Never Knew Love by Ava Olsen

Heat Level 3
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NY Nights: Bodyguard Edition, 3

They never knew love like this before…

Billie Rourke is a fashion designer on the rise. His latest gig is creating the costumes for America’s hottest band, and with it, comes a security detail. And Billie’s bodyguard, Elijah Morgan, is the one man he can’t stop thinking about. Billie’s sworn off love, but Eli’s quiet confidence proves hard to resist.

Eli Morgan is one of Spartan Security’s top bodyguards and the job always comes first. Until he’s assigned to guard the smart and sexy Billie Rourke. The more time Eli spends with Billie, the harder he falls. But falling in love on the job is a security risk, and it’s not just his heart on the line.

Can the man who’s all for love and the one who wants nothing to do with it find their way to each other? Eli and Billie never knew love could be this good.

Be Warned: m/m sex



Billie Rourke was many things, but patient wasn’t one of them.

Waiting alone in a conference room for a meeting to begin always made him edgy and restless. Probably because the scene reminded him of the principal’s office in high school, where he’d spent many hours being chastised for misbehaving. Or rather, wearing makeup to class, having too many piercings on display or, even more shocking to the school establishment, wearing a skirt once. High school was the death of all personal expression—he was urged to conform and stick to the same path as everyone else. Billie had pushed back up to a point, but he also couldn’t afford to get kicked out of school. Now that he was a thirty-year-old out and proud gay man, he did what pleased him. If others didn’t like it, too bad. As a fashion designer, he was his own boss, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Glancing around the room, his gaze caught on his reflection in the glass wall: chin-length black hair, a sleek green suit, silver high-heeled boots, and all his piercings on display—eyebrow, nose, and ears. If only his principal could see him now. Billie’s success was the ultimate “fuck you.”

The conference room door opened, and he turned his attention to the familiar figure sauntering in.

“Billie, it’s nice to see you again,” a gruff-voiced and stern-looking Mason Naylor murmured as he sat in the chair closest to him. The founder and CEO of Spartan Security Services had an icy blue glare that shocked the shit out of most people. Billie’s cousin, Oliver Gaston, was Mason’s co-CEO, and he’d given him all the warning required when they’d first met.

“You as well, Mason. How’s Dax?”

“He’s great.” Mason’s expression went from stern to stunning for a split second. “Redesigning our apartment as we speak.” Mason was recently married to Dax Martin, a Broadway star and rising film actor and a client of Billie’s.

“Thanks for meeting with me to go over this situation. It’s all new, so I wanted to be sure that I understood everything,” Billie murmured.

“Of course. One of my teams will head off with the band in two months when the tour starts, so this works out perfect for both of us. I also asked…”

The door opened again before Mason could finish speaking, and another tough-looking badass, a bodyguard, silently strode into the room and took a seat beside Mason. Unlike Billie’s reaction to the CEO—apprehension mixed with a healthy dose of fear—he was more than a bit thrilled to see the bodyguard. Elijah Morgan was all muscles and tattoos, a ripped wet dream with a stylish fauxhawk and a close-cropped beard. Big brown eyes that were warm and soft in an otherwise harsh face only added to his appeal. In short, he was fucking gorgeous. Lately, Billie experienced a distinct preference for bulky tattooed guys when he went out looking for a hook up. Coincidence? Hell fucking no.

Billie did his best to ignore his lustful cravings and focused on the task at hand. Be professional.

“Eli,” Billie murmured, and the man in question nodded in return. He’d met Eli several times when he was working with Oliver, but the man rarely smiled. He wanted to prod Oliver for more information about the strong, silent bodyguard but decided his cousin would probably chirp him, so he kept his curiosity to himself.

Mason cleared his throat. “You recently signed the contract to design and oversee the final creation of all the outfits for Wayward Lane’s North American tour which starts two months from now, in May, and ends in November. You signed a non-disclosure agreement, and there’s a clause that indicates you must accept security protection, as provided by band management, for the duration of your contract to ensure the samples, fittings, and final costumes remain secret until the first tour date. Luckily for you, Spartan got the contract, so we will be taking care of your security. Questions?”

Billie tugged on the silver rings that covered his hands. “This is why I needed to talk to you. I mean, why would I need a bodyguard? There’s just me and my assistant, Frankie, and we’ve both signed NDAs.”

Mason rubbed a hand over his face. “They’re doubling their protection for privacy reasons. Given this is the band’s first cross-country stadium tour, and they’re the hottest ticket around, I’m guessing they want to make a dramatic entrance. And the press can be aggressive in these situations where every bit of information about a high-profile target can be turned into a headline.”

“I get that, but it seems unnecessary.” Billie paused and noticed Eli staring intently at him. “I’m sorry. I’m not opposed to having a bodyguard. But I’ve done work for Broadway shows and designs for celebrities, and if I wasn’t discreet, I’d be out of a job.”

“Think of it for your own personal safety,” Elijah commented in his deep voice. “When the press gets wind that you’re designing the costumes for the biggest breakout band in the U.S., they’ll follow you and wait for an opportunity to pounce. It’s not about you. It’s about your connection to the band and what information they can glean from that. As Mason mentioned, they can be aggressive.”

“All right. If band management is paying, then who am I to argue? But how is this going to work in a day-to-day scenario?”

Mason cocked his head. “Protective services won’t be 24/7 but rather anytime you have to travel to in-person meetings with the band to discuss designs, fittings, and any public events where press will be on site. I’ve assigned Eli as your primary for the next two months. That means he will drive you to your scheduled appointments and accompany you to events. I understand that you’ve set a schedule with the band, so we’ll need access to that calendar. If anything changes, if the media attention escalates and we feel it’s warranted, then we may move to full daytime detail. But this doesn’t include your assistant Frankie, at least not for now.”

Billie nodded. “I’ll send you a link so you can access my online calendar. I’ll let Frankie know, but given that he’s usually not with me for client meetings, this is fine.”

Mason nodded and looked to Eli, then back at Billie. “Any other questions or concerns we can address?”

“I’m good for now. It’s a bit overwhelming, but I suppose I’ll get used to it. It’s only for two months anyway.”

“You won’t even know I’m around,” Eli quipped with a small grin on his face.

“Are you kidding?” Billie replied before he could censor his thoughts. Shit.


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Great addition to the series!
Written by Carrie K on 5th Mar 2023

Never Knew Love is another excellent book by Ava Olsen. It's the third book in the NY Nights: Bodyguard Edition series. I loved Eli and Billie's story. I loved their chemistry and their hot scenes. I also loved the interactions between Brodie and his manager, Ivan.

Enjoyable read
Written by Ula on 1st Jan 2023

Well written and developed story. Interesting characters and relationships among them. Good reality and background that adds to the story. Plot full of action twists and turns. Plus some hot action. All together an Enjoyable read.

Never Knew Love Review: Very Nice!
Written by LateciaJ on 1st Jan 2023

Totally enjoyed this edition to the bodyguard series. This series is so interesting eventhough its a regular bodyguard/client keeps me interested mainly from the interacting characters from previous books/series along with the action, passion and love. I love Billie and Eli stepping out there on faith and love. While Billie was hesitant, Eli knew they were meant to be and was very patient. Danger brought them together, their bond and love gave a wonderful HEA.

Romance Suspense
Written by Cynthia Brooks on 1st Jan 2023

Billie was always told to toe the lie in high school. Once he got out of high school, he did it his way and now he's a top fashion designer. The rock band Wayward Lane wants Billie to design their outfits for their next tour. Eli works for Spartan Security and his next client is Billie. Eli is attracted to Billie but Billie doesn't do relationships because Billie's ex did a number on him. I really enjoyed this book.

Good read
Written by Laura C on 13th Dec 2022

Eli and Billie have been attracted to each other for a while, but have never acted on them. When Eli is assigned as Billie’s bodyguard, the time they spend together causes feelings to deepen. Will they be able to make a relationship between them work despite their differences?

Can these two find their way towards each other?
Written by Nicole P on 13th Dec 2022

The author has created a brilliant 5 star read that is both romantic & erotic. Billie is a fashion designer going places & his latest job is with America's hottest band creating costumes. That job comes with a security detail that includes the gorgeous Elijah. Billie has sworn off love but he can't deny the invisible pull that he feels towards Elijah. Do these two have a chance at a HEA?

Hot characters and fun action.
Written by C. B. on 13th Dec 2022

Billie, is a rising fashion designer, who gets the opportunity to design the costumes for a successful band, Wayward Lane. Eli, is a bodyguard for Spartan Security, who has the contract for protecting the band. Eli, is the ultimate professional and always puts business first. Billie, is having the time of his life, until the mishaps and aggressions start. Eli and Billie had noticed each other but kept their feelings to themselves. One the troubles start, Eli and Billie start a new level in their relationship. Great story. Nice, hot supporting characters. Do they identify the stalker? Does Eli succeed in keeping Billie safe? Do Billie's designs make the expected splash? Great story, best if read in order. Well done!

The Big Bodyguard and the Designer
Written by JennT on 13th Dec 2022

Billie is a fashion designer with a new gig designing the outfits for Wayward Lane’s new tour. Eli is assigned as his bodyguard. These two have long been attracted to each other, but Eli does relationships while Billie only does causal… doesn’t he? I loved how different Eli and Billie were, yet they fit each other perfectly, and both were non-conformance with the typical male stereotypes in their own way. A great speedy-and-steamy read.

Never Knew Love
Written by Sundayrays74 on 13th Dec 2022

I’m absolutely loving this series to me the characters get better with each addition. This book did not disappoint at all it had sizzling chemistry intriguing characters with another good storyline. Good read

Good read
Written by Rani on 13th Dec 2022

This is another entertaining entry in this series. Billie and Elijah made an interesting couple and I enjoyed their story.

Billie and Eli
Written by casvec on 13th Dec 2022

Billie and Eli's story is a fast romance with fun and amazing characters that you can't help to fall in love with and want to see them find their HEA. Billie is a fashion designer who gets a job to create the clothes for a band. Eli is assigned to protect Billie for the couple of months he works with them. Their story is a sweet tale of healing, passion and protection in amazing boots.

Finding each other
Written by Miss Kitty Moto on 13th Dec 2022

This is book 3 of the NY Nights: Bodyguard Edition. You don't have to have read the previous books to thoroughly enjoy this one. This is the story of Billy and Eli. Billy is an up and coming designer who has won the contract to make all the show costumes for the band Wayward Lane's North American Tour. A happy and exciting time for him until the threats and problems with the media start up. That is when his interaction with Eli is ramped up. Eli is a body guard with Spartan Security Services. They have been assigned as security for the bands tour and Eli is assigned to Billy. Billy and Eli are acquaintances through mutual friends. But being acquaintances didn't stop each of them from fully noticing and appreciating the other. This is their story. I really enjoyed this story. It is very well written and easy to read. The chemistry between Eli and Billy is palatable and makes this story fun to read. I am looking forward to more books by this author.

the attraction is there
Written by Luvreading on 13th Dec 2022

It is very much the case that Billie the designer and Eli the bodyguard are aware of one another in a very personal way. However, Eli has been assigned to be Billie's security while he is designing the wardrobe for a headlining band's tour. They are each attracted to the other but both assume that the other would not be interested because of each has expressed different views on relationships. Billie wants casual, Eli is looking for a relationship. Working together, they try to keep things professional but their chemistry is strong and the heart wants. Even though Eli is reassigned he is still determined to keep his man safe. Turns out the feeling is mutual. These guys are so cute together.

Would Billy and Eli give in to their feelings??
Written by Anne H on 13th Dec 2022

Would Billie and Eli give in to their feelings?? Billie is a fashion designer and he has worked with some amazing people and now he has the opportunity to work with one of the hottest American bands. When he is told by Mason who is the owner and head of Spartan security that as part of his contract with the band he now needs a bodyguard. And that bodyguard is going to be Eli Morgan. There’s been a few sparks between them but nothings ever happened. Billie is really nervous on his first visit with the lead singer and manager, to show them the designs that he has come up with and thankfully Eli is there to offer encouragement and support. Meeting the band and manager is a very unique situation as they’re all flirts. But the more time that Billie and Eli spent together it is obvious there is feelings between them but here lies the problem Billie has had too many relationships that have left him broken and Eli doesn’t do casual he’s all about being in a relationship so how can these two come together?? There’s some danger along the way but who will save who? I thoroughly enjoyed this book I don’t think there’s a book within this series that I haven’t enjoyed but I really liked getting to know Eli and Billie. There is something really special about these two and I really liked Eli‘s mum. It was great to see People from previous books and catch up with how their life are going. But for me Eli and Billy are the showstoppers their connection the chemistry and passion is just off the charts I think we all need Need a Eli in our life. An absolutely great read

Lovely bodyguard story - excited to read more in this series!
Written by Romantic888 on 13th Dec 2022

This is the first book that I’ve read in this series, and while it’s clear that Billie and Eli have met before, not having read the other books in the series didn’t detract from the story. Billie has been hired by an up-and-coming band to design outfits for their tour, and for a variety of reasons, he needs a bodyguard, and Eli is assigned to protect him. Their chemistry is great, and their interactions are low drama yet real. I loved how these two get to their HEA, and I can’t wait to read the earlier books and find out more about their history! Highly recommend! Private feedback

Great book and series.
Written by Elaine G on 13th Dec 2022

I love this book. Billy is a fashion designer and is designing clothing for a band. Eli works for the security team that will be protecting the band and is tasked with safeguarding Billy. They are attracted to each other but Billy doesn't want a long-term relationship but Eli does. It's funny, sweet, romantic, action-pack, low angst, with some intense moments, and Billy steals the show. It's also about second chances and letting go, and it had my attention from the first to the last page.

Perfect Love!!!
Written by Beast's Beauty on 13th Dec 2022

Eli and Billie were a cute couple out the gate. What I found funny is they both were interested in each other but believed the other was not involved due to having different views on relationship status. But when it comes to life and death, the status does not matter all that matters is love. Love the action and swiftness of book. Simply a great read!!!

Billie and Eli
Written by Kwallywoman on 13th Dec 2022

Eli just thought this would be another assignment. He has met Billie before, but never thought anything about it. Once he is on his protection detail, things change. Billie doesn't do love any more since his last relationship. Can these two come together and survive everything put in their way. Great read.

Protecting creativingly
Written by Laora on 13th Dec 2022

Billie, a fashion designer, who does not fotget to dress outstanding as well and Eli are getting their story. I loved how they where able to do their jobs, especially Eli as a bodyguard, whilst falling for the other I enjoy all these Spartan bodyguards finding their person. For me the story could have been longer, but at this length it had a good story development. 4,5*

Written by Nasra on 30th Nov 2022

Beautiful story. I like that in this series there is no denial. Also the characters are lovable and have Beautiful chemistry. Good job

Charlie's Angel'd?
Written by SMK9 on 30th Nov 2022

Oh, these two men! Billie is flamboyant clothes designer for stars and people on the street. When he is chosen as the designer for an up-and-coming rock band, he doesn't realize he gets a bodyguard too. As it would happen, Elijah "Eli" is said bodyguard and Billie doesn't know if that is good or bad. He has admired Eli from afar for a while. Eli is a bada** bodyguard, has a heart of gold, wants to go back to get his degree in psychology and a soft spot for the gorgeous designer. He has never been this attracted to one of his charges before and hopes he can keep his hands to himself because he has had feelings for Billie since they met. As things rock along, they become closer and find that they want each other but Eli's boss, Mason, is not going to go for that due to Billie being a client! After being re-assigned, a stalker ups his game to get to Billie and Eli is pulled back in to help protect Billie and his assistant Frankie, adorable little guy. Will Billie and Eli keep things professional until the threat is over and will they be able to make a HEA together? Why does Eli describe Billie's antics at the party as Charlie's Angel'd? Read this next installment of the series and fall in love with this very sweet and loving couple. If you are like me, you would like to have a picture of what Billie looks like when he walks into the launch party! The description in the book makes me believe he looks better than the band he just outfitted.

Billie & Eli
Written by DLB2572 on 30th Nov 2022

This connected universe has been so good and this book is another great addition to it. I loved reading Billie and Eli's story.

Suit up for a wonderful story
Written by Heather D on 30th Nov 2022

Another wonderful novella by Ava Olsen. Part of the NY Nights: Bodyguard series. Where sexy bodyguards find their happy ever after. Quiet Eli finally gets his day on the page. We’ve met him, but haven’t really gotten to know the sexy bodyguard who knits, but now we get all the goods on this lovely guy. He’s charged with protecting Billie, a fashion designer who’s creating the tour costumes for the next big band. They need to keep the details a secret, so Billie is getting a bodyguard. They’ve met before, Billie is the cousin of another member of the agency, and they’ve admired each other from afar. But now that they have to spend time together, the attraction is very real. With Billie’s safety on the line, their hearts may be too. This was a great pairing with the introverted bodyguard and the fierce and beautiful fashion designer. They melded beautifully, and I love that sometimes we aren’t quite sure who’s protecting whom.

Fashion, Music and Bodyguards!
Written by K-Me on 30th Nov 2022

This was a quick, sweet and sexy bodyguard read. I enjoyed that it was not super angsty and there was not a bunch of denial or misunderstandings. These guys have interacted before in previous books in the series, and guys from the previous books appear in this book. For full enjoyment I recommend reading the series in order. Billie is a fashion designer who is doing designs for a band on tour. The guys in the band are a hoot and I see potential for some future stories there!! Billie can be a bit flighty and insecure at times, but Eli is very stable. They have such a great friend chemistry, and they connect before all that explodes into romance!