Our Place Among the Stars by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Sequel to Dick, It's What's for Dinner

The pleasure ship is coming to your area...

I’m Mickale Stone, coming to you from the middle of space. The famous Three Guys Pleasure Ship will be coming to your planet in one week! We have some of the best dance shows in the entire colonized planet system, a delicious three-course meal by the famous Vernon McSpire, and all your servers will be stripping. There are stunning views as you dine over your planet. You can even book a room for the night so you can make love among the stars. (Limited space, must bring your own lover as one will not be provided.)

Have a romantic, once in a lifetime experience on The Three Guys Pleasure Ship. Book your tickets today! 

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMM), rimming



Ale chuckled and then loosened my apron. The flimsy thing dropped from my hips. My cock was stiff, bouncing as it was freed. My mushroom-shaped head was flushed with a single drop of pre-cum smeared on the skin. “I think we can do better than that.” Ale’s smirk was purely wicked. “Rei, take those pants off. Show Vern that handsome dick.” Ale watched me.

My gaze drifted to the bashful Rei. Damn, he was gorgeous. His blond hair was wild like he’d been dragging his fingers through it. He had a slim build, all lean muscle, and soft flesh. Well, not all soft. I inhaled sharply as Rei unbuttoned his tight black jeans. Ale moved to his knees beside me. Yeah, my gaze wavered between them. Ale placed his palms against my tense thighs. He rubbed his hands up and down. My skin tingled. There was a rustle of clothing. I glanced back at Rei. His jeans hit the floor with a thud. “Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

Rei blushed harder. He still wore his shorts. The bulge there made my mouth water. I couldn’t get enough of them. Even spending the last few months in their company, every day, every hour, I was still happy and content. As I stared at Rei, Ale placed kisses on each of my knees. He drew his tongue across my thigh. Higher and higher, each touch bringing him closer to my throbbing dick. My gaze switched to Rei. The sexy pilot tugged the skintight cloth down. I swallowed hard. No matter how many times I’d seen them naked, it still thrilled me. Rei was truly gorgeous. His shaft jutted from his body, elongated and wide. There was extremely blond pubic hair at the base. It was silky smooth. I knew because I often fell asleep stroking it, mesmerized and obsessed with the texture. His skin was paler since we’d been living on this ship. I could see some veins under his flesh. The tip of his sex had no foreskin, just like mine. Rounded. Tinted pink. Delicious. The slit was producing a cloudy drop. I licked my lips as Ale finally got to the sensitive spot at the base of my dick. He licked the skin, pulling it between his lips and sucking. I gasped. Rei watched us. Ale used his tongue to trace a path around my cock to my balls. I hissed out a breath as he lapped at my sacs.

“Deeper!” someone yelled so loudly it echoed through the ship. There was a crack of a whip.

I felt Ale smile against my thigh. “Get over here, Rei.”

I reached out as he approached. We stood beside each other, our mouths touching as Ale continued to lick my balls. Our tongues converged. His retreated shyly. I followed, forcing him to keep the kiss going.  Ale then wrapped a hand around each of our shafts and stroked. I came up to my toes. His warm palm rubbed from tip to base. He squeezed there, tight, almost painfully so before letting go.

“Kiss while I take off these fucking clothes.” Ale’s breath rushed across my wet flesh. I slid my fingers through Rei’s hair and held him still while I ravished his mouth. 


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Exqusite Reviews
Written by Carla on 7th Jul 2016

I loved this story it gave me everything I wanted and left me wanting more… Our three characters are back and funnier than ever… the love they share has grown along with their ambition to make their dreams come true… While the lenght is short the characters make up for it by being funny and sexy… Get both books and enjoy the ride the is Ale, Reid, and Vern I promise you won’t be disappointed…

Loved this short
Written by Jo Newton on 3rd Apr 2016

They're dreams have come true, they're together and happy. Of course somethings going to go wrong! Great follow up to Dick, It's What's For Dinner. Now I gotta read the newest one!

The Romance Reviews
Written by Book Addict on 18th Mar 2016

This sexy follow up to Dick, It's What's for Dinner is smutty with a raunchy dinner show to enjoy. Ale, Rei and Vern are back. This time it is on their own ship. They have their own pilot, cook and waiter. What more could they need to bring the most exciting dining to life for paying customers? For those who did not read the first book, this can be read as a standalone but it won't be as enjoyable. Understanding what happens in the first book will enhance the smexy pleasure in this one. The story is short with a little dash of plot. There are a few graphic scenes for the trio which are hot, both in the live cooking show lasting through the dinner service. Mr. Cox pens a funny, slightly over the top story covering what happens after the "happily ever after". There is a little bit of suspense as a nefarious force returns to mete out vengeance. The threesome easily slips out of danger similar in style to the Three Stooges. It is not exactly slapstick comedy, but it contains a similar humour. One cannot help but laugh as these three guys thwart the villain. If this were a real show, tickets would be sold out quick. This story is an erotic romance as Mr. Cox brings another happily ever ending complete with vows. This space opera is recommended for mm romance lovers who enjoy sex and laughter together. - See more at: http://glbt.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=20750#sthash.4j1JaRuZ.dpuf

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 24th Feb 2016

The Three Guys Pleasure Ship is opening for the first time and it isn’t going to be all naked dancing and tasty food… ​ This is the sequel to the fabulous, funny, sexy book, Dick it’s what’s for dinner. Here, we follow our three quirky heroes on their dream of having a spaceship pleasure cruise ship. How cool is that? I love how this author’s mind works. There’s some sexy dancing, man on man loving hot enough to need a cold shower and a bad guy from the previous book makes an appearance. Ale, Vern and Rei are awesome. They’re handsome, each have their own individual personality and best of all, it all feels natural. I love them together. So freaking hot. Then there’s some danger which pulls the story along nicely. I wish it would have been longer, that’s my only complaint. Otherwise, this book would have been 5 shiny, sweat slicked, need a few moments alone, stars. Yeah, that hot. Our Place Among the Stars is a short treat from a talented author.

Love Bytes
Written by Donna on 10th Feb 2016

This is the sequel I was hoping to see pop up. And yes, maybe it’s short, but it delivered exactly what I wanted to read – Ale, Vern and Rei living their dream. The conclusion of Dick, It’s What’s For Dinner saw our three strippers (sorry, the chef, the criminal, and the pilot) flying off into the sunset with big dreams of building a life together. They’d defeated the bad guys, declared their feelings and were ready to live their HEA. This short story gives us a fun flash of just what that HEA looks like when you run a Pleasure Ship with your two sexy lovers. I wouldn’t recommend that you read this without first reading Dick, It’s What’s For Dinner – however I whole heartedly recommend that you do read that first story. My review of DIWFD can be found here. Once you read that hilarious tale, you won’t be able to resist picking up this one to find out what happens next. Once again the story is told in first person by Vern and covers one evening of entertainment on their brand new Pleasure Ship. Rei is finally piloting, Vern is finally…cheffing?…and good old Ale is still loving the chance to get his kit off in front of his avid audience. Their night could not get any better, until an old enemy resurfaces and pops in for a visit. Of course the story includes some scorching sexy times, and hilarity that will leave you sighing as you remember just how much you loved these three men. If you’ve read the first book, then you HAVE to follow up with Our Place Among The Stars!

Wonderful read.
Written by Chris A on 2nd Feb 2016

Another fantastic read from Mr Cox. A sequel to Dick, It's What's for Dinner, we meet the same three hot, sexy guys, but this time they've set up their own business. Guests are welcomed aboard their spaceship for dinner and, perhaps a room for the night, flying high above their planet. Dinner is served by the 3 men who are almost naked. What's not to like? Will all go smoothly or will someone throw a spanner in the works?

Written by LeeAnnP on 2nd Feb 2016

A deliciously funny, hot , sexy sequel to Dick it's Whats For Dinner. I loved "seeing" the boys again. Being on their first outing with their new pleasure ship. Watching their success and their strutting around in almost nothing and nothing. James is VERY good at getting you to "see" what he is describing. There was a moment of angst and then lots of sexy time. The surprise ending made me very happy! You will kick yourself if you don't read this. The boys lives are all wrapped up in a nice, sexy , silk and satin bow.

Take me with, please!!
Written by Dale Federico on 2nd Feb 2016

What a fun sequel to " Dick, its whats for Dinner". These three men are hot, sexy and funny. Hope aboard their spaceship for dinner amongst the stars. You get the hottest, sexiest dance show a delicious dinner served with scantily clad servers, the hosts themselves Vern, Ale and Rei. You can even book a room for the night to make love amongst the stars with your partner! Yes, who could ask for more! Oh, and to top it off, there is a surprise ending you won't see coming. So make sure you read "Dick, its whats for Dinner," first! James has a unique writing style, he loves sci-fi, the moon, stars, other planets in the solar system. And he takes you there on his journey with the most beautiful men. His story's make you laugh, cry and see all the wonderment of the universe. You rock James! I loved it!

Loved it all the way!
Written by Anne Bock on 23rd Jan 2016

I so enjoyed and loved the sequel to Dick its what's for dinner, it was like a short visit back to old naughty sexy friends. I kind of missed the gang, so a big big thank you to James Cox for giving us another shot of these three cuties. But when you think it will be "only" a nice dinner with some fun, well, there is one thing I really haven't seen coming or ecpected! Oh my... But I loved it all the way! If you liked DIWFD then you don't want to miss this sexy snack!

this was amazing and addicting!
Written by Eric Thonrton on 21st Jan 2016

i loved this book and i cannot wait to see what this author writes next.

I loved this book
Written by Greebo on 21st Jan 2016

I loved this book! It's a short sequel to "Dick. It's What's for Dinner", which I also loved. Vern, Ale, and Rei have opened a pleasure ship (in space, by the way) where Vern cooks, Ale tends bar, and Rei pilots. Oh, and did I mention that they put on an incredibly sexy strip show while dinner is being prepared? Because they do :-) I don't want to give too much away, but I'll tell you that someone from the DIWFD returns for a few tense moments, but it's all smooth sailing from there. I would not hesitate to recommend this story to anyone. I will say that I think you should read DIWFD first because, not only is it also funny and sexy, but it will give you the backstory of how these three men got together. James Cox has an amazing imagination, and his style is so much fun to read. "Our Place Among the Stars" is a great way to spend an hour in your favorite chair while being entertained by three hot men.