Lethal Hearts by Winter Sloane

Heat Level 3
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Mafia Lords, 4

Harper Valenti doesn’t have a choice. Reduced to a pawn in a sick Don’s game, Harper is tasked with seducing and killing Bratva Pakhan Mikhail Konstantin. Failure means her father’s death and her own, but even the best-laid plans tend to unravel. Harper finds herself on the receiving end of a cold and calculating crime boss but Mikhail isn’t what he seems.

Most men would immediately dispose of their assassins but Mikhail Konstantin is unlike most men. Harper doesn’t just intrigue him. She’s become his new obsession. It doesn’t hurt the sparks between them burn undeniably hot. Mikhail decides to take care of his problems in one fell swoop. He’ll take care of their common enemy. In return, Harper will be his wife and Mikhail will make sure the ties that bind them will never be broken.



“We’re strangers. How do you know I won’t try again?” Harper asked.

“Would you bite the hand that feeds you?” Mikhail asked. She stiffened.

“I’m no one’s dog, not anymore,” she whispered. “If I agree to this outrageous offer, and I still think it’s crazy, I’m not some tool you can order around.”

“Haven’t you been listening? I’m not interested in acquiring a mindless servant,” Mikhail said. “So I take it you’re saying yes?”

Harper stood up and offered him his hand. A handshake? Really? “Shake on it?” she asked.

Mikhail chuckled. He banded a hand around her waist and drew her close. Harper ended up sitting on his lap. He watched what she’d do next. If she pulled away, he would let her go.

Instead, Harper remained where she was. She even gripped his shoulders for balance. Mikhail slipped a possessive arm around her waist. Then he slipped it lower, on the curve of her ass. She let out a breath.

“We’ll seal the deal with a kiss,” he said. Mikhail groaned when she experimentally rubbed herself against him. Her breasts under the thin fabric of one of his old shirts felt amazing against his chest. He bet if he slipped a hand under her borrowed jogging pants, she’d be wet for him. Harper could certainly feel how hard he was for her right now.


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Never a dull moment
Written by mooredeba on 31st Oct 2023

This is a fast read. The fourth book in the Mafia Lords series. There is kidnapping, attempted murders, and so much more. Both main characters have chemistry. There are some steamy scenes, but there is also love, acceptance, and family.

Lethal hearts
Written by Nate on 31st Oct 2023

I really enjoyed Mikhail and Harper’s book. It was a suspenseful and exciting read. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

Caught Up!!!!!
Written by Beast's Beauty on 31st Oct 2023

Harper Valenti was suppose to take care of Mikhail Konstantin but uuumm yeah. Caught and lost she is at the hands of the man she was meant to destroy. But she can't not because it is wrong but because her heart won't let her. Mikhail Konstantin is unlike most men. Instead of getting rid of his assassin, Harper, he keeps her and finds himself most obsessed with everything about her. He has a plan and that plan is not just to keep Harper but to show those set to destroy him are not worth the air they breathe. Along the way, Mikhail realizes Harper is his..to love, protect, provide and will shatter anyone who threatens her. Winter Sloane will always be one of the authors that I will read because she gets the heart and vulnerability of the morally grey, something that take sheer talent to portray and places him in the hand of the fiercest most lovable woman made just for him.

Lethal Hearts
Written by Amber J on 31st Oct 2023

Harper is trying to rescue her father, but she doesn't know if she can do it. She gets close to Mikhail, but everything goes south. Mikhail is curious about the young woman that tried to shoot him, but he isn't mad at her. He gets her to talk to him and then offers a compromise. Agree to marry him and he'll save her father for her. Harper i and its not long before things heat up between them. Harper is stunned but agrees to marry him. Sparks fly between them and its not long before thing heat up between them. Can he keep her save while saving her father? This is a great story that will hook you in the first chapter. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

A great read...
Written by Isa Dal. on 31st Oct 2023

One of my favorite authors and I really enjoyed this book!! I loved the characters and the storyline, and I’m picky about my MC stories. Highly recommended!!

Change of plans
Written by Samijo on 31st Oct 2023

I received an ARC from the author and am voluntarily leaving my review. To save her father, Harper is tasked with the unthinkable. She and Mikhail have an unexpected chemistry that blows the plan away. The characters were both determined, smart and powerful in their own ways. It's a fast paced, mafia romance that didn't have as much violence and drama as I was expecting. The storyline was good, but seemed a little rushed in spots due to the shortness. Overall a good romance.

Sweet story
Written by Courtney B on 31st Oct 2023

Sweet story between Harper and Mikhail. 3rd person POV with HEA. Plenty of the standard mafia story violence/drama but not much relationship drama- Things between them stay sweet.

Fun read
Written by Mr. Bobos on 31st Oct 2023

This was a new author for me and a fun story to read. It was not as dark as others (this is good). It had just enough violence (not over the top). It had a short story feel to it. I am looking forward to the next release from this author.

Short but Good!
Written by Anotherdayinparadise on 31st Oct 2023

Failed hit, forced marriage my first book in the series, but it was good. Predictable but it was an enjoyable read. I will definitely check out the other books. Characters were likable and you can connect with them

Mafia Romance
Written by ljamison01 on 31st Oct 2023

Harper must kill the Pakhan in order to save her father from the cartel. Unfortunately Harper doesn’t have the skill or knowledge to kill, luckily for Mikhail Mikhail decides that he must marry Harper to present a united front against the cartel. Harper was willing to do anything to save her father and help her husband. Great story.

Written by Angel Joy on 31st Oct 2023

Love mafia romances. Harper is a pawn in a dangerous game. She is to seduce and kill the Don. Instead he decides she will be his.

So good!
Written by KMH on 31st Oct 2023

I really enjoyed this book... I liked both characters. I liked how they meet and how they fit together even though you know that there is that secret between them but that doesn't detract from the heated tension they share. I loved every interaction and this author really knows how to deliver us a good mafia romance!!

Mafia Romance
Written by Vicky N on 31st Oct 2023

An assasin wasn't supposed to fall in love with her target, was she? Nptthat Harper was really an assasin, it was a means to try to help get her father back from a rival. Kill the Pakhan and get her father back. Harper and Mikhail's story is one which starts out as a business arrangement but ends up more. A short story but well written and I read it all in 1go.

A fantastic short story with stream and love
Written by Hotrelle on 31st Oct 2023

What a difference a few pages makes between the start and end of the book! At first Harper is trying to seduce and kill Bratva Pakhan Mikhail. He however offers her another option whereby he will take care of their common enemy and she will become his wife. I loved reading this as it is well written, full of sparks of attraction and then love, and of course peppered with bratva action.

Lethal Heart
Written by Amd2662 on 31st Oct 2023

Harper/Mikhail. Younger woman/Older man. Bratva Boss/Mafia Princess. Attacked. Murder. Assaulted. Kidnapped. Threatened. Assassination attempted. Disarmed. Questioned. Proposition. Rescue. Attraction. Desire. Taboo. Affection. Acceptance. Wonderful characters and thrilling story. Action packed. Love. HEA. Gripping story.

Lethal Hearts
Written by Romance Tragic on 31st Oct 2023

Confession: I am a HUGE Winter Sloane fan - her writing is always on point, her characters are provocative and storylines usually have a unique twist that helps them stand out in a sea of sameness. Lethal Hearts is a great example of another stellar book. Ohh my anxiety reading this! Harper is a top notch babe who is battling her way through life on the other side of the law. Mikhail is my new book boyfriend obsession - he's a smouldering walking and talking beefcake leader of the Bratva. Together they are fireworks, and the reader is in for a tense ride, but it's oh SO good! Great read!

Harper and Mikhail
Written by kdavis on 31st Oct 2023

Was a good short story. Poor Harper is told to take care of Mikhail or she and her father lose their lives. You really need to grab this book and find out how Mikhail takes care of business and the burn that is between himself and Harper. It's fast-paced, full of action, and danger that kept me turning pages late into the night.

Another Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 31st Oct 2023

Winter Sloane has provided us with characters that will hold your attention along with a story line that will keep you coming back for more in this latest addition to the series.

Lethal Hearts.
Written by Shiftybugger on 31st Oct 2023

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. OMG! This book was absolutely fantastic it had me astounded reading this book, the story was exhilarating and the characters were really captivating. This story was about Harper Valenti and Mikhail Konstantin, Harper father was tied up with Don Juan so Harper needs to win Mikhail over so she can complete her dirty job, then she might be able to save things before things get out of hand. There was action, danger, suspense, cartel, drama, twist and turns, enemies, hitman, assassins, Bratva, betrayal, secrets, lies, angry, dangerous, an arranged marriage. Then an offer agreement was made, she had different thoughts of him a (gentleman) and she was told he was bad, really bad. Can Mikhail and Harper keep to their agreement work or not.

Mafia Lords
Written by Danee on 31st Oct 2023

A wonderful and fast mafia story that will keep you glued to your book. There is drama, danger, failed attack and a forced marriage. Full of possessiveness , romance, protection and lots and lots of steamy moments.

Harper and Mikhail
Written by Maleficent on 31st Oct 2023

Harper has been given a job in order to prevent her father from dying, to take out Bratva Pakhan Mikhail Konstantin. Since they are both attending the same wedding, this her opportunity, to seduce and finish him. Things do not go as planned, he prevents her assassination attempt, and finds out why she tried. He makes her a deal, he will help save her father but she has to marry him.

Good Story
Written by Merry J on 31st Oct 2023

Lives are at stake in this action-packed drama that kept me glued to the pages. When Harper is given a choice to kill the Bratva Pakhan or her father life would be forfeit she goes along but plans go haywire, and Mikhail decides he wants her. He is the epitome of an alpha male and keeping her close and safe is what he wants. This story kept me glued to the pages with their off the chain fire between them.

Fabulous characters
Written by Juliet18 on 31st Oct 2023

Fabulous characters, Mikhail and Harper meet when she is coerced into doing a job against Mikhail by a Cartel Don that has her father. Mikhail is amused by Harper and end up being her greatest ally. Both Mikhail and Harper are incredible characters with an amazing story that ends with a fantastic happily ever after ending. Loved every moment of reading this book.

Mikhail and Harper
Written by weaveswife on 31st Oct 2023

I love this series! Mafia princess Harper has to kill Pakhan Mikhail. Well, to save her father. Mikhail sees her at a wedding and is obsessed. He will do whatever it takes to protect her. Whatever it takes. I loved the chemistry with these two, the action and danger was well written too. And I loved the ending they got.

Gotta love a bad boy
Written by coffeesmom on 31st Oct 2023

Love the transformation of the characters and how they came to love each other. These types of stories with a bad boy hero always win me over.

Mikhail and Harper are so good
Written by Kaylapolk on 31st Oct 2023

Harper was sent to kill Mikhail but at the last second she couldn't do it. Mikhail wasn't made in fact he was intrigued by what she did. This led to a joint agreement. She would marry him and he would help her against a common enemy. Soon after they got married and fell in love with one another. Something Mikhail never thought he would have. But he still had to get rid of the enemy. But don't worry everything turns out the way it should! Come on you can't meet your soulmate and have the world crumble!!!!!

Written by Alexis H on 31st Oct 2023

Mikhail & Harper's story is a quick to the point excellent romance. After Harper is faced with a task to be able to save her father's life. The script gets flipped on her. An action-packed romance with a HEA

Terrible assassin
Written by RahiaLeight on 31st Oct 2023

She makes a terrible assassin, but for the purposes of this tale, that's certainly a good thing. I liked it, though. It was an exciting tale and a fast read. Moved well and quickly, and had a great HEA.

Another favorite
Written by Diana A on 31st Oct 2023

This stories are so easy to enjoy. I appreciate having a bit of everything on each story. Again having a mean bad man melting for his significant other is amazing and is setting my standards really high!

Harper and Mikhail
Written by SeahawkGirl on 31st Oct 2023

I had not read this author before and thoroughly enjoyed this mafia story. If you are a Sam Crescent fan you should enjoy this book. Harper's father got himself in trouble and was being held captive by Don Juan. DJ was blackmailing Harper to kill Mikhail in order to save her father. Mikhail is intrigued by Harper and when she attempts to kill him he chooses to keep her for himself rather than kill her. There is a lot of action in this story and the pace was fast and engaging. This is the fourth book in the Mafia series and I do plan to go back and read the first three.

Written by Ann L on 31st Oct 2023

Awesome Mafia romance, plenty of action in this wonderful story with great characters that are gritty and fiesty, I really enjoyed the storyline from start to finish.

Best of the Mafia Lords so far
Written by Brooke H on 31st Oct 2023

Harper is tasked with killing the Pakhan of the Konstantin Bratva in order to save her father from the cartel. Mikhail is onto her from the start and she fails. When she explains her situation, Mikhail suggests marriage in order to present a united front against the cartel. Mikhail is swoon worthy for a Bratva boss, and Harper isn't a shrinking violet which is what attracted Mikhail to her in the first place. There is low drama and no suspense in this one, but it's still the best one so far in the series.

Quick story
Written by ObsessiveReader on 31st Oct 2023

I enjoyed this short mafia story. Harper and Mikhail's marriage may have started from her failed attempt to save her father, but it doesn't keep them from falling for each other. A lot happening in this quick story.

Mikhail & Harper
Written by Annette J. on 31st Oct 2023

Lethal Hearts by Winter Sloane is the 4th book of the Mafia Lords Series. This story is about Mikhail Konstantin and Harper Valenti. Harper's father Alfonso has been kidnapped by Don Juan of the Garcia Cartel. In order for Alfonso to be released Harper must murder the Pakhan Mikhail Konstantin. Mikhail and Harper are both attending the same wedding. This is where Mikhail notices Harper and is interested and curious. There was attraction between them from the start. This story has romance, arranged marriage, twists and turns, danger and much more.

Written by lauri h on 31st Oct 2023

So awesome! I love love loved this book! The characters were strong and yet gentle. Seeing the emotions and love build up between the mcs was so satisfying. The story itself was well written and flowed easily as the plot thickened. Loved it!

Written by Rebel on 31st Oct 2023

Quick read with a bit of spice. Plenty of action and some side romance. Betrayal, jealousy, lies, secrets, murders. Characters fit and a HEA.

An action filled romance with a HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 31st Oct 2023

This book went from 0-60 right from the beginning there was lots of action and plenty of steam as well. While this was a short book it was written very well and included an almost slow burn romance for Pakhan Konstantin and his would be assassin!! It ended with a very sweet HEA and some minor violence.

Written by DidiF on 31st Oct 2023

An enjoyable quick mafia romance read. A young woman is forced to save her father by assassinating a notorious Bratva Pakhan. A failed attempt leads to marriage. Filled with some mafia drama, instant attraction, spice, possessiveness, protectiveness and love. HEA.

Absolutely Amazing Read
Written by Jean-Rall on 31st Oct 2023

This is book four in The Mafia Lords series and it is Harper and Mikhail’s story. Harper was at her friends wedding but instead of hiding in the background like she would normally do she needed to be noticed by Mikhail who is the leader of the konstantin bratva because her life and her fathers life depended on it as they are all part of the mafia and duty always comes first and after her father made many mistakes it was Harper that had to pay the price by killing Mikhail and all the complications that will arise from doing that. Mikhail was an important man and part of the bratva and while at a wedding he noticed a woman who he found himself intrigued and interested in but something just didn’t seem right about this situation and he needed to know what was happening and why she had no protection. When Harper tried to kill Mikhail he surprised her with his own proposal and that was to marry him and he would help her get her father free so she agreed. The attraction and chemistry between Mikhail and Harper was strong right from the start but with danger just around the corner watching and waiting for the right time to strike will they get the happiness and future that they both deserve or will it all be taken away from them. I absolutely loved this book and I can’t wait to read the next one in this series.

Written by Amy J on 31st Oct 2023

Loved it. Once I started reading Lethal Hearts I couldn’t put this book down. Loved Harper and Mikhail’s story!!

So juicy and a true page turner for sure
Written by Andrea R on 31st Oct 2023

This book was awesome. So so awesome. I love a steamy read and this one delivered. This book has so much. Mostly the dark romance story really was so well written. Loved the entire book.

good read
Written by Sua on 31st Oct 2023

Harper is tasked to bringing down Mikhail but things take a turn when Mikhail is falling hard for Harper. The sparks between these two are undeniable and hard to put down as the drama unfolds around them.

Lethal hearts
Written by Tanya k on 31st Oct 2023

Oh boy this was a great book it has me hooked from page 1 ro the very last page its a must read Winter is one of my go to Authors an this book didn't disappoint

well well well
Written by JustMe83 on 31st Oct 2023

I had no idea what to expect from this because I am new to this author but I really enjoyed it!! I actually went and found a bunch more because I am hooked. Very much would recommend.

Lethal Hearts
Written by SI on 31st Oct 2023

Lethal Hearts by Winter Sloane Mikhail and Harper story is exciting and it lights a fire with their push and pull between them. I loved their story. It was good.

Lethal Hearts!
Written by Mary on 29th Jul 2023

So thoroughly enjoyed this new "Mafia Lords" story and was captivated from the very beginning when they meet at the wedding. The story is about Mafia princess Harper, and Bratva Pakhan Mikhail Konstantin. In order to save her father she must complete a task against one of the most feared and deadliest men. Let the fun begin. When Mikhail spots her at the wedding he is very intrigued as the night progress he is further so. When she attempts her task he is mesmerized. I like the characters and the plot is interesting and intriguing. I honestly think this is my favorite in this series. There is danger, suspense, action, passion, love, good twists and some sweetness alone with touching moments. I liked how their love developed as well as their story. I know he won my heart!

4.5 stars
Written by CarKar on 29th Jul 2023

"So what if Mikhail was a little insane"? Love Harper and Mikhail together! Wasn't a fan of her dumb father, but glad Harper and her dad developed a relationship for her sake. Don Juan was an okay villain. I wouldn't have given him a chance to strike again though. I love short stories with endearing lead characters.

Lethal Hearts
Written by Karen99 on 29th Jul 2023

She was meant to seduce and kill him! Harper in a bid to save her father was on a mission to kill Mikhail but when things went wrong and Mikhail became obsessed with her and wanted her for his wife, all her priorities changed. Mikhail would do anything to protect her and his passion and tenderness soon had him claiming her heart. A steamy past paced love affair with some action and sizzling scenes to keep you engrossed.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 29th Jul 2023

Harper has one task and that's seduce Mikhail or hers and her fathers life is over, but Mikhail has other plans for his new obssesion she may have come to end him but he will make sure she Is his in every way. Engaging steamy desires action and mkre

Written by Debs48 on 29th Jul 2023

A short read with enough storyline for everything to flow into place from beginning all the way through enjoying this authors writing they were thrown together after she tried to seduce him secretly to assassinate him however not skilled really was a bad idea his idea was worse they were getting married if she wanted him to spare her life and in exchange he would help get rid of the don who wanted their lives

Written by Gkp2460 on 29th Jul 2023

Harper had one job, unalive Mikhail in order to save her Dad! Simple huh? Well it was supposed to be but things take a drastic turn and unaliving him is the last thing she wants to do. These characters burn fast and hot! The chemistry between them is off the charts. Mikhail is the definitive over the top, possessive, protective, obsessive alpha and Harper doesn't stand a chance against falling for him. Lethal Hearts is a great fast-paced story that grabs your attention from the start and keeps it until the end.

Lethal Hearts
Written by Michele77 on 29th Jul 2023

Harper’s life and her fathers life is dependent on her fulfilling a task, when she fails her life takes a drastic change. This story is a very quick read and does contain violence. The characters do fit together and obtain their HEA despite how they meet.