Love on the Plaza by Laura M. Baird

Heat Level 3
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Jen Cabrera hasn’t always had it easy, but nothing worth having ever comes without effort. And she’s worked hard to achieve her dream of owning a thriving salon in the heart of Boise. Pair that with good friends and season tickets to her favorite hockey team, and Jen’s life is complete. Only now she’s ready for someone special to share it with.

Gino Bianchi is a former hockey hotshot who’s moving into management, and Boise offers the perfect opportunity for the next phase in life. His instant attraction to salon owner and team sweetheart, Jen Cabrera, has him wondering if there’s enough to build on.

Jen won’t simply roll over in conquest, and Gino realizes her trust is his most important acquisition to date. Fire and ice collide in this steamy romcom, and it’s explosive.



Gino ran his hand through his unruly hair, wondering if this had been a mistake and the guys were pulling one over on him. The guys being the players with the Idaho Steelheads, Boise’s hockey team located in the heart of downtown. Considering their arena was located opposite the salon, many of the guys swore by Jen’s work. Jen being the owner of Hermosa tu, which meant ‘beautiful you’ in Spanish. And considering Gino had only arrived in town yesterday and had a quick introduction to the team, they were quick to tell him about Jen after asking about a barber.

“She’s better than any barber you’ll find,” seemed to be the consensus.

 On his first official day, he needed to appear sharp and ready for duty as the new assistant GM—general manager. He was taking a chance that Jen would even have an opening for him, given most places rarely took walk-ins anymore.

Was he hoping to use his sway as faculty with the team? He’d be lying if he said it hadn’t crossed his mind. At the very least, he’d book an appointment, hoping it’d be soon. Like, within a week, soon.

Just as he started toward the back where the voice emanated, a woman twirled her way into the main area, a mixing bowl in hand which she stirred with her full concentration. She continued to sing before realizing he was present, and Gino was awed by her appearance. In the split seconds he had time to observe before she put those lungs to use, he took in the sight of her burgundy hair dancing around her shoulders and down her back. Her curvy body that was wrapped in black capris and a lime smock covering whatever blouse she may be wearing. And then there were the bright yellow sneakers adorning her nimble feet.

He knew he should’ve made his presence known, but the sight of this bronze-skinned beauty rendered him mute and frozen in place.

Being mute, however, was not a concern for her. As soon as she looked up and met his gaze, her eyes widened, and she let loose a blood-curdling scream any actress in a slasher film would envy, drowning out the music. The mixing bowl flew out of her grasp in one direction while the brush sailed directly toward him, splattering his dress shirt with splotches of lilac coloring.

Dios mío, ¿qué carajo? How did you get in here?” Air rushed in and out of her, and Gino couldn’t take his eyes off the rise and fall of her ample chest.

Until she snapped her fingers in rapid succession, breaking the spell. “Hello? Who the hell are you?”

Gino blinked and shook his head, finding his voice. “I’m Gino, and I came in through your unlocked door.”

The woman peered around him, squinting at the door as if she expected it to be standing open before locking eyes with him once again. “Did the chime go off? Why wouldn’t you announce yourself instead of standing there, scaring the ever-lovin' crap outta me?”

“My apologies, I was enjoying your performance and hated to interrupt.” She scoffed and rolled her eyes while Gino looked down at his ruined shirt. “I suppose this is what I get for my stealth.”

She also stared at his dress shirt before clucking her tongue and stalking toward him. “Ah, dammit. Take it off. I can still save it.” Before he could respond, she was in front of him taking charge, making quick work of the buttons, and pushing the garment from his shoulders. “Nice,” she quipped. “Too bad there’s no time to ogle.” She turned and marched back the way she came. “Come on, I’ve got some t-shirts. You can choose one to wear while I get this soaking.”

Without waiting for him to answer, she disappeared into the back room.