Keep Her From Harm by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Denton Family Legacy, 4

Damian Denton lost the mother of his child because he could never love her. That guilt won’t go away, and he can feel it eating away at his soul no matter what he does. His only hope is to find someone deadly enough to kill him.

Mia Banks doesn’t want to ask Ivan, the father of her child, for help, but she has no choice. If she wants to survive, she will have to beg him. But when a man crashes into Ivan’s office, her life changes forever.

The moment Damian sees the beautiful Mia, he knows without a doubt that she belongs to him. Taking Mia and her son away, Damian is determined to do everything different. He’s not going to scare Mia with who he is or who his family is.

But with the revelation of a secret brother the Dentons are no longer united. They are separated, and that makes them weak. There is someone waiting to rid the world of Dentons for good, with this fresh danger, can Damian keep Mia and their children safe? 



“You’re back.” He held her tightly, his mouth pressed against her neck. She closed her eyes, basking in his arms wrapped around her. “I was so worried.”

“I’m out, but it’s not over, not by a long shot.”

She pulled away, and he cupped her cheek, staring into her eyes. Mia stared into his brown ones, and then she looked at his neck, and at his shirt. “You’re covered in blood.”

“We didn’t kill those girls.”

“I know. They, erm, they showed the bodies once. I think they’ve stopped showing them now, but I recognized the damage that had been done.” She frowned. “There was a woman a couple of years ago. She had the same marks and stuff. She was dumped in a park near where I lived. I told the lawyer, and Lewis, all of this information. I hope it can help.”

“I can’t keep this shit from you. I wanted it to be different, but like all things that is related to my life, it’s fucked up. I’ve run myself a bath.”

“I can sit with you. Let me know when you’re decent.” She was just so happy to have him back. The past couple of days had been the hardest of her life. She had found herself waking in the middle of the night, and missing his presence. He didn’t know that she’d caught him watching her sleep. Sometimes he fell asleep, and she would lie in the bed, watching him.

When it came to Damian he inspired feelings she had believed were dead. She would stand in the shower, washing her body, and she’d touch her shoulder or her stomach where Damian had touched or grazed, and she’d feel a stirring, a tingle that awakened her entire body, making her want his touch again.

She waited for his call, and it came seconds later. Entering the bathroom, she froze as she caught sight of his naked body. She had known his was a large, muscular man, just not as big as he actually was. His shoulders were large, thick, and there were several tattoos up and down his arms. Her mouth went dry.

Feeling like a moron, and getting aroused just by seeing his naked chest, she forced herself to take a seat. Rubbing her hands together, she smiled.

“You like what you see?” he asked.

Her cheeks heated. “Please, don’t.”

“It’s nice to know that you like what you see.” He winked at her. “I certainly love what I see. Love it when you wear jeans.”


“It shows your ass off to perfection. Whenever I see you bend over, it’s hard to not just stare.”

“Because it’s huge?”

“No, because it’s sexy as fuck, and makes me think of doing stuff that you’re not ready for.”

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Long and Short LASR
Written by Tulip on 15th Dec 2017

I was captivated with this fourth book in the Denton Family Legacy. Sam Crescent did a good job in spinning this page turning story. There was a lot happening in this romantic but lively plot that kept my attention. Damian Denton had been spiralling downward since the mother of his child took her own life in a previous book. All of that changed when he met Mia and fell in love with her on the spot. This book also found the Denton family in turmoil and facing the biggest trial of the series, so far. The story was sexy and super suspenseful with some big twists for the series. There was a lot of dialogue from Gabriel and Gideon and even Uncle Rick who turned out to be an actual bad arse. I can’t wait to see who gets the next book!

Night Owl Review
Written by Pauline Michael on 11th Nov 2017

Sam Crescent delves in to some dark subject matters with this fascinating story but still keeps readers smiling in the end. Damion Denton is a man who is despairing for his future. He is questioning who he is and how he has lived his life. Yet even in these desperate moments his strength shows through and I knew that things were going to happen, and happen they did! Mia Banks is at the end of her rope all she wants is to care for her son and to be left alone by the monster who has turned her life upside down. Mia could have given up so many times. In fact I'm sure I would have done so and yet she is surviving and when Damion steps into her life she starts thriving. I loved that these two wounded souls helped heal one another but that I also felt they could have made it on their own. This story jobs right in to the action and is full of fascinating scenarios and characters. I cannot wait to see what happens with the Denton family. If you love stories that seamlessly include a little mystery, a lot of action, gritty situations, family politics, passion and romance then do yourself a favour and pick this one up. The Story: Damion Denton is part of a successful crime family but he feels like his life is falling apart but all of that changes in an instant when he sets eyes on Mia Banks. Mia can't believe it when she finds herself rescued from her monster of a stalker by Damion. But has she just traded a life with one criminal for an even bigger one?

Five Stars
Written by Mandy on 26th Jul 2017

graet book

Love the Legacy
Written by RoGo on 26th Jul 2017

So much chaos for the Denton family this time around!! Of course Sam Crescent did not disappoint!! I loved the friendship to love Damian gave Mia as to not scare her with the Denton Legacy. Loved Damian and Mia but for me both Rick and Gabriel stole the show!! I think we need Rick and Mandy's story... Rick's darkside was very very interesting!! I also need Gabriel and Landon and Gideon lol I cant wait to see how things work for Tamsin... Personally I think it would be great to see the legacy go through a female!! Cant wait to see who is next with the Denton Legacy!

Making it easy for the enemy to come in and take what ...
Written by Fay on 2nd Jul 2017

4.85 Stars Holy Smoke, these Denton men... #Sigh From the previous books you will see that the Denton men are all slowly falling prey to the 'Curse', meeting their women and settling down. And that made them a bit soft, and they lost sight of their family business. In this book you will see that an unknown enemy has come out of hiding and is taking what he thinks is owed to him. We met Gabriel in the previous book, where it came out that he was the son of Maddox he had before he got together with Charlotte. So technically Gabriel is the eldest and not Jacob. From this it seems that all the brothers were just living their own lives. Making it easy for the enemy to come in and take what he wanted. Damian is on a downward spiral after Betty killed herself and all he wants is to die as well, nevamind that he had a little girl to take care of. So when he meets Mia Banks and her little boy and that dreadful curse kicks in he picked himself up and tried to get past his issues. We also get to see Uncle Rick more in action, and HOT DAMN that man is the BOMB!! A side of him that you would not have expected. I cannot wait for the next one, Will we get Gideon or Gabriel???

Fantastic Read ! 5 Stars Plus !!!
Written by Francesca - Mrs Kissmas! on 2nd Jul 2017

OMG! Amazing ! 5 stars plus !!!! Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this fantastic book! The plot as filled with twists and turns and sent you on a roller coaster of emotions as you followed the Denton Men as they picked up from where the previous book had left off. Damian dealing with all kinds of mixed up feelings and emotions over what happened a few months before and also the shocks and revelations were still reverberating through the family. But even in his darkest moments when he needed it the most his gift struck and he found his true other half, his soul mate. Mia had had a rough life and was not prepared for what it meant to be a woman that belonged to a Denton but she soon learned the true meaning of the gift of the legacy. Damian showed her what it was like to be loved and treasured and cared for and it was a beautiful read. Filled with a strong woman, a fighter blessed with spirit and a strong will and a Denton who knew he would be the one to love her for always I loved every moment of this book I did not want it to end. Even though the situation at times was dire and the Denton men were not at their best as a whole, working as a unit like usual. The one benefit of this was that we got to see Uncle Rick in action and Oh my ! He totally deserves a book of his own. And to be featured more that man and his psychotic tendencies and will to get the job done will have you falling for him without doubt! He is one hell of a man and shows what happens when you mess with the Dentons! That being said not all of the awesomeness was stolen by Uncle Rick the other brothers were showing the bond they shared and the banter after a little hiccup of no longer being united they soon got their mojo back. I am also curious and hopeful that Gabriel will also be given the gift that is the legacy! Even though you can read these books on their own to get the full benefit of this series I do suggest that you read them all in order. This is definitely I series that I could read over and over again! I love every moment of this series it really is a must read and this author is a one to one click without a second thought! Happy Reading!

Written by Kindle Customer on 2nd Jul 2017

Once again, I am awestruck by the talent of this author. The way the story line is weaved together is simply marvelous! I Trust this author so much that I just purchase without even reading the summary. Well done Sam Crescent!

Written by Neringa on 28th Jun 2017

If you already jumped in Denton train, you know what happened in previous book. But let me warn you that in this book things are worse. I was so frustrated with Denton men! I have no clue what was in their heads. They lost that spark, what made them Denton. They become weak. And that opened door for enemy to cause some damage. But something good come out of this mess. One, we were able to see more of Rick. That man! OMG! He won my heart. I really hope for his story. Other, Denton become stronger. Or did they? This is for you to find out. ;) And Damian... I wanted to kick his ass. He felt sorry for himself, he wanted to end his life, while in reality he was blessed. Damian practically had everything a person could want. He has money and power. But importantly, he had a family, that was loving, a family that always had his back. How many people could brag about it? While what happened with Betty is sad, but that got nothing to do with him. Partly, I could understand why Damian felt guilty. But he blown it out of proportion. If it would be the norm killing yourself after man rejected you, didn't loved you, half women population would be dead. And he had a daughter! She already lost her mother, and here he was to make her to loose her father too. Talk about thoughtless. Good for her and Damian, Denton legacy came in time.

Totally outstanding
Written by Angeline Sambrano on 27th Jun 2017

I absolutely loved this book it went well beyond all of my expectations and I can't wait for the next Denton book!! Sam you totally hit it out of the park and I would totally recommend this book to read it gives hope to m to see that love really does conquer all!