Hate to Love You by Ava Olsen

Heat Level 3
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NY Nights: Bodyguard Edition, 1

He loves me…

Oliver Gaston loves his job as lead bodyguard with Spartan Security, taking every available assignment to keep his mind from ruminating on his haunted past. Now if only he could forget Jon Thackery, a mouthy but sexy private investigator he was paired with on a recent case, a man he loves to hate.

He loves me not…

Jon Thackery is a hard-working PI with absolutely no filter. His blunt manner provokes the temper of many, including the grumpy but gorgeous Oliver. But underneath their heated sparring lies an attraction neither man is prepared for.

He hates to love me. Even better.

Thrown together on a new case, one revealing moment sparks their fiery chemistry and with it, an unexpected depth of emotion they find only in each other’s arms. If love is the flip side of hate, Jon and Oliver are in for a powerful reckoning.

Be Warned: m/m sex



“You all right?” Oliver asked, lowering his sunglasses. Jon looked directly in his eyes and nodded.

“Some clients are more difficult than others. This one makes me want to go home and take a shower.”

Jon felt Oliver’s gaze assessing him, and he tried to remain expressionless. He wouldn’t dare mention what just happened for fear that Oliver would hulk out on him. Jon could take care of himself, had been taking care of himself since he was a young man. He fidgeted in his seat until the car started and Oliver turned his attention to the road.

“Who’s Jimmy?” Jon asked, changing the subject, even though he knew damn well who Jimmy was thanks to his research.

“My younger brother. He just started a new job as a firefighter at a station in Manhattan. I don’t see him as often given his shift work and my weird work hours, so we were catching up.”

“Are you similar?”

“We’re both pretty hard-headed and tenacious. And grumpy as fuck in the morning.” Oliver chuckled.

“Not just in the morning. But that’s all right. I love your grumpy nature.”

“You love me? Already? But it’s only our first date,” Oliver replied with a smirk.

“Funny. Just shut up and drive.” Jon was flustered for the first time in … well, ever.

“So pushy. I thought I was the boss in this relationship.”

Jon raised one eyebrow. “I don’t think so. Equals or nothing at all—except in the bedroom. Then I like to be the boss.” Oliver’s flush was instant, and all joking ceased.

Oliver pulled up to a very exclusive address on Central Park West. Once they’d found a parking spot, which took almost twenty minutes, they walked up to the art deco building and straight in through the lobby. The space was massive and filled with tons of furniture and expensive-looking art, but Jon noticed right away that there was no concierge at the desk. They simply walked in and accessed the elevator directly to Dax’s apartment. Oliver looked around and shook his head.

“I’m going to have a talk with building management. The front desk here is a joke.”

The elevator ride was smooth, and they exited on the 32nd floor, searching for unit 3216, which was located at the end of the hallway. Oliver knocked and then stated his name and placed his ID at the peephole. Jon had seen lots of pictures of Dax Martin in the news, and he wondered if the reality would match.

The door slowly opened, and a man of average height and a slim build stood there in threadbare jeans and a dark blue sweatshirt. His face was thin and angular and in stark contrast to his unruly hair, a thick mess of black curls that tumbled around his face and accentuated a pair of sparkling hazel eyes. He hadn’t shaved recently, and the dark scruff suited his face. No, the pictures didn’t do Dax justice.

“I’m Oliver Gaston from Spartan Security, and this is Jon Thackery, private investigator. I believe Mason called you to advise of our arrival.”

Dax smiled tentatively at them and held out his hand.

“Yes, he called to tell me you’d be here this morning. I really don’t know if all this is necessary, but it’s nice to meet you. Come on in.”

Dax led them into the foyer and through to the living room, and Jon was awed by the size of the place, a huge loft-like space with ten-foot ceilings. Bright red paint covered the walls, and a mix of furniture styles and artwork created a warm and eclectic home.

“I know this can seem intrusive, but you have to take Devon’s threats seriously. I’m going to perform a security audit of your home and work schedule, and Jon has some questions that he’d like to ask you for his research. For the foreseeable future, I, along with two of my colleagues who will be by later, will be your shadow.”

Jon moved to sit down on one of the two plush couches when a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. A large black cat with glowing green eyes hopped up near him, sniffed his hand, then walked away, moving closer to Oliver.

“Don’t mind Glinda. She doesn’t take to any humans. Me included.” Dax laughed. Glinda pranced over to Oliver and tested out his lap with her paws, then meowed and curled up on his lap in a ball.

“Well, I stand corrected. It appears she’s fallen in love.”

“Join the club,” Jon blurted out and was faced with three sets of surprised expressions.



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Jon & Oliver
Written by Nate on 13th Sep 2022

Jon Thackery is a hard-working PI with absolutely no filter. His blunt manner provokes the temper of many, including the grumpy but gorgeous Oliver. But underneath their heated sparring lies an attraction neither man is prepared for. It was an entertaining read. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Highly recommended!
Written by Donna M on 13th Sep 2022

I thought that this was a really enjoyable short read! I thought that the storyline was fast moving and it was full of action - it had explosive feelings and it was a very sexy read too - definitely one to make you go "whoa" as you read it! It is 4 stars from me for this one – highly recommended!

Great start to a new series!
Written by Carrie Krogh on 18th Aug 2022

I loved Hate to Love You by Ava Olsen. It's the first book in the NY Nights: Bodyguard Edition series. I loved Jon and Oliver's story. Their chemistry was hot, and so were their scenes together. I really hope the author does a story about Dax and Mason.

Loved this packed story
Written by Laora on 7th Aug 2022

This was a full story even if it was novella length. It had everything in it for me enemies to lovers, or was it just always attraction? I loved the flow of the story, the action, pull and push of attraction. Jon and Oliver have it all including heat and spice in the bedroom. Ther is also a stalker story in this tale and all that entails to positive end, after some upheavel. I read this straight through and felt like it was a much longer story due to how it was set out and how much was in it.

The Bodyguard and the PI
Written by JennT on 7th Aug 2022

Oliver is an experienced and professional bodyguard, but PI Jon just rubs him the wrong way. Jon is used to running his mouth and arguing, but somehow, those arguments with Oliver lead to something more. These two had the best banter, plus I just loved how protective of each other they became. . I’m looking forward to more books in this series - Dax and Mason have some seriously unresolved feelings to address.

Angry foreplay, is HOT!
Written by C. B. on 7th Aug 2022

Oliver, is a lead bodyguard working with Spartan Scurity. He uses his work schedule as a defense against his memories. His work, is his distraction from life. Jon, is a PI, proud of not having a filter, using that as his defense mechanism. When they work together, it's like a skilled fencing competition. Once they start working a case together and get to know each other better, their perspectives change and the relationship heats up. The author, has given us strong fun likeable characters and a great adventure! The book, takes us on some fun seesaw moments with a few seconds of quiet. Are they able to keep the client safe? Do they catch the stalker? Do they find the balance in their lives? Great group of found family! Fun, excitement that keeps us on our toes. Nicely done.

Finally get their story!
Written by DProsh807 on 7th Aug 2022

I got a glimpse of Jon and Oliver in Mac and Luca’s story from another series and so glad I got a chance to read their story! They had the beginnings of such great chemistry in the prior story and it starts up again in this new short novella series. The reader sees more of what makes them tick and the troubled pasts they both have. And the underlying storyline gives intrigue to keep the story moving. I always love reading the secondary characters that give a glimpse of what stories might be next and I’m sure Dax and Mason will not disappoint. I also enjoy seeing characters from previous stories make another appearance!

Thoroughly Enjoyable Novella
Written by smjw2004 on 7th Aug 2022

Despite being a novella, the entire story line read like a full novel. Each of the characters were well written and their stories felt complete. The flow for Jon and Oliver molded together exceptionally well, even though their personalities should have clashed at every turn. You can only hold out on mutual desires for so long. In the end, those frustrations turned heated and enticing. Highly recommended!

Written by Wendy Livingstone on 7th Aug 2022

This is the first in a new series and this is Oliver and Jon’s story. Oliver loves hi job as the lead bodyguard for Spartan Security, and Jon is a PI, and when these two are assigned to work together on a new case, the sparks fly. These two have a hate / love relationship, and they certainly know how to push each other’s buttons. This is a well written quick read, with undeniable chemistry, bickering, suspense, drama, danger, intrigue, and with a complex storyline. I look forward to reading more from this author whose work I recommend. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Enemies To Lovers
Written by Cynthia Brooks on 7th Aug 2022

Oliver is lead body guard at Spartan Security Service. Jon is a private investigator who sometimes works for the security service. Both men can't seem to get along. They're always arguing with each other. What each of them doesn't realize is their arguing is foreplay for what they really want. I really enjoyed the two main characters and the plot of the story.

Hate to Love You
Written by Sundayrays74 on 7th Aug 2022

I absolutely loved this book it had great characters with love spice and passion. This was the first book in the series and it did not disappoint. If you like a good storyline with a little action to go along with the spice you will enjoy

Jon and Oliver
Written by Love2read1961 on 7th Aug 2022

Hate to Love You is such a great read! I loved the banter between Jon and Oliver. I am sure the air was full of electricity when Ava wrote not only this series but especially this book. There is a little angst, but not over the top. When Oliver is injured and the feelings Jon felt, I felt like crying for him. That is great writing when it can evoke emotions in the reader. Ava Olsen is definitely a 5 star writer! Can hardly wait for Mason's book!

Jon & Oliver
Written by Juni G on 7th Aug 2022

Jon and Oliver have great chemistry and, with a few notable exceptions, they treat each other with transparency and respect. I thought the premise was interesting and enjoyed spending time with the characters. That’s not to say there weren’t some rough edges— there’s a lot of drama, beyond that provided by the premise, and not all of it felt necessary, not to mention that professionally, I can’t say much for Oliver’s security company— in terms of basic competence, or even logical policies, they’re…not great. Overall, however, an enjoyable read.

Intense Read
Written by Laura Carter-Alexander on 7th Aug 2022

Hate To Love You is a steamy enemies to lovers MM romance with a hefty dose of sass. Oliver is a bodyguard forced to work with private investigator Jon on his latest case. Jon has no filter so his blunt manner tends to rile others, especially the grumpy but devilishly handsome Oliver. But what neither realizes is that underneath all their barbs lies an attraction that knocks both men off their feet. One night, in a heated moment, everything changes. Sparks fly when these men collide and unveil an unexpected intensity filled with pure emotion. They say there's a thin line between love and hate. Well... Oliver and Jon are about to find out.

Good book
Written by Syd Springer on 7th Aug 2022

Ava Olsen is a relatively new author to and after this book and I will be reading more of Ava's book. I enjoyed this enemies to loves book. The tension and steam between these two was great. I enjoyed the small escape that this book offered.

The Story I've Been Waiting For
Written by DLB2572 on 7th Aug 2022

This is the story I've been waiting for since Jon and Oliver were first introduced. It didn't disappoint. These two are hit together and I thoroughly enjoyed their story.

Looking forward to what comes next
Written by Tappy on 7th Aug 2022

Attraction disguised as animosity, excitement and passion all combined here in this book. Interesting characters bring a HeA to their romance and the case they’re working. Along the way the reader is gifted with an engaging story that does end in happiness but the road wasn’t without its bumps. Looking forward to seeing what comes next in this series.

Wonderfully sweet
Written by Another world awaits on 7th Aug 2022

Wonderfully sweet MM romance. The characters are so well written you fall for them instantly. The love can be felt radiating off the page. Really great read.

Great book.
Written by Elaine Gray on 7th Aug 2022

An enemies to lovers romance with Oliver and Jon. They are working together to protect a client from his abusive ex. The book is romantic, funny, and witty, with some angst, sweet, and intense moments and I enjoyed it. Jon and Oliver are always griping with each other and Jon have no filter. The book had my attention from start to finish and I read in one sitting. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.

Enemies to lovers
Written by SMK9 on 7th Aug 2022

These two are absolutely fantastic as a couple! There is a sassy, knows how to handle himself and speaks before his brain stops him PI, Jon. Then we have super serious, top bodyguard, muscle man, Oliver. They clash at every turn and their banter is funny. Most everything Jon says makes me laugh because, no filter. This is a fantastic start for the Bodyguard series.

Hate to Love You Review: Very Nice!
Written by LateciaJ on 7th Aug 2022

Enemies to Lovers is one of my favs and this one didn't disappoint.Oliver and Jon thrown together as partners with all that intense sexual animosity, just made it more entertaining. Once they got to know one another, their true selves, things turned from hate to more loving feelings. A little drama/action with the bodyguard work but other than that a really HOT romance...nice ending for the guys...Very Nice!

4 stars
Written by Martha on 22nd Jul 2022

Worth Fighting For by Matilda Madison was a historical romance. The book focuses on Alexander Rhoads who is the Baron de Greaves. He is an American and he has avoided coming to Britain for five years, but he has finally decided to come to his land and his title. His first stop is to meet the old Baron’s wife. Thinking she is old and hapless was his first mistake. Catherine was determined to make her own decisions and control her own life. She knows the American is probably clueless about how to take care of the Manor and the history of the title. She has managed to make the land and estate profitable. She is running her own business with horses and is not going to take a step back for anyone. Too bad both Catherine and Alexander are interested in each other, really interested… Both neither trust the other - or most anyone. The story was interesting, even when the characters were clueless about each other. I found it was a good read and enjoyed the secondary characters and the villain of the story. Worth Fighting For by Matilda Madison was worth reading

4 stars
Written by Marleen on 22nd Jul 2022

I love enemies to lovers, especially when they take place in a work place. This one was a really fun and easy read, which kept me almost up at night. The novella makes it perfect to read between some longer romances and it’s perfect to read next to the pool or on the beach this summer. This book was my first read from Ava Olsen, but I would definitely read more books from her. Her writing is addictive and her characters really fun and lovable. Because of the length of the story everything went pretty fast, but can easily be forgiven, because the rest of the story was amazing. The chemistry, the spice, everything worked out perfectly. My first encounter with this author was really fun and I enjoyed reading this. 
Absolute must read for M/M lovers who wants to dive into a fun, bantering enemies to lovers work place romances. I can’t wait to read the second book!

4 stars
Written by Ariya on 18th Jul 2022

Whew that was a bit of a hot read. Hate to Love you, is exactly that a hate to lovers type of novella (I hate to call it a book only because it was so short and to the point). It had a few grammatical errors that readers can look over, I found myself a few correcting the author on their choice of words, but I think that was just me and the English major in me popping out. It was such a fast read, which works out for those readers who want to read a book in a day. But it also gets to the spicy extremely quick to me. I feel that Oliver and Jon's relationship progressed way too fast, but I love my slow burns as well. I feel that the author tries to fix some loose ties at before the end of the book and it sadly shows, but I would not change it for anything. Overall this book, while a really fast read, definitely gets an A+ in the spicy department. Whew. It is extremely descriptive and I am all for that. I love it when an author goes full in on the characteristics of the main persons during those type of scenes. It makes a reader feel that they are really watching them, almost in a sense voyeuristic but still so good.

5 stars
Written by Heather Smith on 13th Jul 2022

Without reading the blurb, you expect this story to be another bodyguard/famous person story, but this one is a delicious enemies to lovers, co-worker romance with great snark, steam and emotional depth all wrapped up in a novella! Hate to Love You was an action-packed emotional and steamy roller-coaster wrapped in the thin cord that stretches from hate to lust... I love the snark and banter, the steam and the real emotions that these characters portray - it's very much an opposites attract situation - Jon pushes while Oliver pulls away and they rub each other the wrong way and then the right way... I honestly didn't feel like this was under 100 pages... it's a complete story and completely worth adding to your TBR! I can't wait for the rest of this series!

4 stars
Written by Heather Duff on 13th Jul 2022

Ava Olsen has mastered the Novella. She manages to not only bring the relationships to life and provide them with enough backstory to feel attached to them, but also complex storylines that let the characters shine, grow, and feel believable. Oliver and Jon are no different. Granted we met them in Unforgettable You, and though this one can be read independently, I highly recommend reading it first. You get to experience the bickering and tension that leads to this one. Trust me, you will be even more satisfied with their happy end if you do. It also makes it feel less insta-lovey. Alas, I really enjoy these two. The bickering and pushing of each others buttons is highly enjoyable, and watching them push past their fiery barbs, past their walls, and give in is very pleasurable. I also enjoy the suspense/drama of the Bodyguard theme, so I can’t wait to read more. Especially if it involves grumpy Mason getting a little gooey for someone!

4 stars
Written by Stephanie Panach on 7th Jul 2022

Ava Olsen is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! Her New York nights series was awesome - and this spin-off continues with folks we've seen in some of those books. Oliver is a personal protection officer for a high end security firm. He and Jon met while Oliver was protecting a client from a stalker. Jon is a former cop, now a private investigator. Jon has no filter and is very much in your face. Oliver and Jon throw sparks off one another like you wouldn't believe - and immediately start fighting when they see each other. When they are thrown together to protect a friend of Oliver's boss from an abusive ex - they learn that there is a lot more going on under the surface of each other. Both Jon and Oliver have been through traumatic experiences in their lives - so finding each other and connecting on a deeper level happens fast and hard. But for these guys - who are serious tough guys on the outside - it really works. Overall - I recommend this one and all the other books Ava Olsen has written! I received this via NetGalley as an ARC, but these opinions are all my own.

4 stars
Written by Naomi on 7th Jul 2022

Hate to Love You by Ava Olsen puts a different twist on the workplace romance trope. Oliver is an ex-vet working as a bodyguard for Dax, a young actor at risk from a crazed ex-boyfriend (now stalker) Devon. Jon is the private investigator hired to work the case, much to Oliver's concern. The pair have been circling each other for nine months (having both featured in the previous book by Ava Olsen Unforgettable You). They are constantly provoking each other, and both begin to realise on this latest their banter is born from intense interest in one another. The question is whether working together and becoming involved is going to work for these two strong characters. I loved the interplay between the two characters. Things got pretty intense quickly, if you overlooked they had known each other and worked in close quarters for the previous 9 months. They had experienced alot of in their lives, so it was a case of 'when you know you know'. The source of their disagreement was a small issue I thought, given their area of work, and their roles? Upon reflection this needed to be more significant to really have these two pushed in opposite directions and at adds. I also struggle with kidnapping plots these days but it made for some interesting suspense. I enjoyed this one with the characters more robust than Unforgettable You. I know Wes is the next book ... but surely Mason and Dax are due for a an epilogue as well.

4 stars
Written by Nicole on 7th Jul 2022

Hate to Love You by Ava Olsen is a fantastic read! This book knows what it is about and gives you what you want. This book is also a spin off of a series. I had read this book with out reading the others, and you do not have to have read the others for this one. If this is the only one that sounds like something you would like to read then you are in luck. Oliver and Jon and colleagues that have bought sexual tension that you could cut in. As fast as this book goes both main characters have time to become fleshed out and be multi-dimensional. The romance goes fast, but it’s believable. Normally when a romance book adds a “misconception” plot, I want to drop it. Ava managed to walk that line for me. The reason for the argument felt like the most forced part of the book ( which also tells you how good the rest of the plot was) but how quickly it was able to be resolved, because both characters realized it was a petty reason to be mad, made me forgive the use of miscommunication. Over all I enjoys this book and I do recommend it! Thank you to Evernight publishing and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

4 stars
Written by Amy Shaw on 7th Jul 2022

This was an explosive novella which explores the chemistry between Oliver (ex-vet turned bodyguard) and Jon(ex cop turned PI) who love to hate each other. They are brought together when they are both assigned to protect Dax from his stalker ex boyfriend. I absolutely adored the banter between these two. I really hope that Dax and Mason also get there own story told.

5 stars
Written by Megan on 7th Jul 2022

Thank you to Netgalley, Ava Olsen and Evernight Publishing for this ARC. Ava Olsen is fast becoming one of my favourite authors! Hate To Love You is a quick and spicy MM romance, with a dash of sweetness, a little bit of witty and a whole lot of sexual tension. This book was soooo good that I read it within 4 hours! My only criticism is that I would have liked a longer story. I can't wait for the next book!!

5 stars
Written by Heather Duff on 7th Jul 2022

Ava Olsen has mastered the Novella. She manages to not only bring the relationships to life and provide them with enough backstory to feel attached to them, but also complex storylines that let the characters shine, grow, and feel believable. Oliver and Jon are no different. Granted we met them in Unforgettable You, and though this one can be read independently, I highly recommend reading it first. You get to experience the bickering and tension that leads to this one. Trust me, you will be even more satisfied with their happy end if you do. It also makes it feel less insta-lovey. Alas, I really enjoy these two. The bickering and pushing of each others buttons is highly enjoyable, and watching them push past their fiery barbs, past their walls, and give in is very pleasurable. I also enjoy the suspense/drama of the Bodyguard theme, so I can’t wait to read more. Especially if it involves grumpy Mason getting a little gooey for someone!

4 stars
Written by Aurora on 7th Jul 2022

Ava Olsen is becoming a new favorite author of mine (yes, I have a lot of favorite authors, sue me). Hate To Love You is my first novella by her, and it certainly won't be my last. I loved the relationship between Oliver and Jon, how they played well off each other, and fell in love fast and hard. I did feel at one point, that their relationship was going a bit too fast, but it worked out in their favor, so. I always feel like novellas go by fast, but Olsen nailed it. The pacing and timing of her stories don't feel too fast, and is well set. However, me being me, I WANT more. Though this is a spin off of another series, you don't really need to read it first before diving into HtLY. I highly recommend Hate To Love You to anyone looking for a fast-paced, LGBT+, achillean, bodyguard romance. Thank you to NetGalley, Evernight Publishing and Ava Olsen for the e-ARC.