermaid was my favorite part! It was honestly maybe five lines total but I was thinking, “Oh that’s good!” Now imagine the entire book filled with those moments. Goldie was a fun character and she’s probably the most understanding character, also. The brothers were perfectly made to be the opposites of each other. At first I thought, I would have liked more of this and less of this but then I occurred to me, it was done intentionally to display the brothers personalities. Very creative and well written, Goldie Locks and the Three Brothers Bear is not too sexy and not too sweet …. it’s just right.