Intimate Escape by D.C. Stone

Heat Level 3
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Empire Blue, 4

Juliette Scaglione doesn't think her world can get any worse. Recently dumped by her longtime boyfriend while on a vacation she paid for, she returned home only to find the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on her heels.

DEA Agent Matt Gonzalez is sent on a task to uncover a mule at the airport, one he discovers is a feisty and beautiful woman whom he can't take his eyes off of.

Problem is, things get out of control for both fairly quickly as they are kidnapped by the cartel and taken to a prison in Mexico. The two have to learn how to rely on one another to escape the clutches of this violent operation. Through their journey across a country far from home, both of them recognize fighting their attraction may not be the only challenge they have to face.



“What do you expect to find in my bags?” she asked.

Agent Gonzalez stared at her, and rather than answer what she thought was a pretty logical question, he threw another softball. “I’ll ask you one more time. Do you give your consent to allow us to search your bags? I’m warning you now that I have a federal judge on standby in the event you say no, so one way or another, I will search these bags today. It’s just a matter of whether this will go quickly or take a few hours. Up to you.”

Her heart pounded against the inside of her chest, wanting to run away. She felt much the same way. Not that she thought he’d find anything. It was the absolute certainty she saw on his face that said he knew he’d find something.

“What’s going on?” she asked, hating the meek sound in her voice.


“Yes! Yes, you can search my bags, my—my body, but you won’t find anything in, or rather, on them.”

Agent Gonzalez unzipped her suitcase.

“After you find nothing, I expect an explanation for what’s going on.” There, that sounded firm. Not shaky, like what her insides were doing.

Agent Watson relieved her of her backpack and purse but placed them on the table and didn’t go through them. Instead, he kept his attention on what Agent Gonzalez was doing, though she knew without a doubt she had his full attention too.

Gonzalez removed her clothing in a systematic fashion, placing items one at a time on the table next to the suitcase. Out came her dirty clothes, which lay on top, jeans, dresses, and her underwear. Her cheeks heated as he continued, his movements slow and thorough.

He got to the bottom, having removed everything from within. Her things were scattered across the table like some bizarre game of Clue.

“See?” she said. “Nothing.”

Agent Watson didn’t move, but Gonzalez sure did. He reached inside her suitcase and felt around the corners, then yanked. The sound of fabric tore.

“Hey! What are you doing?”


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What a great read!
Written by Regina K on 5th Mar 2023

What a great read! Lots of action and romance! Keeps you wanting to read more! Matt is DEA, when he’s givin a tip the drugs are coming into the country, he’s there to prevent it. But wow what a drug mule. Jules has broken up with her boyfriend and wants nothing more than to go home! But when getting her luggage, we’ll read the book! I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

Fast, suspenseful romantic thriller!
Written by Amber K on 5th Mar 2023

It's always a good time to pick up a book that has all the elements you enjoy with really good writing. Typically I enjoy dual POV in first person because it feels more genuine, but I hardly noticed that this was in a third person POV because the writing flowed so well with Intimate Escape. Matt and Juliette's story delivered on so many levels, this book had suspense, action, intrigue and all the romance and spice that any genre reader would enjoy this book! At just 250 pages, it's a quick read and a standalone - I had not read the other books in the series before picking up this one but did not feel as if I missed anything (except the immediate desire to add the rest of the books to my never ending TBR!) This book is a must read if you're looking for a quick adventure and romantic suspense!

Awesome, suspenseful book!
Written by Ash J on 5th Mar 2023

I really enjoyed this book. It took awhile for me to read and I stayed up late nights to finish but it was so suspenseful and awesome. Can't wait to check out the rest in the series.

Will they learn to trust each other in time?
Written by Nicole P on 5th Mar 2023

I love a romance that is both erotic with a good dose of suspense. Matt & Juliette's story sure does deliver. She's just been dumped by her longtime boyfriend & he's a DEA agent trying to find a drug mule. Add in being kidnapped by the cartel & thrown into a Mexican prison, can their lives get any worse? To survive can they learn to trust each other?

Juliette & Matt!!
Written by Wendy L on 12th Jan 2023

This is the fourth book in this series, and this is Matt and Juliette’s story. Juliette is returning home from a vacation in Mexico which she has with her brother and her boyfriend, but she is alone as her boyfriend is now an ex. When Juliette is stopped in customs by a sexy man, she finds out that Matt is a DEA agent and is working on information received from his informant. Matt and Juliette both end up being captured by a cartel, where they need to rely on each other to survive. This is a well written story which is raw, gritty, and intriguing, with explosive chemistry, survival, betrayal heartbreak, emotions, passion, romance, and love, which leads to an addictive page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Intense read
Written by Nate on 12th Jan 2023

Juliette Scaglione doesn't think her world can get any worse. Recently dumped by her longtime boyfriend while on a vacation she paid for, she returned home only to find the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on her heels. DEA Agent Matt Gonzalez is sent on a task to uncover a mule at the airport, one he discovers is a feisty and beautiful woman whom he can't take his eyes off of. It was an exciting & intriguing read. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Had me from the first chapter!!!
Written by JennM73 on 12th Jan 2023

This book grabbed me right from the beginning and did not let go!!! It is an intense, forced proximity romance and it will keep you on the edge of your seats. Matt is a DEA agent and Juliette is a victim of her ex-boyfriend and brother. They are abducted and held by a Mexican cartel and this story is about their existence and their escape to finally their HEA. There are some very dark themes in the book but they are not explicitly written out. We hear about the darkness but don’t experience it as a reader. If this is too much, please heed the trigger warnings. This isn’t an overly spicy novel, but the scenes in there are HOT!!! The build up between these two characters is intense as they fight for survival with one another.

Written by Amd2662 on 12th Jan 2023

Matt/Juliette. DEA Agent/Drug mule? Vacation. Break-Up. Twin brother? Arrested. Kidnapped. Murder. Attempted murder. Danger Mexican cartel. Protection. Attraction. Affection. Acceptance. Action Packed. Wonderful characters and thrilling story. Love. HEA. Exciting read.

Written by xo2read on 12th Jan 2023

A new author for me and what a book to start with. This is the 4th book in the Empire blue and I’ve since bought and read the first 3 books. This is an intense, edge of your seat read. If you like suspenseful, fast paced rollercoaster rides then this is for you. Well written and well done.

5 Stars
Written by DeeTango on 12th Jan 2023

A little more of a slow burn than I usually like, but I did love this book. I loved the unusual meet cute, the dialogue, the strong h, the spice and their HEA.

Intimate Escape
Written by Amber J on 12th Jan 2023

Juliette is at the airport coming back from a trip with her brother and her now ex-boyfriend. She is stopped at the airport by Special Agent Matt Gonzalez and his partner. When they search her suitcase, they find drugs. Just as they are about to escort her out gunfire starts up. They are both captured by the cartel and end up fighting for their lives. Will they make it back home safely? Can something happen between them? This is a great story that will draw you in from beginning to end. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Escaping the Cartel
Written by BLT on 12th Jan 2023

This is the fourth book in the Empire Blue Series. This is a very suspenseful read containing kidnapping, torture, intrigue and romance. This book is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.

Written by Debs48 on 12th Jan 2023

Different to what I normally read but so much gripping action in the story from being arrested and then both taken and tortured and escaping and how they can’t be without each other but drug cartel hot on their tails gripping read

Great Book
Written by Jeanne R on 12th Jan 2023

This is the first book I've read written by D.C. Stone; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the fourth book in the Empire Blue Series; it is a stand-alone book. The story is about Juliette & Matt; he’s a DEA agent sent to uncover a mule at the airport. They are both kidnapped by the cartel and have to work together to escape. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Lots of action
Written by Abooknut on 12th Jan 2023

Juliette Certainly had the most rotten luck—first with getting broken up from her boyfriend, to getting kidnapped and having have her put into mortal danger. Between the danger, action, and hot chemistry, this was quite a fun book to read

A rush of romance and suspense
Written by Sebas on 12th Jan 2023

A book full of action, suspense and romance, very good chemistry between the protagonists, the plot is very well developed in an atmosphere and well built environment. The sexual tension between the characters keeps you expectant, suspense and danger hooked from beginning to end, a constant emotional roller coaster, highly recommended for those who like not only a good romance but a lot of action and suspense.

Written by Tori aka Victoria on 12th Jan 2023

This was suspenseful with some cartel, action, unexpected hero and match up between Matt and Juliette. They end up in a situation that draws them close. A different type of cartel read for me but one that kept me engaged.

I loved it
Written by Danee on 12th Jan 2023

This is a story that will keep you with the story from start to finish, there is danger, action, betrayal, intrigue, but also passion and love between the characters. It is the fourth book in the Empire Blue Series.

Matt & Jules Intimate Escape
Written by rjreads on 12th Jan 2023

Matt & Jules Intimate Escape This story had me on the edge of my seat. Bad things happened and questionable decisions were made. What really struck home is how real this story is because this is a reality. The war on drugs is ongoing and never-ending. Kudos to the men and women who risk their lives to make this World a better place and to make us safe. Read It!

So good!
Written by Flavia K on 12th Jan 2023

A new to me author. This story should come with warnings, I don't know if they are in the paid version, but they are not in the ARC. Still the story is very good, with amazing characters, good plot development and atmosphere building. Suspense, danger and passion keep you hooked from start to finish and make your heart skip a beat on more than one occasion. It almost makes me forget about the errors in everything written in Spanish.

Exciting Escape
Written by RahiaLeight on 12th Jan 2023

This book is fantastic. I wasn't expecting the excitement that came with this tale, but it was definitely and edge-of-your-seat kind of read. From kidnap to rescue and recovery, it was an exciting run. Part of me wonders if there will be run-ins with that cartel leader somewhere down the line. Fast-paced, suspenseful, engaging...I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Loved it
Written by amy b on 12th Jan 2023

A great addition to the series. It was dark and intense with some pretty hot times. I loved the characters and their interactions together. Loved it!

Intimate Escape!
Written by Mary on 12th Jan 2023

This is the fourth story in the "Empire Blue" series and having not the prior three I think this one stands one its own. This one totally had me hook, line and sinker. It was a little slow to build but once it did all I have to say is WOW! It has some intense moments but is action packed and keeps you flipping pages. I love the characters! Especially loved the family and the banter. This story is gritty, suspenseful, steamy and passionate with some great twists.

This book was so exciting--loved it so so much
Written by Andrea R on 12th Jan 2023

I so enjoyed this book--loved the couple and add in the suspense and all the ups and downs this book has such amazing read--I have never read a book by this author but I will be catching up with other reads for sure. The way the characters interact makes this so hard to stop reading (so I didn't)

Written by Maria M on 12th Jan 2023

This is a new author to me I really enjoyed this I haven't read others in the series but don't feel I have missed out at all Looking forward to more.

Edge of seat
Written by Amanda1444 on 12th Jan 2023

DEA Special Agent Matt and unknowing dug mule Juliette are captured by the cartel and escape back to New York. During these trials, they both have to face their fears in different ways. Ultimately growing closer together as their experiences pan out. This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Matt and Juliette
Written by POmoto on 1st Jan 2023

Wow...this book had surpassed my expectations. It was darker and more intense than expected with the characters being well written. The plot was good and I nearly stayed up all night just to see what happens next. I haven't read the previous books in the series but now I do want to.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 1st Jan 2023

Juliette hadn't had a great vacation with her now ex butbshe doesn't expect DEA Matt to be waiting for her. But neither expect the cartel to take them now they must work together and closely to survive well written steamy drama action and more!

A great, quick read
Written by Brittany L on 1st Jan 2023

Intimate Escape was a suspenseful read with an exciting twist at the end. The twist was predictable but ended up being even more involved than anticipated. Overall a great, quick read. Would recommend. *I received this book for free in exchange for a review*

Empire Blue series
Written by Mierfie M on 1st Jan 2023

This is the 4 book from Empire Blue series. I never read this series befoee, but this one was good. The tortures was real and disturbing. Being capture by drug cartel was no flower and lavish (like other book). It is terrifying, hopeless you only hope to die. When they try to escape another nurden appear, they have to survive in the forest. They have long adventures. There are some miscomunication lead to hate fuck that so hawtt Thank you to NetGalley for provide this book, it is pleasure to review this book.

What an Amazing Surprise!
Written by Red18 on 1st Jan 2023

When I agreed to review this book I thought I would be diving into an MC book. I did not read the overview but chose it because I liked the cover. The quote “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…” rings true here lol. This book was amazing. Fast paced, full of adventure, hold you breath moments and intimate scenes. The best is that the characters are likeable and will have you rooting for them the whole book. DC Stone is a new author for me and I would not hesitate to read more of her books.

Heart Pounding!
Written by Kimmijane on 1st Jan 2023

Wow! Best book I’ve read in a while. Great writing, fun & unique characters and an original storyline. I highly recommend!

Wonderful Read
Written by Jocelyn W on 1st Jan 2023

Intimate Escape is the fourth book in the Empire Blue Series. Full of love, romance, and intrigue; Intimate Escape kept my attention from beginning to end.

Learning to Feel
Written by BLT on 20th Dec 2022

This is Book 6 in the MacLean series and is a must read. This is the story of Dominic and Rebeka and will keep you on the edge of your seat. I found this book impossible to put down. This book is filled with drama and suspense and is very entertaining. Does Dominic have a chance coming up against his mother and sisters when it comes to Rebeka?

The Mafia Prince!
Written by Mary on 20th Dec 2022

This is the sixth story in the "Maclean Mafia Men" series that probably should be called Maclean and Moretti Mafia Families. This one can be read as a stand alone story. It does have connected characters and they are better if read in order. This one is about Dominic Moretti and Rebeka. We learned in the last Maclean story that the oldest Moretti, and only son, was not stillborn but indeed survived. He lived a life away from his sisters and mother. He was also turned against his mother. Needless to say I was looking forward to his story. Rebeka's cousin wagered her in a poker game with Marino, a horrible man and Dominic's arch nemesis. When Dominic gets wind of the events, having not even laid eyes on her, he set out to rescue Rebeka. He pulls in some help from a couple of Maclean brothers. The attraction is instant for him and he is all caveman "MINE" with her. She takes a little time to warm up to the idea of a life with him. I could not stand Dominic in the beginning, he was very cold and abusive. There are reasons and he changes and one can actually warm up to him until you want to slap him upside the head. Thankfully his sisters and mom knock some since into him. I love Rebeka and how the girls pulled her in and accepted her from the very beginning. Such a good read with action, suspense, drama, danger, love and passion.

Mafia romance
Written by Ashbear on 20th Dec 2022

This is book 6. It follows the street of Dominic and Rebeka. Dominic saves rebeka and the connection and attraction makes him want to claim her. Dominic is a bit of a jerk in the beginning of the book but he completely won me with over by the end. The story flows well and keeps you interested.

Arrogant man
Written by RahiaLeight on 20th Dec 2022

Dominic starts off with a huge, and rightfully earned, chip on his shoulder. It seems to disappear only to rear it’s ugly head near the end, and stir the pot. He wakes up, though, and fights to right the wrongs of his arrogance. Overall, a good afternoon read.

Thoroughly enjoyed this read
Written by Anne H on 20th Dec 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed this read Dominic had grown up knowing that his mother didn’t want him. She never wanted a boy and she couldn’t even bear to look at him when he was born. So he lived with an aunt and saw his evil father every now and again. But now Dominic is 25 his aunt died a couple of years ago only she wasn’t a real aunt and now he’s going to go to a party that is thrown by his biological mother and to say he has murderous thoughts about her he’s putting it politely. Everything is not as it seems because when he meets his mother she start saying things about him being stillborn and how she’s grieved for him and it is just too much for Dominic . He doesn’t know what to believe. His mother is in a state of shock so he agrees to spending the night in his bedroom it will always be his bedroom. The thing is when his mother dies he becomes the head of the mafia he is the mafia Prince. When he goes back to one of his lounges that he owns and runs he finds out about a woman being taken against her Will because she was put up as collateral on a poker game. And the stupid man lost. But hearing about where she ended up forced his hand he would do anything to get her out of that situation. And he calls upon Maclean brothers, who he finds out all of his sister are married into For support. They agree straight away as he is family. Rebeka it’s just going home when two guys came over to put a bag overhead and dragged her way. She then found out that her cousin who she had helped greatly had put her up as collateral on a poker hand. Which of course he lost. She is dragged away to a warehouse and told to wait for the boss to get there. He is an evil man who is going to use her give her to his men and then he would finish it off. Thankfully he gets called away. Within hours all hell breaks loose and another man is dragging her out telling her he’s there to help. And she knows her life has changed forever. I thoroughly enjoyed this read I honestly could not put it down Dominic just dragged me in, the changes in him when he meets Rebeka, he is such a good man at heart but he doesn’t wanna look soft he has a reputation after all. But It did break my heart for Rebeka who struggled with how much her life had changed but she couldn’t fight her body’s reaction to Dominic. I am super excited for the next book in the series I just can’t get enough of them they are brilliant you won’t be able to pull his book down.

Dominic's love
Written by Vibekke on 20th Dec 2022

Rebeka finds herself as a part of winnings in a poker game. Her cousin lost her an a vile man now says he owns her. Her world is turned over and she is scared. She does not expect to live through this. Dominic finds her and saves her. He is getting help from his brothers in law. He is a force of nature and Rebeka starts to fall in love with him. He is very dominant and also fighting his demons due to his childhood. Her life is so very different from what she is used to. And in all of this there is family and honour. Lots of HEA and sweet love.

Intense Love
Written by DidiF on 20th Dec 2022

Book 6 of Maclean Mafia Men A quick mafia read dominant controlling man whose life is changed when he rescues a young women. Dark intense story filled with anger, innocence, secrets, lies, chemistry, forced proximity, mafia violence, steam, fear, sweetness, strong women, family and love that all lead to an HEA.

The prince is good
Written by Kwallywoman on 20th Dec 2022

Dominic didn't know how to feel when he finds out everything his father told him was a lie. Now he finds out he is dead. He is so confused. Then one of his employees tell him about a girl that was put up as a bid against her will. He needs to find her. Save her from the fate that awaits her. This was a good book. Quick read.

Another great book in this series
Written by JudyCh on 20th Dec 2022

Wow this was such an amazing story about Dominic the son that Aria thought had died after giving birth in the previous book he confronted her and wasn’t nice but he soon realizes his error and seeing the two families accept him and then his marriage to Rebeka was just such an amazing ride and the extent the men will go for the women they love just makes you sigh in happiness.

Written by Rhondasue1953 on 20th Dec 2022

Luna had left nothing behind in her small town. She had gone to college,and did well. She had tried working in a lawyers office,applied at a publisher house. What was wrong with her? No man even came close to touching her. Her parents needed a house sitter,so she returned home. The boy that she loved in high school ,who loved everyone else, showed up. Will she give Matthew another chance,or remember he's a biker,and was so cruel to her.

Written by KittyPat on 20th Dec 2022

Sam Crescent has another winner on her hands. This is Matthew and Luna's story. He screwed up his relationship with Luna by cheating on her. She was heartbroken. So, she up and left for college. He realizes what he's done and has to man up. He's now prospecting in his dad's MC. He's just waiting for his chance to win Luna back. She loves him but doesn't know if she can trust him. They were meant to be. HEA. A must read for anyone who's a fan of Sam Crescent's MC books.

Empire Blue series
Written by Mierfie M on 20th Dec 2022

This is the 4 book from Empire Blue series. I never read this series befoee, but this one was good. The tortures was real and disturbing. Being capture by drug cartel was no flower and lavish (like other book). It is terrifying, hopeless you only hope to die. When they try to escape another nurden appear, they have to survive in the forest. They have long adventures. There are some miscomunication lead to hate fuck that so hawtt Thank you to NetGalley for provide this book, it is pleasure to review this book.

Intimate Escape
Written by Cynthia G on 20th Dec 2022

Thank you netgalley for the eArc. I truly liked this book! I loved that it was mostly action to start and the flow felt natural! Their relationship seemed inevitable but was still rewarding!

This is a exciting and STEAMY book--Love Love Loved This!
Written by Andrea Reed on 1st Dec 2022

I am so impressed with this book--this author delivered on every point that makes a great book. I love mafia/dark romance books because I am a huge fan of "anti-hero types" and this one was amazing. I know I will be re-reading it because it was just a great book.

Written by BecM on 1st Dec 2022

This book had me wanting to find out what was going on. The emotions & strengths of Matt & Jules were heartfelt. Refreshing to see a man who is not all about sex. No unsaid thoughts or feelings between them. Fabulous family.

Very strong characters.
Written by sis_unicorn on 1st Dec 2022

This book has some triggers beware and is full of action! A little bit of heat and strong characters. What happens when you have been arrested for drug smuggling, kidnapped, running from the cartel, almost dying, and the ex-boyfriend framing you? You do it all with the DEA who arrested you and ended up being by your side through it all! Oh yeah, don’t forget you both have feelings for the other. Can you make it happen or is it just a fling?

Such a fantastic, suspenseful, romance book!
Written by marie w on 1st Dec 2022

This book was so good! This book is very suspenseful and had my heart pounding, waiting for what’s next. This book had forced proximity, virgin mmc, and portrayed the tropes greatly! This book got my attention from the beginning and didn’t let go of it! The only issue I have is some parts of this book seemed very unrealistic. Overall, such a fantastic, suspenseful, romance book! Thank you to Evernight Publishing and Netgalley for sending me this ARC! All opinions are my own.

A steamy, mystery read
Written by Rubie C on 27th Nov 2022

Intimate Escape by D.C. Stone is book 4 in the Empire Blue Series and I already have book 1-3 saved on my Kindle! Who doesn't enjoy a hot Drug Enforcement Agent?! I do! Me!

Intimate Escape
Written by Di Ketchup on 24th Nov 2022

I think I held my breath through the whole book. I had go keep reading although I wanted to stop myself! Intimate Escape is an awesome and unforgettable read.

Such excellent writing
Written by Maggie W on 24th Nov 2022


Intimate Escape
Written by Naomi L on 24th Nov 2022

Well this one wasn’t quite what I expected. It’s heavy on the suspense in the romantic suspense genre, and there’s some waiting involved to see the main characters getting up close and personal. Matt is a DEA operative and is due to pick up some crooks and a shipment of drugs through JFK. He doesn’t expect the drug mule to be an attractive woman called Juliette who seeks to have no idea why she’s been picked up. Within ten minutes of meeting, Matt and Juliette have been kidnapped, and find themselves in adjoining cells in Mexico. It’s a question of how they will make it out alive, and whether they can trust one another. As I said, a lot of suspense. Totally unbelievable of course - so it depends what you can tolerate with stories like this. I’d you’re looking for something escapist then this might just do it. There’s some near nirvana experiences post-torture experiences that nearly make up for the trauma. The tension between the two main characters is pretty good, but not quite smouldering enough to be all-in convincing. Juliette is a bit wooden and well Matt - that man is just too darn good to be true! A strong sense of family with Matt, balanced against Juliette who is on her own. Opposite side of the track Forced proximity Protector vibe - alpha male, rescuer Virgin main character Childhood trauma

This one had me hooked
Written by Desiree E on 24th Nov 2022

Liked the story and the concept. I will read more from D.C. Stone. Now i have to find more books. This one had me hooked.

A very suspenseful story
Written by Pat L on 24th Nov 2022

This book I found this to be a quick read and a very suspenseful story. Have to remember that it is a story and not look into all of the details. Once you do that you can get into this book. Julia has arrived back in New York from her vacation with her brother and so-called boyfriend. She arrives alone and after receiving a tip Matt and his partner both DEA agents rush to JFK in order to stop her. After checking her bags and finding the stashed drugs everything goes to s–t the place gets shot up and Matt and Julia end up in Mexico in cells next to each other. After being tortured a day comes when they are able to escape and make their way through the jungle where an Indian tribe that I have actually heard about takes them in. From there the story goes to that they make it back to the U.S. only to have another run-in. The story keeps you going with the suspense and action so overall a good book.

Enjoyed this so much!
Written by kelly c on 24th Nov 2022

Rating: 5/5 Stars Thank you to NetGalley and D.C. Stone for an eARC in exchange for an honest review. I was hooked from start to finish! I really enjoyed the writing style and felt like I was watching a movie in my head. Lived for the chemistry that was burning off the pages. Enjoyed this so much!

Couldn’t put it down
Written by Kelsey G on 24th Nov 2022

This book had me hooked by 10%. I literally couldn’t put it down because I was so curious as to what would happen between a DEA and innocent, wrongly accused woman. Honestly it’s not often I feel so on the edge of my seat wondering if they’ll be caught. DEA Special Agent Matt and Juliette are captured by the cartel and escape back to New York. During these trials, they both have to face their fears in different ways. Ultimately growing closer together as their experiences pan out. This is book 4 in the Empire Blue series, but it is not necessary to read the other 3 to enjoy this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a suspenseful romance or crime romance. It was like Blue Bloods with romance added! Thank you to the publisher Evernight and author D.C. Stone for the ARC in exchange for my honest review!