Panther Magic by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 4
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The Projects, 5

There’s no such thing as magic… 

Kate doesn’t believe in it, let alone the panther sort Arran and Zeb Harris are famous for. Using animals in their act is just downright cruel. If only she could convince her libido of that. Instead she seems to have fallen head over heels in lust with those sex-on-legs twin brothers. Getting laid will cure this, surely? 

When panther shifters Arran and Zeb scent their mate, they know they’ll have a fight on their hands. The delectable human morsel might be submissive, but Kate has spirit, never mind the small matter she has no idea shifters exist. 

They want her submission freely given and not forced upon her by the mysterious mating bond. However, when their panthers kill while rescuing Kate, that bond might well be the only thing to keep them alive. It’s up to Kate to save her Sirs. 

Be Warned: BDSM, menage sex (MFM), anal sex, rimming



“Sirs, are we going to play—now?” The words came out hesitant, but her breathing sped up when Zeb walked toward her and placed the end of his crop under her chin to nudge her head up. He slowly ran it along her throat, rested it on each of their bite marks and then trailed it along her collarbone and into the valley of her breasts.

“I thought we might, unless you have any objections?”

Kate shook her head and whispered a shaky, “No, Sir.”

“Good girl.” Zeb trailed the tip across her lace covered breasts, and over each nipple in turn, and Kate gasped and tried her best not to squirm.

Arran barely managed to hold in a groan of his own. It was incredibly erotic watching their girl reacting to his brother’s strokes against her flesh. Her skin took on the rosy glow of arousal, and her nipples firmed into hard buds that strained against the delicate blue lace covering them. Zeb nudged her knees apart further with his foot, and traced the tip of the crop over her quivering abdomen and down to her delectable wet pussy. The fabric covering her slit darkened further, and Arran’s nostrils flared as the sweet musk of her arousal filled the air. His cock jerked, and he stroked along his length to give himself some relief.

Zeb looked back at him and smirked, and mimicked Arran’s actions on his own dick. Kate licked her lips when she noticed, and moved toward Zeb, but he brought the riding crop down between her legs. It flicked across her wet slit, and Kate jumped and moaned. It was such a deep throated sound that Arran’s balls drew tight, and he fisted himself harder.

“Such a naughty girl we have. So wet for us already, so eager for a cock, aren’t you? Tell me, wildcat, how badly do you want my cock?”

Zeb took himself in hand more firmly as he spoke to her, and Kate’s gaze seemed riveted to the action of his hand going up and down his shaft. Arran fisted himself faster, as Kate’s pink little tongue dipped out and licked her lips. Drops of pre-cum emerged from the tip of his cock, and he rubbed his thumb over his wet slit, and used the natural lubrication to fist himself harder. It felt way too good, and his grunt of pleasure brought Kate’s attention back to him.

Zeb laughed when he noticed.

“Or perhaps you want my brother’s cock?”

Kate looked between them, and she nodded.

“What’s that, girl? I can’t hear you. Which cock do you want? Mine or Arran’s, or perhaps you want both?”

Arran and Kate both groaned in unison, and Zeb’s grin deepened. His sadistic brother always did get a kick out of playing mind games, and seeing both Arran’s and Kate’s discomfort no doubt turned him on.

“Hmm, perhaps you’ll get your wish, and we’ll fill all your holes today. Would my little wildcat like that?”

A moan was his only answer, and without warning Zeb brought the riding crop down across her thigh. Kate yelped, and a red thin stripe appeared across her pale flesh immediately. Zeb repeated the action to her other leg, and tears sprang into Kate’s eyes, yet her sweet musk increased tenfold, and Arran’s beast near salivated at tasting the bounty between her legs.

“Yes, Sir, please, anything … I’m yours.”

Kate’s whispered reply was music to Arran’s ears, and Zeb winked at him.

“Good girl, you best start with my little brother then. He looks about ready to explode.”

Kate’s gaze sought Arran’s, and the love and need to please that shone out of her right now meant the world to him. She made to rise, but Zeb’s heavy hand on her shoulder stopped her.

“Who said anything about getting up, girl? I want you to crawl, and swing those hips and tits. Give Arran a show, and then suck him good. I don’t want to see a drop of his cum spilled, do you hear me?”

“Yes, Sir.” Kate’s eager reply and the speed with which she complied meant that Arran had to pinch the bottom of his shaft to stop himself from shooting his load like some inexperienced teenager. He was so fucking close already, and judging by the wicked grin on his brother’s face Zeb knew that, too. He mentally flipped his brother the finger, and then concentrated on the poetry in motion that was Kate crawling toward him. With an inherent grace that would have done any cat shifter proud she put one hand in front of the other, and slid her knees across the soft carpet, while swinging her hips from side to side.

Zeb’s face dropped, and he seemed unable to tear his gaze away from her ass. Zeb had always been an ass man, and seeing her pale globes so beautifully presented to him, had to be torture for his brother. Served the bastard right.

All conscious thought fled Arran’s brain when Kate reached him, looked up at him from under her naturally long eyelashes, and smiled.

“Sir? May I please suck your cock?” 

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Evampire on 6th Apr 2016

Kate believes that using animals in a magic act is downright cruel, but she seems to have fallen head over heels in lust with the twins Arran and Zeb Harris anyway in this riveting paranormal romance. When Arran and Zeb scent their mate, they realize that while the delectable little morsel might be submissive, they’ll have a fight on their hands and the readers can’t help but get pulled into the story as Kate has to save her Sirs. The chemistry sizzles with lots of heat between Kate and the twins and the sex scenes are white hot but both parties will have to be rescued before this relationship can hope to achieve its happily ever after which has lots of emotional woes and nail biting excitement going on in this well written, fast paced and smooth flowing plot full of suspense, excitement, passion and strong, compelling characters that draws the reader in and refuses to let go. I was quite enamored of Arran, Zeb and Kate as they worked toward their happily ever after, their characters complimented each other and Kate’s submissive but feisty attitude added quite a bit of spice to the story and made this quick story a delight to read.

Reviews @ TRS
Written by Shannon on 24th Jul 2015

When panther shifters Arran and Zeb Harris scent their mate, they are blown away by the luscious and submissive beauty meant to be theirs. Both Arran and Zeb realize rather quickly that their intended mate is going to be quite a handful with her feisty personality and temper. The Harris brothers might be walking sex on a stick but Kate isn’t willing to fall at their feet. Or is she? Kate has a real issue with them using live animals in their magic act but for some reason her body isn’t listening to her head when it comes those two sexy beasts. When Arran and Zeb are forced to kill a number of thugs to save Kate, the council is ready to execute brothers in the name of justice. But Kate will do anything to save her panther shifter mates. Welcome to a supernatural world that is wildly exciting and steaming over with adventure and a touch of danger that captivates and intrigues as only author Doris O’Connor can provide. Time and time again this talented author writes stories that are always fresh, intelligent and emotionally satisfying and with Panther Magic she does it again. The premise for “true mates” isn’t something new readers and yet by the way Ms. O’Connor brings Arran, Zeb and Kate to life, those words and the principle behind them seem to take on a new dimension. She captures the powerful emotions, as well as the sexually charged tension, undeniable passion as well as the dominant and commanding desires of the man and his beast and their submission of the mate perfect. When true mate bond is challenged by the council after Arran and Zeb killed in order to save their mate; it’s Kate’s complete faith, daring actions and her stubborn will to defend her men that really makes this an unforgettable story. There are plenty of touches of humor, charm and romance to the story encouraging the reader to keep turning the page. The sexy shenanigans between Arran, Kate and Zeb are magical, sensual and full of smoking hot heat and coupled with touches of submissive pleasures that are irresistible

The Romance Review TRR
Written by Gabrielle Sally on 16th Jul 2015

PANTHER MAGIC by Doris O'Connor is an entertaining romp with magic, very large felines, and twin brothers (my, oh my). When we meet Kate, she's abruptly awakened from her drowsing by the pool by the squeals of women vying for the attention of Zeb and Arran, twin brothers and world famous magicians. While Kate agrees that they are indeed attractive, she doesn't understand how the entire female population seem to be falling all over themselves over the pair. As the story progresses, Kate is soon drawn to them in a way that she can't explain and some serious sparks fly. Likes: From page one, the author sets the tone for the story, which has overt BDSM elements that are well done throughout. Her characters are fun and entertaining, and the growth and progression of the female lead (Kate) is both believable and relatable. The attraction between Kate and the twins is downright steamy. The author overlaid the supernatural elements onto the story without the need to provide any additional explanations, which is much appreciated as it kept the pace of the story moving. Dislikes: The opening paragraph was a bit boggy and I found myself having to read the first long sentence several times until I figured it out. And there are some burps along the way that had me stumbling and required that I go back and read the sentence/paragraph to figure out what was being said. But overall, this is a hot story with all the right elements for good storytelling. So grab a cup of tea or a glass of your favorite wine and curl up with a scintillating read. You won't be disappointed. - See more at:

The TBR Pile
Written by Jean on 21st Jun 2015

Panth-Tastic Tale! Doris O'Connor is rather known for her shifter stories, and by her own special magic manages to make them not only exciting but believable and normal! When claims adjuster Kate is hunted down by her shifter mates, she has a hard time coming to grips with her destiny. With the help of roommate Tasha (a shifter herself) she begins to understand the shifter world and her surprise place in it. Panther twins Arran and Zeb use their shifter heritage as a premier stage act, but their discovery of Kate leads to an act of violence that lands them in shifter council court. Kate may have the means to save her men, but can she withstand the mating ritual with not one, but two sexy panthers? The opening chapters of this story were a bit hard to follow. Having interviewed the author awhile back, I know she's worked hard at ramping up the sex scenes from 6 paragraphs to 6 pages and she does it effortlessly. She knows what her readers want and the simple plot line provides a framework that allows everyone to enjoy the red-hot action without distractions. "Lions and panthers and bears....oh my!"

Doris Does It Again!
Written by Kenna Nauenburg on 10th Jun 2015

Oh, Doris! How I love your shifters! Zeb and Arran are fantastic additions to your collection...and that makes it MY collection too :-) "Panther Magic" is also a great story. Las Vegas magicians who use (ahem) panthers in their act. Of course we know it's our gorgeous twins, Zeb and Arran. THEY know that Kate is their mate as soon as they scent her at their hotel. Kate's not too sure, but she certainly can't deny (or explain) the attraction that she has for them. She knows nothing of shifters and is quickly introduced to their world during that evening's magic show. After the revelation the story really takes off. I don't want to give anything away, so let's just say that Kate's men prove that they'll do ANYTHING to protect their mate. They're also Doms who are VERY Alpha, and what do you know? Kate's a perfect sub who needs to give Zeb and Arran her submission as well as her love. This book is very exciting, and I found myself tensing up as I read. I kept wondering what would happen next, and I usually guessed wrong when I tried to figure it out. It's also a touch more violent than Doris' other books, but that's not a bad thing at all. It added to that excitement and played an important role in the story. The sex scenes and BDSM scenes are brilliantly written as usual. They're hot, sexy, and there is also a tenderness involved. It's obvious that the men love Kate as much as she loves them. Their passion comes through, and it's near physically palpable. This is the fifth installment in "The Projects" series. It can be read as a stand alone. There is enough exposition for the reader to know what is happening in the shifter community. You don't have to read them in order, but seriously, I recommend it simply because they're really, really great books. You'll love them.

Another Great Shifter Book
Written by Nicole on 8th Jun 2015

Kate doesn’t know what to think when she is introduced to two very hot men. She is attracted to them and her body wants them but when she thinks that they use animals in their act she wants nothing to do with them. Arran and Zeb are world famous magicians. While on a visit to London everything in their life gets turned upside down the minute they meet a feisty young woman who has strong views about what they do on stage. Kate doesn’t understand why she is so drawn to these two men. They invade her thoughts and dreams. She attends one of their shows after her best friend convinces her to go. When she goes on stage to ‘help’ them everything changes and after the show her entire life is turned upside down. When Zeb shifts in front of Kate all bets are off. She not only learns that shifters exist but that she is their mate, according to them. It’s too much for her to take and she runs from them. When danger comes calling and her life is in danger will Aaran and Zeb get to Kate in time to save her? Will they risk everything, including death, to protect her? What will be the consequences be? Once again Doris doesn’t disappoint. She writes amazing shifter stories and this book is another great installment in this amazing series.