Loved by a Roughneck by Shyla Colt

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go

After losing his wife, Ty takes to the road, working oil rigs and avoiding close connections. After six months in the tiny Texas town, Maci reminds him what it feels like to want more from a woman. Convinced she’s his second chance at love, he’ll show her what it means to be loved by a roughneck.

Maci Lou Long has witnessed firsthand the damage a man can cause a weak-willed woman. As the daughter of the town drunk, her soul is far older than her twenty-one years. Determined to keep her heart safe, the only thing she seeks from a man is satisfaction. Then a drifter blows in from the north, and slips under her defenses. Caught up in a tide of emotions she can’t stop, Maci can only accept Ty's offer and wait for the fallout.



“Are you questioning my integrity?” He lifted an eyebrow.

She snorted. “Maybe. How about we play a game of twenty questions?”

“What do I win?”

“If you’re a good boy … those two weeks you wanted.”

His hands clenched the steering wheel tighter. “Why?”

“Does it matter?”

Yes. “No, let’s start the game.”

“Why be a roughneck? It’s clear to me you have a brain rattling around in your skull. So why choose back-breaking labor?”

“To get away.” His jaw ticked. He’d wanted to avoid telling her his sob story for a while.

“Are you a criminal?”

“No, just a man who had a bad streak of luck.” He paused, waited for her to dig at the opening he’d given her.

“Fair enough. How old are you.”


“How long have you wanted to fuck me?”

He choked on air, coughing.

“Too blunt?”

“No, I like them that way.” Amused, he smirked.

“Good. Now answer the question.”

“From the minute I laid eyes on you.”

She gasped. “So why wait until now?” The breathy tone made his muscles flex. A wave of desire flooded him, and he growled in his throat.

“I didn’t want to.”

“Want to what, Ty?”

“Want you. I tried to fight it.”

“Because I’m black?”

He chuckled. “No, because you’re too young, and I’m fucked up.”

“I’m twenty-one, not sixteen.” She rolled her eyes. “Are you into weird shit?”


“Then why would you say that?”

“Because I lost my wife in a drunk driving accident, and I pretty much lost my mind.”

The air between them grew charged as quiet crept in like a ghost and stole the joy that had risen inside his cab.

“God, I’m sorry.”

“It’s been years. But having everything taken in one swoop made me see how pointless the life I was living was. Stuck day in and day out shut up in an office as an accountant to provide for a family and make my parents proud. I hated it.”

“What did you want to do?” she asked.

“Hell, I don’t know really. At that point numbers was what I had a degree in.”

“What do you like to do?”

“Be outside, do things with my hands.”

“Well you certainly have that now.”

“I’d say.”

He pulled into the parking lot and stopped the car. The lights shone in revealing the thoughtful expression on her heart-shaped face. He brushed the back of his fingers across her high cheekbones. Her skin was softer than he imagined. Lids lowered over her dark brown eyes, and she shivered.

“I think it’s my turn to follow you home.”

He cupped her cheek forcing her gaze to meet his. “I don’t want a pity fuck, Maci.”

“That’s not what I’m offering. Now if you’re up for two weeks of blazing hot sex, when, where, and how I want it … we have an agreement. “

His breath came in pants. He wanted more than in her pants. He wanted to burrow in her heart, infect her bloodstream with emotion so deep she’d never be able to get him out of her system. In the back of his head, the hour hands on the clock started to tick.

“Unless you want to start right here in the car I suggest you go get into your car.”

A throaty purr filled the cab. “What if I want it in the car?” Her small hand wrapped around his and placed it on her lap. “I was in such a rush to get here, I might’ve forgotten a few things.” Moving his hand beneath her dress he found her trim pussy bare, and dripping wet.

“No panties? You’re naughty, aren’t you?” Moaning he stroked a finger down her cleft, parting her lips to reach the slick, swollen, bud.


Rolling her clit between two fingers he grunted when she covered his hands with her own, digging her blunt fingers into his flesh. Her head rested against the seat, and her breasts rose rapidly. Heading the call of her turgid nipples he bent and bit down. Her body shuddered. A fresh gush of warm liquid moistened his fingers.

“Don’t tease me.”

“No?” He thrummed her clit, once, twice, and then moved down to circle her entrance. “You’re so wet for me, Maci.”

“Yes.” She thrust her hips upward, forcing his finger into her opening.


“Needy.” Her husky words undid his control, and he thrust into her tight heat. Her hips flew off the seat. Meeting him stroke for stroke she gave him the sight of her coming undone. Her hair fanned out around her. Her cupid’s bow lips fell open. Breathy sounds of pleasure slipped free, and she gripped him tight.

“You’re so tight. We have to make you ready for me.” Her walls pulsed around him, and he added a second finger. “Can you feel me moving inside you, Maci?” Increasing his speed he imagined he ways she’d hold him inside her. “That’s going to be my dick soon, stretching you out, so only I can satisfy you. Is that what you want?”

“Yes, yes!” She thrashed back and forth as her body clamped down, milking his fingers as she rode them hard and fast. The raspy sound of heavy breathing, his and hers, and steamy windows convinced him it was time to relocate. 

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Reviewed at The TBR Pile
Written by on 8th Oct 2013

Wow, just wow. For a short story this was fabulous! The characters had good depth to them and back story. They weren’t perfect, which I liked. They both had problems and were trying to deal with them when they met. Heat, holy hell, I was squirming in my chair!

Getting Me A Roughneck :)
Written by T. Giaquinto on 10th Sep 2013

Well Ms Colt has truly done it again....I just finished this and I have to say I couldn't put it down....The story is about a young lady by the name of Maci who has had a rough hand dealt to her...her mother is an alcoholic that lives with a slimy no good boyfriend and is part of the town gossip. Maci has trust issues and feels that it is better to keep her feeling locked up because everyone leaves or hurts her anyway so why bother getting attached. Then enters sexy Ty who is a roughneck with his own demons that he is fighting. The both of them start dancing around each other fighting what they know is true...they need each other to truly be completed...I don't want to give anything away but just know that love finds it way when you least expect and good things always to those who truly need it...go buy this book you wouldn't be disappoint...