Never Rub a Werewolf the Wrong Way by M. Levesque

Heat Level 3
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Jasmine Reach was barely making it, running a spa out of her home in the tiny town of True Massachusetts—until her amazing talent is discovered. Having been raised as a human, only to find out that she has a special healing touch, Jasmine now adjusts to offering massage therapy to paranormal beings suffering from extreme emotional trauma. 

Things were just starting to make sense to her in this new world when a gorgeous exiled Alpha werewolf shows up, and suddenly Jasmine’s massages are feeling a lot less professional than before, but no less satisfying.



I smiled sweetly at him and swam to the far end. I was almost at the bank when he grabbed my ankle and dragged me back in. I popped up to face him, my hands crossed over my chest, and he was smiling devilishly at me as I fought to blink the water out of my eyes.

I adjusted and pointed at him the best I could considering the situation. “Back off, bucko.”  

He smiled wider. “But I thought you were challenging me. An alpha never backs down from a challenge. Even from a tiny predator.”

I gave him a dirty look. “What challenge are you talking about?”

“Didn’t you say I needed to work on my wooing skills?” He leaned in close and nuzzled the side of my face with his nose, whispering, “You said something about that right?”

I wasn’t sure. Had I said something about that?

I took a half a step back until I was up against the bank. He took another step towards me closing any distance between us.

“I’ll drop you, wolf,” I said with a confidence I didn’t feel.

“No, you won’t.”

“How do you know I won’t? I’ve got the Kung Fu grip, remember?”

“Because you’re an empath. You feel emotions and mirror them.” He reached up and pushed a curl of wet hair back behind my ear. “You feel happiness, excitement, and pain… There are only a few races of people that truly are, and you’re the strongest one I’ve ever met. You’re also the only one I’ve ever met that can take the pain away.”

“How do you know that?” I was genuinely curious at this point.

“Because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be as good at your job as you are. I know you’re an empath because you wouldn’t have let me get this close to you. I don’t even need to woo you, Jasmine. I just have to want you.” 

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Long and Short Reviews
Written by Fern on 28th Oct 2017

Jasmine had set up her Healing Touch Spar and Massage Parlour well out in the country. Despite a number of the locals being skeptical about Reiki and Alternative medicines, the small town was home to Jasmine and she was determined to try and make her business work. And then Jasmine met Lilith, the vampire, and everything in her world changed. This is an interesting and quite unique sort of story. There was quite the paranormal world going on in it and I was impressed how the author managed to introduce the different aspects to the world without getting too bogged down with a large info-dump. There’s a whole host of various paranormal critters lodged into this story (Succubus/Incubus, vampires, demons, witches, warlocks, werewolves and the like) but I found everything quite well explained and somewhat brief – considering the short length of the story. Unsurprisingly given the title, the hero is a dethroned alpha werewolf, Christian. After having lost absolutely everything in his life – his job, his family, his pack, his position – Christian is understandably deeply pissed and completely off-kilter. Jasmine is certain she can help him – but only if she can manage to stop drooling. I found myself instantly drawn into both these characters and loved the way they meshed together. While the story is told in Jasmine’s first person perspective, I still managed to get a very good idea of Christian’s character and didn’t feel this lessened my enjoyment of the story at all. While there is plenty of touching and a delicious romance between Christian and Jasmine, there is not a lot of steamy sex. Personally, I enjoyed that there was a really solid, thorough plot – but readers looking for a strongly erotic, intensely graphic story might find this doesn’t quite meet their expectations. I really enjoyed this story. With memorable characters, plenty of plot and a strongly-written paranormal world filled with all manner of creatures this story kept me interested and eagerly turning the pages. While it might be a little light on the erotic sex scenes for some readers, I found there to be an abundance of chemistry between the hero and heroine and more than a few laughs at the strong cast of secondary characters and antics that everyone gets up to. A fun, lively and unique read I can happily recommend this to a wide range of readers.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella on 28th Oct 2016

Jasmine owns a spa but business had been low and she’s running out of options. When she finds out she has healing powers and that there are paranormal beings out there looking for a rub down, things seem to be improving. Then the sexy alpha werewolf, Christian, comes in and changes things forever… This is a must read. Let me start off right there. The world building this author manager to do in just 78 pages plus romance plus a plot! Are you kidding me? I could not put this book down. From Jasmine learning her way in this new paranormal world to all her clientele and the sexy alpha. And sexy doesn’t begin to cover him. Leather wearing, motorcycle driving, dethroned alpha kind of sexy. The sex scenes are good but I wish it’d been longer and more detailed to really heat up the pages. But the romance, oh, the romance is between Jasmine and Christian was truly beautiful. I have to find more books by this author! Read. This. Book. Never Rub a Werewolf the wrong way is a highly recommended, light read.

Great characters, great tale
Written by TerryHeth on 18th Sep 2016

Jasmine owns a Spa and business is a bit low. Along comes an offer she really can't refuse. Thinking she's human now she finds out she has healing powers and the offer means she can treat paranormal beings and help them through their troubles. Then the Alpha Werewolf comes for treatment and that's when the treatment changes! Really enjoyed this I had to read in 2 goes as work got in the way otherwise I'd have read through. A fun book, Jasmine is a Likeable character who I wanted things to be ok for. Read and you will see why! As always a good paranormal tale by M Levesque, bit fun, bit serious, bit romance, all rolled into a great book.