His Guardian Panther by Elena Kincaid

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go ®

Dr. Tom Barrymore thought he was pulling over on the side of the road to help an injured man, but what he discovered wasn’t what he bargained for and he finds himself running for his life.

Sheriff and panther alpha, Luke Benson, had nearly given up hope of ever finding his mate, but when he stumbles upon him, the man is a few heartbeats away from death. He has no choice but to make a decision that will alter his mate’s life forever. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince the good doctor that they belong together, but first … there’s a matter of justice to seek against the men who dared to touch his mate, before they make another attempt.

Be Warned: m/m sex



“Where the fuck are my clothes?” he asked as he finally stood up, only to realize he was stark naked. He grabbed the bedsheet and covered up his dick. “Did you—”

The sheriff growled. He actually fucking growled and then he got in Tom’s face, towering over him by a good five inches and spoke low, his voice angry. “When I fuck a man, I make sure he remembers it. Your clothes were torn to shreds. I cleaned you up and sat watching over you all night to make sure I’d be there if you woke up and felt disoriented. I didn’t touch you.”

Tom swallowed loudly and sat down on the bed. The sheriff backed up a little to give him space and stood there looking at him with his arms folded. Tom actually felt bad for accusing the man who saved his life, albeit turning him into a monster in the process. Being a scientist, he had absolutely no rational explanation for any of this. Seeing was one thing, but understanding the how part of it—how this world that he stumbled into could even be possible was daunting. People should not be able to transform into animals. His wounds should not have been able to heal on their own or at all for that matter, given their severity. He suddenly felt very lost, not being able to explain, nor understand. It was frustrating.

“What does that even mean … that I’m your mate?” he asked just as his arms began to itch again. Ignoring the need to scratch, he mimicked the sheriff by folding his arms across his chest. Despite his anger and frustration, he couldn’t deny his curiosity or his attraction to the sheriff.

Was it the so-called “mate” thing that was pulling his strings now? he wondered. Though he had to admit that if he met Luke under normal circumstances, he would definitely be attracted to the man.

“It means that whatever fates are out there, they have deemed us worthy of being mated for life. Shifters are more intuitive than humans. I guess you can equate it to knowing when you have found the one.”

Tom snorted. The last time a guy told him he wanted forever, Tom had found him in their bed … with two other men. To say that he had serious trust issues now would be an understatement. From his experience, the men who made declarations to him were the ones who hurt him most. He had learned quickly to guard his heart like a fortress.

“Don’t I get a say in any of this?”

Tom watched as the sheriff’s full lips quirked into a breathtakingly cocky smile. He immediately had to drop his hands to the bedsheet, surreptitiously trying to restrain the bulge underneath it. Damn traitorous cock. The sexy-as-sin sheriff only smiled wider.

“You’re going to tell me you don’t like men?” the cocky bastard asked. “Or is it that you’re still in the closet?”

Tom rolled his eyes. “I came out to my very supportive parents in high school and I’m proud to live my life as an openly gay man.”

Tom knew from a young age that he was gay. He started dating in his sophomore year of high school and when in his junior year, after getting serious with a guy who ended up breaking his heart six months later, he decided to sit his parents down and tell them he was gay. His mother simply gave him a look that said she already knew. His father replied with an “okay.” His mother later grilled him about his dating life and offered up sage advice when he told her about the boy that hurt him. He couldn’t help but wonder what they would think about him now suddenly being able to turn into an animal.

“Maybe I don’t want this damn itch to dictate who I should be with,” he continued with exasperation as he finally gave in to scratching his arms. “Or maybe I’m just not attracted to you.”

“The bulge you’re trying to hide says otherwise.” The bastard actually waggled his thick, dark, heavenly eyebrows at him.

He got up from the bed, frustrated, no longer caring about his modesty. “I need to think.” I need to get the fuck away from his delicious scent before I beg him to fuck me on all fours right now. “I need some”—he cleared his throat—“space.”

The sheriff’s gaze traveled down to his long and erect cock. He couldn’t help the groan that escaped him as Luke first licked and then bit his own bottom lip, keeping it trapped there between his teeth.

He wasn’t sure how long he stared at the sheriff’s mouth, but then he spotted his duffle bag along with his other personal belongings on top of the dresser and went over to it. Without turning around, he was about to ask Luke to give him some privacy, when the other man said, “I’ll just give you some space.” The door gently closed behind him.

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Loved it
Written by RhondaVB on 26th Apr 2024

Panthers are some of my favorite animals where shifters stories are told. Elena Kincaid is a favorite author of mine and this story was solid good. It may have been on the shorter side but it doesn't read like it. You get the action, the heat and the bit of danger. Tom and Luke are perfect together and I honestly enjoyed this so much!

A short, uncomplicated read
Written by Marlena F on 26th Apr 2024

This story is quite close to the description. I would like to mention the questionable consent regarding the mating bite and turning into a panther shifter - the situation made is okay, but it might be a trigger for some. I also appreciated that upon waking up changed, Tom did not immediately fall into the omg this is so great mentality. Rather, he reacted in a more relatable i need space manner. I still think the acceptance of everything was a bit rushed - after claiming to need space, at their next meeting the same day he was more than okay with everything - but it was okay given the length of the story. All in all a nice read, short and uncomplicated, perfect to pass the time for a couple hours.

Good read
Written by Dee176 on 26th Apr 2024

This was the first book I’ve read by this author and I enjoyed it the story is short but with a decent amount of plot and detail from start to finish, this is a shifter fated mates story and is well worth a read.

Loved it!
Written by S. Hansen on 26th Apr 2024

I loved His Guardian Panther. Thomas thought he was doing the right thing helping, until it almost cost him his life. Luke found his mate but he’s near death and he must do something to save him. Thomas isn’t exactly thrilled to find out he’s now a panther or he has a mate, and he runs. Luke knows he needs to give him space but he’s still in danger. Luke knows he has end the reckless alpha and challenges him. Thomas doesn’t want to lose his new mate or his life. I loved the storyline and the characters. Short and sweet shifter story. I would definitely recommend this book.

Quick Read
Written by SMK9 on 26th Apr 2024

This is a very quick read, but I enjoyed it. We have Tom, a doctor, on his way to see his parents. Needless to say, he does not make it there. He does, however, find a world he never knew existed until it nearly kills him. He also meets the sheriff/alpha panther, Luke. I liked this story because there is danger in the form of a bad guy/panther, a good guy sheriff/panther and a doctor that just wants his normal life back. If you have a small amount of time you want to fill with a quick fated mate story, grab this one.

Written by LateciaJ on 26th Apr 2024

This is my first time reading a book by this author and I'm glad I took a chance. Reading the blurb, I was interested since it involved shifters and mating. It had some nice twist and turns which kept it a page turner. Surprisingly this is a novella and I didn't feel like the story or the romance between the MCs were rushed. A little violence, not so much a sweet romance but a HOT mated romance with a nice HEA. I would definitely read more from this author.

Written by Catsgotyourtounge on 26th Apr 2024

This book was good. It wasn't what I typically read so not my cup of tea! But good all the same! Good book!

Thomas & Luke
Written by DLB2572 on 26th Apr 2024

I'm rounding this up from 3.5. I enjoyed reading this one and it was entertaining as well as interesting. It just seemed to speed through a few things.

His Guardian Panther.
Written by Caroline D on 26th Apr 2024

Fantastic m/m romance with Tom a human who made the biggest mistake of his life when he pulled over to help someone now he’s running for his life. Luke the town sheriff received a call about a human who was being chased by panthers and when Luke arrived he was angry about the scene because the man who had been mauled was his mate now Luke had a choice to make. Fantastic story I loved it and the characters and I highly recommend this book.