Petty Thief of Hearts by Beth D. Carter

Heat Level 3
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Jessie Ciottie has been in protective custody for almost a year. She’s due to give testimony in a few days but suddenly, her location is found. She goes on the run, determined to testify but when men come hunting for her at the train station, it’s a petty thief that hides her.

The electricity is instant between Jessie and Ethan, and he promises to get her to the courthouse on time. But the path between her and safety is dangerous, and Ethan is the only thing that stands between her and a bullet.



Man, she’d been without human contact for way too long!

He was getting his breath back.  That horrible gasping he’d been doing was starting to ease up.  She knew she only had a moment before he was back on his feet.  She leaned over, careful not to restrict his airway too much and licked his mouth.  She ran her tongue over the full curve of his bottom lip before sucking it into hers.  Surprisingly, for a man hiding in train tunnels, he tasted of mint and licorice, two of her favorite things.

She must have lost her damn mind because she took it further.  In some far distant corner of her brain she knew she was taking advantage of him but something seemed to possess her.  She kissed the corner of his mouth, over his cheek, until she reached his earlobe.  She took the small flesh between her teeth and sucked, tracing the curve of his ear with her tongue.  She leaned over his body and rubbed her softer parts all over his harder parts. 

She was a woman possessed.  A year without contact of another soul, except for her handlers which didn’t count, made her go a little crazy.  It wasn’t until he moaned, and she felt the hard bulge beneath the fly on his jeans, that sanity snapped back to her.

What had she just done?

Practically raped this…this…petty thief!

“Oh god!” she cried and in a flash tore her body off his.  She scooped up the flashlight and ran back the way she came, ignoring the throbbing ache between her thighs.

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 4th May 2014

This story was fast paced, dangerous and sexy. Right from the start Jesse and Ethan have a sexual attraction that blazes when Ethan realizes she’s in trouble and takes her to his secret hideaway that he ran to 6 years ago. Jesse is on the run and trying to get to Philadelphia because she has to testify at a trial. She had been in witness protection for a year and is not only lonely but misses her family. Her mother, father and little sister entered the program too but they were separated from Jesse. The DA thought that it would be a good idea. Jesse wakes up in her safe house to not only find men there but she knows that they want her dead. By the skin of her teeth she escapes and tries to get on a bus, only to have a drunken man steal the last of her casch. Jesse is not going to let that slide and takes after him and her adventure into meeting Ethan takes off from there. Ethan has been on the streets for 6 years and decides to help Jesse when he see’s suits crawling all over the train station and Jesse tells him that that are there to kill her. He uses his contacts after a night of passion and helps her get to the trial, but not without getting a bullet wound himself. I thought the story was well thought out and written but I think it went way too fast. Sure you can look at someone and be sexually attracted to them, but I don’t think you would jump their bones later that day or trust them with your life. If somebody who just stole from me asked me to trust them, I would have a very hard time doing it. Even though Jesse’s choice was to trust Ethan or die, I think she could have handled herself without him. I’m glad for Ethan’s reunion at the end but I wish that Jesse had the same pleasure.