Lunacy and the Vampire by Evie Jayne

Heat Level 2
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Dominion, 1

Every myth you've ever heard is true. Monsters do exist.

Luna Sea Rakshasa inhabits The Dominion, a realm of immortals hidden within the world of humans. She is a Beanne Sidhe huntress, a killer of dark and dangerous things, but she harbors a secret that has been tearing her apart for nearly two thousand years. On the cusp of finally facing the demon vampire who sired her, the last thing she needs is an obsessed vampire who stirs things she would rather not feel.

Aveon Ap Conwy was human before he was found dying on a battlefield and turned into a vampire. For a century he has been tormented by the personal war to keep his humanity. Nothing has been stronger until the night he meets Luna. She arouses his deepest hungers, but Aveon knows he must resist his urge to take her...because if he tastes one drop of her blood, they will both be lost.

Thrown together in an unwelcome alliance and fighting the heat that simmers between them, they travel to the mythical domain of Luna's demon sire. As their worlds merge, Luna and Aveon become bound by something stronger than lust. Can Luna lay aside centuries of prejudice and open her heart to the only man who can stand beside her in the battle with the vampire king?



Her ears twitched. A sound. So subtle she barely heard it. A dark blur slammed into Cade, driving him off her. She saw a flash of metal, and cold blood sprayed across her face. Cade staggered back, clutching his arm. Red seeped between his fingers. He threw back his head and roared.

“Aveon, you bastard!”

From the shadows Aveon laughed quietly. His eyes sparkled like blue stars. He raised his dripping sword and pointed it at Luna.

“Catch me if you can,” he said, before sprinting into the darkness. For a moment Luna sat, stunned and gaping after him.

“You okay?” she asked Cade finally. The big vampire was grinning. The blood running down his arm had already slowed. His wound was beginning close.

“Hell yeah,” he said. “Go get the little shit. Make him bleed for me.”

“Will do,” she said, leaping to her feet and taking off after Aveon. As she ran she considered what had happened. Why hadn't Aveon allowed Cade to take her out of the game? It didn't make sense unless he wanted to face her himself. Or had he simply been protecting her?

As she paced through the labyrinth she kept low to the ground, scanning her surroundings for any trace of him. She found none. She was moving slowly and silently now, her sword drawn and her senses straining. Her neck prickled. He was close, maybe watching her. She peered into the shadows. Nothing, where was he?

“Luna,” his voice was a whisper of sound. She spun on her heel. He emerged from the darkness, his eyes burning with intent. His hands empty of weapons. Luna raised her blade towards him. He barely gave it a glance.

“You won't use that on me,” he said. He looked more than a little savage as he advanced on her.

“Don't count on it,” she said, eying him nervously. “We're still enemies.”

“We're many things, Luna, but not that.” He stepped toward her, laying his hand on the flat of her blade and pushing it away. Why didn't she use the moment to slice his palm, take the advantage?

Do it, Luna!

The sword tip scraped the gravel. With another step he had her backed to the wall. Inches separated them.

“This feels familiar,” he said ruefully.

“I believe it was you against the wall last time,” she said.

“And now the tables have turned. Shall I show you as much mercy as you showed me?” he said. Luna shivered as a chill that had nothing to do with cold ran down her spine.

Without warning Aveon grasped her wrist in a killing grip. Her sword clattered to the ground. He grabbed her other wrist and pinned her hands above her head, easing his body against hers. So savage and yet so gentle. Luna gasped, and Aveon smiled. His fangs glinted between his parted lips.

Vampire, Luna. Vampire.

But the closeness was a cool brand against her body. Her heart thudded loudly in her chest. She knew he could hear it. His eyes were fixed on the pulse point of her neck. His avid gaze burned.

He wants my blood.

“Let go of me.” Luna bucked to free herself. His grip hardened, and her struggles only increased the contact between them.

“Why would I do that?” he asked.

“Because if you don't I'll make you regret it,” she said.

“There's nothing you could do that would make me regret this.” He leaned forward and ran cold lips down her throat. Fear and lust leaped to life within her. Shivering with pleasure and surprise, she had to fight the urge to throw her head back. Good, it felt too good, and it had been so long.

She'd had lovers in the past, plenty of them. She was nearly a thousand years old after all. In her early years she had experimented as much as the next immortal, but after the first five hundred years or so it had just gotten, well, boring. Without an emotional connection it had become an itch that was less complicated to scratch on her own. And the specter of her father hung over any developing relationship. How could she commit to anything when a monster’s blood ran in her veins and whispered to her to take her lover's neck?

Aveon's hard body pressed against hers, and his lips left a trail of cold fire down her throat. Desire rushed through her. Her small breasts grew heavy, and a wild ache rose within her. Goddess, she was starved for this and hadn't even known it. He groaned and flicked his tongue against her skin. The sound fluttered through her.

Vampire, vampire, she chanted over in her mind, clawing after sanity. Goddess, she had a vampire's lips against her neck, and all she wanted to do was bare it to him.

He'll bite you. She tried to push him away, but couldn't budge him. When had he gotten so damn strong?

He raised his head and stared into her eyes. “Don't deny this, Luna. You know this is right between us,” he said, and Goddess damn it, she did. It felt like coming home. Long forgotten emotions and needs roiled within her.

No! This was not happening. Not now. Not ever. Who did this leech think he was? How dare he make her feel such things?

“I said let-me-go.” Her voice dropped to a low growl, and her eyes narrowed.

“Never.” His eyes burned with a purely male intent, promising wicked things. Possession was stark in his gaze, and he was looking at her as if he'd never seen anything more beautiful. Even as her mind rebelled, her body responded. To be looked at like that. For some unknown reason this crazy vampire had decided she was his.

“Why? I can't Quicken you. I thought you all wanted that,” she said. She thought a look of confusion flickered across his gaze, but was gone before she could be sure.

“I did.” He brushed his fingertips down her cheekbone. Had anyone ever touched her so adoringly, looked at her with such passion? Mesmerizing. She couldn't tear her eyes away.

Aveon leaned closer, slanting his mouth to cover hers. The shock of his lips. So cold, yet she felt delicious heat. A small moan escaped her when he gently brushed his tongue against her lips. Another lap and the breath left her lungs. Without meaning to, she parted her lips, deepening the kiss, his lips cold silk on hers.

Can't fight this.

She fell, her mind spinning and her body raging in reaction. The ground seemed to shift beneath her feet, and the world spun away. He delved his tongue into her mouth, and after a moment of hesitation she met him. For just one moment all that existed was his mouth on hers, his tongue teasing gently. Her hand snaking up his chest and grasping the back of his neck, she held him to her.

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Really, it's 4 and 1/2.
Written by Cathy Freeze on 19th May 2014

The characters grew and learned, the relationship was fascinating and the story terrific. Loved the slight twists on mythologies of vamps and the beanne sidhe (loved them, especially.) I've rarely seen a better representation of an all-female warrior society. These women were sister tight, unapologetically powerful and sexual--they had no problems lusting after the sexy vamps they worked with. ;) They were tough--physically and mentally--in a way that warriors must be. They were fun-loving but willing to pay the high price of keeping people safe. Loved that about these women, lemme tell you. The vamps they lusted after were hot, alpha, but not a-hats. They admired strong women without losing their own power. The sexual power plays were as interesting as the fights with the bad guys, but this PNR had as much of a 'fight the bad guys' plot as it had smexy stuff, and that, to me, was gold. It's hard to find a good balance in a story, and Evie nailed both in this one, imho. This is the first of a series, and i'm looking forward to seeing other couples get together in this world. They all deserve their happiness, imho. The reason i didn't give it 5 stars is below, but it's got slight spoilers, so i'll leave space, here, in case you want to skip that part: The half a star (rather than the full 5) is because, to me, the author tortures poor Aveon too much. **slight spoilers** Not when he's actually *being* tortured--that's totally plot relevant and makes total sense, given where they go. But on the way *to* the climactic fight scene. Aveon's torment just went on and on and on and on because he's an abstainer--he refuses to drink blood from the vein and there's no bagged blood available. That's cool, but on, and on, and on goes the torment as they travel, and it got as wearying for me to watch it as it was for Aveon, after a while.

The Talent Cave Review
Written by The Talent Cave Reviews on 11th May 2013

I have to admit, when I first read the cover and saw Lunacy And The Vampire as the title I thought, Lunacy? But understood the title once I dug into reading it. The heroine is Luna Sea, play on words due to the fact her father calls her Lunacy. Luna Sea has been on a life-long quest; vengeance against her father who is an ancient demon, and whom created the vampire race. There is a lot going on in this book, including different factions of vampires called Abstainers, and I don’t want to give it all away by trying to sum up the book. I encourage readers to explore this book on their own. There was an intricate story woven around Luna and Aveon, and you see their interest in each other turn into something much deeper than infatuation or lust. The author took a complex concept, and did a great job of painting an intriguing world around it. It’s not your everyday vampire story, which now days, is a good thing. I loved the idea of the quickening for bringing forth the beating of long silent hearts. There’s something hauntingly poetic about that, but don’t get me wrong, the characters in the book are warriors, bad-ass for sure. One thing I found a bit distracting as I read was all the completely different character names, and uniqueness of explaining what kind of creature such as Beanne Sidhe huntress. I stopped the flow of the read so I could re-read names/origins to make sure I got them. But let’s face it. In the world of the paranormal and urban fantasy, names like Bob and Jane, Assassins from Newport, would be bland and not at all otherworldly. All in all, the book was thought provoking, steamy, gritty, action-packed, and well done. I hope to be reading more from this talented author, Evie Jayne.

Coffee Time Romance & More
Written by undefined on 12th Dec 2012

Lunacy and the Vampire is filled with characters that evolve from the beginning of the story until the end. A true example of the other side of a coin, from hate to love and the fine line between may not stem the tide. I love the storyline and Luna’s pain is apparent with every word. The final battle and ending will take the reader’s breath away. Delane Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

So good.
Written by Denyse on 5th Dec 2012

This book was so good, I can't tell which part I liked best.It had action and romance and sex and everything one can expect from a good paranormal book, including some great world building and a strong-headed heroine who is a "beanne sidhe huntress" very deadly and set to kill vampires in order to protect humanity. The only thing that doesn't make this book justice is the cover, but as we all know one shouldn't judge by it. This one is a keeper, can't wait for Dominion #2.

Coffee Time Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 10th Nov 2012

Luna lives in The Dominion, an immortal world within the human world. She has one goal, and it is to kill her demon vampire sire. However, it appears she has one more lesson to learn, which comes in the form of the blood suckers she hunts. Aveon has no love for the life he has unwillingly received, so he does his best to do no harm. Now classified as an Abstainer, he looks to unite with those who once hunted his kind. Luna is one weakness he is unable to afford, but one he will never ignore. The first meeting between Luna and Aveon ends poorly. The second is not turning out much better. Luna must put aside a lifetime of aversion and hate, to hunt for evil ones. Her destiny will lead to her future and her past. Lunacy and the Vampire is filled with characters that evolve from the beginning of the story until the end. A true example of the other side of a coin, from hate to love and the fine line between may not stem the tide. I love the storyline and Luna’s pain is apparent with every word. The final battle and ending will take the reader’s breath away.

Nocturne Romance Reads Reviews
Written by undefined on 23rd Oct 2012

As far as debut novels go, this is by far one of the best. Luna Sea, or as her father calls her, Lunacy, Her entire life has been devoted to her mother's quest of vengeance, killing her father. Which may not be such an easy task, considering the fact that he is an ancient demon who sired the entire vampire race. That, and to destroy as many vampires as she possibly can, along side her kith-sisters, Rhome and Parry. So when a faction of vampires who sworn off drinking blood from human hosts' and to never kill, known as the Abstainers, come along to try and join there cause..... Well, suffice it to say, it doesn't go over very well. Especially when one among them makes Luna's blood run so hot, her very own vampire side wants to come out and play. Aveon has been struggling with being a vampire ever since he was turned, even going as far as surviving off of the least amount of blood possible. Until he is overtaken and left for dead by a tiny Beanne Sidhe huntress, one who stirs his blood like no other, and he vows to never be that weak again. Though he has always wanted what most vampires want, to find that one vampiress who can Quicken his blood and bring him back to life, he finds himself falling desperately for Luna. Something that Luna will never be able to do, or does she hold a secret that means she possibly can? The best thing about this story is the simple fact that these to characters, though they do feel an instant attraction, do not instantly fall in love. Theirs was love that grew as they began to learn more and more about one another, not just instantaneous infatuation. What would have made this story perfect would have been more background information, other than just their origins, and more detail on how all the characters in this book tied to one another. That would have been helpful to give readers a better feel of connectivity. Also, maybe bring Luna's mother some more, meaning any at all, presence on the page. Her daughter's life was on the line after all, and she was a goddess. All and all, Lunacy and the Vampire is a great read, though kind slow moving at first, it has a truly action packed ending. Fans of Krestley Cole's Immortals After Dark series', with definitely enjoy taking a crack at this. I for one am looking forward to reading more books from the realm of the Dominion.

Written by undefined on 18th Sep 2012

i couldnt put it down! you can tell that the author has put alot of thought into the building of the themes and characters, and has woven together truth and fiction based on life experience and wisdom. i could relate to the characters emotional world and the intracacies of love are honestly portrayed....a great suspenseful plot and epic steamy bits..... i look forward to the sequal and will be definately be reading her other writings.

Fast and fun
Written by undefined on 16th Sep 2012

This book was a real page turner and had me gripped from the outset. Miss Jayne is one of those authors who leaves you hanging at the end of each chapter, making it impossible to put the book down. At least I couldn't as my huge yawns at work the next day would tell you. Her world was intriguing, cant wait to read more(I hope there's more.)