Gunner's Obsession by Winter Sloane

Heat Level 3
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Ruthless Reapers MC, 4

Paige Wilcox just wants to keep her head above the water. She barely freed herself from the clutches of a monster, so staying safe is Paige’s number one priority. She never expected to run into her first love. Gunner’s rougher, darker, and a patched member of the Ruthless Reapers MC. Trusting one man almost ruined her but Paige soon discovers that under Gunner’s savage persona, lurks a protective and sweet side.

When his lost love shows up back in town, Gunner is ecstatic. When Paige left all those years ago, she also left Gunner with a broken heart. Paige is no longer the sweet and innocent girl he knew. She now hides scars both inside and out. Gunner’s determined to convince her that she’s meant to be his old lady. When the monster from her past resurfaces, Gunner needs to pull out all the stops or risk losing Paige.



“Come over after work. I’ll make us dinner. I’ll text you the address to my apartment,” she said unthinkingly.

Gunner gave her a slow, lazy smile. “That’s not necessary. I know where you live.”

“You do?” she asked, her heart racing a little faster.

“I trailed you at a distance the past three nights. The neighborhood you live in isn’t safe.”

Gunner had always been possessive. Should she get mad at him for only caring about her well-being? She didn’t refute his statement.

Paige knew what kind of neighborhood she lived in, but she couldn’t afford an apartment in the safer parts of town. Still, Gunner always seemed to know every little thing about her. Should that concern her?

“Paige, I need to confirm that you’re asking me out on a dinner date,” Gunner told her. That made her relax.

“I’m ready to take this to the next level,” she answered. “Part of me is saying it’s too soon, but I don’t want to regret missing out on what could be. You understand?”

“I understand very well.” He leaned over the counter, then tipped her chin using two fingers. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this moment?”

“This moment?” she asked, feeling stupid.

His face was so close. She was a little annoyed the counter stood between them, but that was all right. Gunner leaned in close and brushed his lips over her.

The kiss started slow. He explored her mouth at first, taking his time. God. She’d forgotten how good he was at this. She clutched the lapels of his cut and kissed him back fiercely. She wanted, no, needed Gunner to know she was no longer the apprehensive and unsure girl he’d known.

Paige had been a virgin when she met him. Gunner had taught her everything she needed to know about love and sex. She was no longer a passive participant waiting on him to do the next move. When he thrust his tongue down her throat, she sucked hard on it.

Gunner groaned when he parted from the kiss. “You’re worth the wait,” he said, peeling himself away from the counter. “I’ll see you tonight.”


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Gunner's Obsession
Written by Regina K on 5th Mar 2023

Paige is running from her ex husband and an abusive marriage, she decides to go back from the small town she’s from. Gunner is the mam whose heart was broke by Paige years ago. Can they regain what they lost and stay safe? I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

A second chance if they fight for it
Written by LFBooks on 20th Dec 2022

Gunner's Obsession is the fourth book in the Ruthless Reapers MC series. This was a solidly good read that is filled with suspense, danger, action, romance, a possessive and protective alpha who is zeroed in on the one woman he knows is meant for him, and a lot more. Paige and Gunner have a history together but went their separate ways. Now that she has left her husband behind and wants to start over Gunner finds his way to her and a possible future together. But when the past collides with the present Gunner is going to have to fight to keep his future.

A marvelous read...
Written by Isa Dal. on 1st Dec 2022

Gunner's Obsession is an enthralling, steamy and gripping MC book that has bewitched me from the very beginning. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone! If you're looking for an easy to follow, hot, steamy, sexy, smooth flowing read that captures your attention from the start. Congratulations my friends you've found it. The characters and scenes are realistic and believable. Twists and turns and unpredictable surprises that kept my eyes on the pages and on the edge of my seat. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

❤️❤️❤️ Gunner and Paige ❤️❤️❤️
Written by DebinOkla on 30th Nov 2022

❤️❤️❤️ Gunner and Paige ❤️❤️❤️ Awesome book! Definitely worth reading. This whole series is great! Winter Sloane does an awesome job telling Gunner and Paiges story. It has enough back story to explain their past history and then tells their story. Great book and series to read!

Written by Angel Joy on 30th Nov 2022

Love reading mc romances and I am loving this series. I cannot wait to see what happens next. good read and romance.

Gunner's Obsession
Written by TracyaH1976 on 30th Nov 2022

Gunner's Obsession Book 4 of Ruthless Reapers MC Winter Sloane The story of Paige and Gunner is exciting and romantic as well as spicy. I really enjoyed the story. Great read.

Gunner and Paige
Written by Maleficent on 30th Nov 2022

Paige needed a place to start over after divesting herself of her monster of an ex-husband. She is back in her hometown, figuring it was the safest place to be. She did not expect to run in to Gunner, her first love. He is now a patched member of the Ruthless Reapers MC. Can she trust him after everything she went thru with Richard? Gunner knew Paige was the only one for him, he kept tabs on her over the years she was gone. When she shows back up in Grace he is ecstatic, this is his shot to finally get his girl. When the past rears its ugly head, it will be Gunner that will need to protect her.

Loved It!
Written by kdavis on 30th Nov 2022

This was so very good. I love Gunner and Paige. Gunner never forgot Paige and was thrilled when he saw her enter the bookstore. Paige had just moved back to her hometown from a horrible marriage to an abusive, twisted husband. After all this time Paige and Gunner find their second chance together and are very happy. Then trouble comes calling. There was action, violence, suspense, romance, passion and love. They were perfect together. I wish there had been an epilogue about Paige and the baby.

Written by Nate on 30th Nov 2022

I enjoyed Gunner & Paige’s book. When his lost love shows up back in town, Gunner is ecstatic. When Paige left all those years ago, she also left Gunner with a broken heart. Paige is no longer the sweet and innocent girl he knew. She now hides scars both inside and out.

Written by xo2read on 30th Nov 2022

This is the 4th book in this author’s Ruthless Reaper’s series. This story revolves around Paige and Gunner. Paige is Gunner’s first love that he hasn’t seen for ages. She escapes an abusive marriage with a little blackmail and decides to go home. Her parents are horrible people who stopped talking to her because she left a marriage that gave them connections. Even though Paige broke his heart, Gunner still loves her. Paige’s past comes back to haunt her and thankfully Gunner is there to watch out for her. While this isn’t my favorite writing style it was a decent book, however I wish we had seen the end and could know if they had success or not.

Written by Amd2662 on 30th Nov 2022

Childhood sweethearts. Gunner/Paige. MC member/Former mayor's daughter. Betrayal. Infidelity. Domestic abuse. Blackmail. Divorce. Escape. Determination. Happiness. Sadness. Terror. Entertaining story and wonderful characters. Love. HEA. Page Turner.

I'll be back for more!
Written by Kmhall on 30th Nov 2022

Loving this series and it keeps getting better with every book I read! I cannot help but love and crave these characters, so much so that I just fall into their story's. Who doesn't love a good MC romance? And this author does it so well that it just leaves me coming back for more! And I will be back for more from this author!

MC Steaminess
Written by Booklvr891 on 30th Nov 2022

I'm a sucker for MC romances, I mean the bikers are typically rough and tough guys that can't be tamed until they meet their leading lady. In this case, this is their second chance at a love lost. So worth the read my friends!!

So good!
Written by Flavia Karina on 30th Nov 2022

So good! I love second chances, and the whole coming home thing... Paige comes back, after living a life of torment and finds in her former love all the strength she needs to change her destiny. I really loved Gunner and everything he stands for. Steamy and sweet, it hooks you up from start to finish

Liked it.
Written by Sherry on 30th Nov 2022

I really enjoyed reading this book. The plot was well written and flows nicely throughout the book. Loads of MC action and suspense. The main couple had very intense and sexy chemistry between them. I would recommend this book to others.

Fourth book doesn’t disappoint
Written by Heather7170 on 19th Nov 2022

This book is fast paced, great story and awesome storyline. This is the fourth book in the series and doesn’t disappoint. Gunner and Paige were childhood sweethearts. Gunner has always wanted Paige, but she married someone else. Gunner vows to help Paige get away from her Ex who is a not so nice guy. After everything that happens can they finally get their HEA?

Great story
Written by Kurtins-R on 19th Nov 2022

This was a fun second chance romance for two great characters. Gunner never forgot his first love and Paige, well, she felt she had to make choices per her parents' directions and married someone else. It had a bit of suspense but you could feel how much the two characters cared for one another. I did think it could have been a bit longer but overall a good story.

Paige and Gunner
Written by S. Hansen on 19th Nov 2022

I loved Gunner's Obsession: Book 4 of Ruthless Reapers MC. Paige has escaped her abusive ex-husband and returned to her hometown Grace. She wasn’t expecting to run into her ex boyfriend whose heart she broke but Gunner isn’t letting her go this time, he’s playing for keeps. Gunner knows that he has to earn Paige’s trust as she is scared but he’s determined to have the love of his life and keep her safe. When her ex returns he vows to protect her, will he get there in time? Such a great storyline and lovable characters. I really enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it.

Written by Irene Talbert on 19th Nov 2022

This is the fourth book in the Ruthless Reapers MC series. It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish. This is a story about a h and H who have a past history of being in love when they were younger and now they are back in each others lives. But, the h past has come to cause chaos in their lives. Read to find out what happens.

Gunner’s Obsession
Written by Stacii on 19th Nov 2022

Paige and Gunner’s story is a MC one that has them together prior to her coming back after she leaves the brute who abused her. When Gunner sees her she is scared to get involved with any man again but with him she will be protected and when the ex shows up he will do everything to see her safe.

She's left him years ago and ended up with a monster. She's back and he still wants her to be his.
Written by Yvette99 on 18th Nov 2022

Paige's ex was not a good man. When she comes back to her home town after leaving him, she finds that her first love is still there and still wants her. He's now a patched member of the Ruthless Reapers MC but is still the man she knew so long ago. Can she trust again and give Gunner a chance? Very good book! This is the 3rd book I have read in the series and I already have the 4th to read. It's a great series and if you love tough guys with a heart underneath the muscles and tattoos, you'll love these books while they fight to protect or keep the women in their lives.

Second Chances
Written by De'Anna on 18th Nov 2022

This is part of the Ruthless Reapers MC series each book can be read as a standalone with an overprotective sexy and the girl who captures all the attention. Gunner and Paige loved each other but she walked away breaking his heart moving away and married another man. Her husband was a man with money who has been allowed to get away with everything including beating her, making her life a living hell and finely she found enough to blackmail him into giving her the divorce, but we all know jerks don’t like to be beat at their own game. Paige heads home knowing it is a possibility she may run into her first love Gunner a now patched member and when she does the attraction is still just as intense as it uses to be and the magnetic pull is even stronger and realizing all she has been through knowing he will do everything in his power to protect her keeping her safe so when her jerk ex. husband comes wanting revenge will he keep her safe, will they snatch the second chance fate has given them, and is this their time to find happiness?

New beginnings
Written by Reader62 on 17th Nov 2022

Paige, having divorced her vile husband returns to her home town. Time for a new start and a chance to get her confidence steps. Gunner is delighted to see her, the girl he has never forgotten and the one against no ther compared. Young lovers now re united, a fresh start but Richard still lurks in the background, but no match, in every way to Gunner

Obsession of many levels
Written by Kwallywoman on 17th Nov 2022

Paige just wanted to start life over. After divorcing he crappy husband she moved back home. Gunner never got over his first love Paige. When Paige's ex tries to come back in her life, can they both survive.

Obsession leads to 2nd chance
Written by RahiaLeight on 17th Nov 2022

Fast read. Well put together. Part of me wishes for an extended epilogue so we get a sense of how her news before the proposal plays out, but it closes nicely even without it. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Loved This Second Chance Romance
Written by Doris on 17th Nov 2022

Paige had walked out on Gunner years ago and now she’s back in her small hometown which is home to the Ruthless Reapers MC of which Gunner is a member of. After making a mistake marrying a horrible man with connections and money Paige finally found a way to blackmail him in order for him to set her free…but at what cost. After surviving years of verbal and physical abuse Paige is trying to find a new life for herself. When Gunner spots Paige he just knows that there are still feelings left and he can only hope that Paige feels the same way. This book was packed with drama and best of all a woman finding herself all over again with the help of a hot alpha biker. I fell in love with Paige and Gunner and I was so happy that they were able to get their HEA.

Written by Alexis H on 17th Nov 2022

Paige and Gunner. The story was an enjoyable read. Character development was on point.I found the story to be straight to the point without the frills in the middle. Exactly the book I needed as a working mom.

Gunner and Paige
Written by weaveswife on 17th Nov 2022

I love this MC. It is full of honorable men. Gunner is one of them. Paige is back in town, the one that got away, the only woman he ever loved. He makes it his mission to keep her this time and plays for keeps. Poor Paige has been through the ringer. She divorced her abusive husband very recently. I loved both characters. Paige didn't whine and wasn't annoying. She was tough and open to falling in love with Gunner despite what she had been through. I loved the whole book.

Small Town History
Written by MandyH on 17th Nov 2022

Gunner's Obsession is Paige and Gunner's HEA. Paige divorced her abusive ex husband and moved back to the small town of her birth. The small town where she walked away from her highschool sweetheart many years ago. Gunner never left and he never forgot Paige. Now she's back and he's going to make her his forever.

Fun and steamy second chance romance
Written by LBing on 17th Nov 2022

This was a fun second chance romance for two great characters. Gunner never forgot his first love and Paige, well, she felt she had to make choices per her parents' directions and married someone else those many years ago. Now divorced and back in her home town, she and Gunner bump into each other. The sparks are still there and Gunner, now a man and patched in MC member, is going for what he wants - that being Paige as his forever. When her abusive ex comes sneaking into town, this turned into an edge of your seat read and I loved how everything unfolded :D

So sweet
Written by Lizette Reyes on 17th Nov 2022

This was such a sweet read. Gunner was amazing and so was Paige. I do wish we had an epilogue or maybe even in the next book where we see what happens with their baby. Over so good

Excellent Book
Written by Merry Jelks-Emmanuel on 17th Nov 2022

Paige is back in her hometown after a nasty divorce from an abusive husband. She never thought she would be back or reconnect with the one man whose heart she broke. Gunner is thrilled to have Paige back in town. She was the girl that got away and now he is making plans to keep her in his life forever. As their relationship blossoms her past is trying to make a comeback in hopes of destroying any happiness she may have. Will Gunner and his MC brothers be able to keep her safe?

Second Chances
Written by A. Adams on 17th Nov 2022

This is a MC and a second chance story. Paige divorced her husband, Richard. Richard wasn't a nice man. Paige fled from him to her hometown of Grace. There Paige meets her lost childhood sweetheart, Gunner. Gunner is part of a MC club. For Gunner there has never been anyone but Paige. Richard isn't willing to just let Paige go divorced or not. Richard is rich and powerful and Paige humiliated him. That's something Richard can't live with. Can Gunner and his club keep Paige safe? Paige definitely deserves a second chance and a happy ending after everything Richard has put her through.

Written by Madeleine East on 17th Nov 2022

This story was so amazing and I really enjoyed reading about Paige and Gunner. A second chance romance, MC, amazing characters with an awesome story line.

Gunnar’s Obsession
Written by Kimmijane on 17th Nov 2022

If you love 2nd chance instant-love romances, you’ll love this. Gunnar is so sweet and patient willing to wait until Paige was ready. He’s romantic too. Paige is smart and strong. I hope you like it as much as I did.

Sweet biker romance
Written by Laura S. on 17th Nov 2022

Gunner was Paige's first love. She left him and the little town of Grace to go to college and see more of the world. Little did she know how badly that would turn out; and she went back to Grace to hide and lick her wounds. Gunner was still in Grace with the MC; would she see him around? Would he still want to be with her? This is a sweet and caring love story; one that's sure to leave you with the warm fuzzies at the HEA!

LOVE THIS MC Romance!! The story is AWESOME!
Written by Andrea Reed on 17th Nov 2022

I loved this book--this book was so well written and who doesn't love a super possessive Alpha male! Love how protective hero is over this damaged heroine. If you have the chance to read the first books in this series to get a feel for the characters that are mentioned do that. But this really was a great read for sure.

Heart melting
Written by BecM on 17th Nov 2022

This 4th book has us seeing Gunner not waste any time getting Paige where he wants her. Love that he didn't hold any anger or bitterness. He is what you see. Paige was refreshing as she didn't lie or hide anything & was honest from the get go. Romance, a bit of action to right the wrong & HEA made the story charming

Very sweet and slightly scary HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 7th Nov 2022

This book was amazing because it was full of so many different emotions. From Paige being scared of her abusive ex-husband to falling in love with the bad boy that got away. Their was action and suspense, steamy love scenes, and lots of other great ups and downs to make this book great.

Great read
Written by KreggySue on 7th Nov 2022

Gunner and Paige had been in love but life intervened and she married someone else. Paige's husband was abusive so she planned her escape and moved to a small town where she grew up. Here she meets Gunner again and this is their story. This book is an erotic dark MC romance.

I loved it!
Written by Michelle C on 7th Nov 2022

This was my first read from this author and I loved it! I really enjoyed how decisive/protective the hero was and loved that this was their second chance together. No ridiculous or unnecessary drama and I’ll be looking for more from this series. Definitely recommend.

MC romance
Written by IdaMae C on 7th Nov 2022

This is a MC romance, but I wouldn't classify it as "dark". The MMC was very protective and the "slow burn" aspect of it happens off page. It felt like instalove, which is something I adore. There might should be a trigger warning for domestic violence.

Gunner's Obsession
Written by Cynthia G on 7th Nov 2022

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC. I think I have only read a few in the past by this author but I will be looking for the name now. I am a sucker for a reborn romance. I have a few exes I wouldnt mind running into again especially if its going to end up like this! My only complaint was that it was short....or maybe I should have paced myself ha ha.

Written by Amy Jones on 3rd Nov 2022

Loved reading Gunner’s Obsession. This was a page turner for me. Loved reading about Paige and Gunner. Awesome book

A good story
Written by Pat L on 3rd Nov 2022

Paige had left her hometown in high school without a word and Gunner never knew what happened. She has now returned five years later beaten and divorced from her ex. Gunner is still in love with her and when he sees her it is like five years have just left. Now a patched member he will do everything to make sure Paige feels safe. This really comes true when her ex comes looking for her and thinks he can just take her back. A good story that is a quick read with plenty of emotion and with good characters.

Gunner and Paige
Written by Harper Y on 2nd Nov 2022

This book was a nice read. No drama, no miscommunication, no letting other people mess with them, it was just about two people finding each other again and going all in. Gunner and Paige were high school sweethearts, but then she moved away and broke both their hearts. She is now back after leaving her horrible marriage, and when she sees Gunner again, it was like she never left. Gunner never stopped loving Paige, even though he is in a MC now and can have any woman he wants, he wants Paige. Paige and Gunner were so sweet together. You can tell just how much they love each other. When danger arrives, Gunner will do whatever it takes to protect Paige. Love how they picked up right where they left off.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 2nd Nov 2022

Gunner and Paige where young loves but fate had other plans, Paige marries another, and barely survives the abuse, she manages to get away and divorce her husband and finds her paths crossing woth Gunner once more, and Gunner won't let a second chance slip them by. Well written the story holds your attention with less drama than most it was a breath of fresh air. Steamy second chance romance.

MC romance
Written by Michelle F on 30th Oct 2022

Paige and Gunner's story is another MC romance filled with suspense and action. The one that got away and the one that needs saving come back together to create an alpha steamy love story. Winter Sloane understood the assignment and delivered it. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley for my honest review and opinion.

Gunner's Obsession
Written by Cindy V on 30th Oct 2022

Gunner never forgot his first love Paige, even after she broke her heart when they were teenagers and married someone else. Five years later, Gunner is now a patched in member of his MC and Paige is divorced from her cheating wife beating husband and has come back to her hometown. Gunner and Paige are still in love and fall into a relationship but Paige's ex feels humiliated by her leaving him and wants revenge. I really enjoyed this second chance romance. It had a bit of suspense but you could feel how much the two characters cared for one another. I did think it could have been a bit longer and it would have been nice to have an epilogue with a bit more time in the future to see if everything worked out but overall a great quick little romance.

A great read
Written by Tamara R on 30th Oct 2022

Thank you net galley and the publisher for this arc. This book was a great read, I really like the characters and I can't wait to read the other books in this series.

highly recommended
Written by Di Budo on 30th Oct 2022

OMG, loved Gunner's Obsession. Well-written storyline with multi-layered characters. Exciting story full of ups and downs. Highly recommend.

Gunner And Paige
Written by Gkp2460 on 30th Oct 2022

Gunner's Obsession is an excellent second chance romance. Gunner and Paige have a lifetime of history. With so much in their past you'd think they wouldn't find their way back to each other but that's exactly what happens. These characters are blazing hot and you can't help but love them. The way that they deal with past hurts is second to none. You'll find everything you need on these pages to enjoy their story.

Love Gunner!
Written by MrsBrightside15 on 30th Oct 2022

Gunner is one of the best! Paige is the one that got away. She was young and thought she was better off leaving. Gunner was heartbroken, he still had bed warmers, but he didn't have any relationships after Paige. Gunner and his MC brothers band together and help Paige get away from her abusive ex. I really loved Gunner.

Heart melting
Written by BecM on 30th Oct 2022

This 4th book has us seeing Gunner not waste any time getting Paige where he wants her. Love that he didn't hold any anger or bitterness. He is what you see. Paige was refreshing as she didn't lie or hide anything & was honest from the get go. Romance, a bit of action to right the wrong & HEA made the story charming

Good story
Written by Sua on 30th Oct 2022

I like the relationship that Gunner and Paige had as it was sweet and so good when the steam hit. The drama gets good as Paige’s past comes to create some trouble, that gets Gunner protective of his woman.

I liked
Written by Nasra on 30th Oct 2022

Good job. Simple clean and short. It didn't not dragg out drama and misunderstanding. Characters are matured. Good job

5 stars
Written by MMS on 30th Oct 2022

Freaking fantastic!! I absolutely loved this story. Paige was the one that got away from Gunner when they were younger and he knows she's his one. After a horrible divorce from her abusive ex, she returns home. They run into each other again and all those feelings came back. As their romance progresses, Paige has to worry about her ex husband coming to get her. This book had action, suspense, steam and was just so good.

Great love story!
Written by Diana Acero on 30th Oct 2022

I really enjoy this short bikers stories, that have the enough amount of action and love. Love how both characters grown from teenager to adults and still being the same. I would need to go back and re read the previous stories because I really lime this MC.

Small town second chance
Written by rainereads on 30th Oct 2022

Paige escapes an abusive marriage with a little blackmail of her own and heads to her hometown. Her parents cut off communication with her after her divorce because to them it mattered that she left a marriage that gave them connections. Gunner has loved Paige since high school, even after she broke his heart. Paige’s past comes back to haunt her and gunner is the one that’s set his mind to protect her. While this isn’t my favorite writing style it was a decent book, however I wish we had seen the end and could know if they had success or not.

Written by JJ on 15th Oct 2022

Paige is back in her old stomping grounds but now it's different as that she's divorced and having to find herself after that disaster. Who knew her ex Gunner never left town. Still holding a torch for his former flame but now she's all grown up and dealing with scars of the heart and mind. Can they make thie second chance work??? Or will the scars and ghosts become too much? I received an ARC for an honest and voluntarily review.

Gunner, tatooed biker and Paige, divorcee ... Protector, second chance romance
Written by Kindle Distracted on 15th Oct 2022

Paige is starting over in her hometown after divorcing her abusive husband of 5 years. Gunner was the one she left behind when she went to university. None of the women he has had since could replace her. He wastes no time re-establishing their connection only Paige is not as divorced as she hoped. This is a predictable story with abundant stereotypes. It does not detract from the story though as you know what you are getting from the get go and just ride the Harley to its inevitable conclusion. Easy, quick read.