Grayscale by Rebecca Brochu

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Spectrum, 1

As a Chroma agent, one of the elite operatives for the Spectrum Intelligence Agency, Jonah Gray was skilled enough to handle most anything that came his way. If not, Jonah knew he could always rely on his handler, the clever Mr. Fox, to pull him through. Drawn to the seductive voice and commanding strength of the man on the other end of the line, Jonah wavers between his attraction to his handler and the knowledge that handlers and operatives are never supposed to meet. 

Then a mission goes horribly wrong and Jonah finds himself on the wrong end of a kill order. With Jonah on the run, both handler and operative are desperate to finally meet so they can face this new threat head on. Together they struggle to discover who wants Jonah dead while they finally take the opportunity to embrace the passion that has always simmered between them.

Be Warned: m/m sex



“Are your eyes closed?”  Silas asked him quieter than before, softer and gentler.

“Yes Sir.”  Jonah felt vulnerable in that moment, in a way he thought he’d left behind a long time ago.  To distract himself a bit he let his hands come down to rest on his stomach, let his fingers slide gently over the skin there, but no lower.  He didn’t have permission for that yet, after all.

“I’ve got you,” Silas promised almost as if he could tell what Jonah was feeling without even being able to see him. “You’re safe with me remember?  You can relax and trust me Jonah.  You can trust me to keep you safe, to tell you what to do.  You can trust me with all of that.  With all of you.”      

“I know.  I do.”  Jonah fought back the swell of emotions in his chest as the mixture of devotion and affection that he always felt towards Silas threatened to burst free.  Slowly, deliberately, he inhaled again.  Exhaled.  Inhaled, exhaled, repeated it until he felt himself even out, felt himself center.

“Good.”  Silas said it roughly, voice ragged in a way that let Jonah know just how much his admittance meant to Silas.  “I wish I could see you right now.  You’re gorgeous Jonah, you know that don’t you?  I bet you’re beautiful the way you are right now, laid back on that bed with your eyes closed, cock hard and body open.  I bet you’re perfect.  I’ve always thought you would be.  Ever since the first time I saw you.”

Jonah’s eyes flew open in stunned surprise before he slammed them shut again.  Silas’s voice was ragged but honest, deep and thick with that hot, honey drawl that Jonah loved so much.

“You’ve seen me?”  The thought that Silas had seen him, knew what he looked like, and so obviously approved, made Jonah feel slightly giddy with a mixture of pride and relief.

“Oh yes.”  Silas sounded amused for a moment then.  “I’ve seen you many times Jonah.  I am your handler after all.  I’ve read your file, seen videos.  Sometimes I watch you on the security cameras on missions.  You’re a thing of beauty, Jonah.  All lethal grace and power that draws the eye.  Even when you’re off mission, even when you’re wandering around whatever city or town you decide to spend your time in, you’re still fascinating.  Captivating.”

“And do I?”  Jonah couldn’t help but ask.  He needed to know, burned to know for certain whether or not the fascination he felt was mutual.  “Do I captivate you?”

“Completely,” Silas admitted quietly and with that sort of brutal honesty in his voice that Jonah adored.

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Next book
Written by Velia on 5th Mar 2023

Just read Greyscale loved it cannot find next one?

Still waiting for the sequel
Written by Margaret on 7th Sep 2018

Got this back in 2015 when it was published, love it and it left me waiting for more. Still waiting for the sequel, sigh.

Coffee Time Romance
Written by Lototy on 7th Jun 2015

Spectrum’s Chroma operatives like Jonah Gray are the highest skilled and deadliest killers in the country. It takes nerves of steel to do what Jonah does, but he would be lost without that soft commanding voice in his ear. It is a handler’s job to see to their agent’s safety, which Silas Fox takes very seriously. Nothing will harm his agent if he has any say in the matter, so it is up to him to make sure every mission is coordinated down to the smallest detail. The bond between a handler and his agent is so symbiotic it is almost as though they are one being, which is why Jonah feels completely secure in Mr. Fox’s hands. When a mission goes south, and both Jonah and Silas are targeted, it is even more imperative that they work together. Getting to meet in person is a dream come true for Jonah, because there is no one on earth that means more to him than his Mr. Fox. The threat of danger puts a fine edge on the relationship between Jonah and Silas. Two men who are so incredibly skilled and intelligent are attractive to begin with, but put them together and it is off the charts. I love the slow seduction Silas builds with nothing more than his voice. So much so, you feel it right along with Jonah. This is only the beginning for Spectrum, and I am sure that whatever comes next will be well worth the wait. - See more at:

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 21st Apr 2015

Jonah and Silas were fantastic, well developed characters. I love how dominant Silas was even though he was only a voice in Jonah’s ear. The sex was really freaking good. Could have used more details but I’m greedy. Then comes the plot, the twists which were also fabulous! Secret agent being hunted. Good guys that aren’t so good. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series. Grayscale is a rush of action and romance.

Written by Kenna Nauenburg on 14th Apr 2015

I have never read anything like this before. Spy novels? Yes! Manlove novels? Hell yes! Manlove spy novels? Nope, and I am so happy that I found this book. The blurb intrigued me, and the cover is so hot that I just had to one click. Oh. My. GOD! "Grayscale" is one of the most erotic books I've ever read. It gave me goose bumps. I swear I could hear Mr. Fox's voice in my ear as I was reading. I could practically feel his touch. My heart pounded, and other parts of me started pounding too ;-) Pushing aside the sex (which was AMAZING), I was treated to a really excellent action thriller. Danger and intrigue were around every corner, and I was caught up right away. I found the ending to be incredibly satisfying, and if there are sequels or new installments, I will be first in line to purchase them. You definitely should check this one out.