Sold to My Best Friend's Dad by Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino

Heat Level 3
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Naughty Bedtime Stories, 1

Clara has had a crush on her best friend's dad for years. She wishes she could get him out of her head, but Grayson Blackwell invades her every thought. The fact he's a bully, rude, and dismissive doesn't turn her off. It only fuels her desire to get his attention.

Grayson's more than twice Clara's age, not to mention she's his daughter's best friend. Any intimate entanglement would cross too many lines to count. The facts don't seem to cool his desire for the young, curvy blonde. He decides to make a secret deal with her, one he hopes will help him end his obsession.

It starts with a contract, but things get messy once emotions get involved. Can they make their taboo relationship work or will it pull their lives apart?


Clara struggled to carry the first box upstairs. The last thing she wanted was to drop the box and smash all the glass bottles of wine. Taking one step at a time, she slowly made her way up, occasionally resting the box on one of her knees. By the time she brought all the boxes up, she’d be a sweaty, disgusting mess. She expected to hang balloons or something, not haul heavy boxes.

She set the first box near the kitchen island and headed back for number two. Clara bent down and struggled to heave the second box up off the floor, using the wall as leverage. Then the weight of the box was gone, and she gasped, thinking it was about to fall.

“I’ve got it.”

Clara looked up, right into Grayson’s face. He was wearing a fancy suit, his wild hair casually slicked back. And he smelled too tempting.

“Where’ve you been hiding?”

She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

He easily set the box back on the stack. “Leave these. I have staff to haul this shit.”

Grayson stared at her, using a finger under her chin when she looked to the ground.

“You were pretty confident last time you were here. Remember that? You said you didn’t need time to think about our arrangement.”

Then she remembered the price issue.

“You’re not paying enough.” She wanted to bite her tongue. If anything, it made her sound like a mega-whore.

“Did we agree on a price?”

She shook her head.

“Then I wouldn’t worry about it,” he said. “Tell me, Clara. What’s the going price for virgin pussy?” He pressed her against the wall, his hand going down between them. Grayson cupped her pussy through her dress with his big, strong hand. “How much is this going to cost me?”

She let out a staggered breath. A flash fire of need made her cunt pulse under his fingers. She dropped her weight lower, needing more, craving this side of him.

“Or will you give it to me for free?”

Yes, yes she would, but then she remembered her mother. She needed this money more than he knew.

Clara attempted to get out of his grasp, but he caged her in, an outstretched arm to each side of her head.

“Two hundred thousand. That’s what it’ll cost you.” With that kind of money, she could pay off her mother’s mortgage, handle all the bills, and leave her enough of a cushion that she wouldn’t need to work so hard.

“Done.” He removed his arms and adjusted his tie. “Stay for the party. I’ll try to find time to get it all on paper.”




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Written by MrsKissmas on 29th Feb 2024

Bratva Bully - Sam Crescent Galina Nikitin is 21 years old, an innocent and was supposed to be married off to another member of the Bratva as part of a business deal. However when the son of the boss of the Belsky Bratva Mikhail Belsky , heir to the Belsky throne, learns Galina is to be married to someone else he makes a demand of his father unlike anything he ever had before. At 22 years old Mikhail didn't care Galina saw him as her bully at Belsky high, a school specifically for Bratva kids where he had terrorised her all her school life, he knew he bullied her but he couldn't deal with the thought of her never being his. Galina was a beautiful heroine and was a victim of bullying but did seem to forgive Mikhail quite quickly really as the story went on and you can see why as you learn that to Mikhail, Galina is his whole world. I loved as their story unfolded and although I think Galina forgave him quite quickly it was a really enjoyable read with twists and turns along the way and other characters being introduced, I do hope Peter gets to find his own happily ever after also. I really hope that you give Mikhail a chance because he is definitely worth the risk. Happy Reading! 5 out of 5 stars Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given.

5 Stars
Written by MrsKissmas on 29th Feb 2024

Naughty Bedtime Stories - Book 1- Sold To My Best Friend's Dad - By Sam Crescent and Stacey Espino Clara is 21 and has been in love with her best friend April's father, Grayson Blackwell since she first met him. Grayson is 45 so older, grumpier and at times flat out rude and completely dismissive of Clara. However Clara doesn't let that put a damper on her feelings she wants him all the more but what she doesn't know is that he tries to push her away because he feels the same way but has doubts after being burnt a long time ago. He has to learn to let his walls down and let her in because what she feels is very real and it's all for him. This delicious bedtime story delivers everything you are hoping for. Age gap romance, high steam, a contract neither of them thought they would take part in which all leads to the perfect finale. I absolutely adored this story I really felt for Clara and for Grayson but once obstacles are overcome and honesty is shared together they make the perfect couple. I wish there was an epilogue but non the less I highly recommend this exciting start to what will hopefully be a promising new series. Happy Reading! 5 out of 5 Stars. Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given.

Wonderfully written romance
Written by MellaM on 7th Jan 2024

Two of my favorite authors got together. The result? A stellar book. They took a well-worn trope and turned it into a great story between Clara (FMC) and Grayson (MMC). I enjoyed that Clara, though younger, wasn't a pushover. I also loved that Grayson wasn't afraid to show his infatuation as well as a few other things :-) The best friend issue was resolved in a surprisingly sweet, mature way and the couple got their HEA. Bravo.

Grayson & Clara
Written by Nate on 7th Jan 2024

I enjoyed Grayson and Clara’s story. It was an engaging, age gap read. And am voluntarily leaving this review.

Sold to My Best friend’s Dad
Written by Sundayrays74 on 7th Jan 2024

I throughly enjoyed this book I was intrigued and drawn in from the cover and book title. The characters sizzled together with a intense attraction that made for a good well written story which made we read nonstop anticipating a ending that didn’t disappoint

Clara and Grayson
Written by Jen9731 on 7th Jan 2024

Sold to my Best Friend's Dad is a short and steamy, instalove, OTT, age-gap, opposites-attract, forbidden, curvy virgin gets her best friend's dad romance. Clara is a 21 year old curvy virgin and college student. Grayson is a hunky, 45 year old billionaire and father of her best friend April. Clara has been in love with Grayson since she met him at 18. Grayson is rude to Clara every chance he gets as he is also obsessed with her. He tries to push her away due to his daughter and the age-gap but finds it difficult. Clara and her mother are in financial trouble, when April mentions one of their friends auctioned her virginity, Clara is curious. Grayson overhears the conversation and approaches Clara about it. He thinks he can get her out of his system if he gives into one night and is willing to pay her. She agrees but what happens with all the real feelings? What will happen to this unlikely couple? Can they make it work? What will April say? The chemistry was hot. Grayson was completely drool-worthy and after a bit of drama, we got a great HEA.

"Clara just complicated everything."
Written by Anij on 7th Jan 2024

This is a short story, barely ninety pages, and despite his initial bullying of her, for the most part there wasn't really a lot of conflict. After they decided to sleep together the story became a pretty typical age-gap romance. I kept waiting for something to happen to cause problems but it never happened. I was even a little disappointed as I really expected more of a story. Still, the two main characters had great chemistry and clearly they belong together. If you want an almost sweet but steamy short story with no angst and heart break then this is a perfect choice.

Sold to My Best Friend's Dad
Written by Danisbooksmut on 7th Jan 2024

Do you remember as a kid being told that if a boy was mean to you it's because he secretly liked you? That's the case in this story as Greyson decides being horrible to his daughters best friend, Clara, is the best way to keep his distance. However on hearing she's intending to sell her virginity he decides to step in and buy it and soon his true feelings are coming to light. I enjoyed reading this book, it was great to see the growing relationship between Clara and Greyson and the way in which they both showed some insecurities which from 21 year old Clara is expected but Greyson took me by surprise. While the book did revolve around her virginity and their sexual endeavours a lot of time was spent establishing their relationship outside of that which was refreshing.

A spicy taboo must read!
Written by Rowena on 7th Jan 2024

A spicy taboo must read! First book in the Naughty Bedtime stories series and it’s HOT! Clara and April have been best friends since their first meeting in college although they come from two worlds they click. Too bad April’s dad Grayson is such a bully until he makes a deal with Clara that will solve all her problems. What happens next was a steamy, spicy naughty age gap romance story that will have you craving for more. I loved the storyline that ended with a HEA.

Loved It
Written by Lisa R on 7th Jan 2024

What a great steamy novella Clara and Grayson just light up the pages with what is about to happen. Taboo at its finest, secret crush, best friends father. I really enjoyed the characters and the ending sigh.

My Best Friends Dad
Written by Danee on 7th Jan 2024

A wonderful trope about being in love with your best friend's father, such is the case with April and Clara, who have been best friends since college. Clara has been in love with April's father for as long as she can remember. Grayson feels the same but hides it behind his behavior by being mean to her. But everything changes when he is told that his classmates want to earn some extra money, and he tells his daughter that he is proposing to Clara. That's the beginning of their relationship, can they keep it a secret and have a chance at a hea? What do they do when his daughter and her best friend find out? A wonderful page turner and highly recommended!

Great Series Starter
Written by tburbr on 7th Jan 2024

These two talented authors have come together to create a great start to a new series. The characters were entertaining while the story line was engaging and I can't wait to see where this series takes us next.

Grayson and Clara
Written by Elizabeth.V on 7th Jan 2024

I knew this was going to be good because Sam Crescent and Stacy Esoino ever book I read has been amazing In this story we meet Grayson and Clara . Where Clara is best friends to April Grayson 's daughter since they meet at college. Clara is hard working to help her who was in debt because they lost her father. Grayson is a grump work acholic. There chemistry is sizzling between them. Grayson propositions to cover ther debt. It was great to see that love between blooms . It's a great story to I enjoyed with a cup of coffee in one afternoon.

Clara and Grayson's Story!
Written by Mary on 7th Jan 2024

This is a spicy and steamy stand alone read that is fairly short and quick one. The story is about Clara and Grayson. She is best friends with April, Grayson's daughter. She has been in love with Grayson since she pretty much set eyes on him. However, he is creul and mean to her as he fights the attraction he has for her. She is so much younger than him but the heart knows what is wants. He over hears his daughter and Clara talking about an auction. He privately makes a proposal to Clara. This is a cute story with some drama, ups, downs, a surprise or too. I like how April reacted and how this story develops. He was rather nasty at first but as everything is revealed you understand what he was trying to do.

great story
Written by Mr. Bobos on 7th Jan 2024

I really liked this book. It is an age gap romance and they have to work to build their relationship. They their own preconceived notions along with worrying about others' expectations. It is a fun, spicy read with an HEA.

Short, but oh so good.
Written by Juliet18 on 7th Jan 2024

Short, but oh so good. Clara is April's best friend, so April's father, Grayson does everything to push Clara away, but that does not work. And this is a great story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Written by Angel Joy on 7th Jan 2024

Love it when a younger woman falls for the older man especially when the relationship is taboo! Ready for the next one

Sexy and sweet
Written by Reensburger on 7th Jan 2024

This was a very sexy and equally sweet read. We meet Clara, best friends with April and a huge crush on April's father Grayson who has spent that past 3 years trying to push her away. Clara's money problems and Graysons feelings for her come to a head when Clara decides to sell her virginity. Grayson steps forward to take it for himself. Great HEA

Wonderful read
Written by hgrainger88 on 7th Jan 2024

A wonderful short steamy read. Clara and Grayson each have feeling for the other but his her best friends father. He makes a deal with her a wonderful page turner.

Taboo But Ooh Sooo Good!!!!
Written by thischickloves2read! on 7th Jan 2024

I just couldn't stop reading this book. It's a page turner hot and steamy. I have read a couple of books by this author and they are all good with a great plot and really thought out -- like I can imagine the words in my mind take shape....

Written by KiltLover on 7th Jan 2024

She needs money so she's planning on doing an auction percent. He finds out and decides that he wants to jump the gun and keep her all to himself. Both of them want each other. But for obvious reasons have never made that move. I love watching a little love story play out. It was cute.

Great Story
Written by Merry J on 7th Jan 2024

Clara is best friends with Grayson's daughter and a thorn in his side because she ignited sparks from day one when he first saw her at the age of eighteen. He was always rude to her hoping she would end her relationship with his daughter, and he wouldn't have to be around her, but it lasted. When he listened in on a conversation, she and his daughter were having he took advantage of it, and it started their path because one he started it, he knew he could no longer keep away from Clara. Will his relationship with Clara come between Clara and April. This story kept me glued to the pages.

Short and Steamy
Written by EPM on 7th Jan 2024

An age-gap, best friend's dad, bit taboo, sold v-card, steamy, quick read. I enjoyed this story, despite the short length, I felt it was well written and well developed (as it could be, given the length). Initially I really disliked Grayson and how he treated Clara, however as the story evolves, the reason for his actions become clear and there is redemption. A great start to a new series.

Forbidden Romance
Written by Samkat on 7th Jan 2024

This is a quick forbidden age gap romance between Clara and Grayson. Clara has had a crush on her best friends dad for as long as they have been friends. Grayson wants his daughter’s young friend but knows it will cause nothing but problems so he tries to push her away with rudeness. The attraction between these two is too strong and soon enough they succumb to their desires. This was an entertaining read with a good storyline.

Written by Jedi on 7th Jan 2024

Clara and Grayson's relationship is taboo, for so many reasons, but the two of them once they got together they were great.

Written by Sarah G on 7th Jan 2024

If you like your books hot then this one is for you! Once I started I didn’t want to put it down. A great little naughty read

An endearing age gap romance
Written by Miss Math on 7th Jan 2024

I don’t usually use that adjective for age gap romances, and this one is a little on the taboo side. Clara and April have been besties for about 3 years. Clara is a very mature young woman and maybe was forced to be considering the untimely death of her father and her mother trying to carry the financial burden for both of them. April can afford to be carefree and a little reckless, because her father is wealthy. The only thing that may cause a rift in their relationship is Clara’s crush on Grayson, April’s 40 y/o dad. He’s too old to have a crush, but he does lust after Clara. Recognizing the inappropriateness of this behavior, Grayson deliberately keeps Clara at a distant with demeaning comments. She’s heartbroken…she thinks he hates her. Read how the subject of an auction of another student’s V-card is discussed between the girls and how Grayson overhears their conversation. Read what he proposes to Clara and how this may change their relationship irrevocably. How will April react? I was glad this romance didn’t take on a Ddlg relationship. Well written and well, a little charming. Can’t wait to read the next one.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 7th Jan 2024

This is the third book I've read written by Stacey Espino; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the first book in the Naughty Bedtime Stories; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Clara & Grayson; they’ve been drawn to each other for a while but she is his daughter’s best friend. He finally comes up with a plan; they will have a contract between them. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Clara and Grayson
Written by Maleficent on 7th Jan 2024

Clara has had a thing for her bestie's dad, Grayson, but he hate her. He is always rude and down right mean to her when they are alone. Grayson has tried to keep his distance from his daughter's best friend, but his desire for her just keeps getting worse. When he over hears the girls talking about a classmate that sold her virginity, it give him an idea to get over his obsession. He overs to buy Clara's, what could possibly go wrong? What will his daughter say if she finds out?

So much hotness in one book!
Written by Mreads90 on 7th Jan 2024

As always when these two Authors get together and write they create incredible work with lots of smutty goodness ?! Great book!

Sign me up….
Written by StephanieRife on 7th Jan 2024

Thought this was going to be a quick and easy bought book. Turns out it has a HEA and some great br€€ding kink stuff. I love the daughter/ best friend also. Great characters and good little erotic bedtime story.

Good story
Written by 7bookie on 7th Jan 2024

Clara has been in love with her best friend's dad for several years. ut does Grayson return her feelings? You betcha but he feels guilty about it. Throw in a twist or two and you get a good story.

Written by Maria M on 7th Jan 2024

This is a fairly new author to me This is a great start to a new series This is great Loved the characters and story Will be looking out for more from them.

Good spicy short read
Written by That Jones Girl on 7th Jan 2024

I love an age gap. This was a short one, but still enjoyable. Clara was in love with her best friend's dad. What she didn't know was that he was in love with her also but covered it up by treating her horribly. He did jump on the opportunity to start a physical relationship, and once he got his head out of his b***, he told her he loved her and fought for her even when she wanted to run. I also liked that his daughter was happy for them. It was a good book and I enjoyed it.

Surprisingly good read
Written by Another world awaits on 7th Jan 2024

Surprisingly good read. I was a little dubious when I read the blurb but I really enjoyed this read. Wonderful well written characters and a great low angst story line. Really great Cinderella story

Clara and Grayson
Written by SeahawkGirl on 7th Jan 2024

Clara is a college student trying to help her mom pay rent and continue her education. She is best friends with April and has a long standing crush on her father, Grayson. Grayson has always been attracted to Clara and this has made him be kind of mean to her. He hears about her need for money and proposes he pays for her virginity. This book was a good story and involved an interesting twist with Clara wanting a career and being very business minded. I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who loves Sam or Stacey's other works.

Clara and Grayson
Written by Babs on 7th Jan 2024

The first book in the Naughty Bedtime Stories, Clara and Grayson a best friend's dad age gap short story. A steamy story that held my interest. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Sold to my best friends dad
Written by Shanon92 on 7th Jan 2024

An age gap forbidden romance. Clara is his daughters best - friend, how will this love story unfold?

Sold and loved
Written by Misty i on 7th Jan 2024

If you had to sell something would you want to do for love? In this story it is steamy but also sweet what daughter will do. I loved it and I am going to be keeping it as a must read over ànd over.

Omg yes
Written by Readstoforget on 7th Jan 2024

Loved this age gap romance. It has spice, angst and romance. Grayson and Clara were perfect for each other even though Grayson initially pushed Clara away by being mean. I loved these two together.

Enjoyable read
Written by Redfaeryrose on 7th Jan 2024

I enjoyed the story. I wanted it to be longer but I realized that would only prolonged my agony waiting for their happily ever at the end. I did not like the MMC at first but he more than made it up to her in the end.

Nice quick Erotica
Written by PT reader on 7th Jan 2024

This is a very fun erotica story about a very strong attraction with lots of barriers. I felt connected to the characters, and I enjoyed the way they got together. Even though this is an age gap story, that wasn’t the focus. It was two people who happened to find each other, no matter their ages. It’s what we are are searching for in this world. Love it!

Hot date
Written by Rose S, on 7th Jan 2024

Well written, super hot and steamy novella. Grayson is the father of April, Clara's best friend . He still thinks of her all the time and what he would like to do to her. When he meets her face to face, he treats her her not so nice, making Clara feel uncomfortable around her. She thinks he's sexy and good looking. Grayson overhears a conversation between the girls and offers Clara a deal which she can't refuse. Has lots of hot scenes between them. A must read novella but would have liked a little more of the story. Would recommend to others.

Hot date
Written by Rose S, on 7th Jan 2024

Well written, super hot and steamy novella. Grayson is the father of April, Clara's best friend . He still thinks of her all the time and what he would like to do to her. When he meets her face to face, he treats her her not so nice, making Clara feel uncomfortable around her. She thinks he's sexy and good looking. Grayson overhears a conversation between the girls and offers Clara a deal which she can't refuse. Has lots of hot scenes between them. A must read novella but would have liked a little more of the story. Would recommend to others.

Sold to My Best Friend's Dad
Written by Makeen on 7th Jan 2024

Clara and Grayson are magic together even though some people would judge their relationship. He’s her best friend’s father and he’s always spoken meanly to her, but she’s so infatuated with him and would do anything to be with him. There’s sexual tension, a sense of taboo, and two individuals just emotionally bereft. He’s a dirty talker and there’s lots of sexy scenes. Clara is mature beyond her years and Grayson appreciates her even more as he gets to know her. I loved how their relationship grew and they verbalized their hopes and dreams for each other and a life together. The obstacles became much more manageable as they committed to their feelings! Great story!

Entertaining age gap romance
Written by LBing on 7th Jan 2024

This was a fun and steamy age gap romance that was light and entertaining. Grayson has been rather nasty to his daughter April's friend, Clara, because of how much he's attracted to her. Clara, has crushed on Grayson, to the point of trying to spy on him in certain situations, and can't understand why he's so mean...until he makes her an offer of giving him her virginity and explains his issue. He shows her how a real man loves a woman and soon enough, they've done way more than their contract called for them to do ;) Clara had some insecurities but he was more than able to reassure her. Absolutely loved April's reaction to them becoming a couple!

Title doesn't do it justice
Written by RahiaLeight on 7th Jan 2024

When the crush crushes back, she doesn't know how to handle it. You can really feel the tension, but when they reveal everything to her bestie, it's not nearly as terrifying as the character or reader expects. Fast, fun read!

Sold to my best friends dad
Written by Tanya k on 7th Jan 2024

This book was a short read but an amazing great read one you have yo read it was a first for me but I will be reading more

Written by Lynn on 7th Jan 2024

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Clara has had a crush on her best friends father for forever. Grayson is always mean to Clara so that he can get rid of all the feelings for her. He never figured he would ever play those feelings out when Clara is hard up for cash. Things have a way of working out for them both

Short hot taboo
Written by JudyCh on 7th Jan 2024

If you love taboo love then this book is for you, she has the hots for her best friends dad who is a total jerk to her for 3 years and says the meanest things to her all because he too has the hots for her and when he over hears her talk about selling her b card he jumps right in it and whew it got pretty hot from there got to love books that can get you in the mood.

Great read!!
Written by Jamee h on 7th Jan 2024

This was a super spicy romance. Kept me entertained the whole time. The only thing that I wish was different was I wish there was more story to the ending! But overall a good story

Clara and Grayson
Written by CarKar on 7th Jan 2024

Loved the insta connection between college student Clara and her bff’s father, Grayson. They both tried to fight the attraction, but if it is meant to be, it really just is. Love that there was little outside drama. Just two people trying to navigate a relationship. Well written.

Different for Sam Crescent
Written by Jilllovesbooks on 7th Jan 2024

I must say, I enjoyed the story but felt like the change in Grayson regarding Clara was a strange. His actions towards her was hate but they made a deal and then suddenly they were a happy couple. Overall I enjoyed the short story but that one part just felt rushed. It is worth the read.

Nice fast reading
Written by Diana A on 7th Jan 2024

I know that most of this books are the same story, but a enjoy all of them. Having that romance and spicy is what make it a fast reading and super enjoyable.

Crush to forever
Written by Bookbunny on 7th Jan 2024

Clara has had a crush on her besties dad, Grayson Blackwell since they became friends. There was no way he would ever take a liking to her. Grayson knew Clara was temptation that he had to resist. When Grayson over hears a conversation about one of the college girls selling her virginity, he is surprised. With Clara’s mom being in such debt, they need to find a way out. I have to say, I wasn’t happy with Grayson in the beginning. He was mean to Clara and a total jerk. At least, Clara never took what he said to heart. She held her own. It was the deal struck that really heated things up. Now these two can finally indulge the fantasy. You know nothing ever is that easy. You have to love the happy feeling the story gives you. Sure there were a few rough patches but they both got through it. And the fears that Clara had were just that fear. She needed to believe in a happy ending and the love that Grayson had for her. Nothing else matters.

Short and Sweet
Written by Cin_Pell on 7th Jan 2024

Age-gap, bff’s dad, nothing sinister or suspenseful. Both parties have their own issues and concerns, but the pull to one another just makes it inevitable. Quick and easy read. The only downside is that it is so short. More of everything these ladies write would have just rounded out this book and these characters. Still very enjoyable and a great start to their new series.

So Good!!
Written by Amy J on 7th Jan 2024

I loved reading Sold to My Best Friend’s Dad. This book was written in a way that once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down because the chemistry between Clara and Grayson was steamy HOT and I loved their story!!

Short and sweet
Written by RhondaVB on 7th Jan 2024

This was a short but good story. Clara has a crush on her best friends Dad, Grayson but with her being twice his age and his daughter's best friend, he's not going to let it happen.............even though he would love. I enjoyed this story but honestly wish it would have been a bit longer. I would have loved more development with Clara and Grayson but I will still recommend this book to anyone who asks about it!

short, sweet and spicy too
Written by readsalldaynnight on 7th Jan 2024

Short but sweet...and a bit of spice too. Age gap with a virgin h. Clara is in love with her best friend's dad, Grayson. I wasn't crazy about how mean Grayson was to Clara in the beginning. Seemed a bit immature for a 45 year old man, but other than that loved the book. 45 year old, successful business owner - H 21 year old student, shy, virgin - h Selling her virginity Best friend's dad

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 7th Jan 2024

Clara had crushed hard on her best friends dad Grayson despite his rude demeanour, but a contract between then is mant to ease his obsession but when they cross that line there's no going back! Well written quick steamy read

yes please!
Written by JustMe83 on 7th Jan 2024

This was sooo sooo good! I loved how it all came together. He was such an ahole to her before but the moment he was in he was really in and I loved it. Their chemistry was so good and I couldn't put this one down.