Her Relentless Bratva by Winter Sloane

Heat Level 3
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Kotov Bratva, 3

Katya: Some people call me an ice princess. There’s a reason for that. I survived the massacre of my entire family. When the Kotov Bratva took me in, I swore I’d do anything for my daughter and my new family. Aleksander is off-limits. He’s also relentless, persuasive, and addictive. I lean into his touches and kisses even though I should be staying away. I’m a survivor. I don’t just open up my heart to anyone but with Aleksander it’s easy. If being with him is so wrong, then why does it feel so right?

Aleksander: I know Katya Kotov inside and out. Under all that ice, lies a passionate and fiery woman I can’t wait to own and possess. I waited, hoping she’d find a better man, a decent man to settle with. But I’m not that generous. I’m a selfish and possessive bastard. Katya’s mine to tame and I’d kill anyone that gets in the way.



“Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable and sit next to me?” he asked.

“I’m fine here,” she said, returning to the armchair.

“Why, scared I’ll bite?” Aleks teased.

“Maybe you should avoid flirting with me when you’re injured,” she suggested.

Aleks considered her words for a few moments. There and then, he came to a decision. They’d been dancing around each other for years. It was about time he changed that.

Aleks didn’t pursue Katya not because he was worried about what Viktor and Pavel would do if they found out he wanted her for his own. She wasn’t a fling either. He wanted to own her, body, heart, and soul.

If Katya found a normal, decent man who’d be able to take care of her and Anya, Aleks thought he’d be able to live with that. He was wrong. Aleks would kill any man who so much as looked at Katya wrong.

“When I’m better, we’ll revisit this conversation,” Aleks said. He made it clear that wasn’t a question, but a statement.

“Aleks—” she started, rising to her feet. He cut her off by grabbing her hand and yanking him close to him.

Katya gasped, then ended up spilling on his lap. Aleks suppressed a wince, then wrapped his good arm around her waist, nudging her close.

Her breasts touched his chest, and he nearly lost it. Aleks reined in what self-control he had left. If she showed any sign that she wasn’t into this, he’d released her. Katya widened her eyes but didn’t stop him when he closed his mouth over hers.

Fuck, but she tasted as sweet as she imagined. Like raspberries and just the hint of the wine she drank earlier. She slid her hands up his shoulders.

When he pushed his tongue down her throat, she sucked down hard on it. Aleks slid his hands under her blouse, touching smooth and heated skin. He pushed past the wire of her bra to give her left nipple a squeeze.

She let out a moan when he tore his mouth away from hers. The sound didn’t do his thickening dick any favors.

“You better get off me right now or I’ll end up mauling you,” he said in a rough voice.

“You don’t think I can handle you?” she asked. Challenge blazed in her sharp blue eyes.

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One Exciting Read!!!
Written by Kathleen Bulfon on 13th Dec 2021

A good read! It is well-developed, witty, funny, fast pace, and engaging. The characters are likeable; the chemistry between them is instant and off the charts. Definitely recommended!

Enjoyed the pull
Written by JJ on 13th Dec 2021

Lots of twists and turns that had me reading faster. I enjoyed the dark, possessive and intense nature of Aleksander. Each page pulled me into the rabbit hole. It is the kind of romance in which you can't look away and steals your sanity.

Written by Dee on 13th Dec 2021

A good drama that was an interesting mafia themed romance. It took a little bit to engage in the story but once I did, I really liked how the author built the intensity between the characters. The story had a dark and dangerous vibe which gave it an urgency and made for an exciting read.

A great mafia book by Winter Sloane...
Written by Isabelle D'A on 13th Dec 2021

Known as the Ice Princessby some, Katya will soon find herself uner Aleksander's grasp, aura who has made his mission to melt his ice queen and why not TAME HER. Twists and turns and unpredictable surprises that kept my eyes on the pages and on the edge of my seat.

A decent mafia story but not a 5 star
Written by Judy C on 13th Dec 2021

I had a hard time with this book, normally I speed through books but I just couldn’t get into this book, nothing necessarily bad but I kept hitting spelling and grammatical errors and I am the worst at English. This story seemed ok it was about a lady who had lost all of her family and was adopted by another mafia family and falls for one of their soldiers only to be stalked by a killer and that is as far as I could go and I feel bad but I will try and finish it later and update my review

Her Relentless Bratva!
Written by Mary on 13th Dec 2021

This is the third story in the "Kotov Bratva" mafia romance series. It does have some possible triggers and dark themes. The story is a stand alone read with connected characters and family. This story is about the adopted sister Katya and the bratva's loyal lieutenant Aleksander. After all Katya has been through and seen, she is determined to keep her daughter safe. She is constantly pushing Aleks away because he is part of the bratva. Aleks is loyal, possessive and protective. He will do everything in his power to keep Katya and her daughter safe. This is a nicely developed story with lots of sparks flying. The story is very captivating and intriguing with suspense, danger, romance, passion and good twists. *I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.*