Call of the Blood by Shyla Colt

Heat Level 4
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When the Blood Calls, three hearts become one... 

At odds for centuries, ex-lovers, Zoe and Phillip, have spent two lifetimes ignoring the bond formed between them.  When their best friend Guy falls victim to the madness that threatens to consume their kind, Zoe and Phillip set aside everything to rescue him. To save his soul  from the darkness, they must bind themselves—mind, body, and soul—finally manifest by the call of the blood. 

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex



Blood rushed to his cock, and his fangs distended. The thought of her blood and the tightness of her sheath instantly aroused him.  He used to live between her thighs. Today, he settled for a cheap imitation. He frowned as the image of his current fling, Heathe, came to the surface. The busty brunette with blue eyes helped pass the time. But she couldn’t hold a candle to the flawless milk chocolate skin stretched over wicked curves that Zoe possessed. With her doe eyes, and bone-straight black hair, Zoe would forever be his ideal woman. When you had forever in front of it, and no one to share it with, the ticktock of the clock could sound like nails on a chalkboard. So he kept his options open.

The beast he kept chained up inside struggled against the manacles containing it. It wanted out, it wanted Zoe. A better man would contact her and tell her to stay away, maybe remove himself from the equation. Of course, I’m not a man, and I’ve waited long enough. The darkness rushed up inside him, and he embraced it. A wicked smile curved the corners of his lips upward. Time to set things right. He strolled across the wood floors, stopped in front of Guy’s room, and lifted his hand to knock.

The door swung in, and the frazzled green eyes and shaggy chocolate-brown hair of his best friend greeted him. “What did you do?” Guy asked, his voice raspy and strained.

“What should’ve been done a long time ago.”  Phillip frowned. Guy didn’t look right. His features were drawn and his eyes glossy.

“You can’t go back. Do you remember the damage you did the last time—?”

“Shh.” Phillip held a hand up to his lips and silenced Guy with his powers. “We’ve done it your way, this time we’ll do it mine. I know you want Zoe. You always have. Behind that best friend facade lays a burning passion to sink your cock into her pussy while you take her blood.” Guy’s nostril’s flared, and the dark scent of lust filled the air. Phillip chuckled. “Yes, be mad, as long as you feel something. You’re falling apart over a woman who could never be enough, and I’m sick of the spineless jellyfish I’ve become since my wings were clipped. We can tread the line between the light and the dark.”

“And if we can’t?” Guy whispered.

“Then we’ll be evil together. Regardless, the half-life bullshit is over.” Phillip sneered. Every evil inkling he’d buried, lustful thought he’d imagined, and dark urge he’d denied, broke through the self-imposed dam in his mind. “I don’t want to exist. I want to live.”

“And you think what? Zoe’s magical pussy will allow us to do that?” Guy scoffed.

“We both know she’s a hurricane with the clout to back it. Don’t downplay her powers because you don’t like the path I’m presenting. We need to do a binding. Become a trio permanently.” 

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Written by Angie on 28th Mar 2014

This was a really cute short vampire story about Guy, Phillip and Zoe.