Just Friends by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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They’d been friends throughout childhood but could they be lovers? 

Leah, Chase, and Mitch were the best of friends since they were young children. Nothing and no one could tear them apart. Leah knows she is in love with her two friends. She never acted on it though for fear of destroying their friendship.

When they were younger, Chase and Mitch fought over who would have Leah. They agreed they would never make her choose between them.

One night after too many cocktails, Leah wakes up naked in bed with Mitch. The commotion brings Chase to the bedroom. She has slept with both of her friends, the only problem is....she can’t remember any of it.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), spanking



“I think she wants it.” Chase ran his free hand down her body to her stomach and stopping just above the fine hairs of her pussy. His fingers teased the hair tempting her with what he could do to her body. 
“Show me. Take me.” She spoke the words she’d been longing to say. Chase fingered her slit stopping any words from leaving her lips. 
Mitch and Chase together were an unstoppable force. 
“We’re going to get you washed first, and then we’ll show you what you’ve forgotten,” Mitch said, standing up in front of her. He touched her head and caressed her temple. “It’s all in here. You’ll remember when you’re ready.” 
He handed Chase the soap. 
They touched her body soaping every inch of it. She’d never felt so on edge. They touched her all over, working her to their will. She didn’t know whether to close or open her eyes. Mitch and Chase were masters in pleasure, and she was merely an object for them to play with. 
Mitch washed her hair as Chase knelt before her cleaning her feet and the insides of her legs. Their delicate touch meant the world to her. They were showing her with actions how much they cared about her. 
After what she’d just discovered she needed their affection. 
For the past few weeks she’d not had the energy to take care of herself. Their attention was making up for her lack of it. Only when they were ready did they turn the water off. 
She waited as they dried her body and then their own. Leah stared at their bodies. The thick muscles in their arms showed they worked out. She’d never thought muscles were such a turn-on. 
Mitch walked to her. He picked her up in his arms and moved her out of the bathroom. She knew he was going to one of their rooms. He walked past her and Chase’s rooms. His door was kicked open, and she was dumped onto the bed. 
Chase followed behind them leaving the door open. The blinds were shut and the bed made. The soft cotton duvet felt good underneath her. 
“I’ve waited too long to have you on my bed.” 
She watched as he crawled onto the bed. His legs were on either side of hers as he went over her. 
“I never knew. I thought it was just me who felt this.” Leah was honest with him. She’d thought her feelings for him were one-sided. 
“We’ve wasted a lot of time.” 
“We’re still young,” she said. “We can make up for it.” Leah reached down cupping his impressive length. A growl escaped his lips as she ran her finger over the tip of his cock. 
Chase climbed onto the bed laying down the side of them. “You’re teasing him.” 
“That’s the idea,” she said, feeling more powerful than she’d ever felt before. 
Running her finger over the tip of Mitch’s cock she used her other hand to cup his balls. “I wish I could remember what happened that Friday,” she said. 
“You’re making up for it.” Mitch caught her lips with his. She pulled away from his cock to circle her hands around his neck. His body went over hers. Leah used the little leverage she had to turn him onto his back. She sat up on him staring down. His cock lay against her mound. 
Leah rubbed her pussy over his shaft. Mitch grabbed her hips in his hands stopping her from moving. 
Chase moved to his knees capturing a nipple with his lips. She moaned, and her head fell back onto her shoulders. Two men, her lifetime friends, were worshiping her body. 
She bit her lip to try to stop herself from begging them. 

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Romancing the Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 9th Nov 2013

I saw this book and had to read it. I really loved the cover. The purple just drew my eyes and it just helped that she was between two sexy men. I loved all three of these characters. They all care for each other and you can feel it from the way they treat each other. Chase and Mitch really love Leah and have finally decided instead of making her chose and fighting over her that they will share her. If only things had came through instead of waiting on a night that Leah got drunk and decided to play spin the bottle. To say that she doesn’t remember what happened that night is the tough part for both men. That all changes when she finds out that she’s pregnant and the guys tell her how they feel. I have to say that I really love Mitch’s dad. He is the one that helped the boys realize that they can all three make a relationship work between them. He is a man that sticks by his child and the decisions that he makes. The story was well written and made me fall in love with each one. It would be hard to pick between Chase and Mitch and I am glad that she didn’t have to choose between them. I couldn’t imagine having the best night of my life and having my dreams come true only to realize that I didn’t remember none of it. Leah seemed to take it in stride and wouldn’t show anyone that it really bothered her. It was great to see that all of them made a commitment to each other and no one cared who the child belonged to. That is something that I love seeing in the story. I hate not knowing who the father is but I did realize that I did get to find out in the end and I’m not giving that little secret away. I have really enjoyed reading books by this author and I just fall more in love with everyone of her stories that I read. If I was asked which one was my favorite there would be no way that I could do that. I would just say that this is one of my favorite authors and that everyone just needs to read her books and decide for themselves. I highly recommend every single one of her books.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by NOR on 7th Jul 2013

Leah, Chase, and Mitch have been best friends since they were young children. While Leah has feelings for Chase and Mitch the thought of losing them stops her from pursuing them. Then one night everything changes and Leah can’t remember any of it. I really liked the premise of the story. But as I read the story I was left expecting something more. There was not a strong D/S theme that I have come to expect with Sam Crescent. I respected Mitch and Chase for keeping the secret they did from Leah. To Mitch it did not matter and in the end that’s all that matters. The one thing that puzzled me was Leah and Chase’s parent’s reactions, at first they were normal. Their children were taking a hard road in life. To me it was understandable. What through me was their swift change of tune just hours later? I understood Mitch’s fathers reaction because it was evident that he saw it coming. The chemistry between Leah, Chase, and Mitch is off the charts. They are a good match in and out of the bedroom. They can communicate very well together. I loved how Mitch and Chase, no matter how much Leah tried to push them away, they resisted and did what was best for Leah. Overall, this was a sweet short story. This goes in the small pile that I will re-read in the future. I found it hard to believe that it was only 91 pages. It felt like a much longer story. I hope we get to see more from these characters, like when their children fall in love.

Two Lips Reviews
Written by Two Lips Reviews on 13th May 2013

Leah Jones lives with her two best friends, Mitch Fields and Chase Lawson. They have always been her best friends since she was little. She cannot imagine being without them. Her last couple of boyfriends have pointed out her living with two men is not acceptable, but she cannot imagine moving out. When she examines her feelings more, she finds she is in love with them both. Can she make that jump from friend to lover and do they want her? Will her choice to try for more cost her the best friendships of her life? Just Friends by Sam Crescent is a sweet ménage; I really enjoyed how much friendship and love came across in this story. I think the most believable love stories are the ones where you feel they are friends as well as lovers. Seeing that progression and feeling it come across had me smiling and wanting these three to really work it out and be a trio. Chase is the crude one in that he says what he thinks and doesn’t care what people think of him. Mitch is the more fun-loving one. They each love each other but not in the physical way they love Leah. They each would give up anything for the other man. When you read the ending you will see what I mean. They truly have a deep bond that transcends just friendship. Leah is a strong, modern woman. She has a softness that makes her very approachable and likeable. I really think she is the glue that makes the trio work. This book made me laugh and cry. It is a bittersweet love story I will never forget.

Coffee Time Romance
Written by Coffee Time Romance on 8th May 2013

Leah is in love with her two best friends and roommates and unable to decide between the two. Erotic dreams allow her to live out scenes she desperately wants. One night of overindulgence leads to revelations Leah refuses to face until fate takes the option out of her hands. Mitch and Chase have been best friends and both in love with Leah since their youth. Tired of watching her walk out with crummy dates, they are ready to make their moves. One night of revelations may cost them the love of their lives. The trios' love explodes into a night of passion, one has no memory of. The other two could never forget and the lives of all three will be forever changed. Will they deal with the fallout out or lose a lifetime of friendship and love. Just Friends is an especially moving romance. I loved all three characters and found myself immersed in their lives from the very beginning. There are times when I came to tears over the very real pain conveyed by the author. I recommend Just Friends for the wonderful romance and the erotic displays of affection among the Mitch, Leah, and Chase.

Written by Angie on 27th Mar 2013

I loved this book! I couldn't put it down. I loved how Chase and Mitch stuck by Leah and each other. The twist at the end was totally unexpected! I highly recommend this book and author!