Novel Affair by Ava Olsen

Heat Level 3
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NY Nights, 1

It started as a novel affair…

Ryker Desoumas is a science-fiction novelist living in New York City. A former crime reporter with a secret trauma, he prefers to work—and live—alone.

Wes Stewart is a celebrity author from Toronto. After years of writing self-help books, he’s looking for something exciting to rekindle his passion for the craft.

When Ryker’s publisher pitches a collaboration between the two men, Wes is all for it. Ryker, on the other hand, resists and fears that Wes will turn his quiet world upside down. But Wes is sexy and charismatic, and Ryker can't help being drawn to him. A tentative professional partnership becomes something much more personal.

But Wes has been burned by love in the past, and Ryker isn't sure he's ready to let someone into his heart. Will they find happiness together?

…it could be the love of a lifetime.

Be Warned: m/m sex, sex toys



“So, what do you think?”

Ryker stood in front of the full-length mirror in his walk-in closet and looked down expectantly at his three fur babies, all of whom had watched his every move as he got ready over the past half hour. He’d chosen slim black designer jeans, a charcoal t-shirt, and a black velvet blazer. He’d added a lava bead necklace and left his dark hair loose. In addition to his usual bracelets, he’d strapped a leather cuff to his right wrist. He decided to forego glasses tonight in favor of contacts and added navy eyeliner to complete his look. He mulled a quick shave, but decided the scruff was better. Combined with the dark eyeliner, it made him look edgier and unapproachable. Perfect.

He slipped into his old combat boots and grabbed his phone, noticing that Cal had texted him a few minutes ago.

Cal: Got our ride ready. Move your ass!

Impatient, as usual. Ryker shook his head and hurried down the hallway to the front door.

Thankfully, the elevator ride was a short one, and when he got to the spacious lobby of his building, his gaze immediately caught on the limo out front. Jesus, it was a bit much for a short ride to a dinner party. But who was he to argue with Cal’s over-the-top style or generosity? The man was outgoing, funny, and flirtatious to the max—a platinum blond, brown-eyed imp with a personality no one could resist. Even grumpy-ass Ryker.

The back window rolled down to reveal Cal’s blond hair and big smile. Ryker opened the door and glanced in at his friend, who had a glass of bubbly in hand.

“Really? You’re dressed like that for a dinner party?” Ryker exclaimed.

Cal was relaxed in a slim white tuxedo jacket and pants but no shirt. As he stretched his arms out over the back of the leather seats, the jacket opened to display his chest and gold nipple piercings. Cal liked to push the fashion envelope and hated restrictive clothing and clothing in general.

“Jesus, Cal, why didn’t you put a shirt on! Save that outfit for the clubs.” Ryker was half amused, half horrified at Cal’s clothing choice.

“Come on, Ry, I look hot.” Cal winked at Ryker and smoothed his hands through his chin-length hair, then down his jacket lapels. “Besides, this way all the attention will fall on me, and you’ll be left in peace, just like you prefer. Or at least, that was my plan until you wrecked it with the eyeliner. People are going to stare, bud. You look pretty hot yourself.”

Ryker grunted, squirming uncomfortably at that comment. “This look is supposed to repel people, not attract them. Aren’t you getting my ‘fuck off’ vibe?”

“No, I’m getting ‘I’m down to fuck’ more than ‘fuck off.’ Bad boys are irresistible, didn’t you know?” Cal’s teasing laughter filled the limo.

“I’m grumpy, not bad.” Ryker pouted, then accepted the glass of champagne Cal held out to him, forcing himself to relax. “And how come you’re so happy? Have the text messages stopped?”

“Nothing today, so that’s good. Anyway, I don’t want to think about it tonight. We both need to de-stress and have fun.” Ryker accepted Cal’s point and refrained from any further questions.

Cal chatted away about his day, and Ryker rolled the window down to watch Manhattan whiz by. Soon, they were in front of Mac’s three-story brownstone in the East Village.

Cal got out first and walked nonchalantly up the stairs, ignoring several passersby on the sidewalk as they gaped at his outfit—or lack thereof.

Mac opened his front door, dressed in trim navy slacks and a white button-down, his practiced smile in place until he looked down at Cal’s outfit.

“I didn’t order a stripper. You have the wrong address.” Mac managed to get halfway through his comment with a straight face, and then he and Ryker bent over snickering, their laughter echoing in the cool night air.

“Hey, I’m fucking sexy and I know it.” Cal smirked as he opened his arms wide and gestured down his body. “And you should be used to this by now. Wearing the least amount of clothing necessary is my trademark.”

“You’re ridiculous is what you are. But we love you anyway,” Ryker muttered, shaking his head.

Mac ushered them through the door and into his modern foyer. Ryker watched as his two closest friends embraced, big grins on both their faces.

“Mac, you didn’t tell me it would be that kind of party,” a deep voice boomed from behind them, and they all turned to look at the man who had spoken.

Fuck me, Ryker thought as he got a good look at the tall, gorgeous man who stood casually at the end of the hallway with his hands in the pockets of his dark grey dress pants. In the dim light of the chandelier, Ryker could make out the man’s thick blond hair, styled in an undercut, sharp cheekbones, and light eyes.

Fucking hell, this was Wes Stewart. Ryker recognized him from his social media. Ryker couldn’t control the look of surprise on his face or the jolt of anger that rippled through his body at this unwelcome surprise. He hadn’t known he’d be meeting Wes tonight, and he wasn’t prepared. And the pretentious prick had a smug grin on his face that meant he was all too aware that he had the advantage. Yeah, we’ll see about that.



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A Sizzling Start
Written by Michelle on 5th Jun 2022

Grumpy/sunshine, angel/devil (borrowed that trope from Wes)…There are many ways to describe the characters in NOVEL AFFAIR, and HOT is at the top of the list, Their writing styles and attitudes towards self-promotion couldn’t be more different, but there’s no denying the chemistry between the two of them. Apart from the steamy sex scenes, it was something to watch them open up and bring out new sides of each other. Finally, one aspect of a good story is one that leaves me wanting to know more about all the characters. I saw some loose ends presumably there to be tied up in future books, but we didn’t need them - characters like Mac, Luca, Cal, Grey, and even Harrison were compelling enough in their own rights. This was a solid debut, and I’m excited to see what Ava Olsen does next.

Love Bytes
Written by Valerie on 11th Apr 2022

“Sweaty, messy, dirty.” When two collaborative authors set off to co-write a gay romance novel, their intentions are to make it hot. Well, life imitates art. Soon their own roll in the hay resembles exactly what they want on page: sweaty (yes), messy (heck yeah) and dirty (hell fucking yes!) This is the first book I’ve read this year that’s had this particular flavor of visceral sexual chemistry and passion, front and center. Plan to be entertained. For the characters, it’s thrilling, exciting, and terrifying because of how rapidly emotions are developing for these two relationship-allergic men. Need and want commingle with tenderness as the sex quickly becomes lovemaking. I don’t usually begin my reviews with a dissertation on the sex, but it had to be said. This is one hot book, but it’s certainly more than that; it’s perfect in so many ways. I like the premise of two men trying to work together despite one’s dislike and animosity toward the other. Although they’re both best selling authors, their personalities are dichotomous. Their opposites attract romance, with its snark and sarcasm, and Wes’ delight at Ryker’s discomfort and awkwardness around him, is fabulous. Ryker is a self-described curmudgeon, an introverted science fiction author who hates publicity and attention and doesn’t care what people think of him. He prefers to stay home with his cats and dog, or spend his time volunteering at a local animal shelter. When his friend and publisher, Mac, presses him to write his next book with celebrity mystery and nonfiction writer, Wes Stewart, Ryker gives him an unequivocal no. But when he meets the irrepressible – and as it turns out – irresistible Wes, it’s lust at first sight for both of them. If Ryker is the grumpy one, Wes is the sunshine. He’s confident (read: arrogant) with an ego that knows no bounds and he charms everyone. He feels like he’s lost his edge writing fiction and hopes a partnership can get him back on track. Upon meeting Ryker, there’s immediate, mutual attraction and unmistakable chemistry. Regardless of whether or not Wes can convince Ryker to work with him, they make the decision to sleep together. One night only, they agree. Uh huh. One night’s not enough for either of them and they both catch feelings quickly, surprising them since neither wants anything more than sex. Wes hasn’t been in a relationship for three years and that was a disaster, and Ryker has his own troubling past. But it’s more than sex they come to crave from each other; it’s the conversation, the companionship, the connection. “What’s happening with us?” Wes asked, rubbing a hand over his jaw, his lips. “I don’t know, but it’s fucking scary,” Ryker said truthfully. Soon there’s flirty texting and constantly thinking of each other, and then we’re back to the sweaty, the messy, and the dirty. Their FaceTime sex burned up my tablet it was so hot. The stuff that comes out of their dirty mouths…Dios mio, as Ryker would say. Ava Olsen has done such a wonderful job creating these characters. Ryker and Wes are fun, lovable, and sympathetic. There’s a great supporting cast, too, of friends and colleagues being set up for future books. This is exciting because this is a wild group of men with potential for more superb books. Ryker’s mother, with her big personality, is another important character. Overall, this is a fantastic, feel-good, sexy novel that really caught me by surprise. I look forward to Ms. Olsen’s future work. Highly recommended.

Written by KjnRose on 30th Mar 2022

This is a great debut novel by a new author. I thought the writing and storyline were great and the characters were wonderful. There is instant chemistry between the two main characters and it's instant fire. Low angst, quick read, went from one night to insta-love quickly, very steamy. I loved the information with all the other characters setting it up for future books, which I hope to read.

4.0 out of 5 stars Opposite writers find insta-love
Written by Snik on 30th Mar 2022

First in series (NY Nights). Dual POV. Opposites attract. Insta-love. Famous writer Ryker is happy with his solitary life, sharing his space with his family and only a few close friends, his writing and volunteering at the local pet shelter is enough. When his friend and publisher suggests he collaborate with another writer, one that thrives in the spotlight, Ryker immediately says no, until he meets Wes. One look at Ryker and Wes is beyond tempted, he wants this new writing project badly, and perhaps the writing partner even more as Ryker busts through his writing block and the idea of never being in another relationship becomes untenable as all he wants is to spend time with Ryker. This is a cute story that quickly ramps up to a serious relationship. Both the self proclaimed grump Ryker and the social Wes are likable and very much invested in each other and commit to an exclusive relationship while trying to navigate how to manage their careers and long distance relationship. Some steamy scenes, with a supportive secondary cast which are mostly introduced as a ramp up to become future couples in this new series by debut author Ava Olsen, this was a quick and enjoyable read.

Amazing Debut Novel
Written by Shewars on 30th Mar 2022

Ryker Desoumas and Wes Stewart are two novelists with completely different lifestyles and writing styles in Ava Olsen's debut novel. The instant chemistry between Ryker and Wes was hot and believable. Both have sworn off relationships and fight the attraction due to a possible writing collaboration. That lasts for a short time before they give in and fall for each other. The relationship was a whirlwind which was not entirely expected due to their firm stance on "no relationships". I loved them together, but I would have liked to see them fight the sexual tension a little bit longer before giving in. But it was a very sweet relationship and I loved how they fit with each other. I am very intrigued by the side characters. There was a lot happening in this novel and it was very clear that the introductions to the side characters was setting up the following books in the series. I don't mind that, but it did take away from the main relationship. I really love Greyson and I will be so upset if Cal hurts him. He seems like a sweet, sweet man who has been through a tragedy and I don't want playboy Cal to hurt him. I am also interested in Ryker's sister. Am I the only one who could picture Rachel with the mystery writer Ethan Blackwell? That would be very sweet. I also want to see where Rachel's search for their father ends up. I will definitely be reading book 2 and the rest of the series. I am already invested in these characters. I highly recommend this book. **I received an ARC from Booksprout for my honest review**

Both men had different personalities, but complimented each other
Written by CS on 30th Mar 2022

Ryker and Wes were authors who decided to collaborate on a book together. Wes was feeling blocked in his writing but was instantly attracted to Ryker. Ryker preferred to work anyone and Wes rubbed him the wrong way. They eventually decided to not fight their attraction and have a one night stand. But then they wanted more. This book had lots of steamy sex with the passion there and told the story from both POVs, Their relationship felt pretty fast unrealistically for me considering they were hardly together much but I guess that's love. A lot of the side characters kept secrets. had a lot going on and by the end of the book, you could see another couple pairing off. I felt the author was trying to have too much going on in one book. I received a copy of this book from Gay Romance Reviews and this is my voluntary opinion.